Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 367 of Hueding Crack System

I bite my teeth, and the corner of the Qingdang mouth hangs a shocking blood. The face is still there in the past, and it is inspired by an unprecedented dignhip.

After being flying out, I didn't care about my injured, I was awarded the shaving among the Navy's six-style, while the old moved to the moment, Zhang opened his own big hand.


Frozen time capsules!!

I saw the five-piece frozen and extremely cold air-cooled projectile. I appeared in the abuse. I haven't arrived at the flash of the ice. I have frozen a layer of frozen channels on the ice.

"Take this degree of move to deal with me. ... Are you funny?

The round of the god of the right eye is slightly flashing in the eyes of the blood. The five extremely cold air bullets that were taken in the hands of Qing Xiong in the eyes of the moment, as if it was like a slowed lens, almost clear

The continuous trajectory can clearly see that the mouth is disdainful, "If you do three, only this extent ... less

"Then this battle. ... is over !!"

Dragon is fireful!!!

The sound of the moment is like VanIne usually drifting in the air. The slender fraction in the hand is in an instant sheath.

At a very short moment, in the hands of the long and narrow sword sheath in the hands, it seems that it was pulled out of a brakes and will pull a full blazing and eternal Big ancient volcano.

When the world is average hot and hot, the hot-fired spray is out. The fatal high temperature combustion of six thousand degrees is distorted around the entire space, and the boundless momentum of the moment is soaked.

"what is that?!"

The boundless hot burst is brightly located around the entire battlefield. It also lights up the shock of the Qing Dynasty, just in the flashlight, it is gentle, and a death.

Shadow has been crazy from his heart.

A blazing sword gathered in an instant to illuminate the entire frozen sea, as if the rest of the world has such a flaming color, the fatal temperature is distorted in front of the sea.

"Ah, ah!!!"

I saw that the shaving madness in the naval six-style, and I suddenly broke out the scream of 983.

Burning all blazing swords, suddenly smashed the half of the Qingxiong, and the sword in the moment was instantly turned his entire arm into an intangible air, and the elements of the devil's fruit is

This six thousand degrees of destruction temperature did not produce a slight effect.

Even if it is not Qingxiong proficient in the naval six-style, it is a shaving painting in the six-style, and the sword that has just been burned into fly ash.

"Kutzang !!"

I suddenly heard the scream of Qingxiong outward, and I was looking back with the Golden Lion History and the Warring States and Kapur, who had turned back, just seeing the moment to make long-awaited pole and arms around, so like

An too ancient fire god generally dominated all the flames in the world, and a sword between turns on a sword hit a distant Qing Xiong, could not help but shout.

"Hey. ... You are still concerned about yourself !!"

In the first day of the Warring States and Cap Purchase by the other side of the war, the Golden lion siki's' dry wood "Sakura, suddenly increased, in front of the country

Two enchanting blood flowers on and Kapu's body.

Chapter 136 MDM (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 136 MDM (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Damn ... less

The two people in the Cap and the Warring States suddenly felt a pain on her body, and the two famous swords in the hand of the Golden lion were unmthken.

"Guzan and Saskaski them are not the opponent of this guy at all. If the situation is developed like this ... less

The situation in the entire battlefield in front of the spot is a completely unfavorable trend in the Navy's camp, and the whole heart of the Warring States and Kapu will be sinking.

"There is still this silly ... less

Looking at your eyes, the Warring States and Kapu heart suddenly helpless.

Although Weibull's current power is also the level of a Navy, but the unparalleled huge strength and non-human fighting ability, it is undeniable that the Golden Lion's history is

They have brought a lot of patch.

"New Year !!"

I saw that Qingxiong was hit by the fierce sword killed by the sword of the fire in the hands of the fire, and the whole arm was flying ash, and all the navals surrounded were exclaimed.

But no one dares to join the battle between the top-level force in the middle of the battlefield, because the light of the fighter V is just now in the moment, the prison has remained countless colleagues.

"Qing is difficult. ... damn ... less

Looking at Qingxiong's burst of swords, the whole person screamed, felt the shocking temperature passed out from the hands of the sword of the burst of the burst of the burst, and the red dog became the whole face.

Although he is not too pair between he and Qingxiong two people, but the lips and cold teeth are of course clear.

Flower lu !!

I saw a high-temperature hot breath suddenly broke out from the barefoot. The whole person's hands were all-black, and the hot rock pulp was dark, and the moment of the distant moment took a few truths.

Boxing, has built all your strength.

Suddenly, the whole space in front of him has dyed the colorful colors, and the huge lava fists formed by countless lava are like the magma of the fire-shaped rain towards the distant moment.

Rumbler ...

There are no huge lava fists in the huge lava fists. In the air, there is a smoke between countless black and red, and the spatial breath is passed throughout the space.

Dragon is firefully, pine!!!

In the face of countless lava giant fists in the red dog, a sword in the moment is coming out, the blazing hot flame sword gatters to form a violent dragon volume, so like a destroying everything.

All things burned into a piece of ashes, suddenly hit the countless fire stream in front of him.

Countless dark gray dust is raised in the air, only the ice of the red dog and the beginning of the foot, the ice is now inserted, and the high-N Road, the high-N Road, the singer, the singer,  ⒊ ⒊ Duan? Br />

All the rock flavors were burned by the burst of the dragon rolls.

