"The enemy invasion! The enemy invasion !!"

In addition to the civil war, Kumo, who had never been rang for hundreds of years, finally completely resounded throughout the air.

"It's just that old woman ventilated ... less

I heard the ear all the harsh, the squid, the koli method next to Keli Fatframe glasses, "I know that I should kill her ... less

"There is no need. ... You look there. ... just God's island Apaya 1.1 ... less

At the moment, the opening of the Carley method was dispelled, and the sight of Zhan Blue blood red double-pupil fell on the top of the big island that was floated in front of him.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

The moment is still falling, and suddenly launched, together with the Qiai Fa, the Qiao Fa, and the huge pounds of pounds, disappeared in the cloud sea.

"Who are you ?!"

"I am actually in the field of God !!"

The Pluto warship has just arrived at the island of God, and I haven't come to enjoy the surrounding scenery. At the moment, I found out that the four men who had a pair of white wings in front of him with countless taxi.

The soldiers stopped their way.

Chapter 156 Pluging (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 156 Pluging (seeking rewards and automatic)

"God's field?!"

After listening to the four men who had a white wings behind him, I standing my own brows with Keli Fa.

"Is there a" God, which is his hometown, Bika, which has been destroyed in this period. ... dominate the entire empty island, is it. Have you thought about it.

Empty animal husbandry, ohm! "

Cangtian Knight, Shura! ".

Mori Zhizhi, Shadley! "

Take the guard, Gardz! "

On the occasion of the flying in the moment, the four men at the foot of the Pluto, the four men at the feet of the eyes were very funny, "We are. .... God's devil's four gods !!"

"It turns out that you are the four gods of the empty island."

I heard the four guys in front of you, I also recognized their four identities. I had some impression in my heart, so I asked: 'I don't know how you' God, is Gan Falus or Ai Ni Road. A?

24 Ai Ni Road?!

I have heard that this suddenly said that this has become a taboo on the entire emotion. The whole of the island of God is all the faces of all the faces of all the faces, flowing out of the pleasant look.

"Sin of sinners in the field of God! You still dare to call the name of God ?!"

Tieyun · !!

It seems that worry will be sinful by 'God, Ai Ni Road,' empty animal shepherd, ohm immediately picks up the cloud of the empty island characteristics of the empty island. hit.

According to this fierceness of this sword, it is the case that I can feel oh ohms in front of my eyes have reached the level of Sword.

The road to thorns !!

I saw the fierce swordscent of the eyes, I haven't waited for a moment, and the thorn whistle in the hands of the Cariefa in the side.

A loud sound burst of snoring, greeted the empty island god Ohm's sword!

A burst of bursting sound came out, and saw the thorn long whose Qi Fa's hand was smashed with the fierce swords in front of him, and broke out of the hierarchical distinct sound explosion.

"Don't waste time. ... Let me come back Carryfa ... less

The quiet voice of the moment, gently reached out to stop the intent of the Carryl method.

Since stepped into the empty island, I have already felt a kind of surveillance, and I thought that this should be the ability of the Aiño Road.

The natural system of Ai Ni, can achieve the effect of the hammer, and the ability of Aiño uses the ability of the thunder and the "heart network, even if you see the color A gas integration, you can

The surrounding is to monitor the island of God, hear everyone's voice!

Everyone will fall into the monk of Apaya, where the island of God will fall into the monitoring of the Aiña, and even he can put out the electrodes of thunderstall to stimulate the electrodes of Lei Yun to fill the enemy to the designated area.

Therefore, Robin, Robin, has mentioned that this is a numerous devil's ability, and one is one of the "invincible,".

"Tieyun's sniper is turned on by this weak girl ?? It seems that these two intruders are not ordinary people" ""

When I saw the sexy gold, the beauty of the beauty of the moment, I took the swordsman who used Tieyun to use the sword, and the four gods of the empty island were shocked.

Just at this time.

The blind eye of the left eye suddenly became a blue light, and presented in advance captured the sudden attack.

Bang !!!

There is no sign, only a blue falling thunder suddenly raised in the top of the Baba and Kelifa head!

Since the speed of lightning is only one thousandth, it is more fast than the sound speed, and the human body is natural conductor, and the Carley method that is firmly locked by this sudden hit hard.

Void Keyway · God speed !!!

In the face of the Thunder, there is no signs suddenly falling in the top of you and the Carrya head, I only see the moment that I have already prepared in my heart, and the flow blade in my hand has a counterflow waterfall.

Just kill a fierce sword with a fierce.

In all people shocking, the huge vast swordscent of the moment are like a dark crescent, breaking through the sound barrier, and constantly tears the air of the head of the moment, and it will fall into themselves.

The thunder of the Keli Fahead has been two halves.

