I saw the violent flame box in front of the sky, and the blue blood of the blue blood was slightly smashed.

"This temperature of the flame ... The magma of Sakaski, the elegant dog is less than:

Amtrom's flames in the flames of the Assram, suddenly came out of the pain of the old and autumn. "1 ancient counsel candles couldn't. ... Not enough to see the Alice!"

The rim of the right eye is back to the eye, the blood is flashing, and the high-temperature flames of the heave of the horizon are in front of it, and a frame of one frame is made in the eyes of the moment.

Some molars are frozen, as if the space in front of the entire Mobis Dicks is frozen.

I saw that with the words of coconuts, I was blown out. The huge flame box of Es, who was bombarded in front of him, was found to be frozen into ice crystals in an instant, suddenly smashed into a shining


"How is this possible ?! Actually just blowing my flame ... less

When I saw it in front of my eyes, I broke out the flames of my bombardment, and I was shocked and turned to climb the young face of Ice.

What happened? "

"The flame of Es is actually blown by him.

Seeing this seepage scene in front of you, all the thiefs around the Mobik name are all quiet, and the power of the moment is obviously exceeding their mental.

The bottom line that can be loaded.

"It's impossible ... this is not possible: household

After seeing the flames that bombarded out, it was blown out after being blown by a moment, and the entire man was suddenly believed.

The fire!!

I saw an Alce once again launched the ability to boast the fruit, and the hands formed two fires in their waist, the fierce flame broke out!

A flash countless flame shot suddenly formed a piece, I saw that as the Ace's handheld gun moves the fire in front of the time in the air, there is countless flame formed by the bullets, so like the two-pole speed reaches the ultimate

The submachine gun is generally poured out of countless intensive flame bullets mad storm. The rain is generally shot.

"This trick is okay to deal with ordinary one."

In the face of the countless flame bullets that are intensively hidden in front of the madness, the flashlight is coming, the mysterious blood color of the right eye is flashing, and all the extremely fast hit flame bullets.

In the field of view, it seems to fall into a mud, and it is difficult to inch in the air.

Dangdang. ...

In the eyes of all the pirates on the entire Mobik number, I saw that I just look like casually lifted my hands and sleepless, and I swayed a series of dazzling phantom in hand.

Suddenly, all the flame bullets shot in front of the Essi hands flew out!

I just hit all the flame bullets shot from Es, the left eye and blue eyes were slightly flashing, and suddenly captured the Ace's offensive.

Shenhuo · I don't know the fire!!

The fierce spirit whizes, and the moment has just hit all the flame bullets before flying, and the kernel capture of Es in front of him leaps to the top of his head.

In the hands of the hands, burning red burning flames, just see the red-red flames in the hands of the moment, the red flames in the hands of their feet, instantly form two violent flame long guns. Suddenly swing down

Armed color A gas · A gasifier !!!

"Your move is too slow, Acezadium ... less

At the moment, some fallen sound came up on the ship. In the shocked eyes of all the Mugdick's thief, a dark armed colored A was instantly covered a hand arm.

Unlike ordinary armed colors, the armed color V is covered in the hand is like a complete part of the complete A, the whole black armed color V gas covered with the arm is not only

There is a shocking streamlined line. And there is still a sharp sharp edge and smashing, just like a legendary arm.

"What is the armed color 0 ??"

I saw the whole arm of the whole arm created a dark magistan, and all the pirates around Mo Bumik were borrowed.

As the pirates of the new world, the four emperors of the 100th, for armed colors, they certainly understand, but they have never seen any armed color V angry can actually practice to this shape.

It is well known in the world that the first stage of armed colors A gas is hardened part of the body and wrapped around the weapon, and the second phase is the whole body coverage, while in front of this moment this moment

The form is that they have never heard unheard.

"A armed color A is still cultivating this point. ... is this is ... less

X out of the horror.

"Will n't be wrong. ... like the old man to cover the armed colors to the whole body is the second stage - two

At this time, the Bosta that came out of the cabin was just watching (money) met the armed colored R gasification, Z, and the whole person, the whole person was unbelred, and the mouth was unbelieited: "Mr.

Now use should be the third stage of the legend.

Bomb. ...

On the occasion of the third stage of the armed torch domain shocked in the moment, I saw the brakes in the front ship board and the arm of the black devil's arm shouted, and it was easy to blame the extreme.

The two rods that bombarded the top Es, pinched in his hand, gently use the two long guns to fly scattered flames, and consolidate in the surrounding air!

"It is evil: It is so easy to crush my flame ... less

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Chapter 187 is fully suppressed (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 187, Chapter 187, completely suppressed (seeking rewards and automatic)

I saw that I was so easy to think about my feet, I crushed the two flame long guns that I had hit it. The Esteo took a bit, and suddenly swollen her body from the sky and fell to the moment.

A violent kick!

Bang. ...

I saw it under the strong kick of Es, and the Mobi Dick's ship board was bombarded with a big hole. The moment had a sense of heardance of three ordered to the eyes of God, I have already advanced caves.

