Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 368 of Hueding Crack System

Move, but the naked eye of ordinary people can not see it.

"What do he want to do ?!"

Some unexpectedly looked at the move of the moment, symbolizing the three major war of the Navy's highest power of the Navy 9, and suddenly a strong crisis suddenly got their heart.

Booming a loud noise, at the entire battlefield, all the eyes of the battlefield. The three major gods in the Central Battlefield in front of me. It seems that all suddenly suffered a kind of naked eye.

The inexplicable attack, there is no chance of the whole body, and the opportunity is not produced.

In addition to the moment, no one can see the mysterious shadow of the world's tomb world.

"What happened?!"

In the case of no preparation, it suddenly suffered an invisible dramatic blow. The ribs of the red dog were interrupted, and the face was in the middle of the tall warships like the unbelievable expression.

The shadow of the moment, the shadow of the moment, is even more miserable, and he has suffered extremely hittable, suddenly suffering from the power of the moment of the moment, the whole person suddenly

Unattainable and fainting in the past ...

"Hey. ... Pu Saleno. ... you are the first !!"

On the right eye, the blood red light flashed, and the line of sight was instantly captured the yellow goblue that was flying out by his tomb shadow. When the fire in his hand, if the fire suddenly broke out a blazing burst

Void Keath · Eight knives flashed!!!

I saw that I'm arrogant. The endless swords around the body. If the flow blade in the hand, if the fire occurs, it is almost unable to capture the sword speed of the turning. Eight's fierce swords.

The gas shock suddenly spreads in front of the void, and the vertical and horizontal interleaves suddenly gathered to form a sword of the heavens and the earth.


Everyone heard a sound of the sound of the crack, and only the huge swordscent of the moment were burned, and the death of the world was suddenly torn, and the yellow sea sealed in front of him, and the yellow

The speed is pulled, and he will make him a sword into a gray.

"Dahai ... was opened by a sword ... less

Looking at the whole sea in front of you was splitting under the sword in the moment, everyone shocked on the battlefield, even their mouths were unable to close.

1.7 For more than five years. ... His sword level beyond me to achieve the realm of big sword ... less

At this time, the most shocking people are being taking the Golden Lion Schiki, who is fighting the war country, looks at the thrilling sword of the tearing the sea, and the fierce eyes can not help.

I have a picture of him to learn the screen of the swords prior to the five years ago.

"I am a small child. ... is a unrelated monster!"

"Worse, a Barrino !!"

It was found that the whole battlefield around us was attached to this huge sword, and the Warring States and the yellow gods were anxious, but they were killed by the Golden Lion History of the eyes and Wibul killed.


Chapter 138, five old stars hits (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 138, five old stars hits (seeking rewards and automatic)

Just in the face of this scene of the thrilling swords, when they were fighting, they were helpless.

I look at the direction of the red soil continent. At this time, a huge sniper jeal gas quickly torn the entire frozen sea area, and the unparalleled power was hit in the direction of the yellow ok.

I saw the two powerful swordsmanship sniper, and the snoring of the naked eye flew around all the ice, burst out of the battlefield.

"Shout. ... Finally, is it?

The blue blood of the blue blood, caught the strong Senhuang swordscent, and the handsome face finally revealed a serious expression, and the mouth is slightly, "I have been waiting for you for a long time ... Five old stars

Six-style · hell feet !!

Some familiar hell rock sulfur is filled in the air. I saw a picture of the picture in front of the moment, a 24-year-old blonde man who wore a black suit built a dark arc in the void.

I appeared in front of him.

One leg feet cause high temperatures to the ultimate speed friction air to make their entire legs into magma, seems to have the enemy's bones can also be burned, and the power is like the devil of hell.


The kick beyond the sound of the sound brought a burning temperature in the air, and countless vacuum snaps like zero-distance detonated nuclear bombs.

"Good speed !! This is ... less

Noted that this black suit man suddenly appeared in front of the moment. At this time, the Golden lion of the fighting in the war country is not disappeared, and the fierce face is 3 out.

It is very surprised.

"I finally shot. ... Five old stars ... less

Different from the Golden Lion History of the eyes, I saw the blonde man who came to join the battle in front of the moment. The Warring States and Kappe finally made a breath, and a mixed look of a silk figure in his eyes flashed.

"The world government has been quiet for 800 years ... Today, I finally have to rebuild my strength in front of the world ... less

It seems that the bomb burst average sound of the entire battlefield, and only the flash of the paint black-armed tap, and the snorkeling of the blonde five old stars, broke out the sound of shocking battlefield.

"Your power. ... more stronger than the past ... less

Some hoarse sounds sounded, and only the blonde five old stars across the face of the high temperature burns through a strange look, his hell is actually spelling the force of the moment.

"I said. ... What is the five old stars do not say hello first?

And the blonde five old stars in front of the eyes were fighting for each other, and the mouth of the mouth is like a devil, and the blood red light is flashing in the right eye. The ring of God is dead, and the death of the blog is five.

Old Star's dynamics, the flow blade in the hand is like a wind, it is generally stunned!

Six-style · heaven paper painting !!

In the face of the moment, if the flow blade of the burst into destroyed, if the fire is sword, I saw the blonde five old stars in front of him an instant out of their strength. The whole is like a soft breeze in the air.

