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Chapter 391 of Hueding Crack System

Chapter 184 Fire Aus (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 184 Fire Aus (ask for reward and automatic)

"What is it ... less

I heard the shout of the brunette cowboy hat, still a fire chicken, the velvet pulled the eyelid, a beautiful Malco, "Bimobi Dicks still have a bigger boat? true

Have never seen it ... less

"It's really big. ... I look at it is more than one bigger than that is bigger than the Dicks!"

The youth pirate named Ece continued to hold a telescope, carefully got a great pound of battleship on the sea, and the mouth is constantly being sigh.

"You will pull it. ... how can there be so big boat in this world ... Less hear II, the more exaggerated, the side of the Malco has won the telescope in Es, and the shelves look at my eyes.

go with.

The results have found that it is not seen in the "second and second seven" eyes, and I didn't see what I made a big battleship, I couldn't help but depressed, "Alce," Alce's boy is

Not playing me ... less

Malco put down the telescope, I just want to blame the boring around it, but I found that the Es, who was in front of him, looked at her body, and the biscuits, "ghost. ... ghost. People ... how

Change it here at once !! "


I saw that Esa saw a ghost expression during the day. Malco was somewhat unclear, and suddenly spit out his tongue I's head, "I am Austrian. ... really big! ! "

I only saw when, a huge pound warruily, the volume was close to the foot, two Mobi Dicks were so big, so like a ghost generally did not sign a quiet appearance stop.

Leaning on the Mobi Dick.

"This banner ... less

The keen noticed the banner above the huge pounds, and the pupils of Marco suddenly contracted, and they muttered in their mouths. "It is the guy ... less

"That guy?" I heard the martial arts of Malco and saw the complex look on his face, and Alz appeared.

"Kuralala. ... ... less

At this time, Mobi Dicks suddenly broke out a fierce laughter, which led the entire rumor boat, "What is the wind today. ... actually gives you to it.

Here: households

"Kill"? "

After listening to the sound of white beard, Eston of Marco responded, and the mind was suddenly linked to the world's biggest legend, and couldn't help but breathe.

Begging a hurry, 'mouth is it. ... the one of the god empire ... less

"Yes. ... is the guy ... less dead stare at the huge giant ship in front of him, the Malco's tone is inexplicably complicated.

"Haha is white beard. ... I haven't seen you for a long time. ... Shundo comes to see old friends ... Es, next to it, I just want to talk, this time, the voice suddenly sounds in Mobi Dick," Malco

Are you still this bird?

When the direction of sound, Es and Malcotton are expected to go.

I only saw when, the deck of their eyes had no signs, and the long hair of the silver is lightly dried, and the deck is gently standing on the deck.

Take them, the handsome and innocent face with a inexplicable smile.

There are two beautiful women around the left and right, a black long hair, a golden long hair sexy, and suddenly attracts all the pirates on the entire Mobik number.

"You are a bird style !!"

Seeing the man who appeared in front of him ridiculed himself, Malcotton hated his teeth cut.

I is fed. ... Malco ... less

Today, I finally saw that I didn't have the sea, I was like the legend of the thunder, and I found that men in front of my imagination would be more young and handsome, and I made a bit around Marco.

The taste of eating: 'This guy is so good to ask for a good bag:

"I got Alice ... less

I heard the voice of Ice's sate, Malco has already appeared. "When I saw him, I was more embarrassed than you:.

"The strength is also strong than monsters. ... impeccable perfect appearance. ... can subvert the world's power ... less

However, when the eyes gradually fell to the two beautiful people who had left right around the right, I couldn't help but began to mourn when I was a single dog. "There is still two beautiful beauty now.

Female. ... This disgusting guy has a little bit of all men who dream of this big sea ... less

It turned out that from the old man, the strongest man, the world, the world. ...

It's so young. ...

I didn't pay attention to the pain of Malco, and Es had a little fascinating on the flash of the deck, and a pair of black pupils gradually became hot ......


It seems that Ice's hot eyes, the sight of the blue blood red double-pupil is gradually moved to Es, watching this, is like a western cowboy, a pirate, mouth corner

The slightly passed, "The pirate Wang Luo Jie's legacy is .... Fire, Potkas. · Es?

"Hey I said ...

Seeing the line of sight in the moment, the eyes of Es suddenly became more and more hot, 11 You are the most strongest man, the 2.1 number of the two people who take it from the old man? "

"Good eyes ...

I found that Es stared at the hot temperature in my own line of sight, and I had some taste of the taste. The 'mouth, what is the name of " , ? I have heard you ... less

"Hey ... I actually called me a little ghost ... you don't look too much about yourself ...

I heard the moment of my eyes called myself, and I didn't worry, but my eyes were more burning. "In addition to defeating the old man. ... My other goal is to defeat you !!"

