Naruto's Jade Crash System

Nangji Crack System Chapter 400

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Chapter 202 Chapter of the Eagle Eye (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 202 Chapter 202 Eagle Challenge (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 202 Chapter 20 Eagle Challenge (seeking rewards and automatic)

Just kidding, usually I have to be busy with Robin Cariefat, or to go to the sea to see the sea to see the sea.

Hancark, and there is still a beautiful pure beauty, white star, who is beautiful, and where there is so much gone.

Hawk with his eagle

Eye grams play the game of swordsman duel.

However, it is clear that the eagle eye countless thumbs up the sword is innocent, and it will continue to think, light

Lightly holding his hands in the hands of the fierce, the sword, the sword of the fire, is fire.

, 'There is no way I have this ...

In front of the eagle, the eagle eye is all the swordsmanship, falling in the back of the flash of the right eye, suddenly being fixed into one frame.

The picture, the flow blade in the hand, if the fire suddenly swars!

, 'P5, I will tap "433,' Bunch of this farce !!"

Void Keyway · Falling New Star !!!

It seems like ancient times, the stars, the sky, just born, the light of the endless swords, and stuffed the entire frozen frozen.

The sea is between the sea.

In the face of the huge countless power of the eagle eye, the huge power of the eagle, I saw the flow blade in the hands of the moment.

A sword.


Countless swordsman hits the sound, only countless huge green swords in front of the air, and did not arrive at the moment

The swordscent in the moment were instantly braked out of the sword.

'What is this cut ?! "

I saw the Wanzhang rays in front of the moment, and the three knives of the three knives on the sea restaurant Balati Solon a pair of sharp eyes.

It seems that this is a splendid of the extreme swords.

I saw that the fiery swords killed by the moment and the countless huge swords of the eagle eye rice Hawke were smashed. Two big swordsman

I suddenly broke out the brilliance of the nine-shovel, and the shapeless sword was overflowed with all the objects around.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

Decided that the speed of the fast-moving speed, the left eye of the god, the blue mysterious light flashed, the whole person disappeared in the pole of Pluto!

, 'Is another speed of two

This instantaneous movement that is now in the moment when I am playing with the moment, I will not forget that the eagle eye is a dream.

More kernel than the beasts, let him sway the 'black knife, night!

The eagle eye hopker waves in his hand. Black knife, night, and suddenly appear in the moment of the sword in front of him, Don

I only felt a lossless force, and the body couldn't help but be taken away by the whole person.

"This kind of power ... he is stronger than before.

The tooth is bite, and the eagle eye Mihof is dead to stand the knife, and finally it is the first sword that will be opened at the moment.

Unparatorared and in the moment, as if there is no forever.

Boom, the sound of huge sounds, I saw the flash of handsome, the mouth of the mouth, the flow blade in the hands, the eagle eye rice Holkton

When the whole person was suddenly slammed with swords, the feet were dragged two long trajectories on the frozen sea.

Black knife, dissipate!!

I saw the moment, just a sword, I took the hawk eye, a hobby, a bright, a huge sword, a huge sword, and ate.

The whole ice frozen sea surface, and the speed is pulled down.

"You become stronger ... Mihok.

The blue blood of the blue blood is locked in front of this , .

Sure enough, it is the first big sword in the world, and such swords will be better than the ghosts of the five old stars.

, 'Eagle, Mihok's potential talents are really worthy of sigh.


There are countless swords within a very short time to hit the sound.

The eagle eye hooded hooked a single battle in his heart, and only the whole personnel made a dark vain, the stream in his hand.

If the blade is constantly vying, the blast is smashed, and the sharp, the sharp bursting front is suddenly and the Eagle Eye Mikoke battle. ......

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The entire explosion of the entire frozen sea surface is out, countless fierce swordscent, hit the hit cut, see the brakes and eagle

Two of the eye grams have made two vain, the flow blade in the hand and the black knife, and the night is crazy.


