Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 387, Chapter 387

The heart is fast thinking, but the movement in the hands of the moment is not paused, according to his own ideas, the shadow of several rounds of the tomb is invisible when the shadow is invisible.

"This feeling seems to have something to come over.

Herrotte Lingling, which has exquisite, ignorant 0SN, although she still can't see the trail of the wheel cemetery, but as the top of the world's top, the four emperors, the faint approving is still a danger.

Sure to the extremely violent murder!

Booming a big sound, in the surrounded by the Bigmom One Piece, the surrounding Charlotte Bright, the huge Charlotte Lingling in front of the eyes suddenly shocked, and it seems that all suddenly suffered.

1.8 An inexplicable attack that cannot be submitted in the naked eye, and it was shot out in an instant.

"Damn:" What is it ... less

The entire huge body is directly slammed away from the ground. Charlotte Lingling's horrified face showed a struggling expression, and the armed color of the weapon covered by the package is turned on, the whole

The exaggerated depression of the Yunnanese exaggerated, obviously invisibly suffered an inexplicable scorpion!

In addition to a person in an instant, no one can see the mysterious shadow from the wheel tomb world in front of him, but there is no intention to let go, move speed speed in the air.

Chapter 176, Shipwash (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 176 Shipwreck (ask for reward and automatic)


In the case where anyone can see except for the moment, I saw that Charlotte Lingling in front of the eyes, and the shadow of a wheel cemetery suddenly raised her big fist, and he hit a summer.

Lot Lingling's back!

I Zone is overcast !! "

The milit-colored domineering on the back is instantly smashed, and suddenly, it is broken, and it has suffered such a strong heavy hit. Rao is the top of the world of Charlotte Lingling to give everyone to the top of the world.

The four emperors are strong, and they are also could not pour it out of the big mouth!

I saw Charlotte Lingling just suddenly turned back, and quickly violently shot the mysterious shadow of the invisible attack behind him. When the Bab suddenly horing, she almost made her bite her own.


In the surroundings of several BigMom One Piece members, the eyes of the eyes, the Charlotte Lingling in front of the eyes actually hit the incomplete object without any reason, and the whole huge

The body was born away from the ground by this invisible.

Flip ....

24 have a few big silver tooth falling off in the air, falling on the floor, a bright voice, tingling the fragile nerves around everyone.

"Mom ..." The teeth are actually knocked off ... less

Surrounded by a big Bigmom One Piece elite around Charlotte Bright, it is clear that this is difficult to make a confidential scene.


And this is not finished, in the field of view of the Blue Blood and red double, all the turning shadings in front of the void continue to attack, and Charlotte Lingling, who was hit to the half-air, continuous

The shock strike, a series of huge roar spread throughout the entire Bigmom One Piece.

"This is the gap between the 'Four Emperors, and' One Emperor, House

Everyone around him looked at Charlotte Lingling, which constantly beatted in front of her eyes, and found that she could not even have a simple feet falling on the ground. They can only pass the reminder.

The armed color V gas covered her body and played against the purpose of the invisible attack from all sides.

"BigMom can only be completely passive ... less

"It's evil. ... this is not a way at all ... less

One squeezing spilled, Charlotte Lingling once again hit by the shadow of the invisible, no one, and found that he did not have any ways to take these invisible attacks, and he bite his teeth.

Some of the months in the six-style, only the huge body of Charlotte Lingling huge in the air, even the whole person disappeared in the air.

Next moment, Charlotte Lingling has already appeared around the moment, and suddenly a violent armed colored domineering kick is in an instant.

Even the surrounding air broke out the embarrassment of the embarrassment of the naked eye, it is enough to see the trend of Charlotte Lingling, but Charlotte Lingling has been hit by several rounds of shadow.

There is no stream of 3 out of the look.

"There is no way to deal with my tomb shadow. ... so choose first to solve me ... less

"Very correct tactics. ... but a pity. ... less

Some laughs laugh at Coconut are never distant, including all people in Charlotte Lingling, suddenly turned back.

I saw that I have replaced the moment when I have just replaced the shadow of the wheat, it is like a leisurely, I usually stand on the shipping board that is not far away, admire Charlotte Lingling and several rounds of tomb.

The fierce battle between the child.

"Well? The time limit of the tomb is already there ... less

Originally, I was now launching the shadow of the shadow of Charlotte Lingling, but suddenly frowned, I found that the number of rounds of the tomb around him suddenly returned to my body. I need to wait.

After a certain cooling time, it is possible to start the caption of the tomb and prison again.

"It seems ... You have already disappeared with the strange invisible attack.

It seems sharp notes that the invisible murder in the air is gradually disappeared. Charlotte Lingling is completely scored by the shadow of the wheel, can't help but 3 out of the smile.

It is very horrible to be horrible and horrible.

"Then you will die here !!"

. ...

The voice falls, and only the Charlotte Lingling in front of him suddenly waved in the moment, suddenly the air had a large amount of corrosive acid solution formed a huge wall, moving toward the flash.


Round retraction · gods!!!

