Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 380 of Hueding Crack System

"Grasping me Keli method:. The household suddenly broke out, and the blue blood of the blue blood sent an endless vastness.

I heard the words of the Pasta, and the Cariefa next to him hesitated, and immediately close the body, the sexy hot body was tightly bonded in the moment, hook the moment.


Round retraction · gods!!!

The huge sea water splashed up, and the majestic huge waves set off the waves in the azure sea, without any power to resist the reincarnation, moment will actually

The whole huge Pluto has grown into the sea.

'Boss you:.

It is noted that the two of themselves and the whole huge pounds, they have entered the sea 380, and Carrya can't help but tighten the body tightly.

But I found that myself and the two people were located around the entire huge Pluto, all the sea water was wrapped in an invisible round barrier, without a drop of sea water to penetrate this intangible screen.

"Don't worry ... Soon we have arrived ... less

It is noted that Kali Fa, which is tightly bonded in his body, has some slight abortata, and it is gently smiled.

Stick together.


I found that the moment of moment, Keli Fa could not help but snort, such as the face of the iceberg in the uncomfortable, this moment can not help but redness. But but did not struggle to open him, but red

The face is gently relying on the body of the moment.

One time, in this dark blue sea, the atmosphere is inexpensive.

See the reaction of Carryl Fa, the angle of the mouth smile, the gravity and repulsion of the blue blood red, and launched.

The round of the gods returned to the huge god of the gods and protected the entire Pluto to invade the sea. God's reincarnation of God will gravity on the sea of ​​the sea.

Continuous dive ...

Chapter 162 BIGMOM One Pirate (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 162 BIGMOM One Pirate (seeking rewards and automatic)

Fish man island.

It is the only way to arrive in the New World in addition to the World Government to get directly through the Red Soil Continent.

At the same time, it is also the birthplace of most fish people and the humanish family, and there is' Seabed Paradise, the American name is a fantastic paradise. The vessel to come here, usually in the shampoo island is a ship, borrow

The sea flow is safe to arrive safely.

The residents of the fish people are mainly the humanish and fish people, ancient weapons 'sea king, that is, one person will have a princess, the Zhe's boat' Noah, and I have been sleeping here.

At this time, the purpose of the fish island, on the one hand, in order to see the old friend Fisher Tac, and on the other hand, it is for the ancient weapons' Haiwang, the White Star Princess.

" ... Cariefa ... less

After dozens of minutes of continuous deep sea, the huge pounds finally sneak to the depth of approximately 10,000 meters below the bottom of the Shengdi Maria.

"What is it?

Always leaning against the sound of the

Color long hair.

"It seems that the huge bubble is inside. ... it's a fishman ... less

On the other hand, I said that my eyes were on the depths of my feet, and the blue blood red gem had a huge bubble standing in the depths of the shelf. It contained a water Dragon Palace.

General islands.

"It's so deep in the sea ... There is such an island. And."

Going back the gods, Kellyfa, glamorous, looked at the eyes of the moment, see the magical magnificent bubble islands in the deep sea in the feet, and there was a surprise in the small mouth.

"The words are coming back. ... this doesn't spit it really ... less

With the huge pounds of Pluto Battles, they dive towards the orientation of the fish people. The sky is looking at the sun and clouds in front of the world, and I can't help but start to spit. "In the sea

The water in the water. ... There is still a sun, the sky and clouds. ... What is the ghost setting ... less?

"But ... I don't know if Fisher is not in the fish people:.

Looking at the big bubble islands in front of you, the mouth of the moment is light, and the red skin fish who once invaded the Shengdi Mary Joya liberated countless slaves, it is here.

One of the few friends in the world.

"Well?! That is ... less

As the feet, the Pluto is getting closer to the bubble islands in front of the bubble islands, the eyes of the eyes are slightly condensed, and it is found that the whole fish island seems to be covered in a heavy and sinister atmosphere.

Dozens of different pirates groups surrounded the entire bubble islands, and the fluttering flag painted a head in the sea thief hat and wipe the lipstick, the hat and the collar fell.


"BOSS is one of the new world's four emperors' BigMom, the One Pirates of the One Piece:.

At this time, Keli Fa has also seen the banner of the pirate fleet surrounded by the fish people, reminding him to open the sound of the fuckle fleet.

"Well .... Russia saw us on it ...

It is recognized that the pirates of the fishing people below the fish is is the new world's four emperor's' Bigmom, Charlotte Lingling's One Pirate, the inexplicable light of the blue blood and deep eyes.

Immediately manipulate the huge pounds of pounds that are gradually close.


The fish is not in this period, should it be inserted by the White Beard One Piece?

How can I encounter 'Bigmom, One Pirates in' Bigmom?

With the gradually puzzling of Pluto under the feet, it is quietly floating to the heart. ...

"Nitton. ... This month, my mother asked you to have 1. ton sweets on it? Hey!" Bigmom, the One Piece Fleet, a black suit with sunglasses, with the lion exactly the same appearance

The man drunk loudly.

