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Chapter 403 of Hueding Crack System

Chapter 207 Cocoa Village (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirates Chapter 207 Cocoa Village (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 207 Ke Keai Village (seeking rewards and automatic)

"There is absolutely ... my eyes will not be wrong ... less

I found that Na's doubtful eyes, the blue blood of the blue bloody doubles slightly, the brothers on the side of the boat, the tone is very affirmative, 'This girl has this world's best navigation talent. Rovuel needs such talents

"The best navigation talent in the world is two"

I heard the affirmation of the moment, Na Na stared at the side of the boat looking only a normal delicate girl, and the confused smoke thoughtfully thought that it flashed in the eyes. Thoughts of thoughts.

"The woman is the Navy!"

Just when I was talking on the deck of the two, the Names on the side of the Pluto boat also. 11th, nine three,. In the dark, they looked at them, and they wanted a doubts in their hearts. '. Navy why Treat this man in one ?! "

"For two men have that peerless power. Who is not surprisingly with anyone ...

I thought about thinking, Namei suddenly sheds self-deprecating, a pair of big eyes that were originally flashing, the big eyes of the smile, looked at the eyes of the sky, and the good face suddenly flashed the sad color, 'mouth Lu Fei to help guys III is one

Good partner ...

"But I really want to get free to get it early. ... Belmel 2"

"I will definitely save everyone ...

Whenever I think of my hometown, I am being suffering from the hometown of the Dragon Piece, and the raft, the fish who is killed by the fish, Alan, who is killed by the fish, pretending to be strong and optimistic. The heart is a strong heart. I want to cry.

At this time, I was talking to Tina on the deck. 'Listening to all things, I saw that I saw the heart of Nazi's desperate sorrow, and I suddenly touched my blue blood and red. past.

"Are you named Named? 'Looking at the girl Namei, who is in the end of the ship, it gradually stepped over.

"Ammo ... um ._ I am Namei ...

I heard that the voice of the Pasta saw this strong Simiotic gods gradually came over, Namei turned his head to secretly wipe it with a little overflowed by the sea.

, 'You don't have to be saddened by Na Mei 2nd,'

In front of me, Namei turned quietly to wipe the tears, and of course, I can't escape the eyes of the moment. I looked at this strong and smart girl. I thought that everything I was in the body was also can't help but feel a slight pain, so I laughed softly. "You see this

What ?? "

"Well? What?" Success was attracted to the line of sight, Namei turned to the moment, but found out anything around him.

Between doubts, the changes in front of you have happened quietly.

: ._

As if the sound of flowing water sounded, I saw that in the moment of the blushing of the gods and the round of the gods, under the action of the ultracence spiritual power, the moment of gently raised their eyes and the air between Namei, countlessness Baileble paper banknotes, welcoming sea breeze

The sky is fluttering, full of decks in front of you.

"This is the second all being Bailei ...

Looking at the deck that was bullied by Bailei, I saw this almost a scene of the miracle, Namei a pair of beautiful big eyes were completely filled with banknotes, and the countless smeared in his mouth, ' So much. One million million. At least a few

Ten billion !! "

"If there is so many Bailey words ...

I saw that Namei's white scientific small face is full of life, and she has always been very greedy. She doesn't hesitate to steal the property on countless rhetoric bov, not for her own material, but to join 100 million Bailee I bought her in the hands of the Dragon Heief.

Township Coco Village.

"I will be able to buy the entire village in the hands of Aron to save all the people !!"

But very quickly, the color of Namei's eyes will soon be completely extinguished.

"What are you doing ?! Are you crazy ?!"

Nami screamed and scared, because she saw the moment in front of her sleeves, a strong hard work turned into all the Beiler in front of the deck into the sea.

I saw that there was a lot of sea breeze that symbolizes the money of Bailei fluttering, all flying into the blue sea and disappeared.

"If you don't have it, you can save the village and everyone.

Holding such a thought, returning the gods, Namei teeth, gently bite, and play the whole person to jump into a sea in the sea, there is so much Bailey salvage.

"Don't be stupid 7 Na Beauty!"

See Namei's move, a pair of big hands tonally prescribed to Namei's back shoulders, "Don't say that you make up 100 million Bailei. Even if you make up a billion Bailei, they will not take Coco Village Also give you !! "

, 'Recognize the real thing! You will be with peace of arrogance! You can give it to me in the Village of Yama! "

The hands firmly pressed Namei's eyes, and it was rare to look at my eyes, and I said. "Will you help me ?!"

At this time, I heard the moment of Nami's beautiful eyes, but she immediately showed a strange watch! "You are why you know ..." Your heart tells me why you know ... " two,.

The mysterious mysterious double of the blue blue blood catches the wonderful expression on the beautiful face, and the mysterious face on the handsome face is smiling. "There is a power to cultivate it in this world to have the power of the people." "It is called a sense of heard,"

When I heard the moment, as Namei and the distant deck, Tina was suddenly accelerated by the Evil Sunday under the feet of the three people, and the target can be the second

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Chapter 208 Dragon Field (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirates Chapter 208 Dow Dragon Area (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 208 Dragon Area (seeking rewards and automatic)

East China Sea.

On the sea around Coca Village, the moment of standing on the pounds of the giant ship Pluto also has Nazi's three people who can clearly see a beautiful and quiet island village is located in the sea.


