Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 401 of Hueding Cracks

Ten seconds, '

"Is there a breakthrough in his strength? The second is really unaccompanical monster.

"I can't think of the big old and far to go to the East China Sea. I have been caught by the eagle eye.

The same moment is also a bitter smile and gently shook his head. After you break the Eagle Eagle Michake, you will be in a very short time.

The black armed color of the body is as if it seems to have life, and it will gradually fall from the moment. The whole person will recover again.

It became the face of the dust.

, 'Two of their battles ... is over?

It is gradually calming the battle dust in front of the frozen ice in front of his eyes.


Staring stare with your eyes as if you were raging in the general battlefield.

"Even the strongest 'eagle eyes in the Qi Qunqihai, Joracill Miko can hold a minute in his hand.

A high-spirited body is quietly standing in the hull of the huge Pluto, the white navy coat coat is light in the cold wind.

Lightly fluttering, Nna is far away from the eyes of the moment, and the guys, which will never be alzented.

The teacher revenge.. "

"I am defeated in such a short period of time, Joracill Michac II, '

After watching the Eagle Eagle Michake, he gradually came from the sea restaurant, Balatie, gradually came, the 780 precipitated in the eyes of the philosophy.

An inexplicable sigh, "I seem to have a more horrible than before.

"He he is over, he is here !!"

Suddenly, I went back from Wu Lu, inheriting his father's vision, inheriting his father's gunler Jesus.

I saw the moment on the endless ice seal in the distance, I was gradually moving toward them, and I sent a series of long.

Long tip Q.

"What should I do ... If we are lying down now !!"

, 'This man is the strongest two in the world.

Unlike the neurophards of Lufu and the terribilities of the dead, there is an excellent Swordsman's perseverance, looking at the DPRK

At the sea, Balati came over, the moment came over.

I don't know that it is excited, scared, look forward to it, even gently trembled, even my nails deeply sneak into their hands.

I didn't know it.

"If you can stand to him, the height is like.

"My name must be two thousand in paradise ...

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Chapter 204 is you (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 204 of the One Pirate is you (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 204 is you (seeking rewards and automatic)

"We should have not seen it for more than ten years,"

It seems to bring a inexplicable crucible and feeling, and the moment is gradually slowing from the endless ice sea to the sea restaurant.

Lati, looked at the old friends in front of him, and smiled and greeted, "Since withdrawing the great route. You are here

In the sea restaurant, it is chic ...

Everyone brought a fear in a dullness, looking at this moment, a general man who is like a life that is fascinating into the fire.

I came to their eyes, and I opened the mouth and greeted the philosophy. "That photo is true!

The old man really knows him !! "" Yes. Feng. I haven't seen it in fifteen years.

I didn't pay attention to a fascinating people around him, I looked at the moment that I was in front of my eyes, the philosophy of phosphor was obviously more

Feeling, it is very complicated among the eyes, "You still have a strong two, no two, you have passed more powerful."

'Even the appearance does not have a variety of changes in a variety of changes, I don't know if this guy is human second.

I have become a good time because of the years, I'm looking at the moment, but I still have young handsome. If the philosophy is not

Silver smile and shake his head.


I am still not counting human beings.

Not only others, sometimes even in the moment, sometimes you will have this emotion, and the time stops eternal life, this should be considered

It's half a half-life.

"Why is the big person like you? How to run endlessly to the East Sea today ...

Looking at my eyes, I'm thinking about hello, Zhe is seems to feel the surrounding time has returned to more than ten years ago.

On the great route, I encountered the days of the sea disappointment, like a common old friend, I said: '. You may not

Tell me to spend it specially to visit me, this is a bad old man? "

"How can I I have one of my old friends?

Listening to the philosophy of phosphosis in front of the eye, there is an unnecessary smile, as if it is a handsome neighbor boy is generally kind

Instead, the emperor of the god Empire that made all the people in the world felt the fear of fear, "Of course ~. I heard that there is

The world's best nautical seafood, so come over and look for a nautical "

"Nautical ??"

When I heard the moment, the philosophy of the philosophy was slightly raised, and when I want to talk, I suddenly standing with the road.

Going to the two people.

More accurately, it is to go to the moment before.

"Is there anything? Three knife flowing a small ghost two

A pair of blue blood red doubles tightly walked to the Solaron in front of him, the three of the two pirates of the second green algae head

The knife is young swordsman, and the moment is slightly frown.


Between you and Soleon, there is also an original one of the dog's blood bridges like the hawk eye rice Hawk ...

"Sure enough, the second world's strongest man mouth

Until before standing in the moment, he looked at him in the near distance. Soron did this seem to be so bright.

How horror is actually, it is like a magnificent momentum that is like a prison moment, as if it is like a

At the time of the next second, I can swallow the prehistoric beast of myself, I saw that the end of Soon's forehead was somewhat.

The difficult opening said: 'This is the moment. The light does need to spend so much strength in front of you. "


'Listening to all things, I'm thinking that I'm seem to catch the idea in the heart of Soron, and I laughed at the moment.

stand up.

"So I will ask me to collect me !!"

In the surprised eyes of everyone, I saw that the Sauon in front of the moment suddenly jeelled in front of the moment, the forehead brought a sound.

The giant sounded on the wooden boardboard, said loudly: "Please teach me to become the strongest sword in this world !!"

A silent.

"Solaon you ...

On the other hand, Lu Fei exaggerated Zhang Da's own mouth, surprised to look at Soron actually bought a worship teacher.


It is indeed a young man with the potential to become the first big sword in the world of the next one.

The blue blood of the blue blood is looking forward to the Sauon in front of him, and it is very thoughtful to touch his chin.

'Compared to this ... less

But I didn't pay attention to the Sauon in front of myself, but I smiled and opened my own footsteps to Lu Fei Uzo.

In front of Pu Na, "I have more important things to handle two".

, 'You ... what do you want to do ?! "

Seeing the moment of this obvious, a few men who didn't be in a sub-grade level came to the front of themselves, the road of nerve

There is nothing else, and the ubus is almost fainted almost fainted.

"He came over ... he came over!"

I don't know what I am thinking, I see the appearance of the appearance of the appearance of the appearance to the front of themselves, the beautiful Namei

Suddenly, the cheeks are red, and even their heads don't dare to lift them.

"Oh ... is you.

Ignore the road flying and Upop, the flash of blue (Zhao Gehao), quietly taking the beauty of the orange hair

Girl Namei is a noddion, sure.

And the other members of the strawhaiji group are different from the members of the growth period, and the mind is smart and the spirit, proficient in meteorology and airborne.

We can perceive the weather with your body, you can perfectly indicate the road, it is a genius nauthoric who can precisely draw the sea map.

In the original, even the golden lion hibishe praised Nazi, her navigation, it would be far from the elite nautical sea of ​​I don't screened.

,, Even don't do it, kidnapped her.


Namei was shocked, his eyes looked at the moment in front of him. She didn't think about such ordinary girls and

In front of you, this handsome is like angels.

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Chapter 205 deterrence (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 205 Deterrence (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 205, deterrence (seeking rewards and automatic)

From the whole pirate world in the moment, Nami's navigation and talent can do anyone.

In the moment, whether it is your own, the army of the god empire is, it is indeed a whole.

The genius navigation.

"Why is it me? I am just an ordinary can't ordinary girl ..." in the perfect imitation, the general moment

Under the gaze, Namei is a little unnatural. "You should find a lot with your strength and status.