Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 382 of Hueding Crack System

"No:. I have to go back now to inform my mother ... less

The substantive momentum that broke out in the moment was a moment of Pox Mes in the deep sea outside the fish people. The wolf hunted into the side of the pairled rings, only hated the aunt. he

Two legs were raised, and they fled in the eyes of everyone.

"Are you the King Nitton, the kingdom of the fishman ??"

After a glance, the wolf droves the piolis flights to the Pi Pirace, the moment is gradually moved to the people of the fish people, especially those who stand in the top body.


"Kill". ... Mr. ...

It seems that the voice of the moment suddenly wakes up, and the people around the island, and the people who have just been in the boundless power of the moment, the whole person can't help but play a spirit, "did not want

When you come, you will come to us ... less

"Don't say more about these nonsense ... less

I saw a little impatient in an instant, interrupted the Hyper Valler's hypocrisy, and I got into the theme directly, "Fisher Terg? Why didn't you see him ?? ',

"Our Thai boss is still outside the sea ... less

At this time, Niton has not yet opened it. The fish of the blue skin next to him is very flat, and the snoring will reply to the sound: "The escort is from the efforts released from the Shengdi Marie Qiaoa.

His hometown ... less

This guy is the emperor of the god Empire 'eternal, the moment ...

It's hard to imagine ... it is such a young guy ...

Nowadays, I have just become one of the "Hai Xia, very flat, my eyes carefully," I have a numerous brilliant and legendary man in front of him, and there is some burning in my eyes ...

"Well? Are you now the king of the Qihai, who has just been established, is very flat?"

Attracted by a very flat voice, the sight of the moment falls on the huge blue skin fish, and some tastes raised their mouths, and the impression of this figure is also


"Yes. ... We Thai boss often mention you ... less

Listening to Fisher 0.5 Tiger, the big son people in front of the eyes seem to have especially spiritual, and the eyes are a little dedicated to the moment. "He said that you are the most admired person in this life. ...


"You are the benevolent of our fish people. ... I thank you for those who are released from you from Mary Qiaoa, thank you!"

"The launch of your hand ... less

I heard the fisherman's gratitude, I am not a smile, I can't laugh, my heart knows that the blood sea fear of the fish and humans during this period is not so easy to eliminate the mustard.

"I just said when I said with the Bigmom One Piece, you have also heard ... less lightweight, open the topic.

Chapter 166 Storm (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 166 Storm (seeking rewards and automatic)

"From today .... Fish island inserted with the banner of the god Empire ... It is the land of the god Empire ... less

Between speaking, the hard-long figure of the moment is standing, and the deep eyes of the blue blood will sweep the masses in front of all the fish people in front of them. "I don't have other opinions?"


It was a very sharp eye to the sword to swept the cheeks. As the King of the Fish Island Dragon Palace, the King of the Dragon Palace is a stiff. This is the rhythm of being separated from the wolf nest and into the tiger.

"It should be .... Mr. Head is not only the benevolent of our fish people, released so many compatriots on our fish people from Holy Land Mario:.

The heart is slightly struggling. Nitton spin will soon react, first, no matter the kindness of the fisher island, it is that the god of the gods is now the same, it is not their fish people.

Take refused, "and today also hit the four emperor bigmomcenters. ... for our entire fish 24 people, ... less

"I now let the guards under the hand to withdraw the piracy flag of Bigmom. ... replace the banner of the god Empire ... less

I saw that Nittun, who was in front of the moment, but I thought that if I could get the obedience of the god Empire, I would like to catch no one in this sea, no one can capture the fish and people on the slavery fish.

Fish ....

"Very good. ... you can rest assured ... less

I got the affirmation of the king of the fishman Dragon Palace Wang Guo, the kingdom of the Dragon Palace. I nodded in the moment. I said that I said that I was generally unable to change. "Fisher Thai is my friend.

Friends. ... From now on, no one is in the island. ... it is right with our god Empire !! "

"I can get you this sentence, I am relieved ... less

I heard the words of the moment, I felt that there was a might of rushing everything in front of my body, and Niton's heart suddenly became a big time, "Mr. Head. ... please go to the Kingdom of the Dragon Palace

Talking about the palace ... less

Said that Niton is a trick, and the people behind the dense marma of the fishing people have suddenly gave a spacious road, and even some people have started to lay a luxury carpet of the welcome ceremony.

"Good, we will go, Cariefat ... less

Seeing the invitation of the in front of him, I didn't push it in the moment. I didn't push it. After manipulating the huge pounds of Pluto, I was stranded after the fish island, with the iceberg glamorous Cariefa

Walking towards the island of fish in the surroundings of everyone.

Among the crowd, a pink hair appeared, handsome, lovely, a beautiful mermaid, tightly followed by Niton, a pair of beautiful big eyes curiously stared at the side face of the beautiful Junxiu, eyes

It is full of embarrassment and curiosity.

This is.…

Ancient weapon 'sea king's White Star Princess. ...

I don't know how I have a blind eye of the 360 ​​degree of the dead angle, I have already noticed this beautiful amazing pink dress with the Nikun. ...

New World, Cake Island.

Here is about 10,000 sea from the Red Soil, a building that is like a birthday cake, a building full of white cream and countless cake desserts.

It should be that the island in the fairy tale, which is a horrible picture of a horrible picture at this moment.

Check ... Sorry your mother. ... Fish Man does not have a dessert for 100,000 tons. ... and ... less

I saw the lion male Box Mes's war with his eyes 'Bigmom' Charlotte Lingli reported this action. "We set off all the pirates from the sea from the sea.