In the face of the big corroded acid solution in front of you, the blood red light is flashing in the right eye, and I immediately launched my own tempering.

Seeing that this large piece of eyes can dissolve all the acid solutions to the whole person, Charlotte Lingling suddenly found that 983 discovered that there was a forced partition between its attacks and moment.

The end of the world is a short period of time.

Bang !!!

The sound of the earthquake happened, I saw a shocking force of the sharpness, and suddenly broke out in the moment of the body.

In an instant, all the acids, all ship boards and grounds around you, all the objects all bombard out, and a round huge pit on the boat board is constantly spreading, the whole BI

The huge vessel of the GMOM One Piece issued a burst of embarrassment.

"what is this?!"

Feeling the pounds of sculpture from his own eyes, Charlotte Lingling's pupil is slightly shrinking, and suddenly I saw all the corroded acid solutions that swayed out were repelled.

Like a burst of guns, the entire huge vessels are corroded in the feet in a moment!

Nippon. ...

There are countless coke's corrosive pungent smell, in the absence of the bombardment of the moment and the invasion of the Charlotte Lingling corrosive acid, the entire BIGMOM Ming Pirage under the feet is already open.

Start shaking.

Chapter 177 full (seeking rewards and automatic)

Pirate Chapter 177 full (seeking rewards and automatic)

"... less

Shen Zhi's back to the eyes of Shen Luo Tianzheng's repulsion, bounced back Charlotte Lingling, after the corroding acid solution, the mouth of the mouth smile slightly, smile, suddenly increasing his eyes

The output of , "Give me the abyss of the sea in this millimeter !!"

"Worse ... The whole ship must be destroyed by him ... less

Seeing the huge pounds that have been made out of the moment, Charlotte Lingling's face has changed completely.

If she fell into the sea, she fell into the sea water, especially in the high-pressure deep sea under such mid mes, I didn't even think about her.

Time will not stay because of her psychological struggle.

Under the infinite, endless mountains, the tsunami, the whole shipper, all shipping boards under the moment, and only the nearest Charlotte Lingli, which is the nearest in the moment, only feels the whole body.

The whole person instantly was fly out of the moment.

A huge incomparable round pit is instantly diffused at the foot of the moment. The main ship of the entire BIGMOM One Piece is completely hit by the sharp-fired sculgage.

. ...

BigMom huge pirates have just been burled, and there is no coated protection, and the endless high-pressure sea water is in an instant to squeeze it.

Hey. ...

With the income of the sea, there is also a heavy burning of countless BIGMOM pirate fleet, and countless special artillery has formed a dense rainfall in the sea.


Round looks · must be able to be!!!

In the face of this endless high-pressure seawater and the unclear heavy heavy robin, the moment did not hesitate to explode the odd eye of the right eye.

I started to take out the black energy of the flame, and a huge black energy giant between the blinks quickly wrapped in his in vitro, and quickly growing meat and context, and finally formed

The full set of Coffee A, which is easy to stall with the squeezing invasion of the endless high pressure seawater and countless shells.

"Charlotte Lingling. ... I can't think of your luck. The voice of the two J flash will be sent out from the dark.


Among the ships of the team. Immediately, the bottom of the right eye, the red monster, the end of the eye, and the endless pupil was blinded in an instant to the extreme.

In the shocked eyes of everyone on the entire fish people, the blacks around the body surrounded by the black must be able to skyrocket, and a whole body is holding a super long warrior.

The hundred-meter energy giants of the knife suddenly appeared in the deep endless sea under the land meter.

The most important must be!!!

Bang !!

In the entire BigMom One Piece, all the pirates were laminated, and this huge darkness in front of him, this huge dark devil god suddenly showed the huge hatchback behind him, stirred

Endless high pressure sea water.

Especially in this endless environment, this horror shocking to the extreme picture is simply a reason to gain all people around the island!

"Charlotte Lingling .... Today, your Bigmom One Piece is don't want to escape from birth:.

"All give me a burial in this no longer !!"

I don't know what the principle is, and the sound passed by the active Sole can not receive the distance and the barrier of the sea, which is clearly incompated to everyone around the whole fish.


Why is I coming here today??

Why do we have to provoke 'eternal, instant God !!

I heard the death of the death of my ear, and I saw the dark huge devil in the darkness in front of my eyes, and there were countless intricate regret emotions. All BIG

Mom's heart.

Senlo Yijian!!!

I haven't waited for these BIGMOM One Pirates, and this is a huge, and the big must have a lot of power in the moment.

Sea water, the sky is fractured to try to kill everything in front of him into a virtual.

On the occasion of all the people of the fish people, I saw that Arouse in the moment of being in the endless and deep, the extremely framed mustage, the right eye of the eyes, the blood of the blood, the blood of the blood, the power of the Tiantian Tian

The long sword killed by the super long knife in the martial arts hand shot.

After the moment of the moment, the sword of all things must be cut off, as if there is no color throughout the world, all the pictures are fixed by this stronger power, and the endless high-pressure sea water is

This empty sword is torn!