Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 398 of Hueding Crack System

Put the vision of the left eye to the eyes of the top of the biggest searched in front of the sea, the moment is not born in the heart, and there is a memory of remembering and sigh.

Guy. ... only 24 is not the location of Balatie in the sea ... less

But it is clear that it is a very difficult thing to find an exact destination on the vast sea, and the search is nothing, "It seems that the temples are urgently needed."

To configure an excellent nauticalist ... less

At this time, the blind eye of the left eye suddenly came to the inexplicable light flash, in addition to the appearance of the gods, the three paragraphs of the Evergreen R gas were also easy to capture the attack.

"You come again to Na ... less

I saw a slight sigh in the moment, and a helpless expression appeared on the handsome face.

The threshold fruit, raise the bail !!

I saw that as a helpless words were spit out, and there were countless appearances around the body, and there was a general black iron, and the whole person was completely surrounded by it.

Strictly broke, I saw a snow-white navy's uniform's jacket in the red naval uniform, and a black glove of a black glove was suddenly attacked from behind!

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

There is no accident, Tina only feels that his eyes are empty, and instantly lost the traces of the moment.

Next second, Tuna felt a tight in his hand, wearing black gloves, the slim wrist, has been pinched in his hand, and then put a warm and robust body and put his own Hiki I hip.

Suddenly Tina will not move!

"It is evil. ... Tina must kill your hate guy!"

I have already remembered that this is the first time, I'm going to hit myself. Every time I have been uniform, I'm using my body with my body. I feel the same touch.

Sense, Tetonia is ashamed and angry and angry, and it has been reddish.

"I said the beauty of the navy. ... Have you treating savings like this ... less

The moment is gently attached to Na's back, and the body of the two people form a warm and unparalleled gesture. I saw a bad laugh on my face, my mouth I barrage Na's ear

Slightly exhaust, "More ... You can't be my opponent at all ... less

"You saved Na's yes! But you kill Mr. Zemifa, the teacher of Na! You are a bastard !!"

The whole person is instant uniform, and it feels that there is constant call out between his ear, and Na Mi red face is almost dripping, and I don't know what it is because it is because of shame.

Angry, 'mouth is going to let go of Na !! "

"I used to kill your teacher 'black wrist, Zemifa is right' one, but that is because he takes the initiative to attack and arrest me ... less

I saw that I was ashamed and indignant, and I couldn't help but smell her body in the two people. I couldn't help but fill a simple evil on her body.

Smile, 'and yesterday if I didn't have to save you. ... You have already been insulted by the pirates. ... Don't you thank me? "

"You. ... ... less

I heard an unfinished explanation, Naa couldn't help but feel the cold.

But the words come back. ...

Yesterday, if this guy is just just passing. ...

Maybe you will. ...

I thought about it, I think of the scene of dozens of hundreds of pirates, Tina can't help but light} trembled.

"Don't be afraid. ... Tina ... less

I feel that I have a slightly vibrating body, I'm listening to the sound of everything, I have a sensational cat, and I have a kind of fear of her inner, and I look at my eyes in front of this pink long hair.

The Queen's appearance, but in fact, there is a beautiful navy, the beauty of the beauty of the girl's mindset, and she can't help but feel comfortable: "All have passed a matter of things never happen ... less

Never happen. ...

If you have 380 around him ...

The soft voice of the moment is like the devil to eat, I'm getting into the heart of Na, looking at the perfect junjack of my eyes in front of my eyes.

Get more confused.

A male and one male and one female two people stand in Pluto's bow. The pounds under the feet go forward. The sea restaurant 'Balati is slowly fluttering on the front of the front.

Maritime Restaurant, Balati.

A giant ship boat, two fronts of a fish shape.

Since the fear of the battle destroyed restaurant interior, the entire ship can be converted into a state of fight, and the two sides of the hull will launch 'fish fins as a battle site, this sea restaurant' Balati, now the whole

The East China Sea is famous.

At this moment, the entire sea restaurant 'Balati, both enveloped in a strange atmosphere.

"Seven days? The entire East Haisheng's main chlorpayer group is defeated in seven days." Everyone in the entire restaurant is unbelievable to have a big eyes.

Chapter 199, is like, not a plot (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 199, Chapter 199, is like, not a plot (seeking rewards and automatic)

"It is not accurate for seven days ...

I saw the "Donghai 0 Lord, the Clee League of the Creek Heief" The pain of Krik is painful, as if the speech is generally said, 'In the seventh day of entering the great route, a man is even

Destroy the fleet of 50 alarms. ... Just like dreaming ... less

"The man is like an eagle as sharp eye. ... I really don't want to recall again ... less

A sharp eyes like an eagle?!

I heard the description of Krik in front of the eyes, and the green hair in the restaurant suddenly became a sudden shock, and the heart suddenly turned out a person's name.

"Will n't be wrong. ... Have a sharp look like an eagle. ... can also be easily killed alone.

