Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 366 of Hueding Crack System

I glanced over the three major people of the three tigers, the top three will be clearly caught in an unprecedented crisis.

"You are staring here. ... I went to ruin the base of the god Empire ... less

Looking at the Golden Lion Schiki, the Golden Lion, who is still a time, standing next to the Huanghuo said something impatient, and his eyes fell to the 'ganto' planet on the distance above the sky.

"Well. ... here is handed over to us ... Shao red dog is a little bit of head, and the eyes glanced at Qing Xiong.

Jade !!

At the same time as the red dog voice, I saw that the yellow goblin immediately put a strong laser before the moon Hungar. In the case of the void in front of the empty, the track of the straight light was farther away.

The 'gausso' planet on the sky.

Just a golden laser, a golden laser, a golden laser, and the red dog and Qingxiong were suddenly closed.

At the foot, the whole ice suddenly exploded a huge deep pit. I saw that the yellow hook that I just turned into a laser flying out, and the whole person was bombed back, and he was heavy into the ice of the feet.

"It's so lively. People ... I didn't come late this vast feast ?!"

Some of the sound of the world, suddenly involved all the attention of everyone in the battlefield.

It is still a black coat jacket, and the white long wind is slowly moved in the air, and a pair of blue blood red eyes seem to reflect the entire battlefield under the feet.

"Kill" ... less

The eyes under the red dog are staring at this figure in front of the air, and the mouth is deeply spit out of the name, but the face suddenly is awkward, "your eyes ... less

It seems that the sound of the red dog is reminded. At this time, the Qingxiong next to him also noticed the original blue eyes, and now it has become a blue-red color different color monster.

... seeking flowers ...

There is no strange dog and the two people of the red dog and the young, the flash is in the Golden Lion Taki, which is not far from the battle of Warring States, and there is a bit of interest. "" Golden Lion ... you still do

Can not be done?!',

"Headless boy! If you have no longer come to Laozi today, you will be here !!"

The Golden Lion Schiki, who is working hard in the Warring States and Kapu, and heard the voice of the moment when he heard the sound of the Bounce, so that the whole person was injected into a strong needle, the 'dry wood in the hand, and the mouth

Ten, suddenly killing the fierce swordsmanship of countless roads.

"The death ... The guy appeared ...

Feeling that the movement of the Golden Lion's History has suddenly increased, the Warring States and Kapu's two people couldn't help but call the rest of the day. The eyes showed the main character of this battle next to this battle.

Suddenly, the left eye ZHANG Guanghua flash, the eyebrows were slightly picked, and the first time captured the attack on the next second.

Laser light!!

I saw that the moment seems to be unknown, and the slightly silently passed his own head, the difference between the gap is flashing from his white hair.

Laser rays are shot. A dramatic explosion suddenly produced on the ice behind the moment.

"Hey. ... Pu Saleno. ... Kutzami has Saskaski. ... less

Like the laser laser laser in the mouth, look at the yellow goblin, the mouth of the ice huge deep pit, hung angle of the mouth, and the mouth of the taste has evoke his mouth,

"I don't see more than five years .... You don't seem to have a lot of growth. People:. Less

"Hey. ... . ... Today you are destined to escape the defeat !!"

The red dog is deeply staring at the moment of his hand standing. Even the three major will stand in a piece of the highest power of the Navy, it seems to resist the pressure brought about by the man in front of him.

Chapter 134 takes over the battlefield (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 134 takes over the battlefield (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Oh? Escape from the defeat? ',

I heard the cry of the cry from the red dog in front of the red dog, I lost my mouth, when I was played like a dead dog, I didn't say this when I was a dead dog.

"It's because today your Navy is so big to give you confident ...

"So ... I will clean up a batch ... less

The sound of the moment is falling. The young aftead of the scene seems to have been in thinking about it. The pupil suddenly shrunk immediately, and immediately swayed: "All the navy spread! Quickly open !!"

The collapse of the collapse · two paragraphs!!!

In the unbelievable eyes of the red dog and the yellow , I saw the whole ice turtle at the foot of the moment, a slap in the mountains, such as the sea, the prison, "427", the moment, the moment, the moment, Mountain wave

The tsunami is generally divergent in an instant.

Hey. ...

I saw the surrounding sea frozen sea, all the ordinary naval soldiers who were fighting with the Arono Empire arm soldiers were all attached to the substantive VQCA kingdom domineering. It is like a green garlic.

Generally, they have fallen, and the scope is still crazy.

"His domineering. ... has been reached this place ?!"

The tricks that are fiercely fighting, the tricks of the Warring Kaip and Golden Lions, the three people who felt out of the moment, not only the Warring States and Kapu, and even the golden lion history also showed a horrified look.

Wake up five years ago, Weng Wang color you want. ...

Now that this is the point is there ...

"Weibull !! ', release the violent two tyrants, suddenly awkward.

With the snoring of the moment, I saw that countless naval soldiers were collided, and there was a meatball battles like a meatball battles like a meatball.

"You and Golden Lion have paid two guys in the Warring States and Kapu ... After seeing Weibull came to the side, the moment showed him that he has helped the Golden Lions Schiki to deal with the Warring States and Kapu, and our own eyes

Then, on the three major parts of the Navy's part in front of you.

"Okay, Mr. I'm."

I heard the command of the turning, Wigbilton fucking his huge mushroom knife, and the cards that were aligned with the whole body paint black armed colored A gas covered were violently knife!

