Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 370 of Hueding Crack System

Boom !!!

Suddenly there is constant explosion sound, and the exterior of the body must succeed that there are countless deep shallow tastes when he suddenly stopped.

I saw that the blonde five old stars entered the return of life, and each finger of his hands showed numerous nuns in an instant, with hundreds of air bullets formed a waterfall as intensive offensive.

There is a large mighty mighty marthen arm in the blink of an eye.

"Hey ... annoying flies ... less

Although the attack, the attack is not broken, but it is unpopular, but it is unpredictable, and the wheel of the god of the right eye has suddenly burst into endless pupils.

...... Seeking flowers ...

Round retraction · gods!!!

Bang !!!

The deafening sound came out, I saw a shocking force of the vulnerability, suddenly broke out, suddenly broke out in the moment, instantly, all the offensive around himself, all the ground and

Ruins, all all objects have bombard out, and a round huge pit on the ice surface is constantly spread.

"It's this ability ... less

Feeling the pounds of sculpture from his own eyes, the pupil of blonde five old stars slightly shrinks, and he once eaten in the battle of Shengdi Mary, he once eaten the hardship, memory of this trick.


"Speed ​​fast !!"

Just want to show the attack range of the six-style month and shaved from the moment, the blonde five old stars suddenly blocked, and I saw the gods that broke out in front of the moment, and I used to spread, like a

The huge unparalleled atmosphere is instantly called him and fly together with the ice!

"Hey. ... this kind of power you should not feel strange ... less

Looking at the blonde five old stars to fly out of the gods released by the round of their God, and the moment is hung up and smile.

"Vomit ... less

I saw the blonde five old stars that were blounded in the moment, and the whole person slammed out a bright arc in the air. I feel that my five organs seem to be excluded by this pound.

The movement of the power shock, the blonde five old star can't hurt the blood in the process of flying.

"This is .... Eternal, moment between the flash, the battle ....

All soldiers in the whole battlefield were stuck in front of the eyes of the whole brakes, and they were excluded from the frozen sea, and they looked at the trendy might of the huge deep pit.

God formula.

Chapter 142 Cliff War (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 142 Cliff War (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Okay ... so strong ... less

The red dog who is seriously injured is standing on the naval soldier on the side. The feelings of the gods are concerned with the world's abartest waves between the eyes and the five old stars. He suddenly found that the strength of the five old stars

A lot of distances.

"This is the five five old stars together: factory

The Golden Lion History slamped from the huge Weibull behind the body, and the hands of the two swords once in front of the Warring States and Kapu, and the void eyes showed the battle between the Central Battlefield and the Five Star.

There is a lot of worry in the look, after all, the opponent faced by the other is the strongest monster in the world, "Can this kid beat them?

"It seems that this war has attracted many people's eyes.. ... less

"Zero Eight Zero" was drunk by Golden Lion History, a sword, and took the empty a whole eye around the battlefield, suddenly aware of many if there was no watching line in this world.

The war between the government and the Navy and the Ingrao Empire.

"So ... this war is only lost!"

The whole body is surrounded by infinite golden light, the whole person is turned into a huge giant Buddha's Warring States to the side of the card, and the face is heavy and staring at the golden lion siki and Weibull in front of him.

The result lost this war. ... Not only the rise of the Aroni Empire is unstoppable. ... and the world government and the navy's prestige and forces will be hit unprecedented ... less

"Is it my illusion. ... this guy is stronger than the past ... less

A black arc flashed in the battlefield, I saw the blonde five old stars with a row of blood in the corner of the battlefield, and the five old stars in the mouth were instantaneous, and the five old stars, eyes

The eyes were deadly stared at the moment of the battlefield huge pits, which was huge to be wrapped in the moment.

"No .... Not an illusion:. Factory

I heard the voice of the blonde five old stars, the light head mustache five old stars, the "this guy" "is indeed stronger than the last time in the Shengdi Marie," "''". "''

"Or say ... This guy has not made all the strength at all times and three battles."

A sleeve in the dress slowly drove in the scarred sea breeze, and he held a unhappy, the first generation of the first generation of the first generation, and stared at the majestic to the eye. Shuangli

That is like an arrow.

"Dealing with these five flexible fleas. ... The most important body must be a bit less convenient ... less

The blue blood-red double hopes look at the top three five old stars, and the sky is killed in the sky, and the five old stars of the dragon, the top of this world's top war. Force lock

Even the brakes gradually felt a stiff pressure.

And I am used to the flash of flexible flexural ways, it is indeed uncomfortable to get this pupil, the eyes of the moment are slightly smashed, 'I have to say. ... Five Five Elder Stars

Joint forces not only the top of the game ... even tactical cooperation is also very familiar:. Factory

At the moment, I can feel it, and the three five old stars who have played in Holy Land Marie Qiaoa. The five five old stars jointly brought to him the pressure that the pressure is absolutely doubled.

"What are he doing? ',

Blonde Five Lao Star has a little slightly frowned. He saw that the moment took the initiative to contact the huge huge huge god of the body outside the body.