" ... no one brought back 100,000 tons of dessert, all the pirates are all overwhelmed?"

I heard the news that Box Moss brought back, 'Bigmom, Charlotte, Lingling a low heavy cruel laughter of the whole thick cream cake palace, "Then you come back alone."

What to do? Do you think I have eaten you? "

I only saw the front of the cream cake palace, a big mother, his eyes rose, his eyes with horrible to extreme blood, dead staring at the wave of almost foolish

Komus. The huge mouth of the huge mouth flows out of the water.


Some anxious smell is filled in the air, 'BigMom, the saliva flowing in Charlotte Lingling has corroded the entire ground under the feet. The whole scene looks surprised!

"Don't eat me my mother ... things are like this:. Factory

Feeling the emotions of the eye 'Bigmom, Charlotte Lingling, recalling that she often lives to eat the picture under their hands, and the whole people in Box Mes began to shake up, and desperately try

Explanation, "I. ... we encountered the emperor of the god Emperor 'eternal, moment ... less

"Shen Luo 970 Empire? You said that you have encountered 'eternal, moment?"

I suddenly heard the news of Box Mes, Charlotte Lingling's face suddenly concurned, and the entire atmosphere around him was sinking. "Then they all die, how did you escape?"

"I didn't see how he did it. ... he killed us all people. ... Let me come back to my mother, you bring a sentence ... less

Seeing Charlotte Lingling in front of you seemed to start with yourself, explain the opening of the popmoss francis.

"Give me a sentence ??" Charlotte Lingling fierce and unparalleled, the surrounding air suddenly precipitated.

He ... he said. ... Fish Island has been the land of the god Empire since now ... less

In this heavy atmosphere, Cox Mes stunned, carefully observed the reaction of Charlotte Lingling in front of him, and I was afraid that she was live to be lived by her next second. "He also said .

... If you still have other objections. ... he doesn't mind milling us ... less

After that, Box Meslian did not dare to take a bite.

Chapter 167 White Star Princess (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 167 White Star Princess (seeking rewards and automatic)

The battle is staring at the huge 'Bigmom, Charlotte Lingling in front of the eyes, and Box Mes seems to be a volcano that is about to explode!

Suddenly, a crisis is in the heart of Box Mes, and the body shape of the next consciousness is inseparable, and the wall behind the whole cream cake palace is corrupted by Charlotte Ling Lingli in front of you.

Huge cave and gap.

"Take the fish island? I have to crush us?"

In the dull, Charlotte Lingling has a little crazy smile, and sharp and horrible laughs are filled in the whole cream cake palace, " ... less

In addition to the Poker Mes in front of you, heard Charlotte Lingling, the horrible depression of the crazy laugh, even the other BigMom One Piece members, such as the egg, Baron, etc.


With their people, Charlotte Lingling is a huge and brutal personality, and the next big sea will definitely set off a huge storm.

"Mom. ... With the power of the god Empire in the sea. ... maybe more than us ... less

Looking at the expression of Charlotte Lingling's fierce face, the egg male standing next to him is hesitant, or the rational opening of the reason reminds Charlotte Lingling, "there is' eternal, moment

The strength ... Kaido is not his opponent ... The outside world has to evaluate him on the four emperors:.

"If we want to fight. ... we have the possibility of nothing ... less

The analysis and reminders of the egg bar, seem to let Charlotte Lingling are calm down, and crazy sharp laughs gradually hide, but the expression of has never stopped, '. Eternal, moment is very strong

That's right. ... But if you are robbed, the land on your hand is still afraid. "

"In this new world of the world. ... The four emperors have a face?!"

The mad whisper roared, soon Charlotte Lingling got some nervous smile, and the face was covered with an cold and extreme smile, '. Hey. .... Since the moment I want the fishman island so I

Destroy it !! "

"It is known as the fisherna island. The whole burn will be fragrant! Hahahaha !!"

Charlotte Lingling's crazy laughing laughed through the entire cake island, Bigmom One Piece's Egg Baron and the 35th Daughter of the Charlotte family, three-eyed, Charlotte Bright, looked at each other. ,

At the same time, I saw helplessness and restlessness in the eyes. ...

Fish Man Island, Dragon Palace Kingdom.

At this moment, the entire Dragon Palace is held unprecedented grand banquet.

'l - ... Mr. Mr. ... This is my three sons. ... 9 stars, emperor and roll-off ... less

On the chairman of the grand cerefariase, Niton laughed and laughed into the moment. He looked at the eyes of the moment. In addition to the eyes of the Dragon Palace, the kingdom of the Dragon Palace was still just right.

In addition, the other two kings, the queen, and the three princes are long, and they are long and honest.

"Killing" Mr. ... less

I heard my father's pherker introduced myself in front of myself, Z-Star, Royal Star and Turning Star Three Fish Man Dragon Palace Kingdom's Person's Person, I was busy in front of the moment.

Wink of the eyes.

"And this is my smallest daughter ... Bai Star:. Household

I saw the slight noddion in front of my eyes, Niton pulled my pink long hair, I met the beautiful people of the pity, and introduced it with the moment.

"Sure enough is her ... less

I heard the introduction of Niton's introduction, the eyes of the blue blood red were slightly condensed, and finally, I finally determined that the pink and beautiful amazing Loli people in front of them were one of the three ancient weapons in the legend.