Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 396 of Hueding Crack System

Tiger is watching two lambs to be slaughtered.

"Let you feel the temperature of" three or four zero "Yang !! ',

The sound of the moment is falling, and all the three-new world of the White Beard One Piece and the Red-haired Pirates all the thiefs are shocking. He is boundless burning flame burst, and the moment is self-contained.

The white beard and red hair in front of himself suddenly shouted the fire in their hands ...

Time I don't know how long it has been.

Bang. ...

Suddenly a blazing boundless flame burst sprayed, swept the entire , as if the whole world is cultivated for ashes, instantly countless white fog is filled with heat


I saw that the whole blue sea was all evaporated by this blazing flame. The seawater in the whole sea is like dry, and the altitude fell a few hundred meters.

"Big ... the sea disappeared ... less

After a sword in the hand, everyone suddenly only felt that his eyes were empty. He looked at the sea in front of his eyes disappeared, and the altitude fell hundreds of meters.

"Deceptive .... How can humans can do this?

At this moment, 'Unexpected Bird' Malco At this moment, he looked at him in front of the sea. The whole person was really completely turned into a bird, and it was there.

"Call:" Ha .... Call: less

Two heavy breaths continue to have a full Mobi Dick.

I saw the Mobi Dick's large ship board, and the white beard and red-haired incense made a big character, lying on the floor is very difficult, breathing, breathing this simple thing as if

This moment has become the problem of two of them.

" ... less

"Captain ... less

"How can it be ... they actually fell into this way ... less

Looking at the white beard and redhead two men standing in the world's big sea, it was hit in such a short time, the Mobi Dick and the Red Fos, the White Beard One Piece Redhead

Countless pirates in the One Pirates can't believe their eyes.

'White Beard, Edward New Gate ...

'Red hair, incense. ...

Two kings who are in the new world of the world, the big hundred thieves are smashed down??

At a time, all the thieves around you can't believe in all the eyes seen in front of you, they would rather believe that they are now living in the dream. ...

"How. .... White beard ... red hair ... less

Looking at the top of the white beard and the redhead two, the top of the two, in front of his eyes, the moment slowed the flow blade in his hand, and the handsome face was tuned.

And , "I am still satisfied with the power of this sword ... less

I heard the sound of my life in front of my eyes, two people paired in the white beard and red-haired incense on the shipboard, couldn't help but see each other, and I saw a bitter smile on the opposite face.

"I said that white beard I have imagined ... less

Strive to calm down the mouth of the Yund, who is constantly breathing, and the red-haired incense seems to be all the strengths of the whole person, all of which have been taken away in the short battle.

If it is not seen around all the pirates, almost completely, I don't think about the big hundred pirates of the V angverly, the V air, the big sea, I saw him using his very dry voice.

Cream: 'What else in this world will be the opponent of this guy ...

However, the white beard at this time has no extra strength to answer him, and countless injurious ages have caused white beard to lose all physical strength in the horror battle just and the moment ...

"But the words come back ...


After using the outgers, if the fire is too fire, the fire is too hot, he will overtight the white beard and red and red, and the moment is satisfied with the quaintness that has been returned to the calm.

, The blue blood red eyes are different, "Dragonfly Rufi FP-Solution" The power of the FP-Solution This horror is a thousand and five million degrees equivalent to the sun's core temperature, there is no disappointment. ...

"Okay. ... White Beard Red Haired ... less

Recovered some of his own scattering thoughts, and the moment is gently reached with dust, and it does not exist at all clothes. "Today, I will go to the East China Sea today.

"East China Sea??"

White beards and red-haired two people rang at the same time, "What do you do?"

"Go see 5.0, there is something that there is something that can make you lose a arm.

The expression of white beard and red-haired two people incorporated in the eyes, and the moment was very half-half holiday: "Jii will see a few people I want to be interested in:.

Among the eyes of everyone, the sound of the moment is still echoing on the Mobi Dick, and the whole person is like a light smoke.

When the figure in the next second is once again appeared again, it has already appeared on the huge pound of Pluto, driving this extremely war ship in the blue sky, speeding, complex in everyone

In the eyes of the difficult eyes, he gradually sailed to the distant distant ....

Chapter 195 encounters (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 195 meets (seeking rewards and automatic)

Great route.

Azure sea from tens of thousands of sea in the shampoo.

After sending Robin and Carlyfa two sister paper back to the Shen Luo Empire, the blind eye of the moment, the eyes of the gods, and the wrapped red soil continent, and the huge pound of the extremely evil battle ship.

Spray is being riding the wind on the sea.

"Robin wants to go back to study ancient text ... Carifa wants to go back to deal with the empire document ...

The hands of his hands on the ship of Pluto. Some helpless shrugs. When a person is bored, I have to talk to the system, so I can take away all of this world.

Sliced ​​troubles, "no way. ... I have to sail alone to go to the east sea.

In fact, it is sometimes enjoyed this quiet, as a traveler in the second year of the world's endless journey, has made him gradually learn to taste lonely.

"Hey ... It should be a shampoo in the islands for more than a few minutes.

