Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 406

A tall man with two cigars in a white-haired mouth ran quickly, and there is a black hair with a black hair with a red frame with a red frame.

"It is Samig 2 and Dasqi II, '

I heard the Tina look around the familiar sound moment, and I went to myself, I recognized the identity of the people, and now the Navy G5 Branch, the colonel, the colonel, 'White Hunter. Sog and Middle School Schi.

, 'Na, where have you been?! Last task, after you go out, we can't contact you.

After seeing the last mission, the disappeared nna will be safe, and the Score and Dasqi have sent a breath, but after seeing the moment by Tina, Samig's 807 hole suddenly shrunk.

Pull, moment ?! "

It is clear that the man standing around Na, is deemed by the entire world government and the Navy. Ten years ago in the water capital of the Dark Devils, a sword killed their teacher's original Navy's generals' black Wrist, Zemifa, will be brought into two paragraphs throughout the water

The 'eternal, moment, Sigog's whole person suddenly changed, "How do you be with this guy ?!"

"This young handsome man is ._." It is the legend. Eternal, moment ?? "

As the Srid around the side put out the sea floor stone ten hands, the stunned gesture, a black long-haired, Dasqi, also raised the famous knife in his hand. Time rain, gently pushed Push your eyes on your own nose, you have the same look.

Jun show the dusty man.

Men who are regarded as flood beasts by the entire world government and the Navy, Dasqi discovered that they were so young.

But as a philosophy to accept all the knives that were taken away by the wicked. Jian Dats Qi, her line of sight quickly became the firing of the firing of the firwork.

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Chapter 214 Dasqi and Kiss (seeking rewards and automatic)

Pirates 214 chapter Dasqi and kiss (seeking rewards and automatic)

'He in his hand is too knife two,'

A pair of red frame, a pair of dead stares in the hands of the faster, and the two eyes of Dasqi are almost invited to send a blazing spark, "It is also to be over without the legend." Drama on the 12th Workers on the big fast knife is fired?

Obviously, in countless battles, including the rise of the god Empire and the World Government Naval Branch of the Decade, this is the name of the fire, the name of the fire, the name of the fire, the whole name has resounded throughout The world sea.

In the eyes of the world, the level is from the low to high, and the big fast knife is twenty-one workers and no big fast knife twelve workers. When the flow blade on the hand, if the fire ranked, there is still a big fast knife ten Best.

Philosophils have to accept all the names of the name of the wicked people, in front of the world's strongest famous blade, of course, the temptation has produced great interest and attention.

"Sigog two these things go back to the Navy]

I looked at the hometown of the enemy's fighting gesture, Tina had some headache for his forehead, and I wrestled two of them.


I saw that I didn't wait for Tina, I have two cigars in my mouth, and I have instantly appeared in an instant, and the ability to launch natural smoke fruit has formed a huge white smoke. I went up in an instant.

"Scoge! Stop !!"

Seeing the Srous of the eyes, the Tunaton around him was shocked.

"Do you want to have a limit like it is good ...

The left-eyed gods have a blue light flashing. How can Srid suddenly launched an attack that the insight of the moment and the capture of the three paragraphs.

I disdainfully smashed my mouth, although I have been in the past for more than ten years, 'White Hunter, Scims is also a lot more than before, but it is clear that this strength is not enough in the eyes of the moment.

Armed colors, yawning!!!

Among the horror of the right eye, the Srous motion in front of the eyes is not much better than the turtle.

Among the pupils of Sman, reaching the third stage of armed colors quickly changed to a dark magic goddess to cover the right foot wrapped in the moment, and then screwed in the eyes of Scochi. I am full of booming.

In the case where everyone has not been reacted, the Navy's upper granter is in the foot of the Thunder, and the whole person suddenly slammed out, the straight arrow shot back. He and Dasqi came on the street.

"Look at the face of Na, I will leave you a life.

Easily and freely war the Navy Strong Battler, Samham, and can also see that Although Sigra has fallen into the eyes of the fascinating eye. However, there is still a mouthful.

,. White Hunter. Scorem. I was flying in a blink of an eye.

Hiding in the shade of the surrounding town in the dark, looking at the scene of the moment in the moment, suddenly hitting the Mrue in the distance, and suddenly the atmosphere did not breathe, '. We still hurry.' Eternal I'm doing it at all, I'm not at a level.

"Stimo Shangjia !!"

I didn't wait for myself, I didn't wait for myself to react, I was blown out in front of myself, and the brunette glasses girl Datchette suddenly bite.

Strong, from the moment of '' '' '

· !!

In the eyes of all their courage, Dasqi quickly waved the rain in his hands in front of everyone, and flicked in the moment of the moment. It seems like it is a little shining in the dark. The cold star, directly forced to the throat of the moment


"Courage can be Jiaguan"

Between the blood, I saw that the eyes of Dasqi in the hands of Dasqi in the moment of the gods of the right eye were in the eyes of the sea. The kidney is very dangerous ....

Looking at this black long-haired swordshot girl, this is the same as Dasqi, which is the exemption of the ancient guna, who has passed away from the Solan Mei Zhu Ma, in the original, is strong and brave, is unselfish and morality. noble.

Rabbit hair needle !!!

When the sword, Dasqi suddenly felt that she was a flower in front of her eyes. I didn't see the movement of the moment. I took a pain in my hand. The name of the knife in my hand was raining. I couldn't hold it. I was easy to shock.

