Bellamy who couldn't say that the momentum shocked by the moment, suddenly heard the name of Dover Mingge, but suddenly like a bloody blood jumped from the bar.

15 is my most admired person! Bastard !! "

Spring sniper!!

I saw that Bellamy became the calf on both sides into a spring, and the pressure to the ground accumulated all the strength to an ultimate, instant high-speed playing out sniper and welcoming the moment.

This rumored five thousand millions of Bailei's pirates actually worshiped Duolan brothers, and temporarily got rid of the fear of their hearts, using their own spring fruits.


Soap sheep, relax!!

I saw the Bellamy in front of myself hit the moment. The iceberg glamorous Keli Fah had a cold glasses. When I was flashing, I immediately launched my own bubble capacity!

Run your hand is a large piece of white bubble, and the capacity of Carrylfa bubble can make the bubble gather around him to invalidate any attack, and will make the foam to take the opponent to take the enemy.

Human strength makes the opponent unable to act because of weakness.

"Damn ... These bubbles:. Factory

The original savings shot rapidly shot was hit by the Carrya foam. Suddenly I feel that I lost all the strengths of the whole body, and the weakness was on the ground.

Death nunue, whip!!

Belami, who had just fallen on the ground, has not been reacted, a huge air bullet reflects countless crust in his eyes, and instantly collapsed a splendid on his brain.

Blood flowers!!

Chapter 154 Empty Island (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 154 Empty Island (seeking rewards and automatic)

After using your own special six-style gun kills Bellamy, it is like the iceberg. The cold-sexy Keli method gradually recovers his elongated fingers. It seems that the smoke blowing the fire is gently blowing.

Under your fingers.

A silent. ...

Between a breath, Keli Fa killed Bellamy in an instant, as a member of the original secret spy newspaper C P9, with a number of layers of hell training.

Since the pirates in front of you don't know the life of the life, then Carryi will naturally not be in love, especially after more than five years of hard training in the god Empire, Keli Fa is scared to be a full

Bella masonia all the pirates.

"Bellamy !!"

I saw my captain to reward 5,53 million Bailee Bellamy, a breathing kung fu, was killed in the seemingly cool sexy blonde in the moment, there were all Bella Mihai

The people who have lost their voice.

"It seems that these five years. ... Cariefa's progress is not small ... less

Not only is them. At this time, it was also shocked by the strength of Cariefa.

It can be so easy to kill the later rewards of 200 million Bailey '9 dogs, Bellamy, and Carlyfa's strength have also reached the strength of the eleven super new stars.

"It's evil .... Clearly look so beautiful ... less

I saw the cold and gorgeous girlfriend, the cold means, the members of Saki, such as Saki, etc., were suddenly surprised and angry, "but kill Bellamy, one Russian kill. She is

Bellamy avenge !! "

Month · Thorns Road !!

In the face of the

I saw that Keli Fa will sprinkle, and the special month in the six-style body is exported to the high-altitude of the people in the top of the people. The thorns in the hands are wrapped around

Black armed colored A gas, instant snack!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Countless violent snacks of the air sound into a piece, Carrylfa's hand-black thorn long whip is like a dragon, and counts countless under the feet.

Hey. ...

While Carryl's sexy hot posture gradually placed on the ground, while all the thieves of all Bella Mission were suddenly fallen.

"Hey. ... ... ... less

I only heard the applause in my hand, I didn't keep myself on the face of Cariefa, and the perfect skills of Cariefa were really amazing ...


Under the moment of flash of the right eye, these details naturally flee their observations, although this is not deliberate.

The whip. ... black silk. ... blond hair. ... Secretary ... Sexy beauty. ...

A series of keywords are instantly multiplying the brain of the moment, and the moment to shake their heads, so it's hard to finally remove all the words of these tempting crimes all over your own mind.

"What are you thinking recently. ... Is it because I haven't happened after the world is too long ... I have some helplessness.

'Boss, you have known ... less

A blink of an eye, after all the pirates in front of him. The Carrya slowly took back the thorn whistle in his hand, heard that she praised her like a beautiful face of the iceberg. It was light.


If you accidentally, you will be too heavy. ...

Will he hate me like this ...

Thinking of this, Keli Fa is somewhat unconfident and gently reached out to pull his own golden hair.

"Good Cariefa:.

Seeing that the color R gas has not broken through the bottleneck breaking the boundary to the third stage to listen to the sound of everything, naturally unable to know the psychological activities of Keli Fa, the light opening: "Since it is the magic town.

Ergama is not far from here ... less

... seeking flowers ...

"That is to say. Empty island is over 10,000 meters of us in our head. ... Less in the surrounding gaze of Cariefa, there is an infinite force in the flash of blue blood red, it seems to be gently reached trick.

Bang !!

At all the entire island vibrated, the entire island was shaken, and the countless seawater spread, and the pounds of the war ship in the seaside pier were stopped, and a huge shadow.

The shrouded over the top of the entire magic valley town.

"You don't have to wait for the Temple cloud and rising the sea! We will go to the empty island now !!"

At the moment, I took the slim waist with the ferry of Carrya fairy, and the left eye blue light was light, and the two people who came to the shuttle space showed it in the head of the head.

