Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 395 of Hueding Cracks

Even if you know the hidden strength of black beards, it still does not put him in your eyes, but the corner of the mouth has hooked a inexplicable curvature, and the blue blood of the blood is playing.

The large pot of Wusi, the large pot of Western Sea, "Are you big old, don't you plan to drink a glass of wine you bring?"

"Amount ... Hahaha .... of course:.

When I heard the moment, the red-haired fragrance was slightly stunned, and suddenly laughed, 'mouth I swim all over the world ... There is no better wine than this. ... to taste my hometown bar!

Said that Xiangks gave two huge wine bowls on the ship full of wine in the huge wine pot, followed by the huge hunger pot in his hands to the white beard in front of him.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

I saw the red-haired fragrant to give him a bowl of wine. The left eye of the flash is flashing. The whole person disappeared from the Pluto in front of a 670 red hair and white beard.

Gently bent over the foot of this bowl of huge wine bowl, went to the mouth and tasted a bit, and the mellow fragrance is really a rare bowl of wine.

"Not only don't change. ... It seems that your strength has not fallen. People. ... less

Looking at the moment in front of my eyes, the red-haired incense was smileered and shocked, and he felt in the moment he felt more powerful than the past ten years ago. ...

"Hey. ... taste is ok ... less

White beards have filled the huge huge pot that is red-haired in the mouth, and the tone is full of remembering and vicissitudes, 'Roger. ... Cap. ... Warring States ... less

"Learn more people in the sea, there are not many people ... less

White beard sharp, now he has been an elderly, "" Red-haired you climb is very fast. ... I was only a trainee in Roger ship ... Now but it is already flat with me.

Sitting ... less

"That is a time that makes (CEBG) people miss ... but white beard:. Factory

After drinking, throw away the huge wine bowl in your hand, red-haired Xiangks said that he did today. "I will not say more about gossiping ... I will come back. ... Don't let him take black beard Tiqi.

"Curalala. ... If you want to say one hundred years later! You still hang a snicker!"

However, it is obvious that the white beard does not plan to accept red-haired good proposal. The big mouth suddenly broke out a lot of laughter. The eyes suddenly made a fierce light, "Tiqi he killed the same

Accompanied by .... Crime of unforgivable on the pirates:.

"Unreasoning people. ... is not afflicted in this world!"

Always regard all the hundreds of pirates on their own pirates as the white beard of their son, obviously feel extremely angry with the guys of black beards, "Church Tiqi this truth ...

Isn't it my responsibility ?! "

"This crazy era. ... will become uncontrollable!"

Seeing white beards, I can't listen to my suggestion. The red hair also knows that today is definitely avoiding a big player, the right hand gradually pulled out his western sword.

"What are you afraid of! Laozi is white beard !!"

When I saw the redhead gradually took out his western sword, the white beard had brought the huge M knife next to him, and the vastness of the vastness was built.

"It seems that today still avoids it. How do you want to play a few more?

Feeling the powerful breathing of the white beard in front of the white beard, the red-haired Xiangx's eyes were moved to the moment next to the moment, and the two eyes made a strong battle, "the one before ten years.

I have to come back ... I want to ask again! "

"Hey ... red hair has been in the past ten years. It is not small .... It seems that you have already come out from my shadow:

I saw the red-haired in front of you stared at myself, and I was a silent laugh. Although the state of white beards fell many years, the red-haired incense progressed, two four

The top of the emperor is enough to have enough interest.

"It's rare to be so lively today ... less

A Zhan Blue Blue's eyes will reflect the white beard and red-haired strong strong in front of the world, and the young handsome face has gradually emerged as a mysterious.

Smile, "Then I will let you see the new power I have just got!"

Just between the moment, the white beard and red-haired two in front of the eyes have long been in the heart, the knife and Western swords in the hands have collided with a piece, and there is a burst of the whole sea.

Dramatic sound!

The violent enthusiasm has collided together, and the boundless situation turned to make the whole sea trembled. The clouds in the sky were mad, and they were torn out of a huge gap!

"Cloud. ... No. ... The whole sky is cracking !!"

Seeing the weapons in the hands of white beards and redheads buddy, the thrilling power of collision, Mobi Dick, and the Leid Fos met all the one's pirates on all the pirates on the pirates Can't send

Out of the shocking mourning, 'Isn't said that you will not do it .... Still playing !! "

"Their two negotiations seem to rupture ...

Just when all the pirates were shocked by white beards and red-haired two, they saw a more shocking scene!

I saw the moment when I was standing in the nearest position of white beard and redhead. The handsome smile took a little inexplicable smile, and the right hand gradually put in the hands of the quaint-long flow blade.

Ruplers, when the fire is fired!!!

Sninding the entire Mobik name on the court, the pirates felt a dry throat, and all the moistures in the air suddenly sucked away.

Chapter 193 understanding the fire is too knife (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 193 Chapter 193, Fire, Too Knife (ask for reward and automatic)

Endless boundless bursts suddenly filled the whole space, I saw that there is no need to read the

"This guy is finally can't help but take it ... less

Two beards and red-haired two people who were crazy and collided, suddenly notice that the temperature in the air was infinitely improved, and suddenly, they moved to the moment of the whole person wrapped in boundless flame bursts.

