Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 390 of Hueding Crack System

Chapter 182 Reading Heart (ask for reward and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 182 Read Care (ask for reward and automatic)

"This is. ... One Piece Wang Luojie's opinion A gas realm ... less

"Listen to all things ...

Feeling that every person in front of the air and the thoughts are all incorporated into their minds, and I can't help but feel a wonderful.

"Hey .... Waiting for the next day, you can eat meat ...

"I don't know when Boss can take me to find it ... less

The blue blood red eyes slightly like a hill, as a hill, Wilbur, when his ideas and activities were introduced into the brain. It almost allowed to spit out of the old blood.

"Sure, it is the stupid style of Weibull ... less

Looking at the strength of the strength of the general level, the general level of the strength of the peak, looked at him and smirked the nose, and there was a slight twitching of his mouth.

But no matter what. ...

As a hand and meat shield ...

Weibull is still very qualified. ...

"The guy is more horrible than the past ... less

In the corner next to the entire conference room, the face painted the Crow General Oil Color Facebook, and the moment of appearing in front of the eyes, there is no choice buttons in the heart, "With the power of the god Empire. ...

At the beginning, the conquest world that he said is already the fact that it will be realized ... less

In the past years, the rapid development and righteousness of the Arono Empire simply made Keratson stunned, and the power of the moment, who had ever had a good power, did not dare to mention the idea of ​​a reflexive.

"Sorry, the Warring States Marshal is in front of such power:

I think that Kolason, who has long-term experience, is very good to cover up his face, but the idea of ​​my heart is bitter and weak, 'mouth I want to I am afraid the World Government and Navybook

There will be no more opportunities in the future. ... perhaps a 'two less

"Just let the god Empire ruled the world. ... Terminal the chaotic era of this pirate and the navy. ... is not acceptable ... less

"Korasson. ... When you think about Coratus, the moment suddenly opened his name and couldn't help but let him hinder.

"How. ... What happened?"

I suddenly hear myself between myself, I saw the name of myself, and I saw a pair of blue blood red mysterious doubles than Eagle Hua more sharp bets to my body. Coratus could not help but

A virtual.

"You can think about it now ... less

In the first language, I broke the idea in the heart of Korasson. At present, I'm a mysterious smile, and I have a size of this size from my hand.

And my strength you are also seen ... less

"Remember to stay in the god Empire is responsible for my intelligence work. ... Whether it is a pirate, the world government is also good. ... No winning and opportunity ... less

At the moment, the entire meeting room was in the entire meeting room, 'and was to control the world by the god Empire. ... is better than now.

The situation is strong in the sea chaos? "

He actually knows my thoughts in my heart?

Seeing the eyes of all people around the conference room voted to have their own body, heard the idea of ​​the moment, the idea of ​​his heart, Coolass is not allowed to have a whole person

"You. ... How can you know how you?

"You want to ask me how can I know what you have in your heart?"

Reaching the third stage, I am angry with God's ability to reincarnate your eyes, you can not only read a person's idea, and even you can read him within five seconds.

Idea, look at the unbelievable expression on the front of the Kola, 'How can this? "

"Do you have you:. Household

Looking at the mysterious doubles of his eyes in front of him, the mysterious double

Unstormed in the heart of Kolason.

"Do you read heart ... less

The mouth is incomparable to these words, Korasson seems to have all the strength, and there is no other idea in this heart.

"Reading heart surgery? Do you have a kid?

I heard the speech in Kolason, and the Golden Lion History of the King Lion is hysterested, as if I suddenly think of what I have, I'm unbelieving.

"One is not wrong ... and the pirates, Luojie ... less

The Golden Lion in the side seems to see what the doorway is seen, and the mouth is slightly outline. "My opinion has reached the third stage. ... listen to the sound of everything ... less

"That is to say. ... I can now hear any idea in your heart ... less

A silent.

I have an export in an instant. The entire conference room has been killed in a dead.

"This is too horrible ... less

Luqi now only wants to explode, but I think of the horror of the horror, I can read my heart, I can only throw out my mind.

"Better than my 'heart network, more strong sense of hegemony ... less

Looking at the moment (Li? Good) figure as if it seems like a hill, it is like a heart, and the Aiño pavement has no expression, and I don't know what I think about.

"Okay. ... I will have a sea immediately ... less

Seeing your strength has caused a huge impact on them. He pulled the meeting table in front of him. He pulled all his thoughts back to today's topic, 'Tell me that the army in your hands created


"It has been all done. ... I have the thunder of the thief in my hand calculated the extension of my empty island. ... now I have reached 5,000 people ... less

I heard the moment in front of the topic, and the face of the face of the Aii Road, and the opening and moment reported on the development of the 100th year of the year.

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Chapter 183, visit old friends (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 183 visits old friends (seeking rewards and automatic)

With the "Ai Ni" is now completely competing for the leadership of the Navy, the thief group is now in the world's big sea, and there is a big name. It is definitely a grade of a big one.

do not.

