Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crack System Chapter 379

Headed with irresistible power into your stomach.

Lei metallurgy!!

Ai Ni Road, which reacted in an instant, has to bear the pain that he is almost suffocated, and a lightning light is flashing, using high voltage electricity to produce a large amount of thermal energy to melt

It became a sharp and unbearable trident!

The next second Aii Road only felt that his wrist was painful, and he didn't have to sprpen his gold truth in his hands. In the moment, it was already as if it was unknown, and he kicked his hand in an instant.

The gold trident in the golden trident.

Then, the body is slightly sinking, and the other legs are highly lifted and kick. The idea of ​​Aii Road is just born from the mind. I have already felt that the chin is a giant force, and the eye.

The front black almost a sense of consciousness of the whole person is attached!

Watch !!

With the golden trident in the hands of Aii Road, it is constantly rotating in the air, and finally inserted into the distance in the distance.

A Siki Road, the body of the Ai ni, lost in the ground, lost all the strength of your strength.

"Now. ... you can take the entire empty island ...

"Join my god Empire? ',

Chapter 16 gets the empty island (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 16 gets the empty island (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Now one can take the entire empty island ... less

The mouth is flat, the blue blood red is staring at the Aii Road that is bombarded by oneself, and the moment is like a leisurely, and it is generally going to him. "Join my god Empire.


Empty island resources are rich, not only have various functions, there are various functions of clouds, but there are even less inexhaustible gold, if you can take the entire empty island, it is undoubtedly equivalent to get

I have a unimaginable wealth.

"How can it be. ... how can this world be more stronger than God ... less

Brake covered with armed colors, the kickshots of the bomb, Ai Ni Road lost all the plenty of pumps and poured on the ground and even struggled such simple movements.

"Three or seven zero"

Even naked Aii Road, the headscarf on his head, the headscarf on his head dropped on the ground, showing the hairstyle of his big, and looks funny.

"Ai Ni Road is .... Bened by him:.

At this time, the four gods of the empty island on the side have been scared, and even the atmosphere dares out.

"How? I don't want it?"

I saw that I was slow to go to the Aii Road, and the blue blood red double-pupil is overlooking him, gently reached out, grabbed his neck, and slammed the whole person of Aii Road, the opening is not

There is a kind of emotional color, "Is it choosing to join? Still think I will freeze your frozen into a slag now?"


I was now covered with dark armed torque, I killed my neck, Ai ni Road rose red, her face, she didn't open it. It is more hard to finish more hard to steel.


Moreover, under the action of the exquisite armed color of the moment, Ai Ni Road has been firmly granted on the body, and even the tumising of the thunder is unable to make it.

"I ... choose ... Join ... less

Some of the mad thinking of the big brain has been struggling. It was attached to the Aii Road in the hand, and it was finally squeezed out of the mouth from the corner of the mouth.

Because at this moment, I will judge the domineering and killing of the whole body, Aiño believes that if his answer can not make the moment, this horrible guy is undoubtedly in the next second.

If you say, you will freeze your own ice slag!

"Very good. ... I will not agree if I have nothing to do."

Get the answer of the Aiño Road, the handsome flawless face is slightly outlined, and the hands are gently pine, and suddenly loose the whole person of the Ai niri to the ground.

"Call. ... ha ... call ... less

Finally, I was separated from the Aii Road in the palm, and the powerless monk sat on the ground, breathing the slightest oxygen on the emphy of the empty island, as a god of the whole empty island, Ai Ni Road never imagined himself

One day, it will be hit by people, I feel that even breathing is an extremely extravagant thing.

"People in Qinghai. ... are you so strong?"

The entire head is almost implied by Ai Ni Road, and it is finally compiled, and the velvet pulls his swelling eyelids and stares at the moment in front of you.

"Don't be stupid. ... Even in the world, you can't find a man who is more than our day.

I heard that I have lived in the empty island of 10,000 meters away from the empty island of 10,000 meters away. I haven't stopped talking. On the other side, I'm a beautiful Gila Miki, I'm a beautiful Giry French.

The opening is a smile, "three major, four emperors, five old stars. ... These every one is more stronger than you have lost our boss's hand ...

"So ... don't think it is a shame in our BOSS.

Wen said that the eyes were slight, even if he didn't think of it is like the iceberg, it is like the iceberg, and the speech is so sharp. "The opposite can join the god Empire

You should be considered a kind of unpleasant glory ... less

"Damn. ...

It was a cold in the iceberg Kellyfethone, and he took his teeth, but he had completely crushed his strength in front of his eyes, but he had to hold back even a fart.

Dare to put one ...

"Well. ... Ai Ni Road ... less

When I saw the Ai ni Road in front of him, I opened this time at this time, I interrupted the ridicule of Cari Fa. The blue blood of the blue blood was in front of the Aii Road on the ground. "I give you three months."

