Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 402 of Hueding Crack System

Nautical bar two,.

"No, you have this big maritime, you can't match the navigation in this big sea."

Nazi's heart, some subtle thoughts are in the moment 'to listen to all things. The opinion is not angry in front of me, I saw the moment.

I said: '. My eyes will not read the wrong one, I am very optimistic about your talent,'

"Killing that two you ran to the East China Sea here to come to recruit this girl as your nautical sailor ?! 'At this time, it was surprised.

The light is Nazhe himself, even if the other side of Zhe Puchi, I can't help but feel surprised.

"It's possible that the girl may be the best nautical mousse in the world ..., '

The colorful doubles look at the orange girl in front of the orange.

"What ?! You this guy!"

At this time, the straw road around Namei flew, heard the moment, it was necessary to grab the sails of the straw cap, Tonna

When the whole person jumped up, he glared at the moment of the copper bell. He loudly in his mouth: "Namei is us

The maritime maritime !! "

"She will not go with you this guy !!"

"Come on….

A pair of blue blood is louder to fly in front of the grass hat, watching the protagonist in this original, in the moment

Some helpless laughs, it seems that the second-year-old blood protagonist is the characteristic of the big voice. How big is the mouth, the mouth can do, '.

The world is not your voice, the more you rang, the stronger the second force, '

"I want to take you !!"

Even if the nerve ride is flying, it has heard the midst of the moment, but he is absolutely can't sit down.

The companion Namei is so moving away.

Rubber rocket !!

I saw the road flying before the moment, using the superman rubber fruit's ability to instantly, and then put two rubber stretch out old.

Laun, I want to use rubber elastic to make a strong bomb in front of myself.

"Well, this kind of little child is two"

In fact, when the Lu Fei in front of him has not started attacking himself, there is a blind eye to the blind eye.

Then, he has already inspesed his intention in advance, and disdainted his mouth, and the blood color in the right eye was gradually overflow.

Round retraction · gods!!!

Bang !!!

Lu Fei's rubber rocket is still not completely striped, and the deafening sound has been ejected.

I saw a lot of vulnerability, suddenly broke out, suddenly broke out with the body of an instant, a feet on the feet

The huge pit in the circle is continuously spread.

"what is this?!"

Feel the pounds of sculpture from your own eyes, the pupils in the grass flying in the eyes are suddenly shrunk, see yourself

The rubber rocket hitting the rubber rocket, just like hitting a layer of incompletely repulsive blanking barrier, it was played out in an instant.

"It's just hit (BGCG) two"

With the sound of playing with the moment, in the sea restaurant, Balati is scared, the gods are invisible.

The repulsion is suddenly spread.

The huge sound echoed between the whole piece of ice frozen sea, and only the road flying is like the god of the shell.

Tianzheng flew out, even the room for rebelliously opened the distant ice.

"How much power does you have to do? Don't be self ...

After seeing the road flying out, after he farthed out, the moment is indifferent to the arm, the corner of his mouth, the corner of the mouth

I got a bad mock, '. Don't think that you are the protagonist, I will not kill you two.

Those so-called protagonal radiops on you

For me, it's just that the dust can be crushed.


I saw a blink of Xinfu Road, I was blown out, and the Upop and Namei on the side of the surroundings were shocked.

Get up, after all, is the same partner on a boat.

'The dead two,.

At this time, I was originally squatting on the shipping board to the Master of the teacher. I saw my companion road and flew out.

When he was helpless, he had to bite, 'It seems that the teacher's thing can only say two sins.

Three knives, anis, three thousand people!!

I saw the three-knife swordsman who quickly shot, and his mouth bite a text, and his left hand held a sharp knife.

The whole person holding three knives like a windmill generally rotating the gesture.

In the East China Sea, the Bounty Hunter 'Warcraft, Solaron, if you can successfully apply this tricky, just

It will produce strong winds, and then make it out, almost no one can see it. If it is an ordinary swordster, what happens?


I know that I will fall under his sword.

, 'Three knives, small ghosts, do you make sure you want to put your toy in front of me?

However, in Sanlong three, the air is rapidly divided into the air into the moment, but he heard the temper.

The sound of some play is incorporated into his ears.

Suddenly, he suddenly came to the eyes of the flash, a pair of blooming the eyes of Zhan Blue deep and the blood of the blood.

Ammond between.

Soleon feels that he seems to come to the battlefield of the blood sea of ​​the body, the sky is a red jade, and it is black.

