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Racating Crack System Chapter 404

At the moment, Namei,

Almost don't have to use it without a flash, Jina, Jina, in the Dragon Dragon Field, has already taken the countless fish people, and even the cadres of several Dragon Third are not the opponent of Na, This is simply in the picture in Nami imagination

Complete large diameter. "Don't read Na 2 she is the youngest colors of the Navy ...

I heard the tone of Namei, watching her delicate face is full of envy and worship, and the moment is soft, "dealing with the fish people of these East China Sea ... Of course, I don't talk about it ._.". : '

"Who is Aron ?! Give Tina !!"

I saw Naji Yingzi's cool domineering, and the fishman was throwing away. The white navy behind him was soaring that the coat was slowly fluttered in the air. He is a beautiful face. color.

After all, Namei is different and I have seen my own eyes. After arrival, I saw a scene of the fisherman's fish person in the Dragon Mission in the Cocoa Village, which completely ignited the anger of the enemy's heart. .

In fact, this is a minor shadow of this chaotic world. The same thing happens every day in the world every day.

"Why do people with naval appear in the Dragon Field ?!"

I saw that Na came in and flew a few fishermen cadres in the hands. I saw the Naji's neighborhood coat coat, Aron's brow wrinkled, and quickly turned to the moment of Namei. Body, '. Namei second is that you are doing you.

it is good!!"

, 'Today, all villagers in Coco Village will be killed because of you !! "

When it comes to this, the expression of Yuxi on Alan has completely unable to contain, as the extremist of human beings in the fish people, Namei's betrayal has made him completely unable to tolerate!

Seeing the expressions of the fishman Aolonga in the distance, Na Beauty, who was oppressed for a long time, was not trembled.

At this time, the warm big hand was gently pressed on the shoulders of Namei, and smoked all the uneasiness and incitement in her heart.

"Since Fisher's Sun Piece is dissolved. ... said that it is like this?" Attached to the calm opening, the little voice suddenly caused the attention of all the fish people in the entire Dragon field.

"How do you know two?

Originally, the fishman agronemin can I want to ask if he knows that he is separated from Fisher Tieg's Sun Piece, but suddenly looks clear about the appearance of the moment and the body, Aron The whole person is thoroughly stunned in the original place.

, 'Why don't you talk? Fisher usually teach you this? "

A pair of blue blood is looked at the far-sighted goron, and the calm mood fluctuated in the calm tone.

, '$ Group Mr. Mr.! No two ?! "

After recognizing the identity of the moment in front of the moment, the fishman Aron suddenly felt that he had a soft knee, almost kneeling on the ground.

'You I will come to the small place like the East China Sea,'

As a fishman born from the fish people, as a hundred thief from the Fisher Tie Siyi, of course, no one knows what this man is better than A Long.

The emperor of the Arono Empire, even the whole world government and the Navy's part of the new world, all the three emperors of the world felt the fear of men, and even the fishwood islands from Aron now sheltered under the banner of the Arono Empire. God The territory of the Emperor.

"Along him, he knows Mr. I am ...

Unbelievably looked at the whole body of the whole body, the fishman Aron, who was trembled, and the Nazi, which was angry, and his eyes were unobstructed. It seems that I didn't know the fans around him.

"For the second, I am not interested in listening to you nonsense."

I didn't pay attention to myself, I am surprised (a Zhao) is an uncertain eye, and the look is indifferent to gradually lift their arms to the far-sighted fisher ago.

"Go to hell to repent ...

"Don't don't want to be two !!"

It didn't pay attention to the suffering of the fish, Alan, and the vast vast ice of the ice cosmo was released in an instant.

Ice ring!!!

I saw that I was still moving in the same place, but I suddenly took a burst of ice cold white.

The speed of light is condensed into a huge incomplete ice ring in the air, and the center is suddenly spreading all directions in the field.

Beyond the absolute zero-degree death frost is like the plague is generally spread, and the whole darker field is frozen into a white world between the transstals.

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Iron ring ring.

The whole fauze of the entire downs in Namenta is completely frozen into eternal ice sculptures.

"You two, you put all them all"

Sticking to the field of vivid white ice sculptures in front of you, looking at the humanoid ice sculptures of the cold in front of you, Namei's whole person.

"You all frozen into ice sculptures ...

Seeing the flash of the moment, it was killed by all the people's fish on the entire Dragon Sea. The Na, who took hands, gently greeted a woman's cigarette, with her tall figure and black gloves and sunglasses. Show the female Wang style.

"Let my god Empire's navigates all over the tears of tears ...

The slowly recovered the arm of himself, and the mouth was gently spit out of a cold, and the words between the words were sudden, '. There is no qualification to survive in this world ._ .:'

"Killing the Secretary of the Second"

Although there is no positive to Namei, it is necessary to clearly feel that everything they do is for yourself, Namei's pair of eyes can not help but have a 420 liter.

Belmel 2

I finally revenge.

The village and everyone are all freely.

"Well ._ ... we will go ... Na Beauty, Na ... less

I saw that I saw it. I saw the heart of Namei at this moment, and I immediately greened my eyes. I was so comfortable, and I'm next to it, next to my high-sleeve, Namedo I Xiao Yingying I seem to see it like that.

I saw that it was originally like the moment, I suddenly made such a relative, I feel the heart of Nami, I don't know what I think of, my face is nodded.

Then, when I took Tina and Na Beauty, I passed from the frozen frozen dragon field, and the blue blood of the blue blood was slightly glanced, and there was an octopus fishman sea that was frozen into a vivid ice sculpture. A thief.

"This long image is an octopus guy ...

