Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 374 of Hueding Cracks

"'' First wait, tell you old."

I laughed softly, and I looked at the W rat holding a wooden board in the sea. "A group of little mice, I really have to start, you will roll it.

"The emperor of the god Emperor 'eternal, moment: factory

It seems that the mouth is full of poison, I see the sound of the hamster, "Why do you appear in Jiu Sna Island. ...

Suddenly the pupil of the mouse suddenly contracted, all of his attention was attracted to the huge power of the warriol, because it compared to the Navy's top battleship simply like the eagle and chick.


"That is. ... The expression on the mouse face is amazed.

"You didn't guess the wrong ... less

The taste is playing the expression on the face of the mouse. The flash of blue blood red seems to see the idea of ​​his inner heart, 'This is your world (Nor Zhao's good) government and the Navy to find a decades of ancient weapon



The ancient weapon of the legend is extremely evil battle. It is really being created by him ?! A rat simply felt that his soul of his entire person received shock.

"Come hurly. ... I think you should try to try the power of Pluto?"

The Ministry of Army is a kind of disaster in the eyes of this level in other people, but in the eyes of the moment, it is only unable to let him file a small mouse that is interested.

Seeing the moment when you have an anonymous attitude, the rock is in your heart, but you have not anger.


Be sure to bring this terrible message back to the Warring States Marshal. ...

Chapter 150, see Hancark (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 150, see Hancark (seeking rewards and automatic)

"About this news, I will bring back to the Warring States Marshal! Don't think that you have won the victory of the war, you will be invincible! Evil is never defeating justice! ', Xia rat

Evil will never be able to overcome justice ?? Wen said that there is no sound.

Only winners can define justice, so just is always win. ...

From every angle. ... During the view of Dome, although it is distorted but it is not a truth. ...

"Hey. ... dare to let me put it ?! ',

After listening to the words of the words, the swordstered thunders were soaring, and the blue blood red, they were condensed out of the substantive general eyes as glance, "I don't roll, I will change my idea.

"Walk! Let's go!"

A rats originally refuted, and the sight of the upper moment.

Suddenly I only felt that my whole person broke into the unfolio purgatory, as if I was taking a barrel of ice water from the head, I immediately hurriedly opened the naval soldiers who were floating in the sea.

Pull out a 113th emergency boat from the warship that was broken by a sword, and gave a bunch of Navy to wolf in the sea.

, ',], Hancuk ... less

After drinking many Navy, the bottom of the moment was reached again to the opposite Nine Snake One Pirates, "You promised the World Government invitation to become the Queen Seven

Wuhai ?? '

"Killing" Mr. ... less

Originally a pair of beautiful eyes looking forward to the long figure of the head of the pole of the temple, suddenly heard the sound of the moment, the city is full of pleasant face, some eager to say:

"If you don't like it ... Hancark now quits the king's seven Wuhai ... less

"Are you crazy? Snake ?!"

At this time, the shortcoming of the mother-in-law came out of the nine snake of the nine snakes in Hancus, and the completion of the face, "The country is now relying on your 'seven Wuhai, title.

... In the past, we can resist this solid fortress, we can resist foreign enemies and guard the island.

"But now the world government has passed new shipbuilding technology, it is already in this sea area, because you are seven Wuhai, even if we robbed past merchants, they will not interfere.

The mother-in-law has some faces that have stared at him in front of him. It seems that Hancark, which has fallen into the status of the love, hurts her, "Once you have lost the title of the Queen Wuhai, we also

It turned into a pirate country. ... then tragedy will be staged! What can I do if the old man on the island can do? '

"If you really cause the country to die ... I will receive everyone's forgiveness. ... because you are beautiful, he. ... less

Although the mother-in-law said, it is a truth, but there is no Hancark that smoked the girl's body. Instead, she even forth the beauty of Hancark and the strength of the sweet fruit.

Cough ... less

I heard that Hancock seems to give up the status of the Queen of the Queen, seeing her and her mother-in-law have a dispute. There is a bit awkward cough, 'Hanko, you don't have to ... Hancark you on

Continue to serve as the Queen Seven Wuhai ... less

"If you need to help, you need help when you are in Jiu Snake Island .... The god Empire will not stand by side ...

Between the speech, I took the Carley Fa around the side, so that I came to the turtle of the Jiu Siki, and she stood in front of Hancark.

"Shen Luo Empire ... less

On the side of the mother-in-law, the low silent, the four, now, now in the sea, it seems to be hand covering the sky (Cecg), the general character, looks at the figure in front of the moment and the huge Pluto ship after him.

The old eyes of the old eyes blinks, "Mr. Mr.". ... No. ... Now you should call you to your Majesty ... less

"I can't think of a short five years. ... You really have successfully built an immortal empire ... less my mother-in-law is amazed.

Because no matter who is watching a person from an unity, it will expand a forces to now the scale, it is believed that it will have a strong high rise in the heart.

"Small affairs and one pile ... less

It seems that there is no observation of my mother-in-law, and the eyes of the moment fall in Hancark, who is in front of the country, and only see that she caught himself from a young girl in five years.

