Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 388 of Hueding Cracks


After the Elevatus, the Senli sword, the high-pressure seawater came from the high-pressure seawater, and only the ship of countless BIGMOM One Pirates was completely destroyed.

Some hundred pirates have fallen to fall without a deep sea being violent.

"" One is too strong. ... the big people are too powerful !! "

A pair of beautiful big eyes (Qian Zhao) eye glitting countless color star, fish island hiding in Nikun, white star, looking at the huge dark devil in the deep sea in the deep sea

Numerous Bigmom One Piece ship, suddenly joyful.

"This. ... is completely a slaughter. People. ... less

Seeing the moment, as he he himself, a person will kill the entire Bigmom One Piece, and the Nitchun around the Bai Star can't believe his eyes.

Although everyone in the big sea knows 'an emperor, the power is definitely in' four emperors, top. ...

But if you don't have your own eyes, who can imagine that the gap will actually be so huge. ...

With the moment of the moment, it is necessary to say that the super long sword is so long, and a ship of the BIGMOM One Piece is constantly destroyed.

Chapter 178 BigMom Elimination (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 178 Bigmom Anytown (seeking rewards and automatic)

"This death ... is impossible to be his opponent in this deep sea ... less

Seeing that the crack of the sword in front of the huge dark devil in front of the eyes, the sword of the sword was cut out, and the number of pirates in the House of Bigmom, and the number of hundreds of pirates were full of falling, and the endless deep sea.

In the middle of the violent, the heart of Charlotte Lingling has also gradually becoming the abyss of the boundless sea.

If you fight against Charlotte Lingling on terrestrial and sea, you will have a won that will have a won, but in this endless high-pressure deep sea, she is in front of her in front of her eyes.

The huge must have something to do, what can I have??

"Since this ... less

The fierce eyes swept away from the deep sea, the fleet vessel that was suddenly destroyed. He knows that he has not bite the Charlotte Lingling who has not had its road, and suddenly hesitate.

"It's just that he is killed by him ... less

The endless francous rays flashed in the eyes of Charlotte Lingling, and looked at the hundred thief boats around himself, and Charlotte Lingling suddenly took themselves.

The demon fruit capacity in the body is launched to the extreme.

"That is not letting the old lady let go !!!" -

657 - Newly corrode!!

I saw Charlotte Lingling hands! For a slap, the pounds of the acid solution is like the mountain calling tsunami is usually crazy.

"Ah, ah ... less

A series of tragic screams have just sounded, soon they are silent. First, Charlotte Lingling did not have a variety of dramatic corroded acids, which is the crew of all Bigmomcetes around her!


A drama rolled out the sound of the boiling, only the entire huge pirate ship where Charlotte Lingling was located, and it was completely dissolved by her huge corroded acid from her full body.

"What she is doing ... less

The hugectivies must be slammed by the sword, and the sharpness of the sword is in an instant to tear the endless high-pressure seawater to destroy a BIGMOM pirate. At this time, the moment is suddenly injected.

It is a thing that Charlotte Lingling!

. ...

It seems like a boiling water, the sound of the boiling, the flash of blue blood red is a little slightly, only in front of the endless high-pressure deep sea, the center of Charlotte Lingling, Zhou

The endless seawater is assimetage into the dramatic sputum acid solution that burst into her body, as if it is like a plague, it is generally spread rapidly!

However, the high-pressure seawater of the entire deep sea outside the fish island has become a dramatic corroded acid solution by Charlotte Lingling, and the huge bubbles protecting the fish island are overwhelming.


The remaining more than a dozen BigMom One Pirates did not escape, and the flash was completely dissolved between this unfilled acid.

"Good corrosive ability ... less

Sickly wrapped around this endless corrosive acid solution, and some surprised to note that they have gradually produced dissolved changes, although this is very slow

The corrosion capacity of the liquid is sufficiently surprising.

"This is what I plan to be classified. ... still intended to go back and escape the sky ... less

Chase Blue Blood Red Bodies Through the black TRANDE SARV can be firmly locked in the distance of this plague, the Shanlotte Lingling of this plague is slightly condensed, "Hey. ... no matter how it is Do not

Important ... less

"Because your fate is only one. ... that is ... less

At the glance, I have been dissolved by this unsatisfactory, I'm going to be dissolved, and I suddenly (CEBB) has moved their own vast vast ice cosmic.

"Fusion here !!"

Aurora punish!!!

The huge frozen force in the body explosive, facing the high-pressure deep sea from yourself, the high-pressure deep sea of ​​the endless acid solution, the moment, the huge devil, the extreme, the body must be affected, and there is frozen everything

The ice is slammed forward.

9 times, like a beautiful Aurora over the deep sea of ​​this millimeter ...

In the eyes of all people on the island, it seems that the whole endless seabed time and space is frozen. Everything around falls into a pause.

I saw that there was a double hand on the top of the opposite side, and the endless white aurora is like a long wave. It is often crazy. The first layer of glory instantly renders the public.

