Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 378 of Hueding Crack System

"'' Is very strange why do you obviously use the elementalization or I am hit?"

The blue blood red double will be in the distance of the Aii Road, and it has incorporated the bottom. The moment is so good to step down to him, 'Because there is a power in this world. ... called armed

Color domineering ...

"Armed color V ?!"

I heard the discourse from the moment, Ai niri wrinkled her brow, I have never been able to think about this strange word saying, the whole person's emotions have been covered by boundless angry.

"No matter what the ability you have! You have already charged the majesty! God's majesty is not RT
Since he destroyed his hometown of Bika, he destroyed the original 'God, Gan Fol and his Gods to defeat the fullness of the guard. Since then, there is still its own and four gods (Wang Zhao's) officials. Hundreds

The soldiers rushed to the empty island. With the strength of the thunder, no one would defend his majesty!

But today, this unfamiliar Qinghai will not only invade the area of ​​Empty Island invading his God, but also directly to the front teeth, which is completely unable to tolerate for the checked Ai Nii.

Sixty million volts Lei Long !!

The boundless thunder is flashing, I saw that Inei Road angered to launch her own thunder fruit, reach out of the three hooks, jade drums, and make the thunder that she created from behind, three hooks jade drum


A huge Lei Long, a huge Lei Long, brought into the void, and the six thousand volts of the voltage of the thunderous hell, in an instant, swallowed up!

Chapter 158, horror, Ai Ni Road (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 158, horror, Ai Ni Road (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Um ... very high voltage. ... less

The blue blood red double-pointer reflects the huge Lei Long, who is in front of the void, less than one thousand second, arrived in the moment, even if she hasn't expired to her body, moment

It has already felt amazing heat and feelings of amazing heat and paralysis.


The prototype of the protagonist, the protagonist, relied on rubber fruit to ignore the attack of Ai niwei Lei fruit, which is simply drafted.

In the heart, the rubber is not wrong, the rubber is correct, but the Aii Road's thunder fruit reaches such a high voltage, and the thermal energy generated by lightning is more high than the ordinary flame temperature.

Although the temperature of the red dog lava fruit is still unlikely, it is obviously that the rubber body of the road flying is absolutely not problematic. This principle is like the high pressure made of the rubber of the past.

Wires will be burn over a strong current is a truth.

"Another boring protagonist ring ... less

At the foot of the moment, even if the speed of lightning is like the speed of thunder, there is no number of times in the eyes of his gods, and the vast vast ice river universe is like a very ice purge.


Diamond star dust !!!

In the distance of Ai Ni Road, the unconvivorned eyes of the Ai ni, the moment is in the hands of him, and all the air condensed, surpassing the absolute zero-free.

There is a shock wave of white light, like snowflakes, so it seems like to freeze and smash the stadium.

. ...

The freezing sound of the molars sounded, in the shocked eyes of everyone, the whole time between the moment and the Aiña simmed the whole is frozen, the white light shock wave shocks in the moment.

On the huge Raylong he released, I saw the entire giant Lei 9 dragon released by Ai Ni Road, and the ice was frozen into a white ice crystal.

All flashing Thunder-made ice crystals suddenly fell on the ground and broke into powder-shaped ice crystal particles, as if to cover the entire gods of Apayado on the ground, a dazzling crystal, appeared


But it is apparent that this beautiful scenery will only bring unlimited shock and surprises to all of the empty island.

"My lightning ... is frozen ...

I saw that Ai Ni Road smashed his eyes, some did not dare to pay attention to everything that happened in front of him, and looked at the white substance of his eyes, "My Lingering Fruit"

Ability. ... how can this?

"What is the power of this. ... How can God's sanctions freeze ... less

The gods and the gods of all empty island surrounded, the mouth contained in the tone of the shocking and difficult, 'This world is actually able to compete with God ... less

"God ?? comic title ... less and next to Kali Fa on the huge pounds, I heard the unbelievable mutters in their mouths, like the iceberg in a pretty face, slightly, slightly, slightly ridiculous

, 'In front of the day. ... Even if God is going to fall ... less

"Your expression seems to be unbelievable ... less

"How? What? Do you no longer think you are the world of this world?" Along with the sound ridicule, the flash of Ai Ni Road is gradually stepped by step, "I can give you a tips.

"My frozen fruit capability can freeze all tangible intangible substances and energy. ... and the thunder that you use the Rattar Reconside is also energy ... less

At the beginning of the first step, it approaches the Ai Ni Road in front of him. The whole person has brewing everything that is crushed.

Fighting Domineering (CEAJ) two paragraphs !!!

Just in the eyes of Ai Ni Road, I was immersed in the moment that I said. After I saw the sound of the flash, the entire ground under the foot suddenly came to open, and a mountain, such as the sea, like a prison.

The vast momentous instantly condenses into the substance, the mountain calls are generally divergent in the moment.

"What is this ?! Is this just the momentum of him ?!"

Ai niri, who is crazy, suddenly felt in front of the violent domineering from the moment, and the whole person seems to have a substantive heavy hit, just like a big mountain pressure.

His hearts.

Hey. ...

I heard the heavy object that constantly passed into the ear, Ai Ni Road surrounded by it.

