However, in the face of the egg Baron, the armed colored A is full of hits, but the flash has provoked his own brow, and the mouth said the egg bunker in the original, the words said to 'wet' Kabri. .

The sound of the gold iron strike.

The next second egg Baron instantly felt that his wrist is painful. In front of the moment, it is already as if it is unknown, and it is better than him, and it is taking a short-handed kick.

Bombarded the cane in your hands wrapped around armed colors.

Then the moment of the moment is in the air elegant light and gentle swing, and the other legs are highly lifted and kick. The egg baron has widened his eyes and looked at the moment.

The kick is in front of you in front of you!

The distance between the unable to resist, the matron of the egg is full of cracks in the head, and the blackness of the whole person is now in the moment.

Using the left eye to reincarn the ability to wear the ability to wear the next five seconds, the moment is easy to rely on simple body skills, two paragraphs of armed colors, the top of the BIGMOM One Pirates

Egg baron.

Rabbit hair needle !!!

After the bullion of the egg, the moment is gently whispering his silver, and there is a fine hair in the air, and the fine hair wrapped around the body is covered with armed color V. It instantly pierced the egg.

Egg Men's full body all the meridians!

Chapter 174 Shooting (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 174 Shooting (seeking rewards and automatic)

A !!

As the male cane in the hands of the egg, the long cane is constantly rotating in the air, and finally falls on the deck of the thief boat in the distance.

The bull of the egg, the body of the egg, was smashed on the shippered board in front of the moment, and all the meridians in the whole body were blocked by the rabbit hair needle of the two paragraphs of the armed color V gas and could not move.

"What ?? The long legs have been defeated in this blink of an eye ?!"

It's just a blink of an eye-catching, the number one fighting crew the egg, the bullion was blocked, and all the BigMom One Piece of the BigMom One of the Bigmom, "actually did

How is it? ... Even if 'eternal, moment. ... has not been exempted too much away ... less

"Good two good handsome ... less

At this time, I sing against all Bigmom One Piece members, and only the 35th daughter of Charlotte family, the third son of the future and Wens Mok family, the three son of mountain governance

Charlotte Bright.

When I saw the moment, I went to defeat the egg Baron. When the clouds and light elegant pistachuses made the three eyes of Charlotte Bright, "I want to ....

Come with him ... less

Armed color A qi · Tiequist!!

Strongly broke the voice of the whistling sound in the brain, I saw it hitting the gap of the Baron of the falling egg, the BIGMOM One Piece is the most proficient armed tall domineering lion male Pochams.

No sound is close to the moment, and the moment is attacked!

This sneak attack is very learned, and even the sense of exquisiteness, the sense of heardion of the target, and then uses his own powerful armed hitting iron, if the object is changed

Any strong in the sea may be hit by him.

"Shout '... boring ghosts"

But unfortunately, all the slightest movements can't escape the left eye of the blind eye, three hundred and sixty degrees, all the unrestrained, plus the dynamic vision of the right eye of the round, wave

Kom Moss's violent sneak attack in the eyes of the moment, like turtles climbed.

A colorful armed cat is spread in the hands of the moment, forming an unchanging hardening clask, facing the fierce attack of the broken air behind him, and there is no flowering

Out, directly on the front of the armed color V airline punch sneak attack.

All people in the scene only felt their own double ear, and only the whole air crazy shock, the moment between the moment and the Box Mes did actually entered the loud noise of the metal criticism.

"What is this power?"

When a box of armed color V gas-hard is suddenly striped, Box Mes has immediately found that it is not right, and the heart is very shocked. I only feel a ranging mountain inverted sea.

The tide of the tide is in general.

I saw the body's strength of the moment under the strengthening of the two paragraphs of armed high. I totally smashed the Tie Boxing game of Box Mes, and did not even decrease his body.

The dull blunt sounds echoed on the ship of the entire Bigmom One Pirate, and Box Mes unexpectedly did not have a fare of a box.

I saw that Box Mes used the ability of the crisis to use the ability of the animal to turtle the fruit. It turned into a turtle. The turtle shell hardness was comparable to the white mustache, the third team of the hundred mustache, the diamond, Joz Diamond.

Body, whether the knife gun fire can be injured!

"Do you think it is useful to indent this turtle shell?"

However, the strain made by Box Mes did not exceed the pre-judgment of the left eye of the moment. The expression of Jun Xiu's face was embarrassed, and the vast anger of the vastness was condensed.

"Diamond, I can fight !!"

Eighty god air hit !!!

I was instimated by the armed color, I was forcing the Ghost Fruit Defense Form. I haven't come to struggle!

I suddenly found that the moment is like just gently swaying a palm, and there are countless fists between tangible and invisible, every moment, a big punch.

The heads are excluded in the air, as if there is a mystery of some kind of high-minded mystery, and the mountains are generally bombarded.

...... Seeking flowers ...

At a time, the time and space seems to pause, the entire Bigmom One Piece Boat only feels that in front of the world seems to have changed, all of the scenes around the scene are all hidden, there is a good world.

This countless king of the king is like only a moment.

Boom !!!

Box Mes did not detect the feeling of pain, but the whole body was lost in every cell in an instant.