I saw Wigbur's mushroom knife and Cap on armed color V angles buddy, and even the sound of the golden iron impact.

"This is stupid. ... good strength ... less

At the Warring States, Kapu, who was fighting with Golden lion, and gave a knife next to Weibur violent, and suddenly felt a giant hit, and the face of Weibull, his eyes fell to him

That is like the strings, the upper white beard is above, can't help but face, 'this guy and white beard is a small

Seeing the four people who have been crazy together in the distance, the mouth of the mouth is slightly rising, the eyes of the blue blood gradually falls on the three major parts of the Navy's part of their eyes, and the body is constantly eruption.

The majestic momentum gives them three causes unprecedented pressure.

"No way. ... The power of the three natural devil fruits is too big to defeat the ordinary soldiers on the battlefield. ... so ...

On the mouth, I seem to have a bit helplessly shrugged, "I'm abused all of you !!"

The sound of this sentence is almost still in place. The whole person has instantly disappeared in the original place. The ability of the left eye to the blind eye to let him cross the space in front of him, appearing in the sea

The third year of the army.

"So fast!! It's this unscrupulous mobile party ... less

Once the appearance of this kind of air disappeared, the first reaction, the first reaction, but his words have not been returned to the head, I have seen a dark.

Armed color V air fist in front of his eyes unlimited.

Until Qing Xiong was like a box of fireballs, she bombarded it. At this time, the red dog and yellow on both sides of the body will react, as if the speed of the moment, two of them are just

A pair of hysteresis tabs.

Dog hanging red lotus!!

I saw the red dog next to the reaction, and I went to the flash of the i] gap. I quickly grab the opportunity to launch the capacity of the magma, and the whole arm has turned into a magma wholvering smoke. In

The flash of a box appeared next to the side, and the heat-dead magma changed to a black red and hot hell, Zhang opened the murder giant mouth bites to the moment ......

This is the assault ability of the red dog.

"A sprinkle. ... I will rely on this temperature. ... Only in the birthday banquet, you will have a candle!"

The right eye of the right eye is back to the eye. The red light is flashing. All the red dogs are in a common action that appears in the eyes of the moment. It has made a frame of one frame in the eyes of the moment.


Some molars are frozen, as if the whole space in front of you is freeze.

I saw that with the words of mockery, I was blown out, and my deadly burning magma evacuated poodlets appeared in front of the red dog, and I was frozen into a frozen ice crystal. I suddenly broke into a shining crocink.

"how can that be?!"

When I saw the moment in front of my eyes, I broke out my shelled magma, shocked and turned all over the face of the red dog.

On the leg feet, a lacquered armed colored domineering instantly covered, and the front screwdriver can be horrified. The moment is in the blink of the left eye. 2.5 has once again inspected the surrounding space.


"The speed is the power !! ', the sound of the yellow-necked cavity suddenly sounds in the ear of the moment.

Flash kick!!

I saw the moment between the three major people, the fastest, the fastest yellow goblin, did not know when the whole person appeared in the brain of the moment, a leg high lifted as if a blocked circle, condensed out gold

Huang Guangmang, instantly reminded the ability of flash fruit to the extreme.

Take the goal with the speed of light, but the gods of the yellow face did not subsided half points, and a dark palm actually died of his speed kick.

Chapter 135, the three major people of the moment (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 135, the three major people of the moment (seeking rewards and automatic)

Speed ​​kick ...

It was actually caught by hand ??

In the shock and confusion, a bad premonition suddenly flocked to the heart of the yellow gob, it would be able to use an elementalization from being detached, but it was firmly grabbed the entity.

I saw the flash of the legs that were covered with armed colors. I was ate in a moment. I barely fought in the yellow gantry in front of the yellow and vitably, and the whole person was burned into the ice.


Big fire!!

I just slammed the ice, and the red dog next to it has been reflected, and a huge fist formed by the high temperature rolling lava is suddenly moving towards the moment.

The entire space is necessary, it is necessary to give him a punch into ashes.

"Uncomfortable ... less

The whole white species is flawless, being illuminated by the huge lava fist in front of him, and the blue blood red eyes are slightly flashing 24, covering the armed tall domineering legs and feet completely fear of fatal high temperatures.

Big lava fists, like an angry dragon!

Along with the unbelievable eyes of the red dog, everyone only saw a hot wave rolling in front of the eyes, and the whole huge lava fist was pulled by a foot wrapped in armed color V. The hot magma four

Splash, furn out the diffuse white water vapor on the surrounding ice.

I saw a huge lava fist who kicked the red dog. After the big lava fist, the whole person stretched a quick rotation in the air, and the uniforms of the uniforms of rotation.

The leg and feet of the colored a whip kicks it on the face of the red dog.

The faint air has a few white light flashed. The teeth of the red dog have been smashed by the legs, and the whole person is like a rigor, which is like a Naval soldier who is fighting around.

"Three. Three generals are actually he ... less

The countless naval and god ancient army soldiers around the farm have been paying attention to this top-level battle, seeing the three major power of the Navy's highest force, it is like practice in the hands of the moment.

The baby is generally unbearable, and it is shocked even if I can't close my mouth.

Although all the naval and gods in the entire battlefield, all the Navy and the Arono Empire soldiers know 'eternal, flash has the name of the' World's strongest battle, but when you see him in front of you, you will blow it like this.

The top three generals of the Naval Both the highest power of the Navy, still suffering from unprecedented impact and shock.

"It's evil. ... I don't think we are so easy to defeat it.