On the deck of Pluto, after listening to the story of Na's past, I knew that this weak, the beautiful girl who had encountered, I thought that the hometown of Namei could be Axi Village and the oppression of the Dragon 100. Medium, hateful sea

Military women's Major General Tina will not help but begin to bite the teeth.

"There is such a vicious guy in the world, and the ripple is the most ferocious criminal!"

"There is no absolute sin two in this world."

Looking at my face, I'm afraid of nna, watching her lovely, I can't help but shook his head, soft sigh: "Maybe you can see you, you will see it."

Even because of your own intervention Fisher Tac without death "

However, after the Sun Piece is 16 scattered, the fish people Alone still still run to the East China Sea to form the evil rumor group for the disaster.

The original inertia is really huge, two

It is a cocoa village that is getting closer and closer to the eyes, and there is also a deep feeling of the eyes of the blue blood.

"That two,.

However, in front of the hometown, getting closer, Namei, Namei's face is full of uneasiness, "Mr. I'm, I can really take the village from the hand of the Dragon Heiners. Do you save it? "

I heard the same problem with Namei's idiot, I was helplessly turned over a white eye, and there was no words between it.

, '} 2 "

Seeing that this is not allowed to make the whole world government and the Navy's One of the people laugh

Come, but then I will never stop.

"Cough ... Na Beauty ...

I saw that when I met the smile, Tina was gently cough, and my eyes were slightly glanced at my face, and I said: "Although I am a navy. And this guy is an enemy. '

"But I have to admit that this world should have no enemies that can't be paid.

The shape is like a tall bad bad queen's nna, and the highly sexy figure is obviously a small Namei, I saw her reaching a hook, and the neck of Namei was comforted like a one. "More Only a small pirate in the East Sea

Second, he is the new world's sea 'three emperor, the emperor of the god empire !! "

Obviously for Namedo, there are countless griefs that are still strong and optimistic, and the exterior is very distressed in her inner.

"Good Nazi, you helped me to work, I saved your village two,.

It is understood that there is more fear of Na Beauty in the past year, but it has been able to be more gorgeous in front of you, and the eyes of the left eye are suddenly entered into the eyes. force. "Two fair trade two,.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

At the same time, at the moment, in the moment of Tina and Nami's shakes, I was in an instant, and I took a huge pounds of battleship at the foot, disappeared in the sea.

Kakayi Village, Dragon Dragon Field.

"How is Crookebby?

I saw a tall purple skin fish on his throne. I asked the sinking of the cyan skin of the blue skin around him: "There is no news in Nameda."

"That human little girl.. Who knows two"

Alan's body-shaped green-skinned cyan skin fisherman Croo Oio grinned his mouth, as far as a sharp teeth, smiled: "But you promised her before she was 100 million Bailei ~. Let's take a whole cocoa Village to let her free one Allow.

Will not be serious? "

"Let her? Hahahaha ...

I heard the words around Crooke, as if I heard a joke, I saw a series of smiling laughter in the mouth of the saw tooth, Alan, "how could it be?! Fish people are just a wasteless waste.

"When she is giving me 100 million per-Lee ... I naturally open up to 200 billion ... I know that all the use value of the squeezes !!"

"Haha is so." Argon, you are really despicable. "

After listening to the dragon, the cadre of the fisherman of the Dragon Legion, who is the fisherman of the Dragon League, is laughing at the heart.

However, at this time, a fish under the hand in the dragon thief group suddenly ran in.

"It's not good, agron !!"

I saw this fishman's face, and I was busy with a hurry in my mouth. "Namei's dead girl brought a pair of human men and women back to Coco Village., '

"That woman is so powerful ... we dozens of brothers have been flying all by her.

It seems that the chaotic scene outside the Dragon Dragon is, the fisherman crew of this Dragon Heinel, can't help but report, and the mouth is reported, '. Several cadres are all lost Two we are not her opponent at all !! "

"What ?! Named, the dead girl ?!"

I saw the report of the salad man, Along was standing up from the seat, 'I gave me out! Packing them first! Today I will kill all the villagers in Kakayi Village !! "

"No ._ ... we have come ._.

Just when Aron is working with the cadres and members of the Dragon Piece of the Dragon Piece, a kind of vague voice is like the Van Yin, which has penetrated all the shortcomings. .

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Chapter 209, knot (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 209 of the Pirates (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 209, knot (ask for reward and automatic)

"This voice. ..., '

Suddenly heard this indifferent strange voice, like a wake-up, the top is usually sounded from his own heart, and all the fish people in the entire Dragon Dragon are stunned, '. What is going on ?! "

It can spend the speech with the soul, which is what the ability to use it will be used in the moment.

"Who? Who is talking ?!"

Just when all the fish people in the entire Dragon Dragon field were amazed.

Boom, I saw the wall that was not far away.

Among the smoke fog of countless fluttering, a man and a female two sleepers are also mixed with a petite figure, and the profile in the sight of all fish people in the Dragon Field gradually clearer.

'You are the Dragon Piece of the Village of the Mei and Cakayi villagers.

A cold voice contains the boundless anger into all the ear of all the fish people. I saw all the fog smoky dust, Tina suddenly lost the fish of the fisherman's fisherman's pirates in his hand.

"Na is two good two, '