Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 389 of Hueding Crack System

Yun and shell, as well as an endless gold.

After half a year, the four emperors' red-haired 'incense in the world' the weakest sea, the East China sea lost a arm's news spread throughout the sea, all the pirates were stunned.

One year later, in the case of the secret of the Queon Empire, I met the "Eagle, Mihok, one of the Queen Seven Wuhai, and the two sides reached a secret agreement with the previous two people.

Unconsciously, ten years of time is in a hurry.

Time is quietly coming to the sea round calendar for 1520.

The only thing in the years is the only change in the year, only in the moment, as if just as his' eternal, the name is the same, the time has completely lost its role in his body.

"Hey! The system detects that the host is the bobbin. If the fire has arrived. Break the boundary is successful, congratulate the hindle cutting edge, if the fire is raised to a higher level."

In the practice room of the Shenlu Empire, he heard the notice from this system. In the past ten years, we have suddenly opened his eyes in the past 10 years, and they will send out the essence of the heavens and the earth.

"Finally. ... reaching the extent to which the FE solution is ...

When you gently move your eyes in front of your eyes, you will have a fire, and you will always have a smile, "like a thousand and five million flames of the sun.

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"Hey! The system has detected that the host armed color V gas has reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, Congratulations to the mainstay of armed color V gas."

"Hey! The system detected that the host saw the color domineering has arrived in the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to the host to see the three paragraphs."

"Hey! The system detected that the host king color V gas has reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to win the dominant three paragraphs."

In addition to the fire, the three dominements of the moment have also broken through the bottleneck breakage bound to the third stage.

Armed cat gas reached 'V gasification, the extent of the, seeing color A gas reached' Listening to all things, the extent, and the most mysterious 0 king color V gas in three V is, Brake successful

Three five three "broke into the realm of" hegemony ", this is the peak of the Pihydrate.

"There is only the big swordsury 'to break the energy, and the realm has not broken. ... Some regrets ... less

Solen, sit in the practice room, feel the invisible power in the air of the body, and the moment is slowly opened, and the blue blood of the world is like this world.

The gemstone, bloom, the mysterious light of the unfair.

"I don't know when I can break through the big sword. The realm is broken, it should be fast ... less

"It has been closed for so long. ... also has a great harvest ... less

All the strengths of this retracting result back all the strengths,

"After so long. ... all bored it. ... it's time to go out ... less

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

The heart is glanced, and the moment of launching the blind eye in an instant, and the whole person suddenly dissipated within the practice room.

The god empire, the big luxury conference room.

Here is the most advanced equipment in the world today, the entire meeting room is more rich than the World Government's annual world meeting venue.

On the long table of the central government, the seven-zero Erbending is doing a few high-rise heads of the most dam layers in the Imperial Panel. Every one is now hiding in the world.

Earthquake tsunami people.

"Ah. ... is bored ... less

Cartry! I only see the Ai niwu wrapped in the headscarf, relying on the edge of the conference table, crisp bit the apple in his hand, stretching a lazy waist, saying, "why Daoss

This time I have been closed for so long. ... say good to conquer the world ... less

"Qinghai is better than I think .... But it is bored !!"

"Close the Aii Road. ... You this lightning man. ... less

I heard the complaints and complaints of Ai Ni, this time, a black suit sitting next to Luohu Road did not leave the opening, 'BOSS, don't need you! Remember your body

You are just a new person! "

"Newcomer? I joined the god of the Emperor for almost ten years! You are a strange eyebrow guy!"

In the past ten years, after the hard training, I have completely mastered the V-gas, the strength has been properly reached the level of the Navy's general, and I heard the ridicule of Rob Road next to Luo Buli.

Respire: 'Does not believe I will call you a piece of coke. ... Well ?? "

"Come! Who is afraid of?! You are the top of our days to join the Montera,

Obviously Ai Ni Road seems to stimulate a sensitive nerve of Rob Road, his strange eyebrows are the only pain in his body, and there is always a calm and calm road to jump.

, 'And I hate someone to laugh at my eyebrows! You have an idiot that is violent. ... less

After ten years, there are countless hell practitioners, I originally passed the talented Six-style Rob, who had super strong power, and then became a physical technology after being dominated by armed colors.


Although his six-style is far from the extent of blonda, the ability of the animal's cat fruit is increasing, the overall strength is placed on the whole sea, and it is also in the Queen Seven Wuhai.

It belongs to the type of tip ...

"Good Ai Ni Road, Luqi, you both give me quiet !!"

As the roar of the lion, I saw the Golden Lion, who was sitting in the front row, rushed to the meeting table in front of the meeting, and stopped the quarrel of the two people from Ai Ni Road and Luqi.

Ten years have passed, the appearance of the Golden Lion's history is not big, but the gold hair is more dense than the past, and it seems like an outbreak.

The kimono of the god Empire symbol, the whole person is extraordinary A.

"Amount. ... Mr. History ... less

I heard the roaring of the Golden Lion, Ai Ni Road and Luqi two immediately closed their mouths.

Although the two are now the top people in the god Empire, but in addition to the emperor's imperial, they can don't give it, only Golden Lion History.

The face cannot be given.

The Golden Lion History in front of me is the foundation of the Shenlu Empire. At the beginning of the establishment of the Shenlu Empire, I will cast countless credits for the gods, and the hands of the hands and cultivation have cultivated countless gods.

