Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 393 of Hueding Crack System

"After all, it is a passionate son of the One Piece.

Feel the invisible moment of incompetence from Es, I'm going to pass the incompetence, and the mouth of the mouth can not help but look slightly, just try yourself to get the ability to decline in the boundaries, 'Renli

Of course, only one of millions of people can only wake up A king V :.

Weng Wang collapsed · VASN person!!!


A burst of infinite pounds suddenly broke out from the moment, and the whole Mobi Dick's boat board suddenly crackled, it has been barely supports his body.

The whole man, the whole person, was blown out, and he hit the fence of the pirate!

Rumble. ...

All the thieves on the Mo Bimbik are stupid. Including the Malco, which is far-sided, and the Captain of the White Bearded One Piece, and other people.

I saw the coverage of this pound of the pounds that broke out around the moment, the sea, the sea, the sky, actually started the clouds in the clouds, the whole sky, the radius, a burst of violent

It's going to be ravaged in the calm sea in front of you.

Tick ​​tick ...

In the eyes of everyone's horror, the sky on the top of everyone has begun to have a drifting rainstorm, and the wind and thunder are completely turned into a scene of the last day.

At the moment of being alone in front of everyone, there was no environment in this unique electric flash. It seems like a V person who killed from the end of the day, dominating the survival!

, Z gas, king: territory, range; domain, field. ...

Vista, great idea is the King's A gas range. ...

Although it is a very rude understanding, it is also the most intuitive translation. ...

"This. ... this is also a king V gas ... less

When you look at the sky that you have been rewritten in front of you, all the pirates on the Mobis Dicks have been frightened. I only feel that I am completely buried.

Another area, another world, life and death are not from ourselves.

"The weather on the whole sky is turned out instantly ... less

The Vienda, which was blocked by the vanity of the body, directly slammed the Es, which was difficult to understand on the boardboard, and looked at the sky, the black hair was completely rain.

I have no time to wet, 'how it is possible. ...

His tyrants are domineering. ...

It has reached the same realm as the man. ...

"Kurarara ... :.

At this time, the entire Mobi Dick number was shaken, and the body of the white beard was drilled out of the cabin. The big mouth broke out, "I can't think of your hegemony.

The gas has reached this point ... less

"We have not seen it for ten years. ... Your kid is actually changed at a point ... less

From the white beard you came out of the cabin, I saw the moment in front of the madness of the rain and electricity, and the expression on the face couldn't help but hit.

"It's a special person ... I haven't seen it for ten years ... less

Seeing the white beard finally paveled, and the moment also converges to play the mind. Suddenly he gradually recovered the 0 people on his body, and all the wind and heavy rain around them, there are thunder lightning, the whole blue

Grand sea instantly recovered to the original sunny sunny scene.

...... Seeking flowers ······ ......

If it is not the wet plane of the wet plane and the clothes you have soaking, all the pirates on the Mobi Dicks almost think that everything happened only. ...

"White beard. ... you have a lot of old ... less

After recovering the terrorist A people of the terrificity. The brakes of Zhan Blue blood fell on the white beard in front of him, and looked at his huge shore of the body.

I saw the past ten years of time, the appearance of the moment is still young and the young, the appearance is beautiful, and the white beard is still a lot of old, although the whole body is still tall, but the depression and accumulation of years

The injury will undoubtedly make him a lot of state of the whole person.

Even in an instant saw the white beard, there are two young and beautiful little nurses. Salt water and bit droplets are being giving white beards, apparently, the state of white beards in the past few years is not as good as it is.

"Heroes are late. People: Less to see the state of white beards in front of you, and gently shake the head and sigh.

"Old, you let you open !!"

After seeing the 0 people in the body, I felt that I had a whole body, I took it from the ship board, and all the ability to burn fruit is all over, and I have an outstanding body.

Red yellow flame!

Big Yan Qi · Yidi!!

I saw the Es hands from the shipbola to create a circle of fire in a circle, and seeing the soon will be integrated into a huge fireball, which is the strongest move of the Burning fruit!

"Ees! Stop !!"

"Are you crazy! Mobi Dick will be burned by you !!"

Es who didn't take the lost, I actually launched the strongest move of the fruit, and saw that this huge faint flame was continuously spread, and all the thieves around Mobi Dick suddenly changed. "

The boy is too impulsive !! "

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"Shout. ... is really stubborn little child ... less

Feeling a burst of heat waves down, blowing up the long hair of the flash of silver, looked at the most powerful Ace, and the blue blood and red double-pupil were infinite.

Flash, the whole person's figure disappears in the original place!

