Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 381

After watching himself, I brought out of the fisherman's almost all the pirates, all were destroyed by this devastating beam, and the entire lion's head is coming, anger.

The roaring, "can be evil. Who is it ?! Actually dare to work with the four emperors ?!"

"Wait for Sk Moss ... that banner is ... less

At this time, as the huge pounds of the pounds are getting closer and closer, Bobins, the Bin Bin, keen to the battle of the fluttering, and the pupil of the eyes is shrinking under the mask.

One change, "Shen Luo Empire ... less

"Shen Luo Empire ?!"

I heard the reminder of Bin Bin by my side, the expression of the Chorks Lion is a change, the look begins to become heavy, and X out of the eyes of X out, "How is the venis of the god Empire?

What will happen here ?! Nitton you ... less

The first reaction of Box Moss is to suspect that the king of the Fish Island Dragon Palace King Nitton, is the fish island secretly carrying the BIGMOM Ming Pirace to might talk to the god Empire ??

"How can the ship of the god Empire appear in the island of fish ...

However, this time, Niton's face is also a fascinating mutter. For the god Empire to defeat the world government and the Navy's coalition army, even if

It is the fish and people fish on the fish people in the fish in the deep sea, and they are like a thunder!

'Four emperors, is the most powerful forces of the whole new world. And Shen Luo Empire is even more powerful to force other four emperors!

However, Nitphon thought about why the gorlan Empire's vessel will suddenly appear in the island of the fish, and it is still destroying all the boats of the Bigmom One Piece, which seems to be helpful.

What is the like ??

"Fish island is now our BigMom One Piece Protection of the land! You god Empire not only invaded our territory! Also attacked our fleet!"

Identify the banner of the god Empire. Although the feelings are jealous, Box Moss has had to drive the scalp.

"You are in declaring war with the four emperors !!

Chapter 164 Instantly (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 164 Instantly (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Declared war ??"

Some playful sounds sounded from the pounds of the fish people in the top of the fish, and the eyes of the eyes were watching, a sleek figure, a tie, a bullion, gradually appeared.

Pluto's bow.

The Lelime around the floor gradually went to the pole's bow, and the blue blood red monster boulder brought a bigmom on the foot of the fish in the foot of the fish in the foot of the foot.

The mutual fighter, as if it is watching a group of founcing ants, "I just want to step on you:.

Try to die??

Stepping on the Bigmom One Piece of the Fourth Emperor ??

After listening to the head of the top of the big boat, this figure said, the whole Bigmom One Piece in the scene suddenly wanted to laugh.

However, the four words of the Arono Empire are like a honest mountain, and they are pressed in their hearts, so that they can't laugh at the moment.

The shadow of the human famous tree. ...

At the beginning, the world's strongest creature "beast is one of the world's strongest creatures, and the Emperor of Tharao is the emperor of the Arono Emperor ', and the unoccupied one person will chase from the new world all the way to the first half of the great navigation.

All the hundred pirates of the whole hundred beasts were pulled by the squats. They even became the 'hundred beasts of the death, and Mado even silently almost lost, this shocked the whole world of the world.

Everyone in the field is clear.

In this whole big sea, even the four emperings of the new world, I believe that it will not be willing to provoke the enemy of the Empire. ...

"You ...." said it is?! With the sun in the top of the deep sea, the sun is gradually slined, and suddenly, Sk Moss finally saw the outline of the Plumber's huge ship head.

Suddenly shot, the pupil of the Box Mes in ink, suddenly contracted into a common size, the same perfect Jun Xiu face with countless newspapers news photos is one.

Eternal, moment: household

It seems that the tongue in the mouth is unplugged, and the Boxmiss lion is very difficult to spit out of the name, and the emperor of the Emperor, actually came to the fish island.

"Actually 'eternal, moment ?! The emperor of the god Empire personally came here ?!"

After recognizing the identity of the moment, all the fish and mens in the entire fish people were boiled at this time. Everyone had a shocked look on everyone's face.

At this time, only the people in the crowd Nitton a pink hair appeared, the incomparable flourish, Loli, a fascinating expression, looking at the shocked expression on everyone around everyone, seems that she is turning back

The name is no concept.

"Although. ... I don't know why the fish people in this period did not follow the 'script, becoming a white beard of the thief group. ... less

Perfect did not in the foot of all the scenes of all the people on the scene, the calm moment, the sound came to the ear of every person present.

"But. ... From now on this moment. ... Fish island is the territory of Shen Luo Empire !!"

"What ?! What is joke ?!"

If I listened to the mouth, I didn't have any reactions in the mouth of the fish, but there were hundreds of Bigmom One Pirates in the scene to boil, even some

The pirates whispered.

"That. ... Mr.. ... Fish Island is our Bigmom One Piece ...

