Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 375 of Hueding Crack System

I am fine at 110th. ... Xiahan Cook ... less

I heard Hancark's ear.} , some are somewhat looked at the extremely close peerless beauty, the moment of Zhan Blue Blood is like a gemstone, and the burning spark is gradually produced.

The first beauty of the world, the world's first beauty, the world, but now, this is deeply pleasing to him, and it is a normal man. Even if it refuses the whole world.

The world also refused to do this ??

"I certainly like you ... Xiao Hancu ... less

With a hot and hot soul, the moment is gently launched in front of the city, and the two will hug again, and the scenery is filled with the whole palace.


at this time.

There is no expression like an ice mountain, Kelly Fa, sitting in the outside of Jiuji Island, the palace, and the mother-in-law, two people.

"3.2 Hancura has entered its own room under the moment. ... they won't be ... less

When I thought that Hancork saw the kind of love, the kind of love, the mutual feelings of my mother-in-law, did not rush up a picture of the self-owned brain.

"It turned out to be outside Robin. ... Just became a" Emperor of the Qi Wuhai ", Bayi Hancuk ... less

And sitting in the opposite of the mother-in-law, the glasses of the iceberg glamorous, then sprinkled softly and gently pushed the frameless glasses of the nose, the watershed, and the inexplicable look was flashing.

There is a struggle and lost.

"It is also a woman in Japan ... less

Chapter 152 Mocking the Town (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 152 Mocking the Town (ask for reward and automatic)

After a few days of Jiuja Island.

Since Hancock is going to participate in the first seven Wuhai conference, some love is reluctant, and the moment has leaving Kelly Fa. Jiuzi Island.

The great route, the blue sky is a huge pounds of Pluto.

"Which of the BOSS is going to go?"

Black silk sexy iceberg female secretary Cariefa gently walked to the deck of Pluto, and the sexy posture was in the moment.

However, and in the past, it is no longer in this time, there is no more ice drink in her hand, and the glamorous face is more cold than ever.

"Why is you cold, a face, Kali method. ... is angry?" I made a little different attitude and emotion next to Keli Fa, and the moment is slightly.

"Still ... I am unhappy with Hancark." Suddenly, I suddenly think of something, and smirked with her hot segments.

"You are sexual harassment !!"

Looking at the expression of a smile on the face, I felt that he had a little hot look like a pair of intangible big hands, and touched his delicate i body, and the iceberg glamorous Cari method habitual condition


However, for the handsome face and profound paragraph of the first shield, I don't know why Koli Fah; the silent pretty} face actually became some unnatural, in order to cover up some gradually

Hot cheeks, her consciousness} out of their own slender fingers pushing the blessed glasses on the nose.

Blond hair, black, long legs, big breasts, or a glasses. ...

It's really an especially.

Some nostalgic returned to the free eyes of the Cariefa, and the bottom of the moment gradually turned to the sea in front. "Next, the destination we have to go is. ... Empty island ... Q-

"Empty island ?! Isn't the golden country whose big liar, Wenlland Roland ?? Is the empty island really exists?"

Seeing that the sight of the moment was removed from himself. In the heart of Carlyfa, it did not help but faintly lost, but suddenly heard the empty island. She couldn't help but exclaimed.

"Who knows .... Let's see if you don't know ... less

I heard the excitement of Keli Fa, and the mouth of the moment is slightly outline. At the foot of the feet, the firepower is full of firepower. The speed of wind and electricity is out of the sea.

Round along the way.

At the moment, I also encountered a lot of rookie aphids that had just taken into the great navigation road. Even if it is a very expensive, the Four Emperor, the moment, and Cariefa have also suffered some inevitable challenges and harassment.

Of course, for these unknown height, the height thick row, the best lesson of the moment is that the huge pounds of the martial arts are directly on the foot, and they will bring their entire hundred pirates.

Evaporated into a dust.

After three days, the moment and Cariefa came to an island.

The protactization of the protagonist is the first time I met the black beard Marshall. Ti Ti's island, known as' ridicule town, magic valley town.

Although it is one of the islands under the jurisdiction of the Queen's Seven Wuhai, the island under the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction. However, the actual manager seems to be the Bella Mission in the 'M dog and Bellamy.

Here, it is almost a saying that some people are killed every day.

At the street, I always see that there is a fightering in the dead. It is often more common.

It is worth mentioning that the ground here is the wooden board street to the wooden board, and there is a unique characteristic of the town.

"Hey, fell! Say! Is my eyes spent ?!"

When the huge pounds of Pluto approached the coast, residents and the pirates that were walking on the shore and the pirates have already found the eye-catching banner of Pluto, and one face became shocked.

Isn't that the banner of the Aronte Empire ?! "

"Strange! The god empire is not in the new world, is it? '

"Let's notify Bellamy guy! Tell him that you will not be impulsive, don't matter!"

Several pirates spoke to the streets behind the pier.