There are countless huge vacuum fists in front of the air, all bombardment in his body, and the hardness of him is comparable to the most hard diamond turtle shell in the world.

boom! ! !

I only see that all ship boards under the feet between the BMH and Box Mes are completely smashed. All bones of the whole body are broken, and the whole person is blown out in an instant.

The whole man who smashed the side of the side of the panel flying into the endless deep sea, this person will never exist in this world. ...

"Box Mes !!"

I saw a blink of anxious time, the top of the top of the hand, Box Mes, was killed into the endless sea, 'Bigmom, Charlotte Lingli, I couldn't help but roar!

In the case of the anger today, Charlotte Lingling did not swallow the boom Mousse, which is enough to explain the share of Box Mes on the BigMom One Piece, a force comparable to the seven Wuhai grade

Not a resource that is quenched.

The body is moving, and the whole huge body of Charlotte Lingling actually disappears like a pneumatic smoke.

So fast!!

God's reincarnation has always been paying attention to the moment of the moment of Charlotte Lingling, and the blood red light is flashing in the right eye. It captures the trace of Charlotte Lingling in front of his eyes.


Chapter 175 Tomb Attack (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 175 Tomb Attack (seeking rewards and automatic)

Such a huge body type has such a agile skill. ...

As the fourth emperor of the new world, the world of the world. ...

It is indeed a little bit.

On the right eye, the blood of the red monster is in the eyes of the eyes, the black hook jade is crazy, and the moment is in the air in front of the air to capture the trajectory of 'Bigmom' Charlotte Lingling.

Strong and extremely angry exploded.

'Bigmom, Charlotte Lingling huge body is flexible, and like transients, it is generally seen in the top of the moment. The huge fat arms wrapped with dark armed colors suddenly bombards

The body of an instance.

At the foot, the whole ship is like being invaded by the huge behem. The three A gas is the ability of the four emperor Charlotte Lingling's most proficient "seven four zero" to take hands, but at this moment, I bombard it in the moment, her

The face is a surprised expression.

"It's so easy to pick up the old lady's attack. ... Strong armed colors ... less

I saw it in the moment, I still stand in place, two armed colors Z gas cover the arm, and firmly caught the madness of Charlotte Lingling, even one hand, Charlotte Lingling is so huge.

volume of.

". .... 'Bigmom, the God of War Luo Empire Emperor' eternal, moment:.

Seeing the scene of the strong and energetic, as if I saw the priest, the Charlottle Bulin on the side was cheered in the world.

"I have a lot of desserts. ... Do you only have this power?

Looking at Charlotte Lingling is a sudden blow of Charlotte Lingling to cover the armed colored A, the expression of the flash is not changed, but the sound is low.

Suddenly, the left eye ZHANG Guang brightened, the eyebrows were slightly picked, and the first time captured the attack on Charlotte Lingling.

I saw that the top half of the top of the eye was in the top of the air, and the Charlotte Lingling, who was killed, and took advantage of the 1 * gap of the merits of the moment, instantly seized the opportunity to launch a demon fruit.

Open his own mouth with his blood and red lip gloss, a sluggish smoke, the cigarette, the gauge, the giant waves, instantly poured down in the moment.

It hasn't waved the body of the moment. This huge corroded acid solution has been boiled in the air, as if the surrounding air is dissolved, forming a Tianluonet

Hood in the case.

This is the most powerful devil's ability of Charlotte Lingling. It is used in such a close distance. She completely confident that any enemies and objects are dissolved into a beach liquid.

"It's really disgusting ... less

However, while Charlotte Lingling launched the devil's ability, God has already inspected his movement in advance, and he didn't want to be met with this ability.


Round looks · Tomb boy !!!

I saw the blood red monster in the right eye, and I immediately launched a pupil that God's round an eye-catching.

Among the indifferences, it seems that the space of the same period is opened, and the inexplicable figure is flying in front of the void, but the naked naked eye is not seen.

"What did he do ?!"

Some disregarded the movement of the eyes of a large group of corrosive acids, Charlotte Ling Ling wrinkled together on the horror of Charlotte Lingling.

Nippon. ...

Under the gaze of everyone, a big group of corrosive acids that Charlotte Lingling spit out of the moment, and a series of corrosion ablation sound is filled in the air.

It has passed a burst of acid-resistant puncture.

"what is this??"

When a large group of corrosive acids were completely dissipated, there was no scene of the body that had an eclipse soul of the soul. Charlotte Lingling did not pay attention to his demon fruitability seems to be in front of him.

I can't stop the invisible object.

"Mom. ... he is there !!"

At this time, the three-eyed female Charlotte Bulin opened loudly, Charlotte Lingling suddenly found that there was no change to another side of the BIGMOM One Pirates.

At this moment, this moment, moment made the tomb, the prison, replaced the shadow of himself and the wheel tomb, let the tomb shadow replace himself to withstand the corrosive attack of Charlotte Lingling.

"What is the ability ... Is the superman sour fruit .... Still?"

At the same time, while Charlotte Lingling is a strangered ability, the flash of Zhan Blue blood is firmly locked in the location of Charlotte Lingling, and the heart is secretly thinking about this self-memory.

There is no impression of the devil fruit capability.