It seems that the moment in front of you is completely indifferent to your threat, and the mouse began hard to plead, '. Otherwise, my soldiers will really kill all the villagers.

"Yes ... You look at the soldiers under your hand ... less

Looking at the soul of this ugly twisted struggle, the moment is like a devil, the mouth is gradually raised.


On the discourse, the mouse has suddenly turned around around, but it has discovered that all the naval soldiers who have held the villagers who have accommodated the village of Asia village have been unrestrained, and the nose is completely lost. All symbolism.

· ... seeking flowers ...

"You, you are a demon, you put them all ...

Seeing that there was a lot of silence, so many of the naval soldiers around him were all killed, and the mouse was scared as the soul of the soul, and the whole man screamed.


At this time, the eyes of the original lost focal length gradually returned to the reality in front of me, it has been completely breaking away from the confusedness, a pair of beautiful eyes stared at the mouse in front of the mouse in front of him, burning in the pupil Flame of the bear

"I. Please hand to Tina ...

"The navy like this ... Tuna must personally punise him !!"

Bill, fruit, pick up!!

Everyone only heard the sorrowful drink of Na, and countlessly like the fence. There are countless fences, and the mice who are in front of them are dead are dead.

A crisp sound sound is sounded.

I saw that Na, I didn't know when I had already appeared in the middle of the mouse, and the high-sexy gobbledrous body, the jacket, the general, the jacket, was slowly moved in the air.

The upper school is the neck, and the whole person is in the upper ground. The Naina directly shot a hand knife and crushed his throat, and the life of this ugly navy defeated. Life.

"I can't afford two villagers"

After the mouse was ordered, I saw Na's villagers in front of the city, deeply bent down on my slim waist, and the beautiful embarrassment, "I I don't know ... the navy actually appeared like this.

Defined class, trihina is really sorry.

"Don't Towa. This is not blamed for you.

At this time, Nimei slowly walked to Na's side, she was desocious to comfort her and thank you. "Thank you, you are a just naval two"

Chapter 212 bid farewell (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 212 bid farewell (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Yes. A! This villain is nothing to do with you at all!"

With the words of Nami, all the villagers surrounded by all Coco Village have reacted, and suddenly broke out the cheers, '. Thank you, please save us !! "

"Great! All these bastards are solved!"

"We finally free 7 !!"

"You are too kind, Na ...

Looking at the heart is full of juni, the moment is slowly walked to her, and it is gently on his shoulders, and she is comforted with Namei. "If the navy is how to fall into decay, you will always It is the justice nna

Looking at my own weaknesses in front of themselves, I'm young, I'm glamorous, and my mouth gradually raised the inexplicable arc.

Tina 2

It seems that a seed has been buried in your heart:.

The next three days.

In Cocoa, countless villages, countless villagers, warm guests, moment, in this island village full of peaceful and peaceful island, is a rare holiday.

"So ... Noki ..." Help ... There is also everyone ... less

The island edge of Cocaise Village, Namiyi is reluctant to say goodbye to everyone, '. I have to go with Mr. I will go.

"Take care of yourself Na Beauty. ... Can you let me see you cry.:. Less

Strongly inherited the urge to cry, the light blue short hair beauty Nochi high face seems to hang a quiet smile, deeply look at Namei, which is about to be away from others.

'Noqi. ... In fact, you can also choose to leave with us ...

Becking behind the huge pounds, the blue-blue eyes are worthy of light blue short hair, the beautiful beauty of the beautiful beauty, and the moment is not allowed to speak: "The god Empire is far more than Cocoa Village ... no matter Is the devil fruit or other

Ability I can make you get ...

"This is not, I belong to this Belmel here."

I heard the invitation of the moment, Noki shook his head, in a few days, her and the two were already very familiar, "but Namei is different. She has unmanned navigation talent And smart mind

Mr. Xu ... Named this guy although the surface is smart and strong ... but must be troubled to take care of her. A! "

"Do you want to stay in Coco Village?

See Nova or hope to stay in your own life, the moment is sorry, but it is not strong, "Namei, you can rest assured .... The Navali of the Arono Empire. _ ... no one in this world can make She is wronged ... less

"So two goodbye, if there is nochi, if there is 9 to help, you can call me two", and I will use the nna and Nami, and I use the moment to shuttle to the high-incomparable Pluto deck.

Bang ...

In the whole cocoa village, all the people sent a good job, the moment, the huge pound battleship, Pluto, suddenly drove into the boundless sky.

Goodbye Nukki ...

Goodbye everyone

Goodbye ._ ... Belmel ....

Standing in the pole of Pluto, looked at the island of Ayes Village, which was getting farther away from themselves until they disappeared in their own perspective, Namei made farewell to the past and in the past.

Great route.

The huge pounds of extreme evil battles gradually drove in the boundless blue sea, and they were shocked around all the hundred pirates encountered along the way.

"Now I have to take Na Beauty to the New World, I'm."

