They are now going to die now.

"Then you will die for me !! ',

Although Tina really wants to have a saying, but the mouth allows a thief into a piece of rag, no matter how it makes it soon, it can only make a sound.

A pair of moving, a big hatred, staring at this group of this group gradually moving towards yourself, Tina made all the strength to struggle with countless rope who wants to break away.

Uncomfortable alcohol effects makes her all over the body.

This death. ...

I knew that I would like to make the guy with Tmgra with Tina. ...

Although I don't like the guy too, I have a lot of downs like this. The full set of falsification is now. ...

Looking at the pirates of a group of increders in front of him, I saw that their misappropriate smile gradually enlarged, desperate and helpless look completely climbed the face of Na Bai Zhe.

Who will save Tina. ...

As a Major General of the Navy's elite, in addition to the decades of his own teacher 'black wrist shocking method, she has never been like this, she is so helpless today.

"Oh. ... then you will die for me ... less

At this time, suddenly a strange voice was abrupt into the ear of all the miraces of the Magic One Piece, and it turned out that the words in Na will be said.

"This sound is ... less

Suddenly I heard this in memory, as if some familiar sounds, Na, who turned the struggle, suddenly opened his eyes.

"He. ... What ?!"

A group of psychic fans suddenly interrupted by this strange voice, and suddenly the heart was angry and angry, but everyone was magnified to have their own pupils.

Pluto, damaged!!!

A huge light column, shocked the gun sound of all of them all of them.

The infinite light beam suddenly flooded in front of them, this huge light column appeared, and even the glory of the big sea is unable to cover its light!

(CEFG) This is completely light born to destroy.

In particular, in the sound of the shocking soul, there is a numerous thing in the light column in the crack.

I heard this kind of artillery, and some people in the field have an illusion, it seems to have seen the scene of the countless stars in front of them suddenly fry together.

This is the light of unstopable destruction!!

The glory of the infinity is scattered, all the pirates are awkward, I saw all the hundred pirates around the sea around Bruted Europe, thoroughly in front of this devastating beam

Creating ash.

In addition to Na and 'Magic, Tians has a few positions, and only half of the Magic One Piece's main ship Bruten is only half of the vessel floating on the sea, only Slowly

Down to the sea.

"This is. ... What is powerful ... less

Seeing this as if the end of the earth, the remaining pirates in the Bruud European thief boat have not been scared, and the "mouth is just a moment.

Give our whole pirate fleet ... less

"That a few boats are also called the pirate fleet?"

I heard the magistrates of the thief group, I saw the battle of the battle, the huge pounds of the Warship of the Magic Pluto, came out of the moment, 'mouthhahaha ... less

"The captain. ... is the big leafy ship that has just been rubbed with us ... less

Standing on the half of the sea thief boat, looking at the huge pounds of the huge pounds who slowly brought the thrill in front of the sea, couldn't help but scare the face.

"Don't be the flag of the captain ... less

Looking at the huge Pluto, Tias, the depye of Rayyes, and the color of the death, like a greece, and the mouth of the gods of the god Empire.

I my own ... less

Shen Luo Empire?!

When I heard Renus, all surviving pirates in the moment were all there, and immediately started a unnatural trembling, 1 Shi Luo Empire's boat. ... How can we get such guys ... less

"The death ... why did the ship of the god Empire will attack us without reason?

Looking at the Pluto of the eyes, it is like a mountain. The heart is "the heart, Tias' heart completely, with all the destroyed pirates," Is it. ... less

Chapter 197 Heroes save the United States? Devil saves beauty! (Ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 197 Heroes save the United States? Devil saves the United States! (Ask for reward and automatic)

"Is it because 'black prisoner, Na, this woman ... less

Only the eyes of Tias were suddenly stunned. It seems that I thought about it, and immediately turned to the nna behind the ship, but found that her face was also a mistakey expression.

Arono Empire. ...

It is the battleship under the man's magic. ...

Why is it. ...

I heard the name of the god Empire, poured in Naa, who couldn't help but bite the rag in the mouth. When I suddenly remembered the one sword, the first sword took her teacher's original Navy's general 'black wrist, Zemifa killed

Dead horror man.

The tremendous dark devil gods, the sky, the sword of Senluo, even if the poor lifetime, Na, can't forget.

Piece Empire ... Shen Luo Empire. ... Sany Emperor One Emperor ... Less

The mouth muttered repeatedly in the name of the god Empire, apparently this huge sample gave the great route super newcomers' mons, Tias brought infinite fear, but after all, it was a hundred million pirates.

I saw him tightly biting his teeth, "I can let the entire world government and the Navy's parties fear that we are not opponents. ... But here is not a new world ... less

"Here is the first half of the great route !!"