At the moment, a (BGAC) was recognized that this was frozen by himself together with the entire downtown field, and the identity of the octopus fisherman who was completely lost in the body, '. It should be a small to save the Little Rayry. Eight bar ...

But how is it ...

As long as it is a person who wants to kill, don't say it is the right hand of the One Piece.

At the moment, I took Tina and Nami, I was a big space that was frozen by my own ice. I just took a fun thing in the field, and I had a fun thing in front of my heart.

" You all give me !!"

Just in the moment they had just stepped out of the Dragon Dragon field, I saw a naval colonel as long as the mouse, and I was brought by dozens of naval soldiers.

In addition, the surrounded by the Naval colonel of the mouse, also captured the villagers tied to a group of cacaisi villages, which even had a beautiful body, a beautiful blue short hair, is a sister of Nami, a Bell Nukka, who has adopted Merr.

"Noqi! Help! There is also everyone ...

Seeing the appearance of this mouse and many naval soldiers, he also held so many villagers in Ayes Village, and suddenly exclaimed.

"Na Beauty! How are you still here! You will leave here. A !! '. After seeing Nametan, the beauty of light blue short hair Nikki Gao Baizhe's face suddenly opened.

"How is you? How do you have you ?! Aron ?!"

It seems that there is dozens of naval soldiers around dozens of naval soldiers, but suddenly noticed that there is a flash of the neighborhood of the Navy, and suddenly the eyes are suddenly glance, "you. .... Call it ...

"The Major General II of the Navy is the Navy.

The eyes of the mouse in front of the mouse, Namei suddenly remembered the nna around him, as if it was like grabbed the rescue of the straw, tightly grabbed the arm of Na and the moment, "Na ... Mr. I._ This is evil The guy and agron is a group ~ accept

Aron's bribe tick the fish people with a pirates to put the villagers' shameless naval defeat ...

It seems that this guy is the orthographic naval defeated mouse.

Sure enough, it's enough.

Stared of the eyebrows, this thief, the thief, the eye, and the naval colonel like a mouse, and the moment was slightly smashed.

"I am an Major Na, the Navy's part! Are you a colonel of the Navy ?!"

In fact, there is no need to open the mouth, look at this group of Navy soldiers grabbed so many cocoa, the villagers of Athi, the enemy, Na Beauty! The brilliant face is already a cold cream, a pair of beautiful eyes with fierce The eye is a mouse, "Why do you want to catch?

Holding this innocent villagers ?! "" It is the Major General of the Department! Why is the Major General of the Navy? "

I heard Ti Na said my own identity, and all the naval soldiers in front of him were all stunned, and the face was panicked.

, 'Reporting the second report Maja, II, I am the second school of the Donghai Navy Navy, the second year.

I heard the sorrowfulness of Na, I saw the whole person in front of my mouse, I couldn't help but smash it, and I just wanted to report my identity, but I was interrupted by Na. "I am asking you! Why do you want to catch this innocent villager ?!"

I haven't waited for the mice in front of my mouse to talk, Tina will be asked again, and the beauty of the beauty is a slight embroidered red, and the towering month is constantly exhausted, obviously Tina has been in front of him. This scene is not light.


It turned out that the navy has fallen into this place?

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Tina is unbelievable to see all this.

But the reality is the villager of this thief's mouse in front of this thief, with a naval soldier holding the villagers of innocent cocoachi, and collected with the fisherman of the Dragon Piece, arrowing the people around 20 villages.

Submitted to the Naval Elite as the most elite naval elite to cultivate, follow the original Navy's general 'black wrist. Zefa countless times to catch the pirates, Tuna has always believed that the Navy is absolutely justice.

But now

In the eyes of this, this kind of view, can't help but let Na's whole person have a dramatic shake, is it a mistake in the conviction and justice that I have always insisted on?

Do you have a few times to die in the sea, and I'm almost put your own innocence. Is it just right?

Listening to the sound of everything, I'm a domineering to catch up at this moment, I'm in the heart of the inner heart, and I can't help but width 4L, I was on her shoulder, whispered: '. One pirates do not symbolize absolute sin The same two navy is also representative.

Absolute justice ...

"Na's second as long as you follow the justice of your own heart.

Gently patted the shoulders of Na, and the soft voice is comforted. "You will always be the hateful nun of the hateful righteousness that I met at the beginning.

Navy two

Also don't you justice?

Listening to the soft comfort of the moment, looked at the naval of the decadent insects, Na's beautiful eyes gradually became fascinated.

I saw Na's inner heart has already shaken the concept of the entire navy. It is not intentionally, a pair of blue blood gradually stares to the mouse and naval soldiers who have held dozens of cocoa villagers in front of them.

"What do you want to do?! You don't come over !!"

Looking at the line of sight moving to his body, it obviously feel that this terrible man's body is not a common man before it is not ordinary. I only see that the mouse is full of people, I can't stop the tremble, and in the middle

"You come over again, let the soldiers under the hand kill them all !!"

"Hey. ... Although I and the Navy stand in the hostile position."

The zone of the blue blood red is indifferent to the eyes of the mouse who holds the innocent villagers as the hostage, and there is no ridicule, "but it is not deny that there is still a lot of true justice in the Navy. The two statues are

Your living is a waste of air.

Reincarnation · God is going to be!!!

Between speaking, the left eyelid of God has flashing in the eyes of the blue eyes, and endless pupils are crazy.


In front of the air, there is a shadow that flashes countless vast eyes, and dozens of naval soldiers in front of me. It is like a soul from Qi Net, usually take away all their lives. And soul.

In the eyes of all the people around, the moment is still seemingly appeared in the same place, the black coat coat slowly flutters the sea breeze in the cocoa village, and the silver-white long hair flashed in the sun shining. Halo.

"I beg you not to kill me ... let me go ...