A pair of blue blood red eyes imitation Buddha looked at the whole sea, with many times to and from the experience of the great navigation, immediately judged that he was now in the foot of the Pluto, 'No

How to say it. ... It seems that it is sailing on the sea ... Always need an experienced nautical. People. ... less

Everyone who has been in the sea knows that there is no difference between the sea, if there is no experience in the sea, there is no difference between it and a blind man walks in the desert.

As Pluto continues to shuttle in this great airway, there are also some hundred thief boats and Pluto to shoulders along the sea along the way, but see the huge volume of Unparalleled Boats and ships.

The god imperial banner fluttering on the body, and suddenly avoided the ghost.

"Well"? ',

Once again and a few of the pirate boats, the moment is even in the bottom of which is the pirate flag of which is marked is, but the left eye is blue, the eye is slightly smashed, the pirate boat

A familiar shadow has caught the attention of the moment.

"How can it be her?"

God's reincarnation of the eyes and wraps a few hundred pirates, caught the familiar figure in the face of the familiar figure, and listened to the sound of all things.

All the movements of these hundred pirates have incorporated in the ear.

In the flash, the huge majestic warrules of the huge pounds were suddenly turned around in the sea, and the waves of the sky were launched on this unfolded sea, and they went towards several hundred pirates behind them.

Magic One Piece, Brutedio.

"Ship ..." captain ... less

On the sea, the sea thief, only a pirates, a little trembling, said to the captain around him: 'This is the Major General of the Navy.:. I will take her to grab it.

The entire navy chased. People. ... less


I haven't said that the captain next to him, the vice president of his white heads and heads is already in his head, and it shouted: "Our captain is more than 100 million big hundred thief 'mons.

Tians! How can we take us with the harvest of the Navy? "

" hahaha .... Rays said good ...

The venia of the vice captain, clearly made the magistrate, Tias was very useful. I saw his rough and strong body, the moon shake of the moon, so that he opened his big mouth and laughed.

How can the harvest of the Navy? How can the waste of the great route Super Newcomer Tias Uncle, my opponent! "

"Moreover ... What is the shit navy's major generals What a shit is' black prison, Na. ... actually dare to bring so many naval to catch the uncle ... less

In the crazy laugh, I saw Tias suddenly looked down at the feet of his feet, and a beautiful navy that was bundled in countless rope, and the rough big face was full of glutinous laugh.

"It's just a woman, it is a woman. ... ... less

I saw this beautiful navy on the front ship board, pink long hair on a sunglasses, a pair of slim hands on a black glove, put on the white navy coat jacket on the body.

She has a beautiful Yumi's face, and the whole body will pass X out of a different temptation}.

It is the black army of the Black army of the Water in the Water in the Water, and the Black Mission, the Black Army, the Black Army of the Water.

"A bastard ... Despicable pirates ... less

I saw the original British pose and refreshing the beauty of the pirates, the beautiful naval nna, at this moment, the whole body was killed by countless ropes, and Bai Zhenan took a drunken red lotus, the whole

Sex! The body is in a somewhat unnatural twist on the ship. It seems that the two eyes seem to be drunken. 9 is a suffocating temptation. "If it is not the demon fruit ability, how can it be

Can be grasped by you ... less

"Hey." No one will listen to you now ... less

I didn't care about the front of Ti Na, and I heard her eyes, I heard her drink Tians, and even more exciting, "If I take you to threaten the Navy ... I can't do it.

You can also change the position of the Qiu Qihaihai! (Okay)! "

"Wang Xia Qi Wuhai? Thanks to you?"

Seeing that you have completely caught in front of your fantasy, Tians, poured in Na, in the shipboard, to even end the role of alcohol on your body, the wonderful eyes seem to look at an idiot.

Hold him.

"Do you still dare to have a hard? It seems that you sell you to Tianlong people to do slaves is also a good choice ... less

It seems that it is stabbed by the eyes of Na Na, Tians' smile, looking at the two eyes, a face, red, red, revealed, Na, who looks incompassion. Rough

The smile on the big face can not help but gradually becoming the Fie. "Take a closer look. ... Ding Ding's' black prison, Tina is also a good beauty ...

Chapter 196 Shooting (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirates Chapter 196 Shoots (seeking rewards and automatic)

"In this case. ... before selling you:.

Looking at my eyes on the foot of the ship, a drunken feeling of the body, the tie, Tians, Tians rough, the big face, Run, more, more obvious, the eyes of the eyes gradually burned.

, 'It's better to let us first let us have a happy brother! Hahaha ... less

From a certain point of view, the pirates are the world's largest richest source than the Navy and the World Government, which is distorted by corruption.

One thief is never synonymous, chaotic, plundered, sin, cruelty, is the true label, purely like the protagonist, pursue dreams, chasing the faders,

It is only available in the world of bloody anime.

I am afraid that he is long! ... less

I heard the decision of the captain Tias, the surrounding vice guys Rayes and the rest of dozens of Magic One Pirates suddenly excitedly smirked.

Like 'black prison, Naina, the beauty of the navy is above the top, and the cracking of these hundreds of pirates will be hidden. Where can I think that there is still a chance to have a 270 extraordinary.

"Haha ... I can't think of the captain of the captain today, I can taste such a naval beauty ...

The entire monster's pirates hanged a group of pirates hanging on a smile, a pair of people who came to see the beauty of the naval's beauty of the naval, "even if I let me