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

Next moment, when the figure of the moment appeared in the field of view of all people of the White Beard One Piece.

Originally, infinite faint flames, is preparing to release the most stronger recruits of themselves, but suddenly, the two eyes have almost fell from the eyes.

I saw the figure of the moment. I am like a ghost, quietly appearing in the body of Es, covering the paint black armed colored A. The arm of "zero seventh" demon arm, a punch

Ice's lower abdomen.

I saw the voice of the Ais's mouth emitted, and the small abdominal array of pain came, and the moment of covering the weng-shei gasified steel castings made him completely suffocating.


The surrounding countless faint flames gradually dissipate, and Es whole people rose their own eyes, and they are dead, and the whole person is like a beach, she slipped away from the hands of the ship.

On, pour in front of the moment.

"This little child ... less

After a boxing of Ece, muttered in the moment, muttered on the Ice's strength, which is clear and serious, probably in a seven Wuhai, 'strength has not reached the general level.

Not now this period of Ai Ni Road's opponent ...

"Kurala. ... , you will not be too heavy ... less

I saw that I was a boxing, and there was a slightly vibrating between the white bench and the white beard of the white beard. The eyes did not stop in the eyes.

He knew that the moment would have an inch, let Alies who have been in the sea, the young pirates that are not tamed, and they are not a good thing.

"There is no way ... This kid is too embarrassed ... Less hearing white beard, it seems that some helpless shrug should be shrugged, and it doesn't believe it.


Brake a boxing of small abdomen, Es whole people were unable to fell in front of the moment, lost all their strength, struggling to stand on their own body, and the eyes suddenly noticed

If he doesn't have a pain in his hands, "your sword ... less

"Actually, the swords in your hands have no sheath ... Are you insulting me? '

It is reluctant to maintain himself soon will lose awareness, and Es will fall in the ship. It is a red, and finally it seems that it has not made it full, which makes him feel like it seems

I was insulted.

It seems that I have hurt the fragile self-esteem of Esa, and I will shook my head in my moment. "If I want to swim. ... this sea will disappear ... less

of course….

If you use RE solution. ...

"The sea will disappear ... Scare anything ...

Obviously, the answer did not let Alce faithfully convinced that he didn't be deeply embedded in the ship, and his hands were tightly held.

"No. ... Es. ... he said true ... less

At this time, the white beard is dull as the voice of the thunder, not the light is white beard, and the words seem to let the entire Mobis Dicks on Malcobisa have remembered ten.

I'm a battle in the world in the past year.

The whole sea-frozen sea battlefield. ...

And the power of the fire is burning the power of the sea. ...

It's all that everyone is in the heart. ...

"Well? This warship ... less

At this time, the attention of the white beard suddenly attracted the huge pounds after the moment, and the expression on the whole face was in the face, "such a large volume. ...

Is that the rumor in the sea? "

"Do you really get the two of the three ancient weapons?"

"Yes ... This is the most evil battle of the ship in history .... Pluto:. Factory saw white beards and unexpected eyes, flashing, nodding ...

in fact.…

The three ancient weapons of the 'Sea King, also in my hands .... The bottom of the moment has complemented a silent.

"Pluto ?!"

I heard the dialogue between the white beard and the moment, confirmed that the battleship in front of him was an ancient weapon, and all the pirates on the Mobi Dicks were all squatted.

The beats are surprised up.

After all, this big guy is present in the legend, even an ancient weapon that the world government is not allowed. People ...

"The development of the Arono Empire is so rapid. Now Pluto is in your hands ... less

Gradually recovered himself to the eyes of Pluto, and the white beard took out a sigh of relief. In fact, he didn't care about these people's world. "Your kid will have a big move. People. ... less

"Maybe it. ... Who is said in the future?

The white beard did not find a smile in his heart, and the left eye was slightly smiling. The eyes of the blue eyes slightly glanced over the entire Mo Bumik, and found that there was no black beard.

Tiji's figure. Tight 9 has a brow, 113 inch ... less

"Marshall Tiji guy? Why didn't you see him?" 0.5

Is that guy has killed the White Beard The Four Dragon Saji Saiai's dark fruit is refined. ... The heart is secretly speculating.

"Tiqi. ... that blending ... Listening to the moment, suddenly mention the name of black beard Tiqi, even whitening's brows can't help but wrinkle.

All the thieves around suddenly was silent. ...

"Don't mention the name of the bastard!"

It seems to be stabbed by the black beard Tiji, the sensitive nerves, and the angry fist on the ship board on the shipboard.

"He is now a heavy criminal of our White Bearded One Piece! I heard that he has recently called 'black beard, ... less

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