"Sure enough ... or use your body battle to let me find the true existence of self:. Factory

On the right eye, the blood red brightening is turned, and after the moment, the pole must be affected, and the infinite black energy around him gradually dissipates in the air, and the foot will slowly move toward the direction of three five old stars.


"I actually lifted the tricky ability. ... What do he want to do ... less

I saw that I would like to have a lot of things that I have been able to come up towards my three people, and the five old stars are like a sharp eye.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

So fast !! Five old stars in the King Road, only felt a flower in front of him, the moment in the huge pit, the moment of the wild, the awareness of the wild, let him lift himself

The initial generation of my hands is the first generation!

The inflammatory flames rolled, the dramatic metal criticized, and felt the unsecured giant attack, the five elderly teeth were close, and the dead stalls lived in the shuttle space.

The flow blade of the moment in front of the moment is fire ...

I saw the whole person like a crazy murderous beast. If the flow blade in the hand, if the fire rack is in the hands of the first generation of the first generation of the first generation of the ghost, it is two light, and it will take the five old stars.

Among the huge warships of the edge of the battlefield.

"Damn ...

I saw that I have a five old star with a martial arts, and the two people disappeared in front of them. The remaining four five old stars suddenly fell, and they quickly slap in the warship.

! Cheng! ! ...

There are countless fierce swordsmanship, when other five five old stars rushed to the warships, they have played countless rounds with the five old stars.

I saw the peerless gods in the hands of the two people, the burning flame swords and 4.5 souls curse the violent snacks crazy crazy hits collisions, two big swords between the two big swords

The shock of the aromatic waves, the entire huge warships were made by the sharp swords of the two people.

"This guy. ... also enters the level of the big sword ... less

One hand held a unhappy knife, the beginning of the ghost, Ling Jing Guang quickly swallowed, the martial arts, five old stars, have some effort to resist the moment, like a water, silver diarrhea, and the blink of an eye is blind.

The bursting swords were tearing burned countless wounds.

"So you young Sword Hao ... Yin two handsome is obviously in the squad of the squad, the five old stars flashed a touch.

Chapter 143 Collision (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 143 Collision (seeking rewards and automatic)

"I actually. ... is not his opponent ... less

And the two people are fast, until the two people overflow the swords, and completely dismald the entire huge warship, the more the five old stars and the baboators are shocking.

"This guy. What is the monster?

The first generation of the initial generation of the ghost is separated from the burst of the burst of the burst of the burst, has been smashed by the world's strongest five monsters.

"I remember the last time we handed it ... your sword level is completely suppressed ... less

The blue blood red double-pupillat captures the color of the five old stars on the face of the five old stars, and the mouth is outlined out of the smile, "Now .... You are not my opponent !!"

As the sound in the mouth flows out, the burst of the fire in the hands of the burst of the fire is in the sword, and the pound of the giant suddenly opened the first generation of the five old stars in front of him.

"Was bad ... less

24 Feel the unreliable giant force, the first generation of the five old stars is suddenly opened in the moment, and suddenly the heart is mad.

A sword opened the first generation of the five old stars, the beginning of the hand, the moment, the paint black army covered, a violent kick, rubbed the blazing fireworks in the air, with boundless power

Instantly bombards the Months of the Warm Dynasty.

It seems like the bomb burst a general voice sounded. When the remaining four five old stars felt the huge warships, the five old stars have made a strong shelling, and they suddenly blamed back.

Among the battlefields.

Armed color V · Coverage !!

I saw that there were several breaths and defeated the five old stars between several breaths. I rushed to the huge warships, and the five old stars suddenly became a punch, quietly appeared in the top of the moment.

The superb paint black-armed colored A is almost chemically created. The Coffee armor instantly covers his whole body, and the power of the extremely power is slammed into the moment.

Month · Shaving !!

At the same time, a black arc is surrounded by the moment, and the blonde five old stars transients are generally fantastic figures in the moment. Each voice seems to show the body's six-style.


Sixth, six gods!!

Golden Five Elder stars in the state of life, there is actually showed the different six six-style body skills in an instant, including the absolute powerful killing of the hell feet and the devil gun.

I broke out between the blink of the world!

"I actually put the six-style body skills to this point ... less

Just one foot will take the five old stars to fly out, I suddenly suffered two five old stars, and the right eye of the right eye was rays, and the black hook jade rotated, and their entire fast

When the thinking, the peers could not keep the offensive to settle down into a slow picture, unlimited !

Round retraction · gods!!!

Seeing the six different six different six different six-style normally and bald bearded five old stars' armed colors Z Qijia fists to hit the moment, but the two five old stars suddenly discovered their own attacks and

There is a forcedity between the end of the world.

Bang !!!

The deafening sound came out, I saw a lot of vulnerability, suddenly broke out, suddenly broke out with the body of the body, and a circular huge pit on the ground under the foot.

Scattered, excluding all of the powerful repulsion, bombing the entire huge warship into a pile of powders!

"Hey. ... is this ... less