Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 373 of Hueding Cracks

I saw the original god Empire and the World Government and the Battlefield of the Navy's War, between the blue sea and the sky, nine huge planets formed a new god imperial base.

This is after the War, in order to accommodate the next time, the god Empire is constantly expanding, and the nine plasties rendered by the force, in this new world entrance.

The sea has formed a landscape that is shocking in the world.

Jiu Xinglian beads wrapped around a circle 'ganto' planet, and the first planet originally manufactured in the moment, sat on a very incomparable magnificent palace building.

"Since the battle. ... Shen Luo Empire's expansion development is really rapid. ... less

In the top floor of the palace, the Golden Lion History is looking to the plentiful vessel in the blue sky, and the tone is like a dream, 'a few months.

The empire has cleaned the new world dozens of sites ....

"There are even a few kingdoms seem to be intended to be close to ... The World Government is now not their only choice ... less

While murmond, the moment of the nearest gratu imperial expansion and development is narrated, and the Golden Lion Schiki suddenly produced a untrue illusion. "And our current force

The light has recently been dozens of hundreds of pirates in these months to rely on our god Empire .... This is still not a bounty hunter and rebellion navy ...

"Medienity. ... this is just a beginning ... less

Quietly listen to the narrative of the Golden Lion History, in the moment, on the luxurious huge sofa, the high cup in the hand gently shake, the blue blood red eyes seem to be very serious,

The wine in the cup is elegant and deep. "In the previous war, we defeated the World Government and the Navy to show our strength to the whole world. ... as long as it is not too bad.

Guys should understand the prospects of our empire ... Joining us is naturally the best choice ... less

"But these hundreds of pirates and bounty hunters are mixed." To become an empire conquering the world's elite soldiers, you have to train them well: households

At the moment of calm opening and Golden lion history, except Robin, the original C P9 Carrya also wearing black stockings professional equipment, like a sexy female secretary, quiet standing in the moment

After that, the iceberg is generally unsmtroating ...

But whenever the line of sight is on the moment of himself, the double eyes under the frame will be faintly void, and it is clear that the peerless power in the moment before the battle is complete.

Conquer this iceberg beauty.

" 1.0 this moment you can rest assured:.

I heard the instructions of the Pasta, the fierce Golden lion siki suddenly screamed, "I have a stone in my hand, I will give him a training suit ... less

"Um ... very good:.

"Waiting for the design drawings of Pluto completely deciphered. ... we can have the strongest fleet in the world ... Like the nodding, you will have the wine in the cup, the blue blood red eyes

Against a large planet.

A huge factory is constantly processing a huge vessel, which is the ancient weapon of the world who is afraid of the world.

Chapter 148 World Conference (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 148 World Conference (seeking rewards and automatic)

Time is turned over to the heart of the sun.

The five years of time is in a hurry.

In this past five years, the entire world has changed the change in the sky.

Since the five years ago, it became the war by the world, after the war, the fall of the two five old stars led the world government and the Navy's part to change the style of the day of the day, and started the flag.

Drums expand their strength.

And the sea in the second half of the great route has also happened huge changes.

Out of the world's strongest, named the world's glorious deeds, and the victory of the god Empire and the World Government and the Naval Empire and the Naval Empire and the Naval Empire and the Naval Empire and the Navy.

Numerous thief bounty hunter or even the Navy's name.

In the past five years, the expansion of the god empire is invincible, even if it is in the new world, there is no opponent, and the countless site is turned into the flag of the god Empire, and the world government and the navy are also against the world.

Arthrophat is a eye.

The four emperors of the past new world have become a past style, and now the strongest power of the new world is the four emperors,!

In addition to 'white beard, love 24 Dehua,' red hair 'incense,' Baometrics, Thael and 'Bigmom, Charlotte Lingling four four emperors, one emperor is no doubt Emperor's Emperor 'eternal, moment.

At this moment.

In the new Shengmaroa of the Red Soil Continent, the World Government Headquarters is conducting annual world meetings.

In addition to the World Government Employment and Navy's high-rise, there are the heads of the World Government.

"The proposal about the establishment of the Queen Seven Wuhai has no need to negotiate ... it 's role believes that all the spaces have already understood ...

"Although it may not be able to affect the god Empire, you can contain the four emperors of the new world.

"After some screening. ... temporarily decided to serve these people as a person who served as the Queen Seven Wuhai ... less

As I said, the Navy's Marshal Warring States Warring States will remain on the meeting table in front of the meeting, and the wise eyes stare at all the high-rise high-rise in the field.

"Safama, Klock Dar 2 has natural sisham fruit, strong strength, and white beards have grievances, and later use the alcohol of the White Beard, I believe it can play a certain effect ...

The first photo on the table. That is a fierce man who is holding a cigar in his mouth.

"Eagle, Joracill Michac. ... now is called the strongest sword, and the" red hair, Xiang Kezhen also friends, although he was defeated with red hair, but undeniable Power is powerful, I

I think he will have enough interest to the moment ... Less this is the second photo, a man who is like an eagle is a sharp man.

Emperor, Baya Hancark. ... Although it is still nothing to say, no matter the strength or forces, it is the highest leader of the nine snake fighting ran, and is Amazon.

The emperor of the lily ... Less third photo is a peerless beauty in the country.

"Moon Mount Molia ... has been defeated in the new world, and Kamada defeated, but strength is still not small, and he is with Hamant's hazard, naturally you can use it ... less fourth

It is a strange Molia.

The sea is very flat ... I used to be a member of the Sun's Piece, the strength is very powerful, the most important thing is the identity of the fish people, can promote the relationship between the world government and the fish islands, this is

Important, so he can absolutely serve as the Queen Seven Wuhai. ... Less fifth photo is a blue skin fertilizer.

