Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 369 of Hueding Crack System

The hundred-meter energy giants of a super long martial law broke the sky in the hands of the whole hand.

"That ... What is it ... less

The shocking is a hundred-meter-tentative god standing in front of the battlefield, and there is a blank in all the people in the cerebelings. It looks at the power they know, the brain temporarily

I have forgotten how to think.

"Although it is not the first time I saw it. ... but still so shocking ... less

Looking at the whole battlefield in front of the battlefield, it seems that from the myth of heaven, it is muttered in the base of the Golden Lion History.

"We. ... is it true?

Not only the entire battlefield, all the Navy soldiers and the god imperial army soldiers, even the Golden lion siki and the Warring States and Kapur, the two people, and the two people who can't stop their hands.


Seeing the moment of the moment of this moment, the Warring States and Kapu Heart originally the victory of the victory of the five old stars and gradually pouring again.

"Pu Salerno ... starts a production at that moment I am showing this trick

Holding the moon, Hung Zone, standing in the sky, the most important diamond crystal, the moment is high, looking at the feet, as if all the people are generally small, a pair of blue blood red

The deep doubles and dead locked the body shape.

"You are already a dead ... less

"Worse, he was stared by him ... less

Even if there are several hundred meters, it is still like a substantive (Li Li Zhao) sharp, staring at the Devil standing in front of him, a despair and weakness.

Floating his heart, suddenly the whole person has made golden light in the battlefield madness shot.

"Hey. Don't be too proud to forget. Skill !!"

Although it is shocked to the peerless power in front of you, I suddenly heard that everything is in the eyes of the same way, and the first generation of the ghost, the five old stars are still dissatisfied.

"Oh? Whoever wants to stop it and try it !!"

Completely put the five old stars under his feet as air, the flash of blue blood red, died, and the voids whispered, the flicker, and shot.

Senlo Yijian!!!

Chapter 140 Huang Miyin (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 140 Huang Miyin (seeking rewards and automatic)

Senlo Yijian!!!

The sound of the flash sounds in the minds of all the people in the battlefield, only the huge extremely poor president of the eyes, instantly raised his hand and stirring the sky in the sky, and the battlefield of the feet is not

Drake light flicker and dodge.

The sharp power torn the whole air in front of the moment, and the sky is like to kill everything in front of him.

"What is this feeling ...

No matter how crazy moved in the battlefield, the power of sparkling fruit was blocked by him to the extremely humanized, the golden laser flashed in the air, but he couldn't care.

The feeling of being blocked by the moment of death, "Do you want to die here today?

Just between the mood of the yellow gob, I saw that Ao Li was in the moment of the high-altitude to beat. The back of the right eye is back to the eyes of the blood. The red demon is firmly locked in his figure, Pang Datong

The super long sword killed in the heavens of the day of the sky swing out.

"What kind of power is this ??"

In the face of the top of the head, the top of the top of the head must be able to cut off all the swords of all Silverong elephants. The five old stars in the whole battlefield are very trying to stop, but it seems that the whole person is taken away. All the soul.

In general, -100 is in the heart of such a gentleness of the world, and the movement is slow half.

After the moment of the moment, it must be slammed by the sword of all things, as if there is no color throughout the world, all the pictures are all settled in stronger power.


After the rooted sword, the sword was taken out, there was a deafening roar that there was a deafening, and only two huge mountains were separated by the sword. shock

The ear bonsor has been transferred to the battlefield.

"Mountain. .... The mountain is actually cut off ... less

The intermittent sound came out, all of the naval soldiers and god of the gods, and the two mountains who saw the extremely far-rectified mountains were suddenly collapsed. Suddenly the tongue began to knotted.


"Busasolino ?!"

The Warring States and Kapu's first sword from the moment of the moment, I have returned to the ultimate sword, and I watched the whole battlefield to search for the gods, but there was no discovery.

"No need to find it. ... he has been completely killed by my sword.

It seems to see that the Warring States and Kapu's minds, the hugectivies must pass the sound of the moment, slowly recover the super long knife in the hands, huge energy too much, too hidden

Wrapped around a dark armed color 0 gas.

"Dead. ... Huang Ji will be killed by him!?" I heard the words of the moment. All the naval soldiers on the battlefield suddenly took a cold, and the mysterium had received a strong blow.

"The death ... Pu Saleno is actually killed by him ... less

I saw a sword who I just smashed out of Senluo Wanxuan. I was completely embarrassed by the yellow gob. At this time, I was filled with the red dog on the side of the red dog.

Although the relationship between us usually and the yellow gob is not much better, he is seen that he is killed by the moment, and the bunny is not exempt in the heart of the rabbit.

"It was actually killed by his five faces.

Some somewhat stunned in front of this Swordsman's magic giant, the eyes under the five old star glasses, the eyes of the eyes are constantly flashing, lost a hand in the Holy Land Mary Qiaoa

He, he actually succeeded in the sword road.