Created a spacious swimming pool on the deck of Pluto, looking at the big sea in front of the front of the big sea, the islands, lying on the beach chair and Tuna: "Na, you will take us! "

, 'No two, thank you for saving Na 2

I heard the invitation of the moment, Na Na's eyes were more comparative and looked at my eyes. Silently shook his head, '. Dare to be happy to know you .... These days, you let me see a different world ... less

"But I have left the Navy for so long, I have to go back to the Navy.

Although there is an inexplicable dismissal of the neighborhood, Na Na, who is growing up in the Naja, is finally gradually strengthened, '. And this time Tina knows that the East China Sea decayed navy ... I have to lead Call or superior explains such a situation

The second "Otherwise, no one can guarantee that there is no one to happen again like Namei.

"Also ...

After listening to the words of Tina, I was silently nod, and I was very kind to this glamorous girl in Tina. To tell the truth, he didn't feel unprecedented, '. So not far from the front. I will put you in the building.

Send there ...

, 'But Na ...

On the other hand, it was gradually stood up from the beach chair. I went to Tina's incomparable care to care about her pink hair.

"Kill that. Tina is really ...

Feel the big hands of the moment 2.7 caress your hair, listen to his gentle tone, Toya, gave birth to a movement and dismissal.

The temperature is soft: "If you don't want to stay in the navy one day. _. My god Empire will always welcome you ...

In front of you, this man is clearly the enemy of the Navy and killing the enemy's enemy's enemies, but Na, but found that he hated him at the moment.

"Na Na sister .... Do you really want to go back to the Navy?"

At this time, Namei also ran over and looked at the pretty face of Na Nazhe in front of him. I lost a lot, for the beauty of the beauty, Nami and any little girls, I used to fantasy. Yourself in the future

Be a strong and handsome woman.

(Eat melon everyone's monthly ticket is rewarding the flowers, thank you to support orz).

Chapter 213 Chaotic Shampoo Islands (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 213 Chapter Chapter Chaotic Shampoo Islands (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Na Beauty ... You are a strong and smart girl ...

Gently reached out to touch the small head of Nazi, and I like this strongly intelligent droplet girl in front of you. Smiling and said: "I have to go back to the Navy to report to the superior to report everything I saw in Donghai Na Beauty. We will definitely

I've met the two '.

Regarding the status quo of the East China Sea Navy, the Navy is likely to know?

Obviously, it is not possible. If you don't control your own branch, what is eligible for the Navy to become the largest violent institution of the world's 800-year world government?

The only explanation is that the Navy's part of the decay of the branch is the same as the end of it.

Listening to Na's innocent thoughts, I was helpless, and I didn't let Na, this silly girl touched it. She won't recognize real turns.

Shampoo island.

Island 1166, here is the most confusing lawless zone on the shampooland.

The huge incomparable pounds of the giant ship gradually stopped the shore, and the boundless Pluto directly hit the rush of the periphery, and drove into the port.

'Laozi's One Piece !! "

The extremely huge war of the body is to fly the hundred pirates directly, and a thief that just acted suddenly shouted.

"What a battleship! It is so huge !!"

More than around, it is a pirate that is a big master that is a big master.

, 'P Japanese flag is two,'

On the shore of the No. 16 island, a group of angry and unfortunate pirates suddenly saw that after the flag of the fluttering of the Pluto, suddenly changed his face and chaos.

"That is the banner of the two godroe !!".

'The boat of the dead two godroe came to the shampoo island 2,'

I saw the one who was still chaotic in front of him. After seeing the banner of the god Empire, I suddenly swept it when I was on the shore, all the fighters either escorted or hid, spying, peeping the sky. The hustle-top.

"I have gradually come to the deck. When I go boat, I will gently reach out of the destinations and pick up the two beautiful women of Na and Namei.

"So, we will send you to Na ..."

After the shore, I suddenly looked at Tina in front of myself. The left eye ZHANG Zi's deep eyes flashed a little unspeakable, and there was a blue unique sadness.

And this time.

'Quickly look at the two people !! "

Surrounded by the old far away from the three-person thief, after seeing the outline of the three people in the moment, suddenly pumped a cold air.

15 men are two 'eternal. At the moment ?! "

After recognizing the identity of the moment, all the pirates that were hidden around and hidden were almost eye, and suddenly there was a unclear, "the emperor of the Arono Empire actually came to the shampoo island? ! "

"Waiting for the two women, '

It's hard to extract your sight from the distance, but when all the thief's line of sight falls on Na, it is a deep surprise again. "The woman is not a Major General 'black. Secure, Na ?! ".

'Navy Major' Black Dress, Why did Na will end with the emperor of the god Empire. Baby together ?! And I went out from his boat.

Seeing the Major General Tina in the Navy, I will go with the moment, I will come out from the Pluto, and all the pirates around the time burns the fire of the gossip of the bears. 'What kind of cat is?! Or."

,. Black Dress, Tina is the woman of the guy in the moment ?! "

At all the pirates are secretly guessed, the blind eye to the left eye of the shore is suddenly predicted in advance, but in advance.

"Na !!"

A rough shout came, and only the chaotic streets in front of the shampoo island 16 island.