Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 384 of Hueding Crack System

The violent frozen sound rang in the air, and all things around it fell into silence. All the substances stopped moving. In the eyes of Daiken, the eyes of Daiken, the eyes were blinded.

Blue glory of the past.

...... Seeking flowers ... ...

Hey. ...

I, the sharp flying knife fell on the ground, fell into a fine powder, even the fine metal atom was blurred by the moment.

! !

I have a disgusting, I have completeized the necronom in my body, I'm gently waving a strong airflow, and I have completely lost all the vitality of Dai Kaili.

It was sailed into a smashing ice slag!

"Unbeatted dregs ... Less one photo is frozen into the wing slag, and it is disdainful to his mouth.

This kind of no ability to bullivate the garbage of threatening ignorance little girl is a big man's tendency to the moment. ...

Immediately in an instant, I will disappear in the boat of the vows' Noah.

"I am back ... less

The door of the Dragon Palace Wang Guo's palace is that when all everyone is looking forward to it, the sound of the moment sounds, and there is no sound, and there is still in front of them.

"Kill him? OSS ?? ',

When I came back, Kellyfa had some particular concern about the expectation of the Bangua. It seems that the Tranquility Male of the Daiwen Jiuyu is unsatisfactory is all the most disgusting types.

"Of course. ... I have solved it ... I don't shoot the shoulder.

"Too good !! 'I heard the affirmation of the moment, the surrounding white stars and her three menedish brothers have a happy cheering, while the Nitchun's rough face can not help but show a smile.

At this time, the buildings where everyone stayed suddenly were suddenly blown up, and the eyes of the blue blood of the flash suddenly agglomerated.

Outside the big fish island, the top countless chammel boat is like the clouds of the clouds, and the smoke of the battlefield is over!

Chapter 170 of the army pressure (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 170 of the army pressure (seeking rewards and automatic)

It seems that the land of the whole fish is trembled.

In addition to the bubble protection cover of everyone, I entered the eyes of the palerous vessel that floating the Bigmom Piece, which is also mixed with a mysterious vessel.

Such a huge pirate fleet, like a black cloud to topped the entire fish people.

"Is' BigMom, Charlotte Lingling's Fourth Emperor !!"

"Worse. ... actually brought so many pirate fleet ... less

"BigMom, that is, just destroyed a country's monsters ... less

I saw the entire Bigmom One Piece's One Piece Fleet surrounded the entire fish island, facing such a top-level disaster, all of the people on the entire fish people on all the desperation of "four three zero" screamed

The new world's four emperors of the world's name is undoubtedly like a huge mountain, and they can destroy them a hundred times at any time.

Although today's emperor's emperor's emperor 'is in the town of the fish, it is in the district of the fish, but after all, it will bring a female secretary Keli Fa, and there is no friend of the fish island.

The lower people, in the face of the Bigmom One Piece, which is the army of the army, naturally, is still shocked and panic.

"It's really fast ... fried a blue blood red eyes staring at the top of the heads of the countless pirates, and the moment is lightly raised.

From the morning he and Cariefa driving Pluto to the fish people to kill hundreds of Bigmom One Piece members began.

Until Box Moss returned to the cake island to ventilate, then they held a banquet party in the palace of the Dragon Palace. Now they have just arrived at night 'Bigmom' Charlotte Lingling.

Leading such a large-scale pirates came to the fish island, at least the price of the soldiers, the wars of these four words have been reflected in the body of the four emperor Bigmom One Piece.

"It seems that Charlotte Lingling can't bear this tone of the fish is island ... less

The blue blood red monsters are reflected in the top countless big army crushing Bigmom One Piece, which seems to be in my own words for myself, "I am a regret ... from the four emperors of the new world

Will be less than one person ... less

At this time, Niton, who is standing next to the moment, seems to hear the mutter of the moment, can't help but bear a heartbeat.

"Kill". ... Mr. ...

Although I know that the strength of the Arono Empire is on the four emperors, I saw a person who is alone in the moment, I stand around myself, and then look at the top of the top of the Bigmom One Piece, Niko.

I still ask for worry, 'So many BIGMOM One Piece's army:. "No problem ...

After all, he is the king of the kingdom of the fishman Dragon Palace. ...

All the lives and property on the island is everything about him.

"Mom. ... here is the fishman island ... less

Fish island's huge bubble shroud, countless Bigmom One Piece Fleet, one of the largest cake shapes.

The lion male Box Mes is nod to the end of a body, and there is a huge eyes of the huge eyes. It is said to have a bright-eyed woman with a thick mouth, and the woman who has a corrosive saliva is said.

This is to let all the hundred pirates in the whole sea, the wind, I used to attack the terrorist people in countless countries just because of the desserts of love, the new world four emperor hundred pirates' Bigmom, Charlotte Ling


"Oh? This is also a famous' seawattery park in the sea.

'BigMom, Charlotte Lingling full of horror horror horror staring at the beautiful fish people below him, smiles in the mouth,' So beautiful islands burned. ...

The odor must be fragrant !! "

"Well? Our pirate flag ... has been withdrawn to replace the banner of the god Empire ... less

At this time, I was standing on the egg male, who was around Charlotte Lingling, looking at the fisherd's entrance to the piracy flag of the original BIGMOM Mission, has been removed from the banner of the god Empire, could not help but use him unique

The strange language said that "it is really a cold tea ... less

"Is our pneese, have you been withdrawn? ... ... Less hear, said that the eggs around me, Charlotte Lingling's big face squeezed a horrified smile, the hidden anger is burned

Get all over the sea ...