"So big warship actually flew! Do they want to go?"

I saw the gods of the gods in the end of the head, and all the people in the magic valley town suddenly talked about it.

"Standing in Carryi !! ', flashing softly.

Suddenly launched a huge gravitation to drive the whole pound of the Pluto warship, flying quickly toward the endless blue sky.

A position was shaken. The Kellyfaton next to Karet is consciously hosing the body of the moment, and avoids yourself.

At this time, the thundering thunder sounded, and a waters suddenly broke through the binding of the sea, and the w is broken in the huge sky of the nine, and the strong impact is magnificent, and the whole sea is magnificent, giant


"Is there a rising sea flow at this time?! That is really good !!" "Seeing the thawing column rushing down the sea at the foot, the corner of the moment.

Under the role of rising water rising on this sea, the pound of the Pluto warship seems to be like a huge greement, turning the birds straight to the nine.

Chapter 155 Arrivals Empty Island (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 155 Arrivals Empty Island (seeking rewards and automatic)

The huge pounds of Pluto rush straight to the sky.

Empty island exists in white sea (7,000 meters over Qinghai) (1000 meters from Qinghai).

The air in such a high island is very thin, so the movement of Qinghai people in the empty island will have a substantial decline.

Part of the island has two feathers on the back of the island. There are two feathers like angel's wings. It is speculated that they should be the moon people in the pirates, and the empty island is also rich in all functions.

The huge pounds of Pluto manipulates and the push of the airflow, breaking through the horizon to a white cloud sea, a empty fish of the octopus swim in the white sea.

"Here, it should be 7,000 meters away from the ground ... and then rise" zero eight three "3000 meters, it is estimated that the white sea is empty ... less

Seeing the endless Bai Yunhai, the bright blue blood of the blue blood is turned, and it is immediately judged by the impression of the original actions.

In fact, if it is not a moment that has a blind eye and God of God, the power of huge gravitation, the ordinary sea thief boat, if you want to just rely on the rising airflow generated by the Temple Cloud, rush to the ground

Ten thousand meters high empty or island is a very dangerous thing, and there is certain at any time to fall a boat destroyed.

" ?! Japanese OSS! There is a fish in this high altitude. How is this ?!"

I saw the huge empty fish in the White Sea, never have seen the magical scene of Keli Fa, and changed the image of the beautiful mountains, some surprised screamers.

"It seems that I have arrived. ... Here is the first floor of the empty island White Sea ... less

I heard the surprise voice of Carryl Fa, and the moment is soft. "That is the empty fish, the empty island unique creature! Can not look at them is so huge, actually they are like balloons

Presented. ... Take the root needle to kill them like the balloon! "

"It's amazing. ... I have never thought of there have been this existence on the sky of our head ... less

Carlyfa has always looked at the empty fish of the ship, and the little mouth is amazed. Then, Keli Fa is the eyelids, "? It seems to follow us and not follow us we

? "

The sound of Carifa fell, and a huge octopus tentaby in a white cloud sea suddenly stretched out, and went to the two of their two.

"You don't have to shoot. ... You come to solve the Qi Keri ... less left eye blue gods have been in the eyes of the hole wear the void, and the moment to see through this huge empty fish.

Six-style aim gun !!

I heard the reminder of the moment, Carryl method instantly shot, gather the strength of the whole body in his slender finger, the electric light flame releases the hit, an air bullet is suddenly like a huge tentacle

The ball was exploded.

"It's amazing. ... Japan is really as you said. ... Empty fish is like a balloon, and a few have a huge tentacle, and Cariefa faces Surprised and


"Don't pay attention to these things. ... We will arrive at empty island soon ... less

The moment is laughing, and the Pluto under the foot suddenly accelerates the speed of the white sea.

"Cariefa, you must first adapt to the environment here ... less

God's reincarnation of the end of the endless Yunhai sky, the moment I have seen the orientation of the empty island, saying that the Koli Fah around him:) is the reason close to the high altitude, here

The gas is very thin. Once there is a significant dramatic action before it is not adapted, it is easy to breathe and the body of breathing and weakness:. Factory

Although the body is not affected by these reasons, it is still necessary to take care of the Cari method around him.

A few minutes later. The moment directly broke through the Pluto and Cariefa, and came to the white sea of ​​10,000 meters from the ground, which is an empty island.

The huge pound of Pluto entered the door of the heavens in the void, and the monitors of the entrance income fees were not coming to enter the country, and they were directly scared in the huge battleship.


Universal currency in the ground world, Empty Island General currency is Aikestor, and everyone must pay $ 1 billion when energism. Everyone must pay 100,000 Bailee's fees.

Although it is possible to use the ultra-extreme spiritual power to create a currency such as Akstol, but the moment is not thinking that the extremely evil battle ship of the feet is directly crushed by the empty island.

The door of heaven.

A harsh warning flute sounded throughout the empty island.

I saw the huge pounds of the majesty in front of him directly crushed the door of the heavens, and sailed to the top of the top of the island of God. Amazon's old woman directly pulled the general, vibrating the whole empty.