Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 383 of Hueding Crack System

Haiwang, White Star Princess.

"Kill" ... ... less

I saw the lovely beautiful little Loli people behind Niton, and I smiled with my own a beautiful big eyes and stared at the moment. The voice was weak.

"Hello. People .... White Star Princess:.

I saw the beautiful little Loli pink long-haired people who loved the beautiful beauty and greeted him, and I smiled towards her.

"You ... Hello:. Factory

I don't know why. I saw a happy smile on myself, and the white star cute Bai Zhe's small face was slightly red, and it was shy to Niton.

"'' Unfortunately, my Wang Hao is already dieted ... Otherwise .... ...

Seeing the moment in front of you seemed to like your little daughter Bai Star, Niton is cool. But then a big face flashing on a big face, it quickly disappeared.

"Is it the world to die?

Wen said that his eyes were slightly smashed. From the words of Nitchun, he quickly captured his own information, 'The words. ... It seems that the White Star Princess has awakened the' Haiwang, power

Ah ... less

"Right. ... Mr. ...

It seems that suddenly thinks about what, the huge body is sitting on the chairman of the feast, some cautiously look at the moment of the host host, "Just now you kill the Bigmom One Piece, so many one pirate Bi

GMOM, Charlotte Lingling is willing (Zhao's) will not be good at giving!

"And she is the Power of the New World Charlotte family ... There is a huge power and site in the dark world of the new world ... less

I remembered the huge power of the four emperors' Bigmom, Charlotte Lingling Magic, and Niton couldn't help but remind: "About this moment, you have to be careful. People:. Less

"Washing ... less

For the reminder of Nitton's goodwill, the moment in the moment will continue to sway the wine in the cup, the tone is deep and long, "BigMom One Piece If you know, one Charlotte Lingling can continue

Her four emperors. ... If you don't know each other ... less

"I don't mind let 'four emperors, become' three emperors, one less

Chapter 168 Target Fruit (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 168 Target Fruit (seeking rewards and automatic)

Let 'four emperors, become. Three emperors, one emperor,?

Listening to the changing content of the moment, the blind-shocked content of the dragon palace, almost everyone in the banquet of the Dragon Palace, can't help but take a breath.

Like this crazy thing. ...

Just if you dare to say it is so easy ....

Looking at myself in front of the banquet, the look of the gods, Niton couldn't help but shook his head.

In fact, even if you don't have to remind Niton, it is clear in the heart, 'BigMom, Charlotte Lingling with other four emperors' beasts, Mado and' red hair, Xiangke, as the new world local underground dark world

The top of the top strength Charlotte family, Charlotte Lingling absolutely a huge force that is deeply imagined in the new world.

"Charlotte Lingling. ... I hope you can have some normal reason ... less

Recovered his own scattered thoughts, and the moment is gently shaking the wine in his own cup, the blue blood of the blue blood is like a 523 liquid in the cup. It has seen a thousand miles outside 'BIGMOM, Charlotte.

Lingling's huge face, the corner of his mouth gradually blessed a smile, 'Otherwise ... in front of the absolute power. ... You can only fly smoke ... less

Among the next feast.

0 Holding the wrong party, the two people in the flash, the two people have been treated by the nationality of the fishman Dragon Palace, but also tasted the food different from the sea, but also visible to this sea 10,000

The style of the submarine paradise under the rice.

Of course, during the banquet, there are countless people in the whole banquet, and they will win the world's god Emperor's emperor to invest all kinds of evil and hot eyes.

The iceberg Keli Fa is in the dark, I don't know how many wine towels and meals on the alcohol. ...

"Okay. ... Nitton king is very thankful for your kindness ... less

At the door of the feast of the feast, in the surrounding of a fishman and the fish, the moment is a gift to Niton, thank you, the style of the gorgeous posture again.


"Mr. I will have a heavy saying ... should be that all of my people represent the people of Fish Island thank you for your generous shots. ... I ... less

I saw the emperor of the Mirami Empire had such a strong strength and forces, and Nitchun couldn't help but have an emotion of the moment.

But Nitton's words said half, the surrounding situation suddenly suddenly occurred.

Call ....

I saw the next moment of the left eye ZHANG Guanghua flash, a huge hand ax smothering in the air and spinning from the front of the palace!

At the moment, I looked at the trajectory of this huge hand ax. It seems that there is a good time to lock the price of the beautiful people who are the beauty of the beautiful people who are around Niton.

"Come again. ... But how can this be an ax ... Less to the huge hand ax in front of the air. For a while, the face of the three people of Nitton and the Dragon Palace kingdom suddenly changed!

At this time, I saw a slight talented mouth with a slight talents standing around Bai Star, and a white ray suddenly blinkled over the huge hand ax in front of him.

Some molar frozen sounds sound, and all people around them feel that the whole time and space in front of you seem to have been frozen (CEDI), I only see the air in front of the air.

The huge hand ax hit, and the ice was frozen into a frozen ice crystal, and the weak fell was broken into a place.

"Father. ... he came again ...

I saw a sudden hand ax in front of my eyes and was blocked. White Stars couldn't help but have a white, and the whole person hid behind Niton.