The world's first beauty flying in the EP icon

Even the strength has also happened the earth-shaking change, not only the strength of the seven Wuhai, but also became the captain of the Jiu Snake One Piece three years ago and the emperor of Amazon.

It is the most popular person in this world, no one.

"Xiaohan Cook. ... you grow up ... less

In the mids of the emotion, I was thinking that it was like the past, but I found that her line of sight was staring at the sexy glamorous iceberg beauty.

"Who is she? Nicole Robin guy ?!"

I didn't see Robin around the moment, I changed to a glamorous beauty that I have never seen, I saw Hancark, a pair of autumn water is full of hostile death staring in Cari Fa, and it seems that it has been smelling.

An odor of the air in the air.

"The amount ... That .... Robin, I am busy deciphering ancient text on the Ark Empire:.

The observed Hancock suddenly turned into a little girl with a vinegar, and a little scaled, and there was no Jun Lin.

The world's god Emperor's emperor sent, 'mouth, this time I took Carrya to go out with me ... less

"The Emperor of the Emperor .... Russia is the secretary of the day OSS Cariefa ...

In the face of Hancark, the enemy of Hancark is that it seems to fall and not humble, and the heart is secretly surprising the beautiful scenery, and it is also emotionally complaining about the romantic versions of my day.

"Snake .... We still first invite the palace of our Jiuben Island:. Households is still experienced, and the mother-in-law is aimed at the atmosphere, and open the topic.

Chapter 151 Hancark's confession (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 151 Hancark's confession (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Ah ...

The words of my mother-in-law seemed to wake up Hancark next to him. I saw her and then responded. Something looked at the moment, "Mr. I'm old, I came to Jiuja Island to see Hancark .... Fast follow Get behind

Go ...

Although Hancock has been accustomed to himself since the position of the Amazon Lily Emperor, she seems to have changed back to the beginning of the beginning of the beginning. Mary Qiao

The little girl who saved it, appeared to promote and unconfident.

I saw that Hancark said, while quietly approaching the moment of the moment, holding a flash of the arm in the moment, the high i tacitly sticked to the sturdy arm, but also like the demonstration.

Carryl law.

"Okay. ... let's go in" zero 93 "to say ... less

Seeing Hancark's move moment, I originally wanted to pat her shoulders, but just raised his hand, Hancark pounced into his arms.

"Mr. I will haven't seen you for a long time. ... I don't know if you have any hunkark ... less

The pillow is in the moon, the end of Hancark, if there is no fragrance, soft jade is full of feelings, so that there is some heart, especially her two groups, I:

The bore, the moment did not come from the bottom of the heart, and the first beauty faced by the world, but the world's first beauty. Chen Yi

Jiu Snake Island.

Royal Palace.

Without the opposition of your mother-in-law, Hancu, who came to the palace, took the moment into his luxurious spacious boudoir.

Pulling it in Hancark's handle, and the Hancu lock came to the door and said to let the moment.

"Mr. He, Hancock wants your woman!"

A pair of autumn water is dead and staring at the flash in the past five years, there is no change in any changes in the past five years, and Hancark's tone is not refused.

, ',], Hancuk ... less

When I entered the door, I heard Hancark's first beautiful woman said that she was so amazing, and there was a bit helpless in the flash. "You think so because I was in the Shengdi Mary.

Qiaoa rescued you ... this is a gratitude ...

"Moreover, don't look at my appearance younger. ... truth my age ... less

The moment is not absolutely in front of his eyes, but the eyes suddenly sound, and the shack of blue eyes seems to reflect an incredible scene.

A Sakura I peach with a fragrant breath was gently blocked his lips, and the moment had grown up his eyes, and all of them did not finish the words.

what's the situation?!

I am actually kissed ?!

I am actually kissed by the world's first beauty 'Emperor, BA Hancark ?!

In the moment, all the memories of the past and this life, and never had this experience of this kind of experience, let alone the other party or Hancark's world's first beauty one

I don't know how long it takes.

The whole boudoir is full of a kind of breath.

After a long time, the two finally separated their own double} lips, Xiafei cheeks of Hancark shame did not dare to raise their faces in the moon of the moment.

Although it seems very bold ...

But the heart is very tight ...

Feeling tightly relying on the Hancock moon hunar, the Hanu, who is in the moon, is like a deer, in the whole quiet boudoir, even if you don't have to see the color A, you can clearly hear the heart of the madness.


"Do you know Mr. Mr. ...

Finally, I finally worked down to Hancark, and the beautiful big eyes were slightly lost, and the gentleness of the redness was like a gentleness in his own world. "I have been in this year.

Hancark sent it to the day of Jiu Sajo ... Hancu told himself must work hard ... less

"When I meet next time ... Hancark must become a woman who is standing around you.

Mind himself, Hancark moved his face from the moon of the moment, and the beauty of the beauty of the beauty is a tempting, the two eyes, there are some fascinating things. I am in front of my eyes.

Jun Xiu Yao, "Now Hancark finally did it. ... you. ... Will you like Hancu?"