Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 399 of Huedings

"It is him. ... he actually came to the East China Sea. ... less

Some ridiculous twist whip beards are slightly slightly vibrating, and phosphor is somewhat losing at the high sea, a huge pound big ship is gradually approaching the sea restaurant Balati, whisper

Must --517-

"Who? Uncle Zhe Pu, who are you talking about?"

In this surrounding atmosphere, Zhe Pu whispered to the surrounded by a hidden Lu Rongsishe Longshan to catch, and suddenly wonderful twists and looked at him.

"The world's strongest man ... Sharp's voice is extremely spit out of the fact.

The strongest man in this world??

At a time, all the people around me were all stunned by the name of this name that was shocked by Zhe Puji. I saw Shanzhi Suspected to wide my eyes. "Is it a stinky old head

You just gave us a photo ... less

In the face of the question of a group of people in front of you, Zhe Pu did not answer, just a pair of sharp eyes, dead staring at the long-lasting pounds, and there is a vague, there is a hidden.

Significant figure isolated on the bow.


How can you have no reason to come to the East China Sea. ...

Running the philosophy ((CEAD line, Lufei So Shanzhi, and Nami also curiously staring at the arrogant valers of the exaggerated boat, 9 pm


The strongest man in the world. ...

What will it be?

"He took a photo with the photo of the old age of Zhe Pu, ... The man should now be a uncle's old man ... less

A orange hair body, a good face, a good face, 5, a small piece of smart, Namei, a pair of beautiful staring at the Pluto Giar Maring, a phenanthus, a small head, a small head miss you

Of course I think.

"The strongest man in the world ... eight arm. ... dozens of meters height. ... Do you have three heads?

Next to Nami has just flew from the village of Donghai Windmill Village, and the simple thinking of his unique thinking is not marginal.

"Kill" ... less

From the front of this, this changed the strength of the natural creation, and the eagle eye is still not recognizing the identity of the moment, a pair of eagle set more sharp eyes and dead staring at the distant contour.

The majestic ship, I tightly grabbed myself behind the big fast knife's night, the knife handle, the whole body, constantly emits a battle against the people.

"How do you run to the East Sea like a small place like this ... less

"Emperor Miko, you are also here? ',

With the huge Pluto giant ship, it is gradually cleared in the polarity of the pole in the shovel, and only heard some surprised sounds in the eyes of everyone.


"Eagle, Miho, Lu Fei, Solaon. Mountain, Zhe, ... Well? Namei is also ... less

A pair of blue blood red doubles lightly swept away all the cheeks of all the people under the feet, and the moment I distinguished their identity, but I saw Namei at this time, I didn't stole the road to fly their boat fled.

At the time, I can't help but raise myself, "Is there any unknown change?

"Deceived. ... ... less

Just when I went quietly, when I got the protagonist of the original, Lu Fei So Longshan is also Namei, and several of them are also staring at the young and handsome, surprised.

Point to let your chin get off, 'This young guy is what the poor uncle said ... the strongest man in the world? "

"This is a foul. People:. Ben ... I actually be handsome than the photo:

Standing on the road to the young girl Namei, I don't know when I have already smoldled my cheeks, a pair of beautiful big eyes are not going to fight.

The stars have long been throwing out of the Jiuziyun, just about the mistakes of the mistakes. ...

"Such a small face of the big bag ... how can it be the smell of the old man ... less

Seeing that Ms. Na, Miss Mei, who has been completely turned into a flower idiot, and angry angries who have faced her face have a cigarette. The strongest man in the world is less.

"This guy…

In the sea, I have been regarding the Yawk Eye Moch as the three-knife sword passengers whoever ultimate goals' World of Warcraft, Solaron, and death, the appearance of the huge pounds of the war, a little surprised

Unexpected thinking, "Is the man who defeated the eagle eye? The world's first big sword is ??

Just when everyone was amazed, it was unable to confirm that the eagle eye hooded in the black coffin boat stared at the moment on the front of the eyes, and he couldn't help himself in his heart.

The war is like the eagle set. The sharpness of the eyes is in the middle of the eyes.

Black knife, dissipate!!

Bunch of metal cutting sound, in the shocked eyes of everyone, the eagle eye rice Hop selection instantly, the back is negative, the unparalleled "black knife, the night-nature" is out!

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If you say that the eagle eye is a rigging, you want to defeat the opponent, you are going to defeat.

So flash is the eagle eye rice Hawk, and I want to defeat the opponent's opponent.

Under the fighter of the Eagle Eye Michac, I saw a lot of huge swordsmanship, flashing with jade

The best Gao Jinghua opened the entire ice frozen sea, and the huge tear of the huge phenanth!