Listening to the description of Crek, only the "red feet of the whole sea restaurant, the" red feet, Zhe Pu "in the whole body, and the sorrow: ' is the' eagle, ... less

"Eagle eye ?!"

When I heard the philosophy, the surrounding Lufuopu and Nami have a group of chefs, all of them are a mist.

"Hey. ... that is what I have been looking for ... less

At this time, the Solaron around the road is too excited to hold the three Taiwan knives around him, and the eyes are flashing in the end of the world, '. The world's first big sword, ... this seems

My goal is bound by dead and death in the great route. People. ... less

"Oh, a little ghost ...

I saw the So Lung dialect in front of him, and I wore the philosophy of the chef's clothes, and I suddenly took a light smile. "You have to go to the great route, I don't care, there is one

You are wrong ... less

"I am wrong ??" The expression on the face of So Lon is a little unclear, so I look at the philosophy in front.

Eagle, Joracell Michac is the top sword of the great route is not wrong ... but can not be the world's first big sword,. "

There is a smile that remembers sighs in the face. In the surrounding road, Sorona, there is still a curious gaze, the philosophy gradually took out a fluny old photo from his own clothes. "

The real 'world's first big sword, known as the strongest, man, is he ... less

"The strongest man in the world ?!"

A group of natural blood came to the sea, and the words of Zhe Pu were told by the philosophy, and they went to the head of their head and see the yellow old photos in the hand.

I only see the photo above the photo, except for the young and thirty-tens of philosophy, I still stand with a silver long hair, tall, perfect, and the ultimate face was paired by a pair of blue

Mysterious double dotted young man.

This man. ...

It's too handsome, it's too handsome ...

As a girl who born beauty, Namei first was attracted by the perfect face of the photo on the photo, can't help.

"Feeding the old man .... Russia has never heard you said when you and 'the strongest man in the world, have a much love ... less

The spoke of Nami, a blond man collected his own sight from the photo, and there was no jealous question: "The guy looks so young. ... how could it be what you said

The world's strongest man ... less

"Stinky boy ... Less to Shanzhi, I don't believe in what I said, Zhe Pu is planning to learn from him well.

Just at this time.

The big metal cutting sounds, all people in the restaurant couldn't help but turn their heads, and only see a sharp huge sword, shocking, flashing, the jade, the general, the light, the light of the Emerald.

Suddenly, there was an exclusive of the pirates outside, just in the unbelievable eyes, the huge ace vessel of the Creck was smashed by a knife!

"Big. The sea is cut ... less

When everyone ran away from the restaurant, I saw the huge green swords in front of this huge green sword, and I couldn't say it.

"The leader! It is the man! The guy who defeated our fleet !!"

"You can have been chasing it here, ... definitely to kill us !!"

With the panic screams of the Creck thief group, it was split into two half of the huge pirate boat in the middle of the sea, and the same boat as a coffin gradually drifted.

Man carrying a cross shaped huge black too knife standing above.

"'' One is' Eagle, Joracell Michac !!"

Looking at the appearance of this man on the big sea coffin boat, the whole body excited at the sea restaurant at sea is shivering.

"Bastard! You have any deep vessels with us! Do you want to chase us in this world ?!"

All the pirates around the Krik Partner are all fearful to the man who is eye-catching than the eagle.

"Hair time ... The corpse eyes, Mi Hov dismissed the free opening.

"I actually said ... Hair time? !!"

Obviously, I can't accept the 'eagle, Mihok's answer, and all the pirates stabily batched the bullets in his hand, formed a bullets and rain towards Mikok.

Mihoke reached out to hold his own cutting handle, just want to pick up these unknual hundred pirates, but at this time, sudden (good)!

Aurora punish!!!

It seems that the beautiful very light of the horizon is like from the wind of the winter.

In the eyes of everyone shocked, it seems that the time and space in the whole sea is frozen, and everything around it falls into a pause.

Endless white aurora seems to be crazy from the sea from the distance, and the whole sea in front of them is contracted with a white glory.

Crek Weiji Group. ...

Whole blue sea. ...

And all the pirates. ...

All were placed on white, and the atomic operation was stopped. All things were frozen into eternal ice sculptures, all of which were rendered into a white world. ...

Chapter 200, Jun (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 200 Jun Lin (ask for reward and automatic)

"All." The whole sea is frozen. .... Less

The whole sea-frozen sea, only a sea restaurant allowed to save in this dead and general white world, Lu Fei and Soron and others exaggerated the extreme Zhang Da's own mouth, see

At the front of the front of the Krikhai, the thief, the shocked throat, as if it was caught in the chicken bones.

"; Dongjie sea ... such power ... less


Seeing this shocking that comparable naturally, it has quickly rolled the philosophy of the mind like a sharp blade for more than ten years ago, and the moment of flashing in the new world is in the new world.

A world of heavens seems to happen to happen yesterday.