"Emperor that man. ... is the emperor of the god Emperor 'eternal, the moment ... less

The delicate voice sounded. At this time, Charlotte Lingling took her thirty-five daughter Charlotte Bright, whispered to the Wiraho's Dragon Palace Wang Guo Palace, and everyone stood together.

, Three eyes have passed a different look, 'I don't think he is still handsome than the photo ... less

As the top's top 'world's top' world's top 'world's most powerful, there is also a topic of the whole world's large sea, the whole world.

"Hey ... eternal, moment ... less

I will follow the words of Charlotte Bright, Charlotte Lingling full of blood, also noticed the figure of the moment, and the tone is full of hatred and anger, but it is compressed by her hard studies. "

Although it seems that the army of the Arono is not near this ... But this guy is not so easy to deal with:.

"But today 1.6 days, our goal is not to deal with him ... Today, our goal is the fish island !!"

It seems to remind all the pirates around, Charlotte Ling Ling smiled, and the tyrannical eyes were like a burst, "I wanted to snatch from the old lady in the hands of the old lady ruined it.

At the same time in the BIGMOM Ming Piece, he was in the moment of watching the moment, and the flash of the blue blood red in the gate of the palace of the fishman Dragon Palace was also penetrated from the extreme distance.

Among them, Charlotte Lingling is huge.

"This is the four emperors 'BIGMOM, Charlotte Lingling' s respect ... less

"It's really more eye-catching than I imagined ... nine

Chapter 171 Opening (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 171 Opening (seeking rewards and automatic)

The moment is like Li Jianhua, the essence of the voids, the voids, and the pirates on the Bigmom One Piece, pay attention to the huge fleet of the number of days.

"So much quantity ... less

Recovered his gaze, the moment muttered in his own words, put your hand in the fire, and the blue blood red, the blue blood, the bunch of the blue, 'No

If you clean it first ... less

Ruplers, when the fire is fired!!!

"Senluo is all ash ... all ash. ... Follow the fire !!"

The ancient ....... ...

"what is this?!"

Suddenly, there is only one fisherman and the fish in the field, I feel that all the water in the air suddenly sucked away from the air, and a hot color is ignited.

The palace of the Kingdom of the Island Dragon Palace.

Bang !!

A striking sound came out, it was originally embedded with the palace of the golden 24 blue-colored fishman Dragon Palace, which was illuminated by the hot radiant light.

I saw the boundless flame of the flame from the moment of the moment, if the fire spread, the dead entanglement was wrapped around the blade of the hand in the hands of the moment.

"Good .... Good hot: household

Feel the deadly burning temperatures sent by yourself, all the fish and people around you have flew away, and the fear is overwhelming as if the world is in the world.

Based on the general moment.

Although it is completely able to control the fatal burst of the flow blade if the flow blade is fired, the deep sea fish and people who are naturally resistant to the flame are still kicked out from the distance between themselves and the moment.

I don't want to try the taste of the horror flame in my hand.

This is' eternal, moment or

The establishment of the god Empire surpassed the four emperories ... Get the 'the strongest man, the name of the name ...

All the fish people around the island, feel the world's boundless burst and the horror horror of the prison, and suddenly fell out of endless confidence.


What is the fourth emperor Bigmom?

Standing in our side is' eternal, moment, is the strongest, man !!

"Let's take a greece. ... Charlotte Lingling ... less

After entering the status of the flow blade, the moment is like a god of all flames in the world, and the flameless flame bursts are cheering around, and the blue blood red doubles suddenly locked themselves.

There are a rising bigmom pirate fleet vessel in the deep sea.

"So far distance. ... What do he want to do?? ',

Even if the distance from the deep sea, everyone on the BIGMOM One Pirates seems to feel the horrible burning breath that is constantly passing from the fisherd island in the distance, Charlotte

Special Lingling fiercely smoked, and a strong crisis suddenly got her heart.

"Among the rumors ... The emperor of the Arono Emperor 'is eternal, and in the moment, the" Eagle Eye, Qiaorakill Miko, which is one of the princes, and the superior sword ".

I found that there was a dramatic movement and move in the fisherd island in the far away. It seems to recall the rumors of the big sea, and the eggs of the eggs around Charlotte Lingling have a little jealous. "

Dao. ... He wants to smash us from the distance from the distance. ... how can it be ... less

However, the royal words of the egg have not spoken, and the hue of the red fire has now been filled with the deep sea in the sky.

Dragonfly, fire, fire, city!!!

At the moment, the Billyjian has a sharp point of light, which has locked the huge bubble shroud, countless invading Bigmom One Piece, the slender flow blade in the hand, if the fire is crazy!

In a very short moment, the flow blade in the hands of the moment is like a full blazing and eternal Burning Taikoo volcano. It is crazy in front of the air in front of everyone. The violent sword!

When the world is average hot and hot, the hot-fired spray is out. The fatal high temperature combustion of six thousand degrees is distorted around the entire space, and the boundless momentum of the moment is soaked.

A blazing-hot horror-bursting sword pressure illuminates the entire blue sea, as if the whole mid-meter of deep sea is born with a eternal hot sun, the deadly temperature is distorted.

Everyone in front of everyone is in front of them.