Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 394 of Hueding Crack System

At the moment, I suddenly mentioned the name of the black beard Tiqi, and suddenly let the atmosphere on the Mobik number fall into a strange silence. At the scene, the face of each White Beard One Piece is a bite to teeth.

The expression.

"That guy. ... Only this bastard can definitely can't forgive ... less

Perhaps I feel that I don't understand what the matter is not understood. I looked at the silence of white beard. The Bisata next to him explained in the moment. "He kills the Sa in order to grab a demon fruit.

Odd ... committed the only crime in our white beard, killing the companions! "

It seems that black beattich is the same as the original plot. ...

Killing Saqi got dark fruit. ... listening to the interpretation of Besta, thinking about thinking in the heart.

"No matter what. ... I will definitely arrest him in the sea!"

Listening to the dialogue between them, the whole man parsed the embressed in the board, "and then brought him to the old man. ... handed over to the old man to handle it! !twenty four"

"Ace ... you ... less

I saw Es, who had fallen in the air board, and white beards wanted to speak, but soon, he found that he did not seem to have any reason to stop Es.

Do not be silly.…

According to the original script. ...

Your kid is so impulsive to be caught by black beard Tiqi. ...

Then I was handed over to the Navy. I finally caused the war. ...

I looked at Es, who was angry in the ship board, and I had some helplessness in my heart.

"However, since I have come to this world ... less

Recovered his own thoughts, the bottom of the moment gradually fell in front of the reality in front of him, the handsome face pangou hooked up, "Whether it is black beard Tiqi. ...

"I will crush all them all ... less

That night.

In order to welcome the arrival of the moment and Cariefa and Robin, the White Beard House held a grand banquet party on the Mobi Dick.

As with the last time, although there is a different mood, it is not seen for many years, and the white beard, Malco, Bisis, and Joz are still happy.

Until in the middle of the night, the moment will all drink all the pirates in the White Beard of the Mugiki, and returned to the Pluto Hathers with the two beautiful people of Carley and Robin.


The next morning.

There is a noisy noise outside the boat awakened the moment that is sleeping.

"Old! Old! The Sagada is gone! Leave a letter to tell him to hunt Tiqi !!"

From the huge Mobi Dicks from the next door, the sound of the ear is gradually transmitted to the huge cabin bedroom in the center of the moment.

"Isa Nizi is still a person who quietly starts to hunt down the black beard Tiqi?

I wake up by AT noise, gradually opened my eyes, reached out and shot my headache's head, smiled and glanced at my own surroundings.

I saw that I was lying on my side, I was lying in Robin and Kali Fa, and the dead hosted her neck rely on her own arms, sexy figure on white.

A picture of a blood-free picture is presented.

"Although some can't remember ... less

The careful end of Robin and Carlyfa two beautiful women are like two sleeping babies. They are generally squatting in their moon. In this near distance, they can be very careful, and they can do two of them.

The eyelashes and the beauty of suffocating delicate five senses, the mouth can not help but gradually emerges a smile smile, "But it seems that I have two mad days overnight last night.

Gently break away from Robin and Carlyfa's a pair of pink white jade arms, and the moment is watching the room in front of his eyes. Every corner is marked with the three people who are taking advantage of last night.

Li Xing Lian 'war, traces, one instant these memories are like a tide, which is generally re-emerged into the mind of the moment.

Did not disturbing the sleeping Robin and Cariefa after you have been tossing last night, and a person wearing his own clothes gradually came to the deck of Pluto.

"Fast! I can't find the fall of Ais everywhere!"

"Damn:." It seems that this kid should be in the middle of the night or secretly steal his boat in the sea.

"I actually secretly run it out of the hunting Tiqi. ... this child is too impulsive!"

On the railing of the Pluto, the flash of blue blood red is looking at the Mugodik, which is chaos in the Mug Dick, and I think that Ece is still like the original.

Choosing your own shoulder responsibility for the hunting of Tiji, yourself quietly went to the sea overnight.

Just hidden in black beard Tiqi. ...

I am afraid that I am far more than 860 out your imagination, Ace. ...

Just at this time.

A few cannons on the sea.

In the scope of the eyesight of the blind eye line of the left eye, I saw a few monarchies and the naval battles of the Monoh Munzi and the Naval Battle of Mind.

Then, a piracy flag folated with three red scratches, a red-haired pirate, one of the new world, one of the three emperors, is gradually appeared in a very far. On the sea surface,

Grading toward the direction of Pluto and Mobi Dicks.

"Red-haired fragrance has come to join ... There is a little bit of a long-awaited sea, and the inexplicable gods are flashing in the inexplicable blue blood.

at the same time. The Navy outside the thousand miles is completely blown up.

"The fleet is eliminated!"

"Red-haired and white beards should be met!"

"This death ... There is also a gathering of the emperor!"

After receiving the line report from the phone, the entire Navy should be responsible for the Navy to monitor the wiring of the fleet into a group.

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Chapter 191 Negotiation (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 191 Negotiation (seeking rewards and automatic)

"I don't know what will happen ... less

"Enter the state of advanced alert! All standby !!"