The people in front of the whole end of the sea.

Charlotte Lingling. ...

Bigmom One Piece. ...

The whole endless sea. ...

All everything is under the moment of this rejuvenation. It was placed on white.

Outside the whole fish. All all high-pressure seawas were frozen into ice cubes, and the surrounding seas were blindly frozen by this decline in the extreme light.

Fantastic halo.

I lost my head, the head is full of frozen deep sea, all of the people on the fish island seems to be immersed in this white world that is imitation of time, I forgot how to call it.

. ...

The crisp sound sounded, and only the huge somewhere of frozen frozen in this unsatisfactory sea was to be gently moved, and a slight shock suddenly caused a strong resonance.

Hey. ...

With the immediate resuming action of the moment, the whole full frozen dreams of dreams, the world is completely collapsed in front of the fish people, and thoroughly made a broken ice crystal.

All boats of all Bigmom One Piece Fleet. All Bigmom's One Pirates, even there are four emperors' Bigmom, Charlotte Lingling. ...

Everything is in today with these broken ice crystals, completely buried in this endless deep sea ...

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Chapter 179 Ten Years (seeking rewards and automatic)

Pirates Chapter 179 Ten Years (seeking rewards and automatic)

Bang '. ...

The huge extremely large mustvas is a double wing of the sky behind him, falling on the ground of fish people.

The violent breeze set off countless dust in the ground, and the dust of the spring finally called back to the awareness of the people of the fish.

Xu ... ... less

I saw that Nitton somewhat stunned and greeted the moment from the huge darkness of the darkness, has completely lost the image and style of a king.

'Boss. ... you are fine ... less

Seeing the moment, I was reluctant, and the chic and elegant arrogant from the high altitude. On the side of the ground, the sexy cool Cariefa couldn't help but immediately greeted, the cold sound line faint

Lenten concern.

"I am fine ... less

Falling on the ground. See the look of the Carley Fa, and the heart is slightly warm, gently puts his hand to indicate yourself.

Looking back, I watched the deep sea that was frozen from my own frozen, I was originally smashed into a short vacuum, and I finally poured in countless seawater at this moment. I finally filled this piece.

Endless deep sea,

Everything, it seems to be returned to the original look, as if everything has happened, it seems like a dream.

"It turns out that this is the strongest, power. ... even four emperors are not enough to resist ... less

I have seen everything in my eyes. I just became a very flat, my eyes stared at my eyes in front of my eyes, and smashed my fists in my hands.

It seems that I am still far away ... less

"Well. ... a bit tired ... less

After a person, a person is completely overlooked, after the glory of everyone, there is a bit boring, and the opening: "Now 'Four Emperor An Emperor, has become' Three Emperor An Emperor, A

Nitton took me to your palace with Keli Fa ... less

"Ok .... and Miss Cariefa, I have already gone to arrange it ... Less to see that there is no intention to stay here in the moment, Niton is immediately busy.


Under the way of the soldiers guarded in a fishman Dragon Palace, the people of the fish people around Kelifa should be shoulders from the eyes of the fish people in Keli Fa, and they will take out the Dragon Palace Kingdom.

Go away.

Next to the beautiful and lovely fish Bai Star always smashed his own shining big eyes, and the whole journey was curious to stare.

The favorite sight of Bai Star is aware that she is sholed to her, and she is shy and retracted to Niton, she is attached to her pink long hair.


In the moment of the flash and Cariefa on the island of the fish, there is a violent vibration of the wind and the wind.

In the new world, the big sea is one of the four emperors of the world's four emperors, in the Holy Land Mary, the harbor, the emperor of the gods, the emperor of the god, the emperor of the Arono Emperor, is a vast war.

The ending is based on 'Bigmom, the 100th of the United States is the strongest "eternal, and flash" the world, the name is again affirmed by the world.

The god Empire base, located on the new world entrance, is almost being broken, the pirates of countless big sea, and young people who have went to the sea have volunteer to join the god Empire only to take close to themselves.

The heart is the strongest, the man!

However, a four emperor has brought unprecedented storms to this sea, in addition to the white beards of the four emperors, the other's red hair,

The One Pirates and the 'Baometropolis, the One Pirates is self-dangerous, and the next goal of the Arono Empire is myself.

But the four emperors' BigMom, the Mission delegation was in the moment of .

There is a four emperor on the new world. For the World Government and the Navy, it is not a good thing.

In fact, if the power of the Navy is, if the firepower can completely go out of the sea, a four emperor, but a four emperor's fallen will definitely make another four emperor.

The birth of the group, the pirate killed a soon, and I will re-emerge.

... seeking flowers

Perhaps this subtle balance and development is what the One Piece is willing to see.

This is the era of the big waters!

Three months later, the Base of the Shenlu Empire ushered in a group of special guests.

A huge all through golden Ark 's, the Tibetan words, landed to the god Empire, Empty Island' God, Aii Road leads countless empty island elilled military soldiers to join the god Empire, and bring countless empty island special