Time. ... Solitably compile the entire empty island all military and materials ... less

"After three months, I went to the new world of the new world in the second half of the world to see me ... less

The opening of the mouth is clearly written in the mouth, and the slightly speaking of a watered bill, let the people around you can't help but feel the surrounding air temperature, as if the whole person is hurting in the cold

In the winter, "I sincerely hope that you don't want to play the trick ... Otherwise ... let me be angry, you can't afford it ... less


I found that I was in front of my hometown, I would like to look at this man before the eyes of this man. Even if the rack is not towering, I have to be proud of it.

The head should be claimed.

"Very good ... I hope you don't let me down ... less

Thoroughly tame the Ai Ni Road in front of him, and the moment it understood that he had taken the entire empty island. After the point of satisfaction, he turned his footsteps. The whole person was like a breeze.

On top of the huge 5.3-magnastic Pluto, standing to Keli Fa.

"Let's go, one Carryi method, one less

The voice falls, in the eyes of the four gods of Ai Ni Road and the Empty Island, the eyes of the fear of the fear, the huge pounds of the huge pounds slowly started, and the floats gradually left this whole

Iced frozen god island Apayado.

Qinghai ....

The god Empire in the new world in the second half of the great route ...

Visually slowly drove the majestic ship, Ai Ni Road, kneaded his fist in his hand.

Big big stage ... I believe you will be very exciting ....

Chapter 161 Fish Island (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 161 Fish Island (seeking rewards and automatic)

The next few days.

The moment took the entire empty island with Carlyfa.

On this high altitude above the ground 10,000 meters, I will explore the cute street of the angel Island with Kellyfa. I have seen the lovely angel girl Kiri, and I have been to the secret students of Shan Diian residents.

Live village Yunyin Village.

Finally, I also went to the ancient urban golden urban mountains of 800 years ago, and the residents of the people will be the history of the ancient weapons' Haiwang, the historical body stone monument, and the moment is in the heart.

The block stone is back to Robin, and I believe she will feel very happy.

A few days later.

At the moment, I finally drove the huge pound of Pluto, with the iceberg glamorous Cariefa, leaving the empty island, who is occupied by 10,000 meters from the ground.

Great route.

A channel of the road to the road of Shengmary Mary Mary Mary Mary.

The huge pound of the extremely evil battle ship Pluto rides on the blue sky, the huge volume and the wind that floating the wind and floating the wind, so that all the vessels encountered around are shocking

System system system ... less

One person standing in the pool of the Pluto warship, and the hands of the big ship look at the beautiful sea in front of the eyes, and the long hair of the silver hair is flying in the sea breeze. He is in the system.


"Host. Net Sub-owner:. Do not appear for a period of time, the tone of the system seems to be more no exercises than ever.

"When I can break through the bottleneck breaking the boundary to get the upgrade.. ... of course ... less

The comfortable sea breeze seems to be able to blow away everything in the world, and I just took the whole empty island's mood seems very good. "There is also the most important thing is. ... Follow the fire. ... I think

Should you have to complete it? "

"Hey. ... Host your cultivation is very fast ... less

The sound of the system in the brain seems to be sinking. "The cultivation of the three A gas is so far to reach the limit ... I believe soon, I can get a breakthrough ... less

"But about the holy, you will have a fire, however, it may still take some time ... less system sound seems to have a flowing water in the brain.

"Good ... I know ... less

After listening to the interpretation and reply of the system, it is silent in the heart, and he has a clear grasp of the progress of his current cultivation.

"Japanese OSS. The front is the continental continent ... less at this time, after the moment, Carrya's cold sound came back.

"Well ... I don't need to look back, the left eye, the blind eye, the horizon, the horizon, I have seen the iceberg glamorous Cariefa swaying her sexy demon burning posture to her side.

At the moment, I was slightly in the Kellyfa next to myself. I saw her wearing a professional secretary in suit, and the long hair of the blond hair was equipped with her black stockings. It was simply.

Especially for the crime of attracting the brakes.

"BOSS, is our trip today, is it to go back to the New World of the New World? ... or ... less

It seems that there is a sight of a burning line of sight, and the Keli Fifan iceberg is quickly rolled up with a slim, and the low eyebrows asked softly.

"Fish Man ...

Some embarrassments have recovered their own attention, and they directly said that they have the destination of two this trip today. "Before the god of the Empire ... first accompany me to a holy land Mary

Haili 10,000 meters of fish island ... less

"Fish island ?? ',

Wen said that Kelly Fah is a cold face.

She can't think of her own and the two people just come down from the empty island of 10,000 meters from the ground. It immediately sneaked into the fishman island below the ground 10,000 meters.

"Well ... we arrived ... less

Between talking to Keli Fa, the huge pounds of the two men's feet have traveled over the bokeh. I have seen the speed of all the vessels. I have seen my eyes in front of the sea.

Red soil continent.