Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 385 of Hueding Crack System

It seems like a full hundred volcano while exploding, everyone is looking at the gods, only countless BIGMOM pirates in the deep sea in front of the head, the number of BIGMOM Ming Piraces in front of the front head is buried in the air, the number is huge

BIGMOM One Piece This time all hit ships suddenly have been burned in this sword!

"Sea. ... sea water is gone ... less

At this time, all the people on the island are shocked. It is not a sword to destroy so many boats of the BIGMOM Ming Pirace 817 team, but it is a sword in front of the world.

Out of the horror burst countless seawater.

I saw countless white water vapor filled in the deep sea. In addition to being burned by all BigMom One Piece ships in the moment of bursting swords, there were countless fisher island's huge shield.

The high-pressure seawater actually was evaporated in this horrible burst to evaporate a short vacuum. What kind of temperature can you do??

There is such a flame in this world. ...

In the high-pressure deep sea below 10,000 meters, the sea water can also be completely evaporated.

'Boss's fraction of the fire broke out of the flame of six thousand degrees, the temperature of the sun is equivalent to the temperature of the sun ... less

It seems to read the ideas and questions in their hearts from all the eyes of all shocks, and a sword burned a boat of nearly half of the Bigmom One Piece, next to the iceberg.

The cool secretary Carrya gently pushed the frameless glasses on his nose. The whole science of the fish people in the side of the fish is the power of this sword. 'This burst can burn all substances.

Ohas. ... So the ordinary sea is certainly unable to go out ...

Chapter 172 Collision (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 172 Collision (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Just. ... just get out of a sword, let us get rid of us.

Surprisingly, the deep sea saw this shocking burning tree, this time, even the pirate elite in the BigMom One Piece did not help but start the wind, "

So many seawas have been evaporated ... less

. ...

Bigmom One Piece, Charlotte Lingling, the edge of the sacred sacred pirates, the thief, which was more difficult to swallow his own saliva, and the power of the gods, the power of the gods has made everyone began to feel fear.

Feared, even a few pirates have dropped their weapons in their hands.

"We:." We still run ...

Such power is obviously not resistant, even if they are the strong hundred thieves of their four emperors, some of the thiefs around have even produced the idea of ​​escaping, 11 we fundamentally

It is impossible to be such a guy's opponent ... less

Cartrous. ...

It's just that the words have not finished, this poor pirate has been pinched by huge Charlotte Lingling on the Bigmom One Piece, and it is easy to pinch the neck.

. ...

In the surroundings of some of the hundred thieves, Charlotte Ling Ling squeezed this one thief, and then threw him into his own mouth, quickly chewing, turned out to be self

The pirates under the hands are eating!

For a while, the entire Bigmom One Piece is now in this horror horror atmosphere. Everyone does not dare to make a bite, even some timid pirates have been frightened.

The liquid filled with distressing odor is out. ...

"Who elssed ??"

After killing the chicken and olman monkey in this horrible way, it stabilizes the military heart that was shaken by the sword of the burning sea, Charlotte Ling Ling suddenly broke out the dramatic snoring.

"All the pirate boats are separated from the fish island! If you don't want to be eaten from the old lady to eat, you will attack the old lady! Let}}!

"Mom starts to eat people ... less

Seeing Charlotte Lingling, this live swallowing the terrorist behavior of his own hands. The three-eyed female Charlotte Bulin next to it is a bit helpless, which is clear that this kind of thing is not blamed.

"Okay ... Mom began to be angry ... less

The anger of Charlotte Lingling's savings has reached the edge of the outbreak. At this time, the eggs next to the egg immediately began to command all the pirates under his hand to the command, "everyone!

Marina! Attack it !! ''

Under the horror of Charlotte Lingling, all the remaining Bigmom's One Piece Fleet ship increasing a huge vessel from the dark world of the world and started

The speed dispersion comes from all angles to the fish island in huge bubbles.

"All the hundred pirates of the hundred pirates are all scattered ... less

It is noted that all BigMom One Piece of the Head of the Head of the Head began to quickly disperse, and the blue blood of the blue blood flashed, "avoid being hit by me

Destroy. ... a good tactics ... less

"Everyone! Go out with me to welcome the four emperor Bigmom One Piece !!"

At this time, the huge snoring sounded that Nittun, which was not far from the kingdom of the fishman Dragon Palace, immediately started to command all the fishman soldiers around the surrounding fish, ready to meet immediately to invade the fish island.

The Bigmom One Piece.

"Don't have to use Ni Ten ... I will give me a person is enough ... less

No one can expect this time to stop his move, deep mysterious different color double eyes, deeply staining the same spirit, "How long does it take?

"So many hundred pirates ... Mr. I have to solve it alone?"

Listening to the Pulling the Acting of the Fish Man Island Army, but he didn't only end the army soldiers around the island around the island.

"The big man ... still let us meet the Bigmom One Piece: Factory

At this time, the big son mixed in the fishman's army was very flat. He saw that the moment of the sword had been unfolded, and his eyes were excited. "Although you may

I can't see it, but how do we say that our fish island is now the territory of the Magic Empire. ... and the warrior on our fish is not a species !! "

This guy of the fish island. ...

feeling not bad…

Jun Xiu's face has a little look awkward, you have a good one around him, a bunch of people, a fishing man island blood, and the heart is slightly warm, and you want to speak to talk about the left eye, the blind eye is sudden, but suddenly

Blu-ray Huadian flows flash!