,. Wait for 2 metersock I didn't come over with you ...

I just manipulated the huge Pluto on the foot, I didn't stand in the moment, and I suddenly saw my eyes.

The huge sword of the gram of himself smashed, and the handsome and innocent face suddenly did not help with a slight circle, started from helpless look.

The dead two battle mad two "

Dragon is fireful!!!

In front of the eyes, the huge swords of the Eagle Eye Michake were smashed, and the quiet face of the scene was unscrupulous.

There is between the secret doubles between the secrets, and the fire in the hands is in a moment.

At a very short moment, the gentle air burst sprayed in the world, and the fatal high temperature combustion of six thousand degrees.

The entire space of the surrounding space, and the boundless momentum of the moment is smashed.

A blazing sword gathered in an instant photo, and the whole ice frozen sea is like a whole world.

The rolling colors, the dead reflection is among the pupils of the eagle eye.

The boundless red hot bursting is as if the hydrogen is exploded, and the deafening swordscent sniper collide the way to the road. Soron, all of them caught a temporary

At the state of deafness.

Everyone on the whole sea restaurant, I only felt that I was in front of myself, as I was in front of my eyes.

The space suddenly released an eternal sun in the sky.

"This is the power. This is the strongest power of the world.

Seeing that the green swordscent you kill, you will take a moment, and the eagle eye is only feeling that he is excited.

Turm, since the dislikes of the new world in the hands of the flash, the eagle eye mooko countless life and death cultivation is only to stand again.

In the face of the moment, I can play with him again! "What kind of power is this?"

I saw the eagle eye hood and the two people in front of my eyes, I have already handed over the hands, and I am imitation of the sea.

The Buddha's nuclear bomb bursts the shocking scene that burst into the burst of swords, let the restaurant in Balatie, such as the restaurant, Balai, etc.

It's just a glare fan, you can't keep it.

With the whole frozen sea, the whole ice frozen sea is burned into the ashes, the destruction of the

The green swords of the eye gram can bring the sky directly to the sky!

Under the first sword of the burning edge, the whole sky, the whole sky, the whole sky, broke the color of the flaming.

The blue sky is completely turned into red.

And in the moment, the violent swords of the unparallerts of the unparallerts have been touched. Under the eyes of the public.

The sky is torn out of a long wound, which is like a white paper that is cut.

, 'Tianship was opened,'

It seems like a patient with dementia, both eyes are stagnant, looking up at the sky of the sky, looking at the moment

The huge endless scar of a sword, and the cigarette in his mouth fell without aware of the cigarette in his mouth.

, 'This is the strongest force that defeated the Eagle Eye Michac's world.

The whole person is unnaturally fused, and the shock scene of the two ultrasound and Eagle Ophthalmocity

Solaron is almost bold to cut all the three too many knives in your hands.

"What kind of tempering, which is going to go, can be swayed..,.

"* 9 The two of your strength is stronger than the past.

Seeing your own efforts to swear, it's easy to block the moment in front of you, and the swordscent of the moment.

However, the entire sky is also open, and the eagle eye is the same as sharp eyes, '.

Bored to chase a hundred pirates after the East China Sea ... less

·, ',' Two fresh flowers

"It will be in this guy. It is so good.

"Your progress is not small.. "

Feeling that the eyes of the eagle seems to be rushed to all the faces, and it is seen that the eagle eye is more than ten years.

There is also no idle in time, the swordscent swords in the hand are obviously more uncomfortable than the past, and the moment is helpless.

, 'But today I come to Donghai really have something to handle ... less

"Do you want me to stay with you again ...

"Oh, are you looking at me ?!"

I saw the moment in front of you seemed that there was a no heart and love, and the eagle eye hornk suddenly snorted, and there was no big in his hand.

Quick knife 'black knife. Night light and a light, it is a moment on the Pluto,'. Every time I go to Shen Luo Empire to find you, I've been rejected.


No matter how you have to fight with me! "

, 'Let me check that the difference between me and you have a shortage !! "

The firm decided the voice, the eagle eye hopker once again, the moment on the phenanth, there is no number of stories.

The hierarchy is smashed, and the power of each sword hits is enough to destroy the pioligs like Crek!

Can't see you? What ghost?

Feeding, I haven't said anything. A!!

When is the Eagle, Joracill Michac has become such a proud personality.

When I heard the hawk eye-Hawke, I was a little bit that scratched my back.

In the years, the eagle eye is indeed, the god Empire has been found to make a decisive bucket with himself, but it is all refused to think.

Outside the door.