Of course, the pirates on the town pay attention to the beginning of the moment. Some residents and businessmen in the town also noticed the arrival of the moment. One time, one time, he didn't have a gradual approach.

A pound battleship.

They don't understand, how can the verses of the god Empire will come to this island.

The huge incomparable Pluto will soon entered the pier of the town. The huge volume is almost almost a whole island, and some of the residents on the frightened island began to flee.

". 'One. ... How can this. How can there be such a big battleship in the world !!"

I still don't think it is, I know that when the Pluto at the foot is completely near the island, the talents on the island have found that the majestic warships in front of them have completely beyond their imagination.

"Say! Someone came out of the boat !!"

Some eye-catching pirates have noticed that someone walks on the deck in front of the huge warship, and suddenly screamed.

After all, the shadow of the people of the people, in the past five years, the crazy expansion of the god Empire is completely covered in the four emperors of the new world. Today, the banner of the god empire suddenly appeared in the magic valley town, naturally caused

Unaver panic.

"The man is ... less

(Is it?) Several vision, the figures that gradually go to the head of the leader, the pupil is unconscious, and the mind is can't help but have a daily newspaper.

first name.

"God ... The emperor of the god Empire. .... ... ... less

The shocked pirates desperately opened their own mouth} bar, but they were shocked to say a complete words.

"To Cariefa. ... let's go ... less

Looking at the huge pounds of the pounds of the huge pounds, it was unbeatted to all the hundred pirates around them, and after landing.

At the moment, there was no shocked eye on the meter, but the truthfully reached gently to Carlyfa around him. With her slowly left the island.

Chapter 153 Carrya's strength (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 153 Carrya's strength (seeking rewards and automatic)

After stepped into the Town of the Tag, the moment and Carryl were involved in all the shock gaze on the entire town.

I didn't pay attention to these strange eyes, and I was going to the street with Cariefa.

Not far more than one bar on the street, that is, the original road flying to the magic valley town, and the place where the black beard was first encountered.

I haven't walked to the door of the bar, even if I don't have to see the color z, I can also listen to the shock of the scene you came out.

"Hahahaha ... less

"Wang Xia Qi Wuhai ?! I heard that the pihydrison called Baya Hancuk !!"

"She is the emperor, then I am not the emperor ?! What are you saying, Sachi, Wow, Haha !!"

"It is said that she is the world's first big beauty! If she dares to come here. ... I have to play her with her !! '

"Belam, are you crazy ?! That is the legitimate Pirate King of the World Government, and even the big sea has been rumored to say that the emperor of the emperor and the New World god Emperor 'eternal, moment

There are thousands of shackles with thousands of relationships. A 903 you have heard this sentence.

"Shen Luo Empire ?! You are also very small, here is the magic valley !!"

"How can the hand of the god Empire to extend to the first half of the great route .... We will fight their emperor 'eternal, moment! Do you say that it is not the Sakiys? Net haha!"

On the streets outside the bar, a residents listened to the laughter of the bar and the moment to see the momentum and Keli Fa, and Suddenly a lightning is generally joined into their house.

I slammed the house.

It was originally listening to the burst of laughter from the bar, and the moment is only the bragvous chat between the ordinary pirates. However, he heard someone to smell the

The look of the blue blood red double!

Some harsh metal roar sounded, no one saw how the sword was in the moment, and a huge incomparable sword was smashed in the air (Ceci).


The entire bar is still in the moment of laughing, laughing, there is no trace, I saw the two people who were sitting in front of the Bay, Bellamy and Sachi, who were lagging each other.

The entire bar collapsed into two halves. Everyone looked at the entire buildings around himself, it was there.

The bar collapsed, completely exposed to everyone in the air and light, looking out outside the moment and Cariefa closer the body, the stone is on the side of the blonde Bellamy and a blue hair Sa

The face of the Bella Mission in Chis is passionately passionate.

This man. ...

How can I appear in the magic valley?!

"Is the Bella Mihali? ... The Town is your jurisdiction?"

It seems that these pirates in front of them are not qualified to speak with themselves, looking at the two eyes to look at Bellamy, and Carlyfa is the first to open, "start today. ...

This place belongs to the god Empire ... less


A piece of silence!

The pirates all in the entire bar look at the men who come out from the legend from the legend. This is like the iceberg. It is like the iceberg, and the breathing begins to become heavy and urgent.

Love has also begun to become white and green, and it is full of fear.

Although there is no shot, he is not awkward, it has made all of them as if they have a whole mountain!

If you are God, like a prison.

"See it! Bellamitis. ... I have long called you two to hold my mouth! I can have a finger! '

Bellamy, a middle-aged uncle wearing a hat, because the legs are not listed.

"Only the weak. ... will feel that bullying is a fun than him.

I didn't lift my eyes and looked at them. In the silent and appreciation of the inquiry atmosphere, "During the Buddha, I have to talk in front of me ... as your own pirates.

The gas is really not small .... To fight me, I seize the Queen of the Queen Seven Wuhai to do women ...

"Dome" ... less