Estead's next attack routine and inner thoughts, taking a light-handed dodge to the side.

"No can't do it ... less

The blue blood of the blue blood is condented with Es, who has been attacked by himself, and the sound of the commencement of the commentary, the whole person is like a sound.

The flakes of the wandering leaves, every time they can be poor, and the danger of Ace's attack, "Ice little ghost. ... compared to your evil fruit. ... Your body is too much. A ... less

"Don't you use it for the ability of the devil fruit ... you will even use the militant tightening ... less

Under the insight of the blind eye of the moment, the trend of the gods of the gods and the trend of the gardens, the moment smiles and coconuts, watching Es, who looks at them, is like a lineup of the puppet general all the body attacks.

Non-860, even if you are in your own, "If you only have this level. ... 550 million Bailei's reward is too high to overestimate you ... less

"Can be evil ... You give me a mouth. Ah Ah !!"

When the words falling in the mouth suddenly angered Es, I saw him instantly launched a madness, and even the squad of the waist was pulled out.


Although the one of the Aies in front of the moment is not worth it, it is obviously a certain level from the small-hearted road. It seems to have a certain level, which seems to be faintly crazy.

Also doped.

It seems that this child is really easy to be anger A.

I looked at Es, who was easily irritated in front of him, and I couldn't help but I remembered that I was like this. It's so embarrassed that I am arbitrarily caused by myself.

N. ...

"The gap is too big ... Ace captain actually can't touch his clothes ... less

"This is the big man in a teasing child.

The Mobis Dick's commemorates around the pair of onlookers, seeing Es, who is in front of, is crazy to attack the moment, but every time they are absentized, and there are a few breathing skills.

At the end of the clothes, the clothes were not smashed, and they were shocked. They didn't help but sent anxiety.

"This farce is almost here ... less

Looking at the Es, who is vulnerable in his eyes, floats with the floating voice in the air!

Flames are flying.

I saw that Es had a big eyes, he just killed his knife, and he didn't have a pain in his own wrist.

The whole wrist was instantly kicking a flame, and the sharp and sharp dagger flew out, quickly rotating a subtle curvature in the air, next to the side

On the shipboard.

"Your body skills are brisk, and the sound of the light is coming, the tone is not ridiculed, but it seems that he is coming to evaluate his vital action and tale," in this big sea if you want to climb

The strongest top peak. ... The ability of the devil fruit is really important. ... But the power of the power is more important !! ',

Some are somewhat awkward, Es is in the flash of the mysterious doubles, and suddenly the whole body is cold, as if I feel that I have the whole body ((CEFB) bones are blind, there is no one

The secret of the point.

"Even if the ability is strong, if it falls in a garbage in the hands .... In the end, it will only be a garbage, and a few feet kick the gap of the Ice wrist, and the opening of the unrecognizable opening said.

In the world of this strong, if your own strength is strong, even if there is no devil's ability, you are still a strong, such as redhead and card, but if your own strength is not enough to have it

The powerful devil fruit ability You are still a weak, such as the abilities of the explosive fruit M r.5 and slow fruits of Silver Fox Fox Fox.

In the big eyes of Em, the black demon god arm has bounced a punch. I haven't arrived in his face, bringing a bunch of heartless wind. , attracted

He is a bit like a room.

There is no room for struggling. The Esce brain hits the giant strength. The whole person is instantly under the moment!

"The action is too fast ... it is difficult to imagine that this is the speed and force that humans can make:.

During the huge force hit the head, the whole people didn't know how long the time has passed, and the consciousness gradually recovered. Suddenly, the head of his head seems to be hired by people.


"Ace captain was knocked down ... less

The entire man who was seen in front of him was attached to the ship board, and all the one of the hundred pirates were greatly located in front of the situation.

"I know that it will be ... less

On the side of Malco helplessly stretched his face, he couldn't bear to see the pain distortions of Es, after all, he was also like this. ...

"Get it. ... No one in this world will be the opponent of this monster.

"No. ... I have not lost ... less

In the surrounding eyes of all the pirates, Es stretched their hands, supported their body, trembled, and a pair of blacks were in front of the moment, "I still

Dreams have not been achieved !! "

a king V is!!

Chapter 188 Overweight Domain (seeking rewards and automatic)

Pirates Chapter 188 Overweight Domain (seeking rewards and automatic)

0 kingdom domineering!!

With the front of the fever, I made a slave from the ship board, and suddenly there was an invisible moment of imitation to condense into a substantive, suddenly broke out from Es.

This feeling is unfamiliar than familiarity. It is the 0 king color of the number of people who can awaken in someone who may awaken.

"It is the 0 king color Amphoremia. ... less

The invisible breath broke out in Premier Ees, this time, the thief on the white thief was excited when the thief of the Yugui Tunned.

However, apparently could not be skilled in controlling his A gas, and the Mobi Dick's colon with a poorly powerful crew directly was shocked by him.