Yu Wei did not even decrease, the sword of the moment, the sword was smashed, and the Jiu Zongxiang was straight, and the empty island was opened. The sky was opened, and a long scar and trajectory were drawn.

This is the sword of the big sword, the sword!

"Day ... The sky is cleared ?!"

The empty island God official ohm, which is the same as the Swordsman, has opened his mouth. If it is not seen today, he even imagined that this world actually can be able to

183 A sword opened the sky.

"God ... God is turned off by his sword ?!"

In addition to ohm, the remaining three empty island gods and the many of the Ai Niro's monster saw that the lightning is cut off, and the 'gods in their hearts, the' god penalty of the descendants', not shocked

The heart can't be self-sufficient!

However, the scene that happened next, was shocked by their souls!

"This is the greeting from the god of the empty island ... If we don't speak ... less

After the sword was broken, after the thunder of the sky, the mouth of the moment was slightly rampant. I glanced at the iceberg glamorous Cariefa. "Isn't it true that it is very polite? Qiao Qi method ~ less

In all the eyes of all people, the moment is holding the huge pounds of Pluto, and the end of the fire, the endless glitter is between, and the energetic energy is suddenly in this very evil battle.

The above is condensed!

Pluto · nn cannon !!!

A huge light column, issued a rumbling gun, shot from this extremely warruily.

Chapter 157 Ai Ni Road (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 157 Ai Ni Road (seeking rewards and automatic)

This huge light column appears, and even the glory of the sky is unable to cover its light!

This is completely light born for destruction.

Especially in the rumble of the rumbling, there is a numerous thing in the light column in the crack.

I heard this kind of artillery, and some people in the field have an illusion, it seems to have seen the scene of the countless stars in front of them suddenly fry together.

This is an unstoppable destruction.

The glory of the infinity is scattered, everyone is shocked, I only see the entire gods of the island Apaya, and the majestic and magnificent temple palace is actually under the moment of the foot.

Substrateing ash.

"This is. ... What is powerful ... less

Seeing the destruction of the death of Pluto, all the gods in front of the island of God, all of the gods and the god soldiers couldn't say a complete language. "It turned out to be the palace of the whole God.

The temple gives:

This is the power of the three ancient weapons!

This is the most evil battle of the ship, the firepower of the super battleship!

This is the World Government has been afraid of and eager, and even the high-level world government has repeatedly expressed their hopes to get the Temperature of Pluto, which is enough to end the power of an era.

Ancient weapon!

"The power is really good. ... less

I saw the devastating effect caused by the extremely evil battle of the feet of his feet. He nodded at the moment. The power of the ancient weapon Pluto did not let him down!

At the time of disaster scenes caused by everyone immersed in the hit of Pluto.

The blind eye of the left eye of the moment, but suddenly captured this electricity stone fire!

God sanctions!!

Between the blink, the endless thunder-pincowa is running through the ruins of the temple palace in the distance!

I saw that when a figure was already in the moment, the whole arm became a blue thunder, it is like Thunder, the momentum is coming out towards the moment!

"Is you destroying the palace of God ?! Accept God's sanctions!. Order!" Along with the strong attack 9 electric light, the strange man sounded in the ear of the moment.

"How. ... Can you call it a god after ate a hard fruit?

I was covered by the boundless Lei 9 cover, I suddenly heard the strange voice roaring in my ear, and the look on my face didn't change, and the mouth of the mouth gave a detest.

Armed colored A qi · coverage !!!

A layer of dark two-stage militant V is spread in the hands of the moment, and wrapped in the moment on the moment.


Some of the surprised voice sounded, and only the whole arm was hit by the thunder.

"It seems that you are not ordinary intruders. ... but in God ... less

I saw this man, I haven't finished, I have a kick that covers two armed colored domineering, I have blown like a nuclear bomb on his face. It is not produced by infinite Thunder Electric light.

Silk effect.

With the same loud noise with the explosion, in all the horrific eyes. Come to a shellmily made a shell, and suddenly smashed the countless ginseng big tree on the island of God.

"God ... It was actually him:.

After seeing the coming of people, I was blown out, and the gods and the god soldiers around the empty island were unbelieited. I can't see everything I saw in front of my eyes!

"The thunder fruit is the strongest natural devil fruit ....

After a kick with armed color V gas, after the future, the person flew out, and the moment, as if the leisure step, he walked toward countless collapsed trees, while calming the way

The name of the person, 'Empty Island's so-called' God, .... Aii Road ... less

"I can evil. ... I obviously became a lightning. ... Why still hit ... less

Among the wolf, the wolf's Ai Ni Road screamed all the trees around him, and the Zhangkou was a bloody spit on the ground, and there were several white particles in the bright red blood.

Just in the moment it seems a free kick. I actually kicked the Diki Road's front tole!