Reincarnation · God is going to be!!!

Cheng! Cheng! Cheng! ...

At the moment of Tias voice, the air in front of the eyes seems to flash the shadow of countless cave, and the black figure suddenly appeared behind him. Black coat

The coat flicked with the sea breeze, and the silver-shine long hair flashed in the sun shining.

"You. ... you are ... less

The sound of the surrounding movement suddenly turned around to see the Tians behind himself, and suddenly smashed his eyes.

How did this guy appear. ...

I didn't see his movement at all.

"It is him. ... actually him ... less

At this time, I saw the positive face in the moment, and my heart was crazy, and I sent a series of uscons in my mouth.

"Ah, attached to Pa. ... this is not the year to say to arrest my beauty navy 'black, na ... less

In an instant appeared in the moment on the half-trippira, the handsome face took a disgusted smile, a pair of blue blood red eyes played the beauty of his eyes that were bundled with the continuous struggle.

Naval Na, ridicule: "How to make yourself in this wolf today ... less

"Your guy ... less

When I saw a moment, I saw Naa on the front of the board. When I stared at the back of the moment, I was thinking about it, just at this time!

Hey. ...

It seems that it is a slight move by Tians, and all the thieves of all the magistrates around the thief have sprayed a round of blood in the throat. It is like a garlic, which is like a garlic, and lost.

Symbolic breathing.

"What happened. ... Rays. ... owner ... less

Tians who just wanted to attack the back of the moment, suddenly saw this weighted scene, and the big face of the rough gelators, "You actually kill them all ?!"

Drunken ring!!

Although the heart is horrified, it is, but I saw all the pirates in my hand, all of them were killed, an angry 'magist, Tiaston launched the ability of their own devil fruit, all

I broke out the foggy aura with a short mist!

"Well? What is this ... less

Solve your own head, see your eyes, a circle, constantly invading the inexplicable vague ring, and I have picked up my brow slightly.

"Shuhaha! This is the ability of my unique superman alcohol fruit! It can distribute a hundred-degree alcohol ability in a moment ... less

It seems that the mistakes will understand the slight mistakes of the moment into fear, 'Magic, Tias is ugly face, 3 out of crazy distorted smile, "Even if the giant will drunk because of alcoholism

! Pour me !! "

Alcohol fruit. ...

There is still such an ability. ...

... seeking flowers ...

"No wonder the strength of Tina will be caught by this arms of the feet ... less

The moment is slogan and gently shakes his head. Such fruit capability If you accidentally feel it, it will be easily detached, but if it is for yourself, it is obviously not enough.

Diamond star dust !!!

I saw that the brakes were in front of this bountiful hundreds of thieves' monsters, Tias seems to be hit.

Suddenly all air condense, surpassing the absolute zero-scale frozen force instantly forms a white light, like snowflakes, is also like a star, a dream, beautiful, spreading bead

The white snowflakes like jade can freeze and smash all.

Almost in an instant, Tias looked at the opportunity, all of the surrounding alcoholic radios were frozen, and the white Guanghua shock waves shocked by the moment were shocked by light.

His body.

Every cell in the whole body lost the movement, Tians whole people were frozen in the moment, which were all frozen and turned into frosty fridge, just like stars.

Chen's debris is as magnificent and shiny.

It is possible to die under this dreamy move, obviously getting a death but a sublimation.

"Uncomfortable ... less

The blue blood red double is indifferent to the 'magist man in front of him, Tias is completely frozen completely by his diamond star dust, and the moment is slowly recovered.

Turning your own body, looking down in tuning in the board, I saw her a pair of eyes and died staring at myself, all the face of Bai Zhehao is full of fear and hatred color.

I can't help but laugh at it.

"Just me, alone is bored on the sea ...

Among the eyes of Naja's vigilance, the perfect face of the moment, but it seems like a devil, "How to go to the East China Sea. ... Tina ...

Chapter 198 Arriving in the East Sea (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 198 of the Pirates arrived in the East China Sea (seeking rewards and automatic)

The next day, the East China Sea.

The huge pounds of Pluto are spurred in the light blue sea.

Unlike the confusion on the great route, the East China Sea, which has never seen such a huge vessel, casts the eyes of the gaze.

"Here is the Donghai. ... is the peaceful thing in it ... less

The bow of the Pluto warship, welcoming the sea breeze, the blue blood of the blue blood, and the calm light blue sea is full of emotions.

This is the hometown of the One Piece, is also the hometown of the protagonist of the protagonist, and there is no fierce and striking in the great route.


"Looks like the guy of the phosphine withdraw from the great route, and opened a sea restaurant in the East China Sea.