The gas is slightly raw, and the whole person seems to sleep in mythology in mythology, which will never be injured, and it will be a sword that is flashing.

"Well ?! Is this a six style ?!"

Seeing the blonde five old stars in front of his eyes actually avoided the sword of the mysteriousness, and the eyes couldn't help but shocked the beautiful look, the original six-style paper.

Corporate can also be displayed!

"It seems that the world government can fully rule this world for 800 years ... as the highest leaders of the world government, there are still many hidden means ... less

The moment is slightly turning, and if the flow blade in the hands, if the fire is frightening, the left eye is a strong crisis.

Air gun !!

I don't know when, a long-haired five-star, which is like a intangible air, has quietly appeared, and the flash of the ice above the feet, I suddenly feel only.

It is unconstrained to all the air around you, and the whole body moves.

It seems that a disaster that is unable to see, there is no trace of killings or energy, and the gathering of everyone is stunned on the entire battlefield.

The originally standing on the ice.

Even from this deep giant pit, there was a burst of seawater swaying sound, which turned out directly throughout the entire frozen sea.

"Hey ... Today is your five five old stars, is it?

Just a fierce air cannon, the sound of the moment suddenly sounded in the sky, the five old stars in the sky, and the flow blade in his hand just looked up, and he suddenly took a while.


At this time, it seems that it is perfect for a trap. The sky is quietly close, and the five old stars suddenly broke out, and the whole personnel made a huge dragon.

The mouth is a dragon dragon that melts everything, and the big orientation is almost covering the entire space where the moment is located.

Dragon spits!!

"Shout. ... is really tacit ... less

The left-eyed god pre-knowledge captures the dragon dragon of the curl, the dragon, the dragon in the hand, if the fire raises his hand, it is a sharp burst of bursting swords.

Nippon. ...

There was no imagination, the dragon of the huge dragon, the dragon of the huge dragon and the burst of the burst swords were hit together, and the high temperature of the burst and the dragon were turned on.

The space forms a good abstract picture.

The metal's general roar sounded, and I saw that the huge snack of the sword. The broke through the giant dragon's dragon, and the unparalleled power continued to tear the air toward the huge giant.

The direction of the dragon.

Chapter 139 General falls (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 139 General falls (seeking rewards and automatic)

. ...

The fierce huge sword is suddenly bombarded in the body of the huge dragon in the sky, and the sound of the harsh metal cutting is constantly emitting.

"Strong snack ... less

I saw the huge dragon twilight of the five elderly stars in the sky, and the huge sword was smashed, and sharply broke out of the huge dragon body.

Spark, the whole huge dragon body is actually refunded after the festival of this sword.

The double claws were all exhausted, and suddenly the entire huge sword was like a Changhong usually swearing into the top, and instantly smashed the clouds in the sky.

"Dragon! It is dragon !!"

I saw the wallet five old stars to become incarnation became a huge dragon to occupy the top sky. I suddenly saw this kind of creatures that exist in the legend, all of the Naval soldiers and god Empire

The team soldiers suddenly broke out the bursts.

"This is the five monsters in the Shengdi Marie Joya ... less

Even the Golden Lion History of the Warring States Capadi also can't help but stop the movements in his hand, staring at the long-haired five old stars and huge dragons in the sky and the moment, the fierce eyes are not

It is banned that it is a hint.

Armed color domineering · coverage !!

Just in the moment, it seems that all the huge dragons of the five old star incarnation are attracted. The head of the beard, the five old stars, quietly appeared in the top of the moment, even than Cap

Experimentally dark armed colors enclose his whole body instantly. With a strong power of the extreme, he hugged his punch and born toward the moment.

Tian Jian Yunjian!!

Not only is the top of the beard, and this time the battlefield is struggling from the ice. It is a golden laser ray in a moment, and the whole person is instantly in an instant.

Beside, I will have a heavy injury on my body, and the strong photons are accumulated in the hands quickly form a huge light sword, and I suddenly sword!

The two destroyed everything was enough to instantly kill the ordinary dripping of thousands of hundreds of hundreds of hundred times, and the moment was hit in the moment. Suddenly three people were like a rival from the high-altitude. Ice.

Among them, there were countless splashes of ods.

"Hey. ... Pu Saleno. ... you find dead one

Non-number splashing frosions, the yellow and the bald bearded five old stars smashed their eyes, and the two people were so strong, and they did not have a hint of harm to the moment!

Round looks · must be able to be!!!

"what is this?!"

In the stunning sound of the five old stars of the yellow and bald beard, it is not only two, and all the people around the battlefield have also sent the same excitement.

I saw the flash of the blush monster in the right eye of the moment, the eyes of the gods were flashing, and the whole body started to take out the black energy of the flame, and a huge black energy giant between the eyes.

The parcel has been in his vitro and rapidly grows bleeding and context. Finally, a full set of Coffee A, dead resistance to the yellow squid of the beautiful sword and bald beard five old stars.


"I will send you home now !!"

The sound of the moment, the right eye, the red monster, the end of the eye, the endless dilute was blinded by him instantly.

In the entire battlefield, everyone shocked, the black body surrounded by the shrouded, the blacks surrounded by energy flames, and the form once again changed, and a whole body was involved.