Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 372 of Hueding Crack System

"God .... I saw what ... Less whole ice sea margin all the eyes of a telescope look forward to a painful .

When the huge dragon of the roll of five old stars, it was completely when it was burned into the ashes. Sky shakes let them come back to God, strong impact makes them unable to think.

Symbolizing the world's highest power and full five old stars, the dragon among the legend, just in the moment, a sword, is killing ashes ?!

Who else can stop the moment?!

Who else can stop the rise of the Aronte Empire ?!


On this day, I finally stepped into the altar. The death of the five old stars became the footstone of his and the god Empire. The history will always remember this moment!

"Dead ... Five old stars have been killed by him ...

It has ran out the extremely far Warring States and Kapu's quick run from the sky, and it is completely dyed by the fire, and the face can not help but flash shocked.

"We can't die here ... Otherwise the entire navy must be finished ... Yin Chongzhi bites, the Warring States and Kapu's head continue, the figure of the two gradually disappeared on the sea.

"Running is really fast ... less

After using the flow blade, if the fire, the sword, the founter, the wallet, the walnut, the founger, the huge dragon, and the left eye, the blue eyes, the eyes of the eyes, the eyes, the hole wearing all the field of view, the body

Surrounding space around the body.

In the field of view of the moment, in addition to the ordinary naval soldiers and some senior generals, the top war has long been completely no trace.


Suddenly, the field of view of the blind eye of the moment captured a whole body covering black armed color V gas full speed, and the corner of his mouth gradually took out a smile of hints.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

In very high sky, the figure of the moment is again void.

. ...

Five old stars that were running at all-speed runoff in the sea, and found that he had a huge movement in the sky behind him. He was secretly staring at this com star.

0 this 0 this 0 this!!

At this time, the head of the head is running at full speed, but it suddenly blocked his footsteps and dragged two long trajectories on the white ice.

Because a familiar figure appeared in front of him.

Black coat coat, silver hair sparkling long hair, blue blood red eyes, is that he is the least willing to see at this moment.

"where do you want to go?!"

The ability to use God's reincarnation to shuttle space suddenly appeared in front of the top of the beard of the head, stopped his way, looking at the five old stars that he lost his singing, and the mouth of the mouth took a touch.

Mocking smile.

"But chasing me, ... then give me death !!"


There is no extra nonsense, under the armed color A gas of the two peaks in the bald beard. In front of the air in the air, I have an overwhelming pain.

Of course, after the initiative of the man, he task himself, so I saw the situation that I was chasing my own narrow road. The bald bearded five old stars immediately took the lead!

Chapter 146 War ended (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 146 War ended (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Hey. ... dying struggles. ... less

In the face of the top of the eye, the five old stars were full of hits, and the moment was also unfair. It has long been accumulated in the hands and still broke out.

I saw that the moment is almost asking, the pound is unbeatable. Suddenly, there is a destruction, destruction. Created the breath. ...

Eighty god air hit !!!

Five old stars who are rushing to the moment of the stunning momentum to the moment. Suddenly I only feel that my eyes are like a change. There is only one black and white in the world.

I didn't see what the big move in the moment seems to be waving in one hand, and there is countless huge fist in the air, which is countless in tangible and invisible

Head, all the air didn't discharge all the air, and the fist formed an absolute vacuum!

In line with the moment of the left eye, the eyes of the left eye, and suddenly, suddenly formed a 10-death, there is no life, and there is no peer!

Countless bombardments suddenly formed a piece, the head of the beard is not close to the moment, and suddenly the countless big air fist hit in front of her eyes.

"Ah, ah !!"

It seems like a group of Yangchun Snow is exposed under the hot sun. It was blocked in the mouth of the 80th gods, and there was a fierce snoring, and the whole body covered.

The colorful domineering actually started the film, and gradually became a small flying ash in the air.

It's like a sharp arrow that is blocked with the bow. The head of the beard is only feeling that the whole body's bones are broken, and the whole person will take it out.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

"Not yet finished ... less

After the whole person was bombarded, the little mustache, who was struggling in the half-air, suddenly heard the sound of the moment in his ear, and he widened his eyes.

I saw the figure in an instant, I was chasing myself in the half-air, a shadowless face, a smile that was more horrible than the devil.

Aurora punish!!!

The huge vast vast ice cosmic frozen is full of explosive, facing the five old stars of the half-air sliding bald bearded under their own, and the moment of lying all the ice is smashed.

In the eyes of the head of the beard, five old stars desperately dead, he saw that the whole time and space where he was, it was frozen, and everything around it fell, and only the moment is lingering in the hands

In the end of all the cold, the endless white aurora is as if the ambulance of the ancient times is in the madness, all things are infected with a white glory.

Both bearded five old stars.

The whole ice seal battlefield. ...