"This ... less

At this time, the King of the Fish Island Dragon Palace Kingdom, a head of the crown, but also a big fisherman, a huge fish, and the brave in his hand.

The three-strident, the color of the color, the mouth of the noodles: 'L This month, the people on our fish people are not enough ... So only 50,000 tons of dessert .... Mr. Box Musi can ... less

"What ?! 15,000 tons ?!"

I heard the answer of the eyes of Nitton, and the man who was as the lion was exactly the same as the swig, and the whole person was shocked, and then he suddenly made a sink, "I first set the sweet tribute.

The agreement is supported by 100,000 tons of desserts every month. So we'lmom, the pirates of the One Piece will protect your fish island ... less

"Now you want us to take 50,000 tons of dessert to explain with your mother ?!"

"Suk dark ... I don't have to say Nitton. ... I don't have enough sweets to give our mother's country ...

At this time, Box Mes took a giant bend knife, and the wave (Zhao Deh), who was embedded with a hairy hat and the round-eyed triangular nose mask, and 11 will have a next day. Be

Dear !! "

"Hey ... Nitton King ..........................................

I heard the words of Box Mes and Bin Bin, and the blue skin fishman who worked with the wood and the squid in Niton. When I said: "How can I have so many desserts every month?

I have come out! If I want to play, I am very flat !! "

"Siping n, go. ... very flat. ... don't think you have become the world government's walking down seven Wuhai, you can talk ... less

I saw the eyes of the blue skin fisherman very flat, Bin Bin racks smiled, 'in front of the four emperories .... said that it is not enough to even one fart !! "

Chapter 163 declares war (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 163 declares war (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Don't say it well. ... very flat ... less

Bin's words seem to remind the four emperors of the New World in Niton, and I saw that Nittun immediately opened the anger, and the eyes moved to Box Mes and Bin Bin.

Bring a piece of plead, "Mr. Bin Musk ... Mr. Bin ...

"Different 50,000 tons of desserts, our fish people will drive out as soon as possible ... less

As the king of the fishman Dragon Palace, no one knows what the strength of the four emperors is even more clear than Nitton, although it is very flat to a legitimate pirate king, a legal pirate, a legacy of the world, but

It is only a bond that the World Government wants to establish a relationship with the fish island, and the four emperors of the truly Jun can still have a cloud.

"Trouble you go back to explain with BIGMOM. ... I am really sorry. ... Less think of this, Niton's heart is more awkward, whispered.

"Nitton King .... But ... less

I heard the words heard by Niton, I was very flat when I was very flat, and I didn't have a 530 so much sweet in a short time in my short time! "

"Don't say it again! Nitton, very flat, you are finished! Hey !!"

Silently listening to the dialogue between Nitton and a very flat, looking at the big and small fish people and menspuna in front of the fish, and Box Mes suddenly laughed again, "Bigmom, the One Pirates also

There have never been a site ... There is no sugar to survive .... Your whole fish people must be destroyed by mom !! "

Finished. ...

It is difficult to temporarily get rid of the status quo of the island's fish and fish in the island ...

Now I am staring at Bigmom, one of the four emperors. ...

For a while, the desperate clouds shrouded in the hearts of all the people of the whole fish, the strong power of the four emperors allowed them to find a hope for survival.

"Oh. ... is the four emperor BIGMOM One Piece?

"You have to die in the island. ... I have a fish island to survive !!"

, a strange man's voice suddenly penetrates the sea of ​​10,000 (Ceff) rice high pressure, and suddenly passes into the ear of each person in the island of the fish.


Suddenly heard this unfamiliar voice, not only an angry bigmom pirates, and all the people on the island of the fish people also wanted to go back, "actually dare to follow the four emperor

IGMOM is correct ?! "

But just looked up, all the people were discouraged, I saw the unforgettable scenes!

Pluto · !!!

Countless shocking booms rang whole the entire sea abyss, a huge light column, is completely born in order to destroy!

This huge light column shows. Even the seabed of the whole quiet, 10,000 meters is fully illuminated by its light!

Especially in the rumble of the rumbling, there is a numerous thing in the light column in the crack.

I heard this kind of artillery, and some people in the field have an illusion, it seems to have seen the scene of the countless stars in front of them suddenly fry together.

This is the light of unstopable destruction!


A bombard, the entire sea high pressure in the sea, there are countless bubbles and ripples, as if the whole fish island has been draped!

The glory of infinity is scattered, everyone is awkward, I only see that almost all Bigmomcetes around the whole fish island, all of them are completely made in this destroyed beam.

Ashes, but also deep sea high pressure sea water.

In the eyes of everyone shocking, a huge pound of the extremely evil battle is like a shadow of the day, from the deep sea in the distant head, gradually traveling towards their fish people.

"Hair. What happened ?! What happened to the light ?!"

Almost all people in the entire fish people have not returned to God, Niton and very flatly looked at the huge pounds in the deep sea, the more close it to them.

"All boats have been destroyed ... less