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Chapter 206 takes Na Beauty (seeking rewards and automatic)

Pirates, Chapter 206, take away Na Beauty (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 206 takes Na Beauty (seeking rewards and automatic)

Surfaces around the bones are enough to swallow him, and they are in front of them. It seems like a dragon from the Taikoo, and there is a stinking.

All the bones around it are the snacks after it's tea, they are alone in front of it, and they are once again, until countless kill swallowed.

"Soron! Soron! Are you wake up ?!"

Suddenly there were some familiar sounds around, and his consciousness gradually recovered back to the reality in front of you.

Looking up with this familiar voice, it is the most eye-catching companion in the straw hat pirate, and I saw Utushi usually, and I was not used up. A tension and care look at yourself.

Solaron went down to see your body, I saw that I have long been there, I have already fallen on the ground, the three of your hands have already been thrown out of the old, seven zero-falling lying in the sea restaurant Lati's shipboard.

"Solaron! When is your guy, when is your guy becoming more than me?"

Upopo is a little indiscriminated by Sauon. To know that the entire straw cap is not afraid of death, there is only a rope to become the world's first big sword. , Every time you fight, you will be ahead of the world.

How can he now have steel a general will now ...

"You give me Uppo!"

The awareness is completely recovered, and the Uso, whoever drinks, I feel that I am a weak body, and the Sauon has a sharp look at the moment that is not far from the front of themselves. A slice, '. Light is used

The murderous and immersiveness made me have an illusion that I was killed numerous times. Two good terrible guys

"The gap is too big, and it is impossible to be his opponent.


Solen, who is not far from the eyes, has completely broke away from the killing illusion, and the moment is interested in picking the brow.

God's reincarnation and God's turn goes to go to the eye to go to the extreme spiritual power, and then cooperate with my dominance and murderousness, and there is no complete destruction of your spirit.

It is the world's first big sword to the world's "Warcraft Roloe Rolon.

Sure enough, it is a good seedllar.

A pair of blue blood red doubles, the amount of Sauub, whoever falls in front of him, and the moment of thinking, it is unfortunately, it is unfortunately, the eagle omelet will be so good to appreciate him.

"Soleon is whether you can succeed in the first half of the new world in the first half of the new world in the first half of the world, you can come to me ...

Recovered all his thoughts, and suddenly glanced at the orange girls around him, gently reached a hand, grabbed her slender arm, and the sound of the road: 'But now. I want to take this girl. "

"You don't need to pass your consent.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

After the sound of the moment, in the eyes of all the people who were watching the entire sea restaurant, the moment of the two people who had two people in Namei were suddenly disappeared. "I am very happy that I can see you again, I'm old, my old friend, I'm old, '

"If there is a chance to have a chance in the future, I will be able to meet again ...

When the moment, the slogan of the .

"There is also your two meterswood ...

When I whatever I wanted, I suddenly remembered that there was a flying noodle on the aftertaste, and the blood red eyes were only seen in the ground. The eagle eye is the body, "our gambling

Still effective ... Don't forget that we agree ... less

After that, I didn't wait until all the people reacted. Under the moment, the pounds of the giant ship on the sea of ​​frozen sea suddenly launched, crushed to break around all the ice, all of the whole sea restaurant Balati Unknown

The inexplicable distant gradual is far away.

· ...... seeking flowers ...


I was in an instant to spend the sky, and the whole person was inserted into the Lufei in the endless ice as a sign. I looked at the moment when I was in the entire straw hat pirate. Suddenly, the hands of my hands are very shouting.

"Na Beauty !!!"

, 'The death ... Nami is taken away by him.

I saw the companion Namei on my pirates, I was eager to take away. At this time, I can't help but squat on the board, and I stared at the direction of the huge pounds. Constant blazing flames in both eyes

The god empire of the new world? I will go to it !! "

"Is there a chance to meet in the future? I will never meet my life again.

Looking at the moment, the huge pounds of the Pluto warship, Zhe Papei became the beard of the twist slightly vibrant, and the eyes of the eyes were deeply east-ended and imitation. "You don't belong to the small place like the East China Sea. The marginal sky is your home.

The East China Sea is on the sea of ​​thousands of sea in the village of Ayesi village.

The huge pounds of Pluto are riding a wind and shattering, and the borderless huge waves splash next to it is enough to swallow a small pirate.

"This girl's body is ._." Is it really worth your weight? "

I saw the spacious deck of the Pluto, and the Na was covered with her white Navy. The black gloves gently put on a black glove, and the woman's cigarette is full.

Tina curiously glanced after being taken on the side of the Brake, I didn't know what Namei who thought about it in the side of the boat. Some disregarded it.

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