White beards and red-haired two are both in the same time, I have issued an endless war, and I have lost two of them is the goal of both of them who most want to fight!

"Hahahaha. ... Come on the moment!"

I saw that the red-haired redhead who couldn't hit my heart, in the process of playing with white beard, taking the time, suddenly pulling out a general violent sword with a short, like a sea.

"Let me see what extent to which your strength has reached this ten years !!"

The violent sword hit the red-haired fraud hit the waves and arrived in the moment in the moment, and the sword of the burst of the fire in the hands of the fire. I sent a dramatic flame spark!

"Don't use this anxious red hair ... I still use this power for the first time:.

After standing in the same place, it was easy to block the violent hit of the red-haired Xiangx, and the mysterious face of the handsome and smiled. He said softly: 'Have some steps must experience a few

"Everything is everything ... all is dust:.

"Sorrow · Fire is too knife !!!"

I saw the flash of my own eyes, and I gathered in the hands of the simple and slender. If the mouth is like a sigh, I will never read the olive language of the flow blade.

"What did he do ?!"

The ancient

At 9 o'clock.

Everyone around the moment, including white beard and red-haired, all the falsis feel that he is originally unable to breathe, and Ma Juran is unlimited!

Fire blade, FP-solution, fire is too knife !!!

Bang !!

The sound of a burst burning is out. It was originally blocked by the flash of fire. If the fire screamless, the fire is illuminated, and the time of the sudden disappearance of all flame bursts all gradually disappeared.

I saw that in the hands of it seems that there is fire, but it is unexpectedly silent at this moment.

At all the pirates were all looking at the boundless flames in front of you, all were absorbed into the blade of the fire in the hands of the fire.

A neighborhood symbolizes the destruction and ash. If the flow blade is slowly raised.

"Flame. ... all disappeared ... less

At this time, the white beard and red-haired Xiang XX in the battle did not help but stop the movements in his hand, and the strange looks in the hands of the moment.

Although the horror hot flame burst has disappeared. ...

However, the dead blade of the dead in the dead now, if the fire gives them two, a championship

"So dry. ... It seems that the moisture is all sucked away ... less

At this time, Mobi Dicks scored several hundred pirates from the moment, and suddenly began to hold their own neck. I only felt that all the water around the air was pulled, my throat

I sent a wave of wind!

"All give me far away!"

The blue blood red eyes saw a few white bearded on a few white beards, and the moment was deeply awkward: "I can't control the power of this power ... If I accidentally don't control it ...

All of you will become ashes ... less

One thousand five million flames. ...

It is already enough to destroy this whole world. ...

Seeing all the thieves around the Mobi Dick, the body is attached to the edge of the ship, and the color of this talented color is lightly dragged, if it is in front of his hands.

Already a heavy white beard and red-haired two people walk.

Near. ...

...... Seeking flowers ...

I saw that the fire is too hot in the sword, and all objects are all horrible to the ultimate temperature ablation, and they have been dragged on the shipboard of Mobik.


"If the power is too big, it is not a shortcoming ...

Holding the horrible of your hand is like a nuclear bomb that is about to break out, I will gradually stand in front of the white beard and red-haired two, and the mouth is quiet and said.

Really, "So there is no shortcoming of the fire too much.

"What temperature is this:

Seeing the moment in front of himself, the white beard and the red-haired two were completely horrified, and two of them found that the horror in the air was in the air.

Let your breathing began to become difficult!

"Small eyes are optimistic ... less

The blue blood red double

"This battle is in a moment. ... will end ... less

The fire is too knife, west, and the lace jail!!!

With the sound of the moment, the pupil in all the pirates in the field suddenly enlarged!

Red, all everything in front of you has made a red color of the red flame. It seems that the people suddenly quickly bloom a eternal big day!

A thousand five million degrees of destruction flames suddenly swept away from the moment! Flections like a sun-like boundless flame burst outerwear in the body of the body and the blade in the hand

After the fire is fire, the fire is too hot, the fire is too knife, the southeast northwestern killings are displayed, and the 10,000 million degrees of destruction of the outerwear formed in a flash in the moment. Knife


Silver white long hair and eyebrows were all rendered by boundless flame burst. At this moment, I saw that the whole person turned into a round of eternal sun.

Chapter 194 Leaves (seeking rewards and automatic)

Pirates Chapter 194 Leaves (seeking rewards and automatic)

"This' ... what is power ... less

In the eyes of white water vapor, a white water, surrounded by countless sea water, the horror flame of the body is constantly evaporating into white fog.

Looking at myself, I made a moment of eternal sun. At such a horror high temperature of all things in the world, the white beard and redhead only feel that he breathed at this moment.

A very extravagant thing, and the moisture in the body quickly lost.

"Now:. Household

The empty spirit is like the gods of the gods, and the eyes of the eternal sun, the boundless flame burst of the eternal sun, the eyes of the blue blood of the blue blush look at the white beard and red hair in front of the eyes, as if it is a fierce