Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 371 of Hueding Crack System

Feeling the pounds of sculgage from his own eyes, the blonde five old stars seem to have already prepared, and six different six-style body skills, a moment, suddenly welcoming it.

The gods that broke out in the moment were reviled.

Nippon. ...

The sound of the unfatient ear film sounded, and the five old stars of the blonde were blocked. I saw the six-style body technology of myself broke out, and I suddenly hit the gods that broke out in the moment, it is like a comet.

The impact is generally in the air barrier, and it is incomparable.

"Ah !!"

Under the coverage of the whole body dark armed colored A, the head of the top, the squat, the five elders of the head, and the muscles of the whole body after the six-style iron blocks are hard and countless than all hundred refining iron.

The feet deeply rooted in the ice of the feet, the hands of the hands suddenly hugged the gods that broke out in the moment.

He actually tried to use his body to block the moment of ignorance!

"Hey. ... this scene is really familiar ... less

I saw two five old stars in front of the eyes, and the icy spit out of the mouth in the mouth of the words, the right eye of the right eye is suddenly increased.

In the case of the moment, I only see the entire ground under the foot of the moment, the blonde five old 667 stars and the bald beard five old star suddenly felt the whole body

The repulsion of the eyes suddenly doubled, forming irresistible power.

Air gun !!

At this time, the long-haired five old stars over the top of the moment use their own strength to instantly, the air cannon, highly compressed air, has a vacuum communication between himself and the moment.

Tao, the gods of the moment, the gods, centered circles.

"It's now!!"

It seems that before and in the moment, several five old stars have already set up tactics in advance, and the trendy dragon spent on the sky, the whole huge body swept in high altitude, behind the back

The steel tail drops in the air out of the roar roar.

Dragon raid!!

I saw the huge dragon violent tail violent snoring of the gods that were invisible in the moment, and suddenly like a hydrogen bomb.

The huge shock waves visible to the naked eye spread out, even some soldiers from the whole battlefield, directly under the moment of instant, and the rest of the hits, and the seven bleeds

After lying on the ice, there is no breathing ...

Chapter 144 kills the dragon (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 144 kills the dragon (seeking reward and automatic)

Endless dust is filled in the air.

Everyone on the battlefield looks at. I saw it under the impact of the moment and the five old stars. The whole frozen sea was flatted, all the ambiguity boats and the naval warships were all in order to p.


It is clear that the scene left behind and the Five Elder Star is fighting. All people in the battlefield can't help but pour a breath, this is already completely exceeding their dollar.

"The result came out:.

At this time, I continued to fight the battle of the fight against the battle, the Golden Lion Sisti and Wewels couldn't help but stop the movements in their hands, because their hearts were clear, the battle between the moment and the five old stars

It is the ultimate key to this war.

Diamond star dust !!!

Suddenly, everyone flew into the fog of drifting, and a white light suddenly shocked, and all air condensed, surpassing the absolute zero-existing force formed a moment.

The shock wave of white light, suddenly sprinkled with all the power to smash everything.

This is like a beautiful move like a star crypt, but no one can appreciate. The power that can be frozen and smashed now is now brought by someone in the field. It can only be fearful and endless fear.


Air wall !!

It seems to feel the freezing of the inconsistent boneless cold, the only one in the fog, the long-haired five old star, the strength of the devil fruit, has been urged, in extreme moments

There are countless lack of transparent air walls in front of you.

Hey. ...

With the crisp sound, I saw all the air between the Baba and Five Star, suddenly like a transparent glass was knocked down, starting a layer of constantly collapse.

"It's this trick. ... It's really troublesome.

The left eye and blue gods have been in front of all the fog in front of them. The moment is clearly seen by long-haired five old stars to use his unique devil's ability. In the case of a moment, countless

The laminated wall has blocked his own freezing.

In all the battle in the past, the five old stars like other four old stars are like a cold machine with no emotional emotions. Every time they can use it in the offensive of the moment.

The special evil fruit capability creates the five conditions for their five, which is undoubtedly the top level of the world.

"Call. ... ha. ...

The thick fog gradually dissipated in the battlefield, and some heavy breath constantly resounded throughout the battlefield.

I saw that except for the five old stars that have been the long-haired five old stars that have been the warfare battle, the remaining four five old stars all over the body shocking wounds and blood, and there is a strong gas in the mouth, as if this is

When you breathe a mouthful of air, you will become an extremely extravagant thing.

Even if the incarnation of the dragon, the body is more robust than the world's most robust steel bar, which seems to have consumed all the physical strength in the battle of the moment, and the whole person exited.

The shape of the dragon.