Weng Wang color A !!

A array of violent places suddenly ridiculously, from the big master of Bigmom, the top of the head, 'BigMom, Charlotte Lingling has burst out of the unwritten Falce Kingdom!


With the eruption of Charlotte Lingling, the fisherd is on the fish, and the soldier is in a pile of soldiers.

"" One . ... don't self !! "

Seeing countless soldiers, the mouth of the mouth suddenly swearing, although Charlotte Lingling has from Weng Wang color A (Good Note), he is not impressed in the original, but it is immediately

Make a strong battle!

0 king color A qi · two paragraphs!!!

I saw the entire ground turtle from the foot of the moment, and all rocks around the gate of the palace were broken.

A burst of imaginable pounds are instantly condensed into substances, and the mountains are in a moment of crazy crazy crazy, she hits the head of the Bigmom pioline, which is instantaneous.

The Weng Wang color V gas created by Charlotte Lingling.

Hey. ...

Similarly, there are only several powerful elite crew members of the Bigmom One Piece in the deep sea, all the pirates are all in the prison.

The tyrants of the tyrants V airwaves are like a murder garlic.

Chapter 173 Secretary (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 173 Secretary (seeking rewards and automatic)

"If you are dispersed by these ripple boats, you will be troublesome.

The full body broke out, the VQCN kingdom domineering is directly covered with Charlotte Lingling's cat, and the heart is flying in the heart. The situation in front of you, the left eye is the eyes of the blue god

On the huge main trump of the Bigmom One Piece in the Head of the Head, "After all, here is my site .... Or introduce the battlefield to the deep sea:.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

In an instant, the left eye of the revivement of the eye, and the surrounding Nitton and very flat and the white star is watching, the moment disappeared in the original place.

"Father. ... where he went ?? ', cherish the simple white star to see the moment suddenly disappeared, can't help but raise her cute sweet head looking at the Nittun next to himself.

"If you don't guess the wrong words ... I think Boss should be intended to transfer the battlefield to the deep sea .... Avoid affecting the entire fish island ...

On the side of the body, Keli Fa, whispered, explained that in the past five years, the secretary of the secretary is expected to be around her, and the glasses under the frame have flashed the look.

Bi-143-G M O M One Piece, huge cake.

".. ... Mom ... Eternal, moment of domineering is stronger than you ... less

Seeing that almost all the pirates around him, feel that the continuous tide of the fish is islands from the foot, and the tide of the water is in the substantive gas field. The egg baron suddenly surprised the BIG around himself.

The MOM One Piece hull has started to break! The mouth has a weird exclaimed excitement.

"Men of a good cat! The more you look at it ... less

At this time, the three-eyed female Charlotte Buli, the egg baron, actually there is a spaghettitude, and the three eyes have emerged in countless stars and love.

"It's dying. ... No wonder the guy of Thara has been killed by him to the end of the road ... less

Seeing your own tyrants, I was completely covered, I saw countless pirates around him, and the big face of Charlotte Lingling flakes a heavy color, "eternal, moment

Sure enough, it is not so easy to deal with ... less

"(CEDJ) Although I am very happy to hear such a high evaluation in the mouth of the four emperors ... less

At this time, an abrupt strange man sounded behind Charlotte Lingling, and the atmosphere of the entire Bigmom One Pirates on the huge main charter was broken.

"But this will not change you today, you have to fune over the fate of this deep sea ... less


Including Charlotte Lingling, suddenly heard this unfamiliar voice, all the thieves on the BIGMOM Ming Pirague suddenly shook, suddenly looked back.

I only see when they didn't know how many men had no signs, and the silver-white long hair fluttered with the breeze. It is a pair of blue blood red to the side of the boat.

They, the handsome face with a smile, a smile.

Eternal, moment !? "

Everyone on the entire BIGMOM Ming Pirague is out of mouth, and I can't recognize his identity in the outdoor appearance of the moment.

"Good speed ... When did it actually ... less

Seeing an instance of the ghost, I didn't know when I had already appeared in the boat of their BIGMOM One Piece, and the egg baron couldn't help but feel the cold. "If he just came out

Hand sneak attack ... less

Armed color V · Wreath!!

In the shock, a layer of dark armed tall domineering has quietly wrapped in the long cane in the hands of the egg, as if it was a little black in the sea, instant directly

Kill the hierarchy of the honest.

Suddenly appearing from the moment, the crowd shocked, and then to the eggs, the whole process was less than a blink of a blink of a blink, enough to reflect the top battle crew of Bigmom Four Emperor.

The egg Baron one-in-one eyes, this limbs are long, the body is a broken egg, the head is ridiculous to put a cup of black tea as a hat, and I will not ignore him because of his invited appearance.

If there is no accident, he in his hand, the long cane wraps around the armed colored domineering, even if the natural department of the Navy is inadvertently unable to hit, it will be seriously injured on the spot.

After all, in the original, the egg Baron, the guy and the Box Moss, defeated the 'wet hair, Kabri, which as the four emperor's top fighting crew, absolutely and

The Department of Army is comparable to the war!

"This hang challenge ... is really an appetite ... less