And the moment, a silver-fashioned long hair, and the countless silver hair wraps wrapped around the top armed colors, and there is no trace all in all the meridians in Dasqi, and seals her whole. Human action.

'The body can't move ...

The red frame glasses also can't cover the perseverance of Dasqi. I haven't seen how to take a photo of her. She is like a photo of her. I have a movement, and I have a hand in hand to keep the sword. Standing in the original place.

" ( ) Na Er here, I handed over to you.

After a photo is instant, after Sog and Dasqi, I suddenly glanced at a group of navals on the streets in the street. Head didn't return to turn. He was suddenly pulled by a warm wrist. live.

"Wait a moment, the second" Na's voices sound.

"What's wrong with it ... I'm less confused, the sound of the opening, but suddenly stopped, and the lips were blocked by a warm lip.

In the eyes of Nazi and the moving bomb, Dasqi, I saw the nna in front of him pulled the brakes, but when I kissed the lips of the moment.

On the 16th island, chaotic street, kissing men and women set up a forever picture.

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Chapter 215 strands (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 215, Chapter 215, is stranded (seeking rewards and automatic)

Na 2

Take the initiative.

The moment is strange, and the doubles of the blue blood, red rays, feel a warm touch, and the fragrance of the heart spleen in his nose, I can't help but hold your hands closely. Former na, hands don't want


"Deceive twice ...

Unbelievable look at the two people who kissed in front of them, Nami couldn't help but reach out of their little I mouth, they didn't surprise the sound, 'mouth like this, I kissed it ?! "

"Tina. It's so bold ...

It is blocked all over the body, and the bullet is not standing in the land, and the whole person is also can't be seen in front of this.

"Tirita will receive you ...

Under the glasses of the red frame, Dasqi did not dare to confuse the eyes, and it looked at the ridiculous scenes in front of him.

As the youngest Naina, the Naval Naval

It turned out to be the emperor of the Arono Empire. Eternal.

This world is really too crazy.

a long time.

The two people who kiss finally gradually be separated.

"Tina 2, '

After one of the 930th and Na, I also looked at the nna in front of my eyes. It seems that I am pre-emotionally losing the utility. "If you don't think about it, I'm looking forward to us next time, I have the opportunity to see again ...

After the two of the two people were separated, they looked at the handsome faces in front of them with a face-sighted expression. Tina was a beautiful woman with a bad smile and gently reached his own. The finger stops the mouth of the moment, '. You changed you

The impression left to Na. ... You are really a great man ...

After the finish.

Tina was turned back, and his hand was not returned to the streets of the distance.

"Na ... You are a fun woman.

The blue blood of the blue blood is tightly looked at Na, who is like a proud Queen, does not return, and the moment is lightly brought to a inexplicable smile. "There is always one day. You will return to me. of.,'

"Let's go, Na Beauty ....

Until the far away Tina disappeared in his own perspective, it took back his own gaze, and took the shoulders around Na Beauty.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

In an instant, I was in the same time in the shock of Namedan. I was in the seaside to stranded. Continuously launched the whole huge pound of Pluto giant ship, disappeared in the entire shampoo island 16 island all dark Peek

New world.

Distance to the Azurka, the sky of the gods, the huge pounds of Pluto huge boats.

On the way, the waves of the gods that fluttering in Pluto, all the hundred pirates in the new world meet have nothing to do.

After the shampoo island and Na, I also had a lesser of Xia Qi, No. 13 Island, and I still didn't meet the vice captain of the charm of the One Piece, 'Pluto, Rally, I had to take Na Beauty. The red soil continent has come to the sea of ​​the new world.

"We are coming ._ :.

Standing in the head of Pluto, the left eye is far from the high-level gods, and I saw the nine huge planets (BGDJ) of the hanging on a long-lasting sea. The moment is laughing and laughing. Nami pointed out: "The front is the god empire.

Nami 2, '


At the beginning, the direction of the moment pointed out, Nami did not respond to the Shen Luo Empire, but until the death of Pluto, the more it took, the nine-star is formed in the long-haired seas. A string of huge planet

The whole person is completely shocked.

"What ?! Where is the god Empire ?!"

Until the Pluto of the two of the feet in the moment, the death of the two of the feet took into a bustling and lively, there were countless ships that came from the sea.

It is clear that the nine huge things hanging in front of the sky in front of the sky, looking at the crowds of nine planets and the high-rise buildings standing around, Nami, thoroughly.

Until this moment, Namei is really understanding ...

There is a lot of rights in the hands of this mystery around yourself.

'Big sea ._. How can there be a planet ... less

, 'Let's go.

I glanced at the expression that I stayed around Namei. I was a little smile. I parked my paters in the feet in the sea. In Namei's exclamation, she flew her with her gods on the top sky. go with.

"Your Majesty! It's coming back !!"

"Long live you !!"

After the Baby flew into the central god star, I heard the cheers of the horses in the feet, and I saw the countless god Empire military soldier on the planet under the foot.

, 'All these people are all ...

Tight nests in the moment, Robin, obviously hopped at the foot, and some hesitatedly looked at the moment by himself.

"Yes ... all is my army.

I saw the shocked pretty face of Robin, and I was unfained to laugh, smiled and gently waved the monarch soldiers who had countless martial arts soldiers in the campus under their feet.