Chapter 185 Challenge (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 185 challenge (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Beat me ??"

Listening not far from Ays, I didn't know the high and low words, and I didn't be angry. Instead, I looked at him, and I took a ridicule in my tone. "I don't know the high-grade little ghost ...

Your old man does not dare to say this.

"... eternal, moment ... less

I heard the moment in front of myself, I didn't know the sky, I was smiled, and the black double-pupil burned the flames of the flame. "I haven't had a sea, I have been heard of your name.

"You used to take the name from the old man ... less

The eyes were stared at the moment, and the words of Es were sound. "I have to re-come back today! Accept my challenge !! '

After I was in the sea three years ago, I met the white beard. I met the white beard. I was soaked to beat the white beard.

At first, Es was very uncomfortable, and there was no success in the dark 24 to kill the white beard. Every time they were checked in the sea by white beards. Later, he showed that he was the son of the One Piece,

The white beard for the midfetho king's lifetime, not only did he kicked him down, but a laughter.

Until this time, Es finally recognized that white beard Edward New Gate was a great pirate. He eventually willing to carry a 'white beard, this name is the two team leader in the white beard.

It is precisely because of the understanding of the white beard. ...

So Es is even more imagined to have anyone in this world.

Actually, it is a monster that can defeat white beards. ...

"That .................

At this time, the Malco whispered in Es, tried to persuade his impulse. As a team leader in the White Beard One Piece, he used to know how terrible in the power of the moment.

"I think it is still a matter. ... Dad is not the opponent of this guy ... less

"Don't stop me from Malco .... Can take away from the old man's strongest, named man ... less

Es, three years of sea talent, is obviously characterized by the original Malco, and a young face that embellish with some permissions is unparalleled. 'It is not too good to see it?

"You are a small child. ... ... less

When I saw the expression of Ice's born calf, I didn't afraid of my tiger, as myself, Malco shrugged, "Let you see and 'the strongest" world, the gap is also good ... less

"Good Malco. ... let him come ... less

Standing on the deck, Robin and Cariefa, the exhibition of blood and red, Malco and Ece, and the moment, the moment, laughing: "This will be a relaxing and pleasant touch ... less

"Hey. ... don't you smash me ... less

Seeing not far from the shadow of the shadow of the shadow, the freckles under the clouds, the freckles under the Esnis hat, "The world is the strongest, if you accidentally lose my hand .

One is too no face ... less

"Beat him! Es !!"

"Let him see the power of our White Beard One Piece !!"

"Collision Alice !!" At this time, it seems that I have heard the news on the deck. The thief on the Mobik is gradually surrounded, and the opening of the mouth gives Es.

"These are all new members of your White Beard One Piece? Marco ... less slightly, a group of pirates that gradually surrounded by it, and the moment of Malco smiled.

"It is D people ... they are all members of our White Beard One Piece in this ten years ... less

I heard the sound of the moment, Malco nodded slightly, this helping guy, I don't understand how horror before the man is in the end. ...

"After all, ten years ... is enough to make the whole world change. ... isn't it ... less

At this time, I saw Es in front of my eyes and put them in my mouth, I sent a loud whistle. I strongly waved my arms to pay attention to all my thieves around him.

"Hey. ... come on the moment ... less

Gradually walked to the empty shipboard, Ace smiled at the moment on the deck, and the whole body issued a strong war. "Let me know that you have become a legend in the sea.

What kind of power is there?

"No problem:.

Rao is interested in Ice who has already standed to the air board. The moment is gently released the hands of Robin and Cariefa. The whole person is like a weightless leaves. Generally.

Before you, "all the strongest tricks all your strongest tricks are all." I hope to extend this afternoon Yu Xing ... less

"Is the afternoon Yu Xing? Shout ... less

When I saw the attitude of my eyes in front of my heart, I saw that I was a bit of everything, I saw a bit bite, slightly reached, lowered the hat of my cowboy, "You can't afford it !!"

fire punch!!

Amo, the whole Mobi Dick is full of fire, and the air is suddenly warming!

In the face of this, this is likely to be the strongest man in the world. Estead will explode the ability to naturally burn fruit.

I saw that the full body flames of the Fire red flames were burned, and the right hand arm was instantly turned into a violent flame. The whole arm was unlimited to form a huge flame box, quickly moved to the moment.

That punch!

With this trick, Es destroyed five hundred pirates directly in the sea, this is the origin of 'fire, name!

"Oh !! There is an already Ais's fire !!"

"Ah, Ace! Dry him !!"

When I saw the Es, I was so violent, and the Mobi Dicks came up on all onlookers, wow, wow, the whole scene appeared!

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Chapter 186 Cat gasification (ask for reward and automatic)

Pirates Chapter 186 Cat Gas Edition (seeking rewards and automatic)

This is the ability of natural burning fruit. Wind:.