I saw the empty island of Apaya, the island of Apaya, in addition to the strong four gods, all the people around the Aii Road, all the gods were all like a garlic.

"Um ... this is called Weng Wang color domineering:.

The blue blood-red double squat stares at the Ai ni road that has been completely in front of him, and it seems that he is still not stimulated. Instead, it is good to explain it with him, 'mouth and your' heart

The net, that is, the same one of the three V is like a three kind of V, 0 kingdom is a gas that is not necessarily awakened in millions of people.

As a 'god of the empty island, ...

Maybe you also have the opportunity to wake up. ...

Said that the moment it has been silently added in his own, as the ability of the strongest natural system, Ai Ni Road can be woke up to see how to create a domineering and its own unique electric waves

Enough to read the entire Empty Island to read the ability of the people 'heart net', indeed a potential talent.

"Join my god Empire, Ai Ni Road. ... Empty island stage is too small, no fun ... less

I raised my own chin, I'm stunning the shock of my body, a pair of blue blood red monster, like a king of the gods, generally overlooking his eyes completely sluggish

Ai Ni Road, the tone of the opening seems to be like a seductive devil's devil.

"With me to the next Qinghai to conquer the entire boundless world!"

Chapter 159, like God (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 159, like God (seeking rewards and automatic)

Join him:.

Go to conquer the whole world??

"What is the dog whose Empire. ... What a shit 0 gas: household

I saw the Aii Road in the unborn domineering of the power of the prison, as if the long-awaited anger is finally like the volcano, "Qinghai people. ... You will face it next. ...

Is an anger of the god of the empty island !! "

200 million volts 8231; Thunder !!

Although it is still self-told in his mouth, it has also understood the man who appeared in front of it, and the man who appeared in front of him is definitely not ordinary opponents. Suddenly ignore ignorance

The ability of the fruit has been urged to the extreme!

Countless Thunder Electric Lights, almost all over the island of God, and only see all the grounds around Ai niwi, and the violent thunder burst by him was destroyed.

I saw that the Ai ni Road was wrapped in all the surrounding Lei Qi lightnings around the body in her body, the four gods around and surrounded, and the Cariefa on the Pluto, suddenly I only felt my eyes.

The light is unlimited.

A huge thunderstorm, a whole body, 9. The giant thunderstorm, with a destruction of 200 million volts, and suddenly a boxing is a flash.

In addition to using his own Ark 'to make a thunderstorm increase, this is the strongest move of the Ai Ni Road.

"Such power. ... It's worthy of the true nature of the ripedigue ... less

What is the concept of the 200 million volts ?? Even if the huge thunders in front of the eyes have not bombarded the moment, the air in front of the moment, the air in front of the moment has been exuded an anxiety.

There are countless water molecules among the air, and it has been disolymented by the violent Thunder voltage, exudes a white gas.

"Since this ... then I will play with you with the ability of frozen fruits ... less

I saw the power of the Ai Ni Road in front of the Navy, the power of the Navy, and the shackles of the blue blood red monsters were flashing. The strength of the frozen in the body seems to be the mountain calls.

break out!

Aurora punish!!!

In the body, the huge frozen force is burst out, facing the violent punch of the top of the top of the top of 200 million voltre, and the moment is showled forward with frozen everything.

In the eyes of the Empty Island, the four gods and Kelifa's eyes, as if the time and space of the entire god island Apaya is frozen.

Everything around it is forcibly stopped. After the flash is swayed forward, the endless white aurora is as if the ancient waves are in front of the madness, all of them

Everything is dyed on a white glory.

It seems like a beautiful very light that brushes the horizon, it is smart and desolate ...

In front of the huge violent thunder, the whole god island Apayado, under the moment of the pole, it was dyeded with white brilliance. Stopping all the operations.

Island. With all all buildings and islands have made an eternal ice sculpture in the empty island, the empty gum of the empty island is shine.

From a certain point of view, the island of God is the island, which really turned into a frozen frozen god.

I saw that the moment is alive in this piece of white world. Gently step out your own footsteps. It seems to cause vibration and resonance in some invisible.

Hey. ...

It seems like a burst of hoist and broken voice. I saw the huge violent thunder of the moment, suddenly turned into a white ice crystal disruption, dropped on the ground, fell into fine powder.

"The whole Apapado. ... is frozen ... less

Striked, I saw the huge pounds of Pluto, the four gods of the Empty Island seems to be frozen in the moment, as if the soul is like, it is awkward.

All this is all, "What happened just now ... What is the power ?!"

"The thunderstorms of the 200 million volts were frozen ... less

The whole huge thunder is smashed, and a moving thing is to fall on the ground. Aii Road seems to be smashed with his dignity and confidence, with the thunder of Thunder, '

How can someone have more power than God ... less

...... Seeking flowers ...


Just like God. ...

Some somewhat looked at the brakes in front of him, and suddenly appeared in the winter tyrant. Since ruling the entire empty island, they will not curb such a ridiculous idea since they ruled the whole empty island.

I haven't come yet, I have been drawn out from the effort of the freezing of the freezes, and the Ai ni is a flower in front of her eyes.

The whole belly seems to be a heavy grenade, the next instant Ai ni Road is watching the moment, the instantaneous appearance appears in front of his body, the hand is dark armed color A