The general of the Navy is crazy in the hands of the naval soldiers in his hand.

In fact, in the sea, I have reached 'Three Emperor Emperors, such a huge thing, every move can cause a high vigilance and attention to the entire Navy.

Like today's red-haired pirates and white beards, they have exposed this actions, of course, there is a panic of the entire Navy, especially in this sensitive period, there is a banner in an Empire.

The majestic ship is stopped next to the Mobs of the White Beard.

Back to the sea of ​​the new world.

"Damn. ... this time red hair is coming over ... less

"Everyone is ready:" Meet the redhead captain !! "

Originally, because of the departure of Es, the white beard of the thief group, and saw the red-haired pirates came to the neat formation.

"The little character is renewed by the back ... Worried that the body can't live!" Malco's hands held the moon hugging in Joz, solemnly reminded this group of new people around the group.

"Hey? I can't help. ... What is it? 'What is the new people who have just joined the White Beard One Piece, I have never solved Malco.

Weng Wang color A gas two paragraphs !!

At this time, as the red-haired incense is on the Mobi Dick, a violent R king A is suddenly shocked by the surrounding ship, only a group of new people on the white beard. thief

A picking one, the invisible momentum is completely condensed, the essence swepts the entire Mobi Dick number!

". A .... It has been late ... less

Seeing a group of newcomers, the pirates of the red-haired, the 0 kingdom of the red hair, and the Malco did not yield the brow, the eyes, and the eyes were not empty.

I glanced at the moment next to the huge pounds, "red hair and the previous A a a a A is full of '' two less

"But compared to that guy. ... I am afraid I will be slightly sentenced ... less

0 king color V gas two paragraphs ... less

Some feelings seemingly lazy to lean on the railing of the Pluto, a pair of blue blood red doubles gradually walked to the red-haired Xixiang in Mobik, and Jun Xiu Bai Zhe's face has emerged.

The smile of playing, "It seems that the progress of the red-haired incense has been unsatisfactory. ... The original fiasco made him grow up ... less

"Kill" that:.

At the same time in the moment, the redhead also felt his gaze, the two sight collided, produced a dramatic electric light. "Why is he here ... less?

As soon as I saw the moment, I didn't have any changes in the handsome face, and the red-haired Xiangxiang was shocked. At the same time, I couldn't help but think about the fiasco that was held in the beginning and the moment.

At that day, I was completely crushed in his strength ...

It is the memory that he can't forget this life. ...

"I am sorry to bother ... less

Strive to calm down his own mood, the red-haired Xiangx's eyes gradually returned to the Mobi Dick name in front of him, "White Beard. ... I brought you a western wine in the West Sea. ... I am today

Not coming to fight with you but there is something to discuss ... less

It is still a landmark red hair, a black long clip-lumbaz, wearing a pair of seven pants, there is still a pair of sandals, but ten years of time not only makes his strength more than before,

Let his face gradually stake a vicissitudes, and lost a arm.

"Kuralala. ... Every time I see your face, I want to ask ... less

I saw a huge bottle in his hand in his hand, gradually came to your body, sitting on the white beard big mouth on the Mobiki number, showing a series of laughter, gaze like an eagle set

Generally staring at the three scars of the red-haired incense, '

"Hey. .... White Beard: I have countless injuries in a hundred wars ... less

I heard the white beard to kiss the general voice, the red-haired incense is not laughing, gently reaching, refers to the three scratches on the left eye, "But now I can make me feel faintly pain.

Outside the fiasco that was held in the moment. ... only this wound ... less

"This injury is neither a risky time. ... or even the beginning and moment of handle ... less

On the one side, while the eyes of red-haired Xiangks suddenly became unbeatable, 'Bu 1 left this wound, it is your part, black beardti! The guy has always hidden the strength.

"He has always been waiting for the opportunity. ... Nothing to fight the captain and did not improve his name. ... but always hidden under your white beard, this banner!"

The guy who mentioned the black beard Tiji, and his hidden strength has left a sharp impression on the red-haired fragrance, even even he did not have the black beard Tiji.

Put, "Do you understand what I mean? When he gets the power he wants, his goal is the high point of this sea! There will always be one day, he will come to capture your present position:.

Red-haired Xiangks reminded that the entire White Beard One Pirates have fallen into a silence.

"Don't worry .... Black beard Tiqi does not (Li Wang is good) will have a chance: household

Just at the time. I have been listening to white beards and red-haired two-person dialogue. But suddenly opened the voice to the Mobi Dick. Because I will let him climb to the highest position, take him again

Down to step on it ... less

The sound of the moment is like a gold stone, and the sound that is generally invisible to the white beard and the red-haired ear, can't help but let them be in the body!


There is also this more horrible man on the big sea ...

"Almost forgot to have this terrible guy ... less

I went back to the red-haired incense, and the face showed a bitter helpless smile. "If the black beard Tiqi, if you encounter you .... If you want to die, it will be difficult to see:.

Chapter 192, fighting (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 192 of the One Pirate (seeking rewards and automatic)

"The words come back. ... red hair ... less