"Boss. ... My Red Heart, the thief group, now there is still more than a thousand people in the hand ... Sitting in the opposite Aii Road and Luqi two people holding the wilderness of their arms, cry, follow the moment Tao.

"That. ... Japan, I don't have to report it ... less

Seeing Ai Ni Road and Luotou reported the development of the hundred pirates in his hand, sitting in the road next to Ai ni Road, there were some embarrassing 11 skewers. Nowadays, there are currently 100,000 armies soldiers. ... most

I learned part of the six-style .... The combat has had a long progress ...

"Hey. ... Further, a Ma Ma Tiger ... Listen to the report of Ai Ni Road and Luqi and Luo San people, the moment is not a point, this progressed in his expectations.

"That ... Golden Lion:.

It is said that there is still a few responses, and starts to start a handkerchief again, 'It will be given to you here ... continue to keep it. ... I have a sea ... less

"Hey ... you:. House -

343 A young god lion Stique is two eyes, but when I want to open, I found out that I have instantly took the Robin and Cariefa like a young smoke in the air.

"Run again !!"

Just when the Golden Lion's history, the next moment of moment has already taken Qieri Fa and Robin on the huge majestic warrior, and then the next moment is a whole huge Pluto.

Nowadays, the New World Parliament not far from the Aronte Empire.

"Finally came out to breathe. ... This time, after the shutdown," I can take me !! "

Standing on the hull deck of the huge pounds of the war ship, the extremely evil battle of the feet in the new world's boundless blue sea rides wind and savv, blowing all the troubles in the hay of sea breeze are all swept away.

"Hey. ... I have been closed for so long ... less

Blowing a small sea breeze, looking at Robin and Kali Fa's role, surrounded by the two roles, a moment of (CEEC)

The face raised a smirk, "Little Robin. ... Qi Fa. ... Do you miss me?"

"Of course .... Have ... instant uncle:.

Seeing an instance of Keli Fah, Robin Bai Zhe's cold cheeks did not help but redness, and the body is somewhat unnatural twisted.

'Boss, you are .... Sexual harassment ...

The awareness of the moment of the moment was swaying in his body, and Carryl Fa is like a flourish blush on the glasses of the iceberg flash. Some of the symbolic resistance of mosquitoes.

"Hahaha": household

I saw two beautiful people in my hands, and the instant laughed with two of them gradually left the deck of Pluto, walked toward the huge luxury cabin of Pluto. ...

One night crazy.

Early morning, Pluto is helpless in the new world.

When the sun outside the window, the sea breeze into the cabin luxury room, finally will wake up the three people who have been crazy last night.

Feel the warm body temperature next to the body, Robin and Carlyfa snorted, and turned over the chest of the face in the moment, like two kinds of kittens.

"You two finally woke up ... less

I opened my eyes, Robin and Carlyfatt saw a flash of Junxiu with a smile, thinking of three people were crazy about night last night, two good people could not help but face slightly red, meat

When the clouds flew cheeks, the shy hand was re-buried back in the nest.

As a older who once turned into the rain, although I can't count anything in love, it is not a new man. If you have a long time, he will not break through the relationship.

If the three bases, it is really white.

"This is the feeling of Double-fly ... less

One left and right hands gently simmered the skin of the Robin and Carlyfat, looked at the three people in front of the floor, and Kali Fa was smashed by the black stockings that he was pulled by himself.

From the sound and boundless feelings.

I heard the feelings sent in the moment, I originally think that the shy Robin and Cariefa did not dare to see each other. This time, it is more completely buried in the nest, and the white is left.


"You two will sleep again. ... I go out to sunburn the sun ... less

Gently patted Robin and Carlyfat's delicate shoulders, and immediately reached out. He suddenly had three new clothes, and walked out of the cabin after wearing his clothes.

"Give them two points of cushioning the space of each other ... less

Holding such an idea and soul, I walked on the outside of the deck, facing some glamorous warm sunshine slightly glanced over the blue sky.

A few hours in the past.

The huge Pluto under the foot gradually entered a flat sea area.

In a short while, in the process of flashing my eyes, I finally saw a huge hundred pirates, I saw the familiar pirate flag fluttering, and the arc of the moment is gradually expanded.


"I haven't seen it for a long time ... White beard ... less self-muttered in a tone, the huge sea thief boat on the sea, is the Mobi Dick of the White Beard One Piece," It's here to see the old Friend

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

Holding the idea of ​​seeing the old acquaintance, the left eye of the blue eyes flash. Suddenly, Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi Shiyan Pluted, instantly disappeared on the blue sea.

It is huge like a whale's Mobi Dick.

"Come and see, Marco! There is a lot of battleship than our Mobi Dick, there is a big battleship !!" A black hair, wearing a cowboy hat, a young cheeks growing some perplexes

The fighter shouted with a telescope.