"Is this the ability of the devil fruit ...

The blue blood red eyes have seen the unusual things that have just been hitting, and the flash is picked up.

"I can't miss it ... I am definitely Van De Dai Ken's blends!"

I saw the moment, I was hitting this sudden Ava attack, and the Nitchun next to it immediately got anger. "The guy didn't know where the head was out! At the beginning, I was thrown to the white star daily.

Letter. ... Now, look down ... Directly throw this dangerous weapon directly to Baixing! I don't want to slaughter this bauo !! "

Van De Dai Ken 9th ??

The moment gradually stretches his own brows. This guy is the captain of the flying aphid, and has the ability of the superman target fruit. Whether it is more than a long distance, it can be accurately sniper.

He touched the object.

When this guy was assassinated by Hodi Jones, he saw Bai Star to see the mother and woke up the mother and heard the ability of the Haiwang, in order to get the "sea king,"

The guy decided to pay attention to everything, it is necessary to marry the wife, and it is absolutely not allowed to talk to others to live together.

Therefore, Dai Ken is the ability to continue to use the target of the target to throw the letter to the white star. Later, it is even more varied to the arms of the weapons that the white star is constantly thrown, leading to the original white

Stars have to take themselves for ten years in the closed hard shell tower.

"Dai Ken 9 ... this kind of dregs ...

The detailed explanation of Niton, which made the moment, the remarks of this paragraph, thinking that Dai Kenji is asked to marry the Bai Star because of a selfish desire, because of the psychology of twisted metamorphosis.

Terriage White Star is so kind and cute and pure little girl, and the white star has to be closed in the hard shell tower for ten years.

In the moment, I can't help but cry. If I have a sword sheath in my hand, the blue blood red double-pupil has issued a burst of ice and cold, and it is found that there is no one for a long time.

Such a strong anger in his heart.

"There is no need to survive in this world ... less

Chapter 169 is coming (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 169 is coming (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Mr. Mr. ...

Feeling the cold killing of M out on the moment, as if I feel that the air around him is condensed into ice, Niton does not help but have some open mouth.

"Don't worry ... I will not have anyone else to harass the white star.

Said that the moment of comforting, I looked at the lovely pure white stars, but I touted the volcanic anger, "I haven't been there for a long time to let me see it.

"Cariefa ... You wait here to wait for me ... I will come back soon:.

The moment is calm with the Carley Fa, and the blue blood red is searching for the trajectory of the huge hand ax in the eyes. The left eye is suddenly

I sent a wrong.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

In the door of the Dragon Palace Wang Guo Palace, the whole person disappeared in the original place in an instant.

Mr. Xu, he is ... less

Nitphon is a little indiscriminated and guessing to stay in Cariefa in the place, with a trace of consultation.

"BOSS he deals with the Dai Ken 9 ... soon will come back ... less

In the face of the unfollow and doubts of everyone, Carryl Fa is like an open-free opening of the iceberg.

The fish island is extremely deep in the dark.

I saw that the figure of the moment was constantly flashing in the air, and I immediately disappeared immediately.

"Found. ... just here ... less

According to the use of the target of the world, the target can throw over the huge hand ax, and the uninterrupted use of the shuttle is through the shackles. The left eye is the end of the eye.

The trace of Dai Kenjiu was searched.

The huge vows of the boat 'Noah, middle.

"Oh .... White Star ... No matter how I must get you anyway: household

The huge vows of the boat, a head and a small ghost, a beard, hanging up a string of a string of guys, the mouth is laughing, 'This is the hand ax next time.

It is a flying knife. One day you will succumb !! "

Using the target of the target, the ignorant is uncomfortable to lock the target to track the ability of the sniper. Dai Ken can be tired to hide the extremely distance attack on the target in an unknown corner.

"Bullying intimidates a little girl makes you feel very accomplished?"

It is in Dai Ken, which is more likely to have a favorite of Bai Star, control the ability of the Haiwang, and a strange cold voice happened in his ear.


It is in the mood and high-rise, there is no reason to ring for no reason, almost frightened, and the soul is separated from the body, immediately returning to the expectations.

I saw that when I didn't know when, a strange man went quietly in half of the air, a pair of blue blood red colorful eyes with the same cold look in silent.

I don't seem to be a locust like it is like it.

"who are you??"

At the moment, the eyes did not have any vitality of the vitality. The eyes did not come to the Dai Ken, and the heart felt a heart palpitations. He is a strong crisis drive him immediately to choose!

Leather Barva fruit · Desperate flying knife !!

I saw that Dai Ken's hands were shake, and eight sharp flying knife magic appeared between his hands and the fingers, and the rapid appearance of the fierce fence!

"I don't have to know my name ... less

In the face of the attack in front of the world, this is not in the flow, and the moment is too lazy to lift it, and instantly launched the power of ignorant in their body.

Ice ring!!!

In the face of the rapid attack of the rapid horses, I saw that I didn't move, and the vast ice of the ice river cosmoid suddenly broke out. I fired a burst of ice cold and the ultimate white light, with light

The speed is condensed into a huge ice ring, which suddenly spreads all sides.

. ...