Although it is shocked to the momentum and name of the moment, I think of 'Bigmom, Charlotte Lingling's horror, Box Mes has to open the scalp, but if he said half of him, he will face a look


Reincarnation · God is going to be!!!

I saw the blushing of the blushing in the eyes of the moment, as if the endless dilute was urged to be ultimate. The next moment, the whole person disappeared in the head of Pluto.

The hall lost something, what did he want to do ... After seeing the moment in front of the moment, after the disappearance, Box Mes' heart is faintly borne.

No matter what. ...

Fish island is absolutely unable to fall in the hands of the god Empire ...

Otherwise, the whole person will be eaten by Bigmom. ...

...... Seeking flowers ...

"Hey ... Bin Bin ... You now use the phone insects to notify your mother ... less

The first reaction of the teeth, the first reaction of Box Mes is to quickly encounter the god of the god of the god of the god of the Imperial Emperor ',' Bigmom 'Charlotte Lingling.

But when Box Mes just turned back, when I wanted to speak and the Bin Bin, I almost let him look out from the sunglasses.

I saw that in front of him, he surrounded all the pirates around him, with hundreds of BIGMOM Ming Pijun members, including senior combat cadres, all have no sound.

On the ground.

Every pirate has a wound that sees a blood-sealing throat. There is all the breath between the nose. The body is quiet and lying on the ground.

"I think you make a mistake:.

The soft voice sounded in his ear, but it seems that the thunder has surpesed his soul, and Box Moss suddenly turned back!

"I am not seeking your four emperor Bigmom One Piece.

I saw that I didn't know when he was not far behind him. He was slowly returned to the sword sheath in his hand.

And it's ... Go back to tell Charlotte Lingling ... less

"Fish island from now on. ... is the territory of the god Empire ... less

"What did you do ?!" Box Mes smashed out.

This time following him to go to the sea to the fish people's island, each is the elite thief in the new world, especially Bin, as a high-end combat cadre of Bigmom.

However, there is a big thief with the king's seven Wuhai grade!

This is the hundred pirates of the four emperors of the new world! Not a weak chicken in the first half of the great route!!

What did this demon do?!

I didn't see the traces of him!!

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Chapter 165 Hai Xia is very flat (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 165 Hai Xia is very flat (ask for reward and automatic)

Deep sea 10,000 meters.

The entire fish island is placed in a strange atmosphere.

The entire fish people on the Dragon Palace King's King Nitton, the ordinary fish people in the fish people are mixed, all of them are stunned, and they are very strange to look at hundreds of themselves in front of them.

GMOM One Pirates in a pirate.

What happened ...

A Dragon Palace guard under the hand of Nitton is like dementia, and there is still a hidden nose between the lips and the south, which is a ridiculous. "I just blinked a Bigmom One Piece.

One thief is all being killed ... less

Cartrous. ...

The moment silently cultivated the fashioned fragments in his hands completely attributed to the sword sheath.

The "Nine Four Third" only uses God's reincarnation, almost endless pupil, one instant to consume a lot of pupils, there is no restriction on the premise, in a second to the front of BigMom Sea

Hundreds of pirates of the thief were cut.

"How is this possible. ... Bin. ... everyone ... less

I saw that the Box Mes collapsed completely. The whole person was touched on the ground. The eyes under the ink glasses seem to look at a devil, and the clouds are light in front of the cloud, 'This is a J Mhm

Is the strength of the four emperors?

As the elite combat cadres of the new World Four Emperor Mission, a large-sea thief in the world's sea, one day will be scared by a person.

Saying that no one will believe. ...

But the facts have to be believed in front of you. ...

"You can still stand here now ... less

The blue blood of the blue blood is quietly staring at Box Mes who knees in the ground to the ground, and the mouth is so good, it is like appreciating the desperate expression on his face. "Because I need you

Go back to inform Charlotte Lingling ... From this moment today: household

"The fish island is the land of the god of the gods ... less

It's gratial in the eyes of the smart, the shadowless face, which is pour in front of him, and the shadow of the shadow of the shadow, and the image of the whole person gradually became in the eyes of Box Mes.

The devil of a choosing person, "If you have other opinions, you have other opinions. ... I don't mind crushing you ... less

"Okay. ... you can roll !!"

Overlord Viqi · Two paragraphs !!!

The sound of the moment, I saw the entire ground of the whole ground under his feet. The rocks of the surrounding fish island are broken, and a unimaginable pound is instantaneous.

Quality, the mountain calls are generally erupted in an instant.

In the entire fish people's island, all the people who were surrounded by the eyes, the Box Mes who was originally poured in the moment, and the whole person suddenly became the substantive cat's domineering moment.

Fly out!

This is the power of the 0 king cattle in the third stage!

I have formed a mental and physically double impact. If I am willing, I can give my life to a person who is far less than my own people. I have no idea!

"This man is simply devil. '