"How could it be ... less

"My magma. ... is swallowed by his flame ... less

Looking at the huge lava fists in front of yourself, all of them were burned by the flame burst of the dragon, and the original unchanged expression of the red dog was completely transformed into a shocking face.

After burning all the lava giant fists of the red dog into a bunch of black ashes, the burst flame dragon rolls killed in the moment were not reduced. I haven't waited for the red dog, and I am suddenly in front of him.

The feet exploded and opened!

". Ah. Ah !!"

I saw the scorpion burst of the scorpion that was killed by the red dog. The whole person instantly launched the ability of the lava fruit element elementalization. The whole personnel made a red-hot magma, but it still seems to be bombed by a hydrogen.

Hit it in a general, the whole group high temperature and hot magma splashed out.

"Your magma temperature is also a thousand three hundred degrees ... less

After the fire of flame burst, the red dog that was tired of the magma fruit was flying out, and the sleeve of the pole flames wrapped around the blazed hot burst, and there were countless gorgeous flames.

The spirit is generally surrounded by flying, the blue blood red is calmly staring at the red dog in front of the ice, "And I have the fire, the fire, the flame burst of fire, it has reached six thousand degrees .... equivalent to the sun ... table

Face temperature ... less

...... Seeking flowers ...

"Whether your magma or other substances ... Anything only has a look in my flame, only one thing ...

The blue blood red eyes gently glanced over all the navals in front of the whole battlefield, and the clear color of their eyes was clear from their eyes. He didn't say a word Hui Buddha in the mouth.

With them, I re-appreciate a hell.

"That is. ... Gray fly to the smoke !! ',

"Actually Lian Sakasky is also. ... ... less

The figure is constantly moving, the Warring States and the two people in front of the golden lion siki and Wibul two people fight against the battle, but they can't help but fly to the war of this moment, the power of the moment.

The strength quickly crushed the three major generals of the Navy, so that the hearts of the Warring States and the cards were completely sinking into the bottom of the valley, 'Can't ... and then went to the Navy, and there is no doubt ... less

"Racing hahaha. ... Warring States. ... Capato. ... less

As the legendary rocking of the whole world, the legendary pirates, the Golden Lion Schiki pays attention to the battle of the battle in the moment, and the thoughts of the Warring States and the cards, the fierce face can not help but

Have a smile.

"You don't want to go !!"

Lion Wei Tour !!

For the two-in-one Warring States and Kapu, the Golden Lion Schiki suddenly pressed on the fee sea under the feet, and countless ice was set off at the foot, formed dozens of huge lions.

The child is shaped, and Zhang Da seems to be able to swallow the heavens and the earth.

". Ah .... It's so powerful:. Factory sees the big blog of Golden Lion Siki, and I looked at this vast scene on the battlefield, and the Weibur next to Wibull came out on the face. Excited expression,

The difference did not dance.

Chapter 137 Wars is in the battle (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 137 Wars is in the battle (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Damn !!"

I saw the Golden Lion Sisseri, which was full of outbreak, the Warring States and Kapu couldn't help but also, I wanted to make the battle between the free intervene.

Jade !!

Just in the Warring States Card and Golden Lion Schkwebur's gap, I saw a few refractions in front of the voids in front of them quickly flash.

"Can you fight two?

I saw that the double hand of the yellow goblin is like dislocation, and the instant light movement came to the red dog and Qingxiong. Some worried two, the original weird cavity was exposed.

There is no more noble, as if the power of the moment will force him to correct him.


I heard the "one or two zero" sounds of the yellow ok, and the red dog was strong, and the painful pain was slightly sullen, even if it made the elements of magma fruit, it was much higher than him.

The flame burst is affected, and his body is still surprisingly severely burnt.

As the capacity of the natural magma fruit, is actually burn it?

If you change to usually, this will make people as a joke, but I look at my eyes as if I control all the flames in the world, and all people in the scene can't laugh.

"This guy is the most dangerous community in the world. ... Justice is absolutely difficult to exist in the world ... less

Hold the full body of the whole body, the trend of the painstance to the body of the yellow gob, the screwdriver of the character of the character, the screwdriver, can not help but drop the sweat of the beans, feel a lot of dramatically, red dog

I feel that my eyes are somewhat blurry, "I have to stay here in any case ...

"We are not his opponent at all .... Not good today:.

On the other side, Qingxiong uses his own ice fruit to create an ice limb, the way is temporarily frozen to frozen his huge trauma. Obviously his injury is long and the bare dog is deep.


"We all have to explain here ... Less than a strong will force to support your body, Qingxiong's face has no expression of Russian Yangyang.

"Oh. ... Today, your Navy is destined to be the fireworks of the foundation of my god Empire ... less

The blue blood red eyes are stunned, and the three major people in front of themselves, the mouth of the moment gradually hooks a dangerous to the extreme curvature, the sound is low, and the devil devil is.

Next, it is optimistic. ... battle ... less

"End in an instant:.

As the voice of the moment, I saw a sudden out of the end of the god of the right eye, and there was an endless odor, as if I opened a space in front of my own eyes.

Round looks · Tomb boy !!!

After the right eye, the blood red monster of the golden immersed God came back to the eye, and the space in the miles like a different space was opened, and the number of inexplicable figures were extremely flash in front of the eyes.