"There is also the people who confirm the good candidates, Basas Mi Xiong and 'sea rogue, Don Quixote Dome, the two powerful pirates ... less

Finally, Warring States pointed at the table of tyrants, Basas Mi Xiong and Dover, looking at everyone in front of the entire conference table, 'This ... No other opinion?',

"All are some powerful pirates. ... but is they willing to work with the World Government ?! 'Listening to the detailed introduction of the Warring States, many of the world governments and national heads have shown questions.

After all, the stronger, the stronger, the longer the pride.

"Of course ... less Warring States is very confident," Being a Queen Seven Wuhai will not lose freedom, only need to listen from the World Government and Navy's part in special periods, and become a king seven

Wuhai this legal pirate, the benefits naturally self-evident ...

"I think no one will refuse it?"

"Hey ... Less hear of all the world's heads of the war country nodded, but immediately wrinkled his brow, 'But he said .... Established Wang Xiaqi Wuhai is just helplessness

Toward ... "670

"We are now facing the biggest problem except for the four emperors of the new world. ... more terrible or 'eternal, moment of the god empire. Their expansion is really amazing ... less

"This ... Less hear that someone is present in this sharp problem, the Warring States have some headache, and the eyebrows are, 'Han Zhao Shen Luo Empire, five old stars will naturally have other methods ... less

"If there is no other problem. ... I now arrange the neighborhood of the Navy's part to go to the Queen Seven Wuhai people to come into contact with ... less

After the Warring States said, he hurriedly ended this annual world meeting.

Obviously, in the god Empire, it is like only a big expansion of the sky, and every world head of the world is covered with a heavy shadow.

Great navigation, no wind.

A huge huge storm ship saved in the sea.

The huge volume of the aircraft carrier that can be comparable to the aircraft carrier that will be in the moment is comparable to the large number of heavy fire robbers installed above, almost do not dare to attack the sea prince under the sea.

Chapter 149 Pluto (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 149 Pluto (ask for reward and automatic)

This, is the first ancient weapon of the gods, the first ancient weapon, which is built in the WANGER design. The first ancient weapon is called the most evil, destruction warship in history.

Although the remaining Pluto also constantly built in the god imperial factory, it is already in the same way with it. After all, a stunned and shocking tale ship is every

Men will be sincerely like toys.

"Calculate this time. ... The ancient weapon of the fish island 'sea king, it should be awakened ... less

"Hey ... is the time to take the fish island ... I don't know that Fisher guys are still in the fish island ...

Both any playground in the world, this piece is enough to create a golf course, the beach chair lying in the huge sun umbrella, the brain

Can't help but gradually god up, 'Haiwang, White Star Princess.


At this time, the cold voice behind him, I saw Kelly Fa, and the footsteps of Mai Na came to the moment, and there were different parts of the other parts, and Carrya has been used to calling the same.


I saw the time over the past five years, Keli Fa was thoroughly grown by a small girl who was still slightly tender, and a black stockings professional dress, and the hot body is sufficient.

Men's crime, but the indifferent temperament refused to be a thousand miles away.

"What's wrong? Cariefa ... less

I saw a blonde sexy cool Cariefa to give him a drink, seeing her hot body, there is also a psychoat.

"The front is Jiubu Island ... Recently, the World Government has released the call on Wang Xiaqiuhai. ... this is today's newspapers ... less

It seems that I have a hint of burning in my eyes, and the beautiful face of Kelifa iceberg is even red, some panicked the newspaper in his hand in a flash.

"Wang Xia Qihai ... finally launched it. .... It seems that this time we come to Jiujaya Island may just meet:. Order two households tap the newspaper in his hand, flashlight squint

Start, if you think about it.

When the Pluto of the moment came to Jiuja Island.

The Boat of the Jiu Snake One Piece is just back to the island, while the Snake Island has also docked on a warship, the top of the naval head is about the 0 mice.

"The Emperor! Since you have accepted the invitation of the Queen Seven Wuhai. ... So remember to come to the Navy to participate in the first seven Wuhai conference! '

"Seven Wuhai Conference ?? Do not attend the feelings of the body ... less

The delicate and crisp sound sounded. I saw the polar body of Hancu's entire man's slender. It was in the turtle of the Jiu Siyuni, and she made a exaggerating contempt posture after the upper body.

All the naval soldiers show the soul of the soul, "Whether you do anything, you will be forgiven, because you are so beautiful!"

In the past five years, Hancark not only succeeds in three domineering, the power grows to the Queen Seven Wuhai, which has become the captain of the Jiu Snake One Piece and the emperor of Amazon.

It has also grown into a peerless beauty of the country.

The sleek sound of the Ya Na, a long-legged cheongsman can't cover the flawless legs, and the face of the perfect eye is equipped with a huge moonrront surrounded all the naval soldiers around the naval.

The world's first beauty, title!

"Baga Hancuk! You:.

See Hancark's high arrogant attitude, and the face is changed, and you want to speak.

"Xiaohan Cook .... I haven't seen you for a long time:.

At this time, I suddenly came up the sound of familiarity in the sea, and Hankukton saw the sea.

I heard this sound in the mouse will suddenly change, but I found a huge sword to smash the waves as if I fall from the sky! I will tear the whole sea in one fell swimming!

The naval exclaimed into the sea, and the warships will sink!

The slender figure of the moment is proud and the hull of the huge Pluto warship, in the sea breeze, the silver white long hair is light, the blue blood red double eye is far away from the nine snake One Pirates. Hancark.

"Mr. Head !!" I just turned into a red ear, the emperor, I suddenly turned into a red ear, and I suddenly saw that I was so hiped, that is, her five years, night night soul

The figure.