All navy soldiers will lead ...

The white aurora is like a white aurora is like a red dust, which is generally spread in the entire ice seafood battlefield.

All things, in the moment of this remember, it was dyed on white, and stopped all the operation, all turned into an unchanging ice sculpture, in the sun sunshine in the sun.

Drinking a dream of fantasy, as if it is not dead but gets life sublimation.

"Call. ... ended ...

In the world of the boundless white ice, the moment of flashing out a white cold, the blue blood red eyes quietly talked with his eyes of the merits of ice sculptures.


I saw that he still kept the expression of the moment before dying, and his eyes embarked on unlimited fear. He lost all the breath of all life, and all the cells all were blown up.

In the moment, he glanced after him. He gently walked from him, and the smell of the head of the ice sculpture was suddenly pulverized into a subtle crocink, colorful.

"I was escaping a few funeral dogs for a long time ... less

The left eye is blue, the eyes of the gods, the radiation is surrounded by the whole ice sea battlefield, and the moment is gradually recovered. "The most important thing now is to sweep the battlefield and ... Shen Luo Empire expansion ... less

... seeking flowers ...

"All ... all are frozen by ice ... less

The two eyes looked at the endless white ice world in front of him. All the gods in the entire battlefield almost thought that they were almost all things in front of them.

It is an eternal ice sculpture.

"I. ... is we win ?!"

All the gods of the gods, the military soldiers who have stayed in the army, and they can't accept the fact that they have happened in front of me. "We defeated the World Government and the Naval Partner ?!"

It seems that after a long time, under the ganto 'planet, the whole white frozen world, all the soldiers of all the gods in the battlefield broke out, 4 Shen Luo Empire

Long live! "Eternal, moment !!"

"Yeah. ... we won ... less

I have recovered my own eyes, standing next to the stupid Weibull, the Golden lion siki is flashing in the eyes, the mouth is soft, "from now on. ...

People can hinder the rise of the god Empire ... less

Once the dream conquered the world. ...

I am no longer a dream ....

"Let's go. ... don't look at it ... less

At this time, the edge of the battlefield, I received a telescope in my hand, and the black cloak is revealed with a fierce face, and the red square tattoo is shocking.

Half of men.

"No one in this world can hinder the rise of the god Empire ... Soon the whole world and the sea will be reshuffled ... less

The man under the black cloak is turned away, and a man who is borderless to be bought is just like a giant bear. The four emperors are no longer the strongest forces in the new world.

"Revolution Home Munqi D" Dragon. ... There is also 'tyrants, Basas Mi Xiong ... less muttered voice, and I don't know if a pair of blue blood red eyes are quietly watching the departure of the two.

Chapter 147 Empire expansion (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 147 Empire expansion (seeking rewards and automatic)


Unprecedented vibration.

Even if the World Government and the Navy's part cover the news, 'Eternal, install the news of the Arbor to defeat the World Government and the Navy's joint army, still like a slap,


The world's highest leaders two five old stars were blocked by the public. The Navy's highest power general will be killed, and dozens of navy's top battlesses are destroyed, countless naval soldiers are ice

The frozen is a ice sculpture, and the Navy's part of the Department will lead the death and injuries. The prestige of the World Government and the Navy is completely enrolled in an unprecedented trough!

The strongest?! Who is the strongest ?! Now!!

The world government who dominated the entire world, as the whole "eight six" world rights and strengths of leaders, the five old stars of the most peaks, were killed, and there were anyone in this world.

Ability to limit the power of 'eternal, moment ?! No!

The rise of the god empire is unstoppable. This is very clear whether the world government or the pirates is very clear. Now, even the entire world government and the Navy's part of almost all top battles.

They are all defeated, and the strength is very clear.

In the next time, not only the world government and the navy, even the four emperors who have just born in the new world will suffer an unprecedented impact!

It has always been unresolved in the sky, which has ushered in its new owner 'eternal, moment!

All slave trade in the shampooland is also suspended.

No one dare to continue this trade in the case of 'eternal, moment, now in the situation, and the initial moment is the slave of Holy Land Mary, which is handed over, and the fisherman Fisher Thai.

This is enough to explain that the hate of this trade is, and the big profit must be enjoyed, and the merchants are clear if they are angered, and they will usher in the consequences of life, since the world

The government and the Navy have been unable to protect them, so they are very sensible to terminate all trade related to slaves.

And the descendants of the Creator, the world's aristocratic dragon people.

Then, the name of 'eternal and moment, this emotion once appeared once when she was in the beginning of the holy land, Maryoa.

But when they also had the strongest five monsters in the world, but now even the five old stars have been killed by two, the top of the entire navy is being killed, the world government

Will it continue to protect them?

What's more, even if the World Government is now protecting them, it has been strong. ...

Arono Empire.