"This war. ... is me cuished ... less

The blue blood of the blue blood is so good to sweep over five five old stars in front of you. The sword of the burst of the fire in the hands of the moment is slightly rotated, and suddenly, in the air, the endless burning flames are swayed.

"Some people in this world are strong to this point ... less

The words of the flash drive to everyone in each of the battlefields, and the five five old stars in front of the eyes flashed a smeared and turned "" Is it. ... I only watched the god Empire.

This is the rise of the organization ... do you finally eat the whole world?

I glanced at the naval soldiers who had a heavy injury on the battlefield, and then looked at the Warring States and Kapu, who had stopped fighting, several five old stars regard each other, seemed to see each other.

There is no relative in invisibular, there is a tacit decision that has been communicated.

"Warring States. ... Capat" Retreat ... less

Suddenly, the opening of the head of the head of the head broke out, "The war is lost !! ',


Received the order of the five old stars, the Warring States and Kapu and all the remaining naval soldiers on the battlefields were slightly stunned, and then the reaction came over the moment, as if I have already passed more.

"Walk ?!"

"Now I still want to go ?! ', I saw all the people who suddenly spread out quickly and fled, and the face of the cold and the ultimate smile was found.

Air gun !!


Dragon spits!!

The freshens rapidly moved between escape, three five old stars also took a moment to explode their own fierce killings, trying to block the chasing.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

In the face of the strong killing of the violent attack in front of you, the left eye is flashing. The whole person disappears in the original place. All the offensive falls in the air, bombing the whole ice into the air.

A piece of ridiculous.

"Where do you want to go ?!"

It is constantly fanying his own double wing in the sky, the huge dragon, suddenly heard the icy voice sounded in his ear, suddenly shocked, (Li Wang)

There is a fear expression that is unlimited with human beings.

"You ... less huge dragon mouth people seem to say something, I hope that I suddenly appeared in my own brain, the fierce beast suddenly slammed.

Dragon is firefully, hell !!!

The dragon, the dragon, the dragon, the dragon, the dragon, suddenly bloated, only feeling that the air in the air is boiling, and only see the moment in front of him, and the flames in his hands are too knife.

It seems that all blazing fires around all the blazers are accepted into the Toors in his hand.

Immediately, I only see that I will combust my hand in my hands in my hand, and I put it on the bip of my own bid !!

Chapter 145 Double Kill 5th Star (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 145 Double Kill 5th Star (ask for reward and automatic)

Bang !!!

The huge dragon of the five old stars is a big dragon, and it is temporarily lost.

Red, it is all all the colors of all the red flames in front of it.

Feeling a deadly burning as if it is roasting his own soul, the crucible of the fifth old star of the incarnation dragon suddenly broke out the desperation of the whole sky.

Dragon spits!!

In the face of the moment of imbaining eight shortcomings, strong Survival Fighting Let the Five Elders of the Incarnation Dragon struggled to bombard the final strike, a giant mouth sprayed out of the Dragon

The shackles are distorted in front of the whole space, and such a huge coverage area is essential!

"Unnecessary struggle ... less

The long hair of the silver hair was blown slightly. In the face of a huge dragon, it covered all the space in front of him, and the raging of the mouth disdain, and all possible struggles and counterattacks of the curls.

Insight in advance of the god of the left eye.

Renovation, God!!!

The blue mysterious light flashed, under the end of the blind eye, the endless pupil, the whole virtual air suddenly produced time, all the dragons, all returned to the incarnation

The big dragon's curly five old star mouth.

"-190 a time is reversed ... less

I just broke out the dragon to spit and attempted to put my eyes in front of the curl, the five old stars, and I saw the moment I used a kind of law that couldn't be verbally, it took a backflow.

Put your own hits completely smash.

Defrunting, turned, unbelievable look completely filled the dragon double .

how can that be?!

How can human beings have this power to match the gods ?! This is a slice of ideas that flashes in the five old star brain.

"With the fire together .... Five old stars ... less

Time will not stop because of the heart of the curly five old stars. The flow blade in the moment is pulled out!

Dozens of Tongtian General fire column suddenly spurted from the air in front of the air, after gathered together, like a nuclear fusion, six thousand in burning flames blinks in the eyes of 100 kilometers

The sky is all ignited.

At all the eyes of the entire ice battlefield, all the eyes of watching gaze, and all the escape of the naval soldiers on the ice (CEAI), the sky of the peaks in the distance, at this moment, at this moment broke out

Flame bursting on the sky.

"Dragon. ... is killed ... less

All the god imperial soldiers who stayed in the battlefield, looked up and saw this scene that made them unforgettable!

The hot bursting burst burned the whole sky, and the burst of the fire in the hands of the fire broke the whole huge dragon, the whole huge dragon, the whole huge dragon, the whole huge dragon!