The two people have gone, all of the islands and vessels are broken, less than a minute, the whole of the people

The frozen frozen sea has been zoomed in holes, and even a few large islands are directly swayed by the two people.


"This ... this is this is the strongest force of the great route ...

I saw the shocking scene of the farther's flashing and eagle eyes, the shocking scene of the battle of the Eagle, and the Lufu, the sea, the sea, the big mouth, the big mouth.

Can swallow your head, drag out a row of long tones.

"The big sword rolls ._ This is the world's first big sword ...

Soron, who has been in the world's first sword, has died in his hand, looking at the distant moment and eagle

The handsome hand is like an obsessed, and you can't stop it, you can immediately become such a top big sword.

Although the speed of the two people and the eagle omelet is fast to make them only see a silk shadow, but this is no

More than the shocking dramatic sword hit the hood. 4 The whole ice frozen sea, does not affect their big sword

The view of the war.

I appreciate the strength of the top of this world, let them clearly see the pendulum

In front of their eyes, it will be a path of bloody horror.

I saw that the two mad dragons were like two mad dragons, and there was a battle to the far-sighted sea.

Around the trip, some islands and ice sheets along the way are cut by the remaining waves of the two swords.

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Chapter 203 and the strongest gap (seeking rewards and automatic)

The gap between Chapters 203 and the strongest (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 203 and the strongest gap (seeking rewards and automatic)

The surrounding Lu Fei Long, how do their hearts , ,, ,,,

Support against the world's most horrible power.

"He died. He actually became so much ...

At a timeday of the sword hits the collision, the eagle eye is more and more shocked, because he found himself and the moment.

The gap between people is compared to the battle before ten years, and it has not been reduced, "since the defeat in his hand.

Later, I

Obviously, it is already trying to practice ...

, 'Why didn't even have his limit, you can't try it out.

In the battle of the speed, I looked at the eagle oyster's homo, and I took my sword, and my mouth.

The angle gradually fits a inexplicable smile.

Armed color domineering, cat gas, sales!!!

In front of the eagle eye, the eagle eye is shocked, and the top-level black-level armed tall domineering is instantaneous.

The whole body is overwritten.

And the second phase of the militant dominant covers the whole body, the instance of the third order 16 paragraphs is directly in the moment.

The whole body is covered into a hegemony of the , as if it can resist everything in this world, too

You can crush all the defenses in the world!

"You are ... armed tall domineering ...

Some unbelievous have a big eyes, watching the whole personnel in front of him, a whole body is full of black armor

At the moment of the devil, Miho Kick suddenly found that there was a unparalleled scribe in his hand, a black knife, night hit in the moment, except


In addition to a series of firefires, there is no way to fight!

"It is possible to block my body with your own flesh?!"

In the hands. Black knife, the flow blade in the hands of the moment, if the fire is dead, the eagle eye is like the eternal rock, usually always

Will n't move your face, completely change your face.

, 'From our time to fight, now two just sixty seconds ...

Under the black devil mask covered by armed tall domineering, the moment will start a pair of cold and blue and blazing blood.

, Under the armed torch of the formation of , gradually spread out of the moment, a bit of a dull voice.

, 'Today, I will here so the eagle !! "

As the sound of the moment is like the golden stone, the dragon knife in the hands of the flash, the sword, the sword, the black knife,

Night, a fast turning right leg is like a darkness of the wild, the general madness!

The eagle eye hornk, which is barely blocking, is likely to be in front of this world, and the whole person instantly

A powerful shellfish is directly flying.

Flip-flops ...

The whole person seems to be boiled in the boundless ice frozen sea, and it is dragged on the ice.

After the gully of the palays, the eagle eye is paled on the ice.

"Bone ... Almost disconnected ...

The whole person wolf poured on the ice, the eagle eye hooded was blocked by this -_g gasification, and the Z's foot was only feeling.

The bones of the whole body are almost broken, and the face has a hard laugh, '. Can't think that now I will hold hands with him. I can only support it.