"If this war is lost ... less

The blonde five old star wearing a black suit quietly appeared in the road (CEFI), the eyes of the five old stars, the eyes were solemn, staring at this huge mighty god, the tone

The unsuccessful downs, "So no one will stop the rise of the god Empire. ... The World Government will definitely can't allow such things !!"

"It is different from the last time. ... this time, our five people shot a production

The light head mustache five old stars whole people full of dark armed colors completely covered, and there is an obvious part of the armed colors, which is obvious that his domineering cultivation has reached a breakthrough.

Armed tall domineering three paragraphs, "and he has a strong only one ... no matter how we must stop him !!"

"Block me ?! Oh ... less

The entire large-scale presidency must be covered in it, and the dark energy flame makes the moment can't see the mask, but the sound of the ineffective sound is still transmitted from it, and it is resounding

The entire battlefield, "Today, the world government and the navy must become the foottest stone of the god Empire !!"

With the sound of the moment, everyone who brought the sky in front of the sky, the ultra-long knife in the hand, and an incredible speed, it seems that the whole huge body is not silk.

The weight is generally, the sharp swordsmanship of the sharpness tears all the air hitting the five old stars at the foot of the feet.


In the face of the death of this Sword-Tongmao, four five old stars suddenly felt a stress and killing, and the five old stars glasses were flashed, and the initial generation of the hands

I have issued countless almost naked evil spirits, accompanied by a sword with a wipe to smash the entire world, and shouted his sword with a very specific Sasone.


Air Reniferous, all of the Naval soldiers and god empire soldiers in the entire battlefield are temporarily caught in the state of deafness.

I saw that the five old stars almost had to reach the strongest blow to the top peak of the big sword, the huge swordscent of the soul, and the huge sword hit, hit the moment. sword

Suddenly collided out endless Yao Guanghua.

For a while, the whole world is discolored, and the shock wave of the naked eye fly around the soldiers around the battlefield.

Chapter 141, flash VS, five old stars (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 141, flash VS, five old stars (seeking rewards and automatic)

"This old guy. ... actually become strong ... less

The whole body is covered with a huge black and the extreme body must succumb, feels the resistance of the super long knife on the hand, the blushing of the blue blood, flashing a different look.

, 'Mouth doesn't seem to be only my person is progressing.. ... less

"But ... this is more interesting, nothing ... less

The corner of the mouth is slightly, the blood red light is flashing in the right eye, suddenly increasing the mobility of his own, and the vitro of the vitro is very strong, and it is more intense.

Feng Mang, instantly smashed the huge soul of the huge soul of the five old stars.

"Not good .... Can't you, hard !!"

I saw the huge mighty martial arts in front of my sword, I broke my sword. The martial arts suddenly walked. The figure flashed, four five old stars disappeared in the same place.

Bang !!

The most important must be a sword in the hand. On the ground, suddenly the whole frozen sea broke a huge gap, and he did not see the end.

Dragon spits!!

At this time, it seems to catch the A gap of the moment, and the huge dragon in the sky suddenly broke out, and the mouth is a dragon, and the mouth is a dragon.

The big orientation is almost covered with a large area that must be affair.

Nippon. ...

It seems that the object is melted by the melting. I saw that the polarity that was covered by a huge dragon to spur, and the half of the body was gradually melted. Although the speed was slight, it was not denyed.

The dragon that is embedded by the five old stars is indeed a powerful force.

"Good power ... less

I found that the vitro of the body must be a change. The eyes of the blue blood red eyes were slightly smashed. The hands did not move before the moon. The huge must be from the hands of the long.

The huge dragon in the sky is split!

Just at this time.

Air gun !!

The whole humanity is a no-free air, and the long-haired five old stars are floating in the sky. The most important thing to stand in front of the sky must be in the air, and all between the air.

The air is rapidly compressed, forming a vacuum channel between tangible and invisible.

It seems that there is a long-awaited voice of Hong Zhong Da, and only feels that he is full of violent shock. Although the air gun of Changfa five old stars has no roaring, it is huge.

The most important must be a few steps to be branched, and the whole battlefield is shaken for 9 hours!

"What is the ability. ... Natural is the air fruit ??"

Arouh's polar must be protracted, and the eyes of the blue blood red, the eyes were firmly locked, and the body shape is like a long-haired five old star in the intangible air.

The heart is secretly speculative.

Month · Shaving !!

At this time, I saw the blonde five old stars as soon as I changed, and the monthly steps in the six-style have allocated a black arc in the sky. The whole person appeared in the flash of five.

The opposite must stroke quickly on the body.

Life is still!!

Six-style, demon rifle!!

When the double i legs hit the huge mustache, the blonde five old stars instantly entered the state of the six-fashioned life. The ten fingers of the hands suddenly became the softness of the noodles.

The air in the top seems to be like a bone.