The army of the Rockey 0.4 and soldiers, even Ai Ni Road and Luqi they have also have today's strength and domineering in the hands of the Golden Lion History.

So it can be said that the Golden Lion Schiki is definitely the second figure outside the Montera of the Aronte.

"Hey. ... you have two idiots ... less

Some of the sound of the world, I saw Tel Lalga Luo, who has already become a twenty-year-old boy, holding his beloved wild swirl, crying, hanging geeks, sitting in the eyes

On the side of the giant conference table, I also reached a middle finger over the two people in Aii Road and Luqi. "It's time to eat.

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Like Rob Lock, Trafalga Ro is also a very talent.

Since the beginning of this year, he saved him from the hands of the Don Quixoon Dove Dover, and he passed the hell transstraining in the Golden Lion's Ten Years, with his powerful surgery, now

The strength has completely reached the height of the Queen Seven Wuhai.

"Shut up! Here you don't have this little ghost !!"

I heard the words that Luo had some mockery, and he saw that he had a stop for his two. When the two of the two people in Luqi and Ai Ni suddenly took a crossroad, but also angry while

I believe that if it is not the Golden Lion History, these personnel have already started playing.

"This gangler guy ... less

Looking at the guy who is fighting in front of you, the Golden Lion Sisti can't help but feel a headache. Now that these guys can set off the top-level power of the wind storm, but the character.

But still is still unreliable.

" ... less

Thinking 24 Here, the Golden Lion Siki couldn't help but show another side of the meeting table. I don't know what a smirk smirk, watching him is like a hill, the body shape, gold

The lion's history is completely desperate, holding his forehead.

"How can I stall like this guy ... I really don't have a reliable one household.

"It seems that everyone will arrive at the people. ... less

Just in the Golden Lion's History, it was going to be crazy when he was in front of him, and suddenly, the sound of the sputum suddenly came out in the entire conference room.

I saw that I was quiet, the figure of the moment appeared in the big meeting room, and I followed Robin and Carlyfa around.

'Boss !!', see the appearance of the moment, everyone in the big conference room suddenly ended, standing up and greeted, "You finally be cleared !!"

In addition to the name of the Golden Lion Schiki to the flash, there is also the army soldier of the Shenlu Empire. It is called to the Boldness, and all the high-rise cores of all the gods of the Mi Luo are called Qi Lafa.

The moment is BOSS.

Of course, it is not very concerned about the title of others.

"Well. ... good ... less

With Robin and Carlyfa to use the Shuttle Space into the meeting room, the blue blood red eyes lightly swept the people in front of them, and they saw the strength of them now, satisfied

I nod, 'The progress has been very satisfied with this time ... less

Ten years, time is like flowing water, it is generally in a hurry, and it is still a black coat jacket. The silver is full of long hair, a blue blush is a double, and the perfect junxiu is young.

There is no change in the face and the past, as if he 'eternal, the name of the name is, his life has been eternal, and the time and years cannot have any effect on him.

In the time of the ten years of time, Kelifa and Robin, in addition to gradually arrived from the tenderness of the past girl, it has been completely turned into an osmials of the iceberg glamorous secretary and Qing Core Zhixue.

The appearance of ancientologists.

A small skirt black stockings in suit short skirt black stockings, a high heels, a hot hot pants beautiful long hair puts a sun glasses, two beautiful women are like Chunlan Nylemes, all kinds of victory,

Whether it's, it's all eye-catching focus.

"Hey. ... The kid didn't see your strength for a while, and there was a progressive progress.. ... less

Seeing the appearance of the moment, the Golden lion siki fierce eyes were a bit burning in front of the moment, but even the strength of his four emperors, he found that he had completely can't see the strength of the moment.

What kind of point is there, "Now you ... which step is there: factory

It's a terrible monster ...

It seems that the discourse reminders from the Golden Lion Schiki. A few strengths such as Ai Ni Road and Luqi have secretly looked at the moment in front of them, but they have discovered their eyes as if they are in front of them.

Standing in a black hole and mystery, the strength of the moment did not see the strength of the moment.

Instead, it is like a lightweight, and it is like a substantive sword, and the sweat of the Aii Road and Luchi seems to have electric shock. It seems to stand in them.

In front of you is not a person, but a huge beast from the ancient universe, you can always swallow all of them!

"I didn't expect such a long time. ... I and the gap between him did not have closer. ... Instead, the more far away ... less

The keen spotted is like a gap between the strength of the moment, and the first in the empty island is pulled with a relaxed blood of the Aii Road, and the 33th is wide.

My own eyes, 'How can this? I am now clearly, I have already mastered the armed color V.

"Isn't it just a level?

Under the black gentleman hat, Luqi quietly attached his face to look at the moment, I found that I couldn't see where his strength is, I can't help but smile.

I also said that I want to overcome the day OSS. ... I think it is really naive ... less

"I am evil. ... I am clear that it is so hard to practice ... less

I haven't seen the flash of the moment for a period of time. I suddenly saw it in front of myself. I suddenly surprised that the powerful breath of the people made myself sang, let it be indulgent.

Knowing the dead kneading the wild swearing 'ghosts in his hand,.'

"This ... is the end of the third stage"

As everyone knows, in front of the Aii Road and Luke a few people in the heart, the idea is all in the moment, I have been here.