Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 407

Under the infection of the past few shocking bats, the long spirit of the god empire in Peace, there is no doubt that the moment is now the only god in this field, and since the heart of all people in the god Empire. Lots and worship.

, 'Here is my office.

Floating the grand buildings in front of the clouds in front of the clouds, and the flash directly took the Robin around him into their own office.

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Chapter 216 Allabattan (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 216 Allabatan (seeking rewards and automatic)

Time is as washing, after a month.

Great Airways, San Island, Alabastan Kingdom.

This is a country with a purely consisting of deserts. All the buildings that have been seen in the eye are similar to the style of the Middle Eastern Middle Eastern Middle East.

A port city named is known as the calendar, this is the only port city of the Kingdom of Alabartan, directly connected to the sea of ​​the great navigation.

Among the smashing markets, it is an intensive forever shop, and it is a bright pearl in the desert. Although it is not necessarily beautiful, it is absolutely rich.

Today, this bustling port city has come today, a group of strange guests.

Walking in the forefront of a man, holding a slender taikhole in his hand, a pair of blue blood red monster is gently covering, a silver white sparkling long hair in this desert The city is gently flushed.

In addition to following the black suit wearing a pen, wearing a leopard coat, facing perseverance, standing on a white pigeon suspected man.

There is also a beautiful beauty around three stables, a golden long hair wears frameless glasses, wearing a professional suit short skirt black stockings sexy demon fever, a hot pants vest black long hair is not A pair of sun sunglasses, perfect

The five senses have a unique ice cold and wise temperament, and an orange hair covered with white-eyed, a cute girl whispering, a smart, a cute girl.

, 'Here ... is the kingdom of Alabastan.:. Sure enough, it is a desert everywhere.

The top of the sky is hot, Robin gently reached out to the wind, trying to blow away the heat, swallowing the green eyes flashing with a wise light, '. The uncle of the instant is really worth it. Let me study an ancient literature? "

,'of course…

I heard the question of Robin, I nodded, and a pair of Zhan Blue Blood Red Dynamism, the sharpness of the sharp sword seems to penetrate the entire port city, saw the old and brilliant royal palace in the distant desert, ' . It should be in the Kingdom of Alabasan

The capital of Arba, Alba,., '

"Namei two forth this time, I took you out, I lost more than the maritime plan you set ...

I am like the iceberg in the iceberg, and I have seen the Namei, I'm looking at my eyes, 'Otherwise, we don't know how many roads going.

, 'Awarded Carryfa 2,'

Listening to the praise of Keli Fa, Namei smiled, but soon pretended to be modestly said, the two 's Chief Nautical Navigi, who became a god Empire ... This is what I should do ...

"BOSS II according to the latest ingredients from Korasson, '

Just at this time, I have been silently following the lack of Luohu Lu, who is like a hand body, and opens it. It is said that the actual controller of the country in the Kingdom of Alabastan is not current. 12th generation

Wang Na Feutali Bo Brula two is two

"Is one of the Qiu Qi Wuhai. Saffler, Klock Dar ... and the Criminal Group under his hand is right? '. I saw that I didn't wait for the lack of Luqi. I have said that he has already said him. Just want the information to be issued.

"Yes 2 BOSS"

Although I was in the moment, I didn't know the intelligence you want to say. However, Luqi's quiet face did not surprising, and the man who is from this seems to be omnipotent, Luqi's heart I have already arrived in the morning.

No wonder.

"Then we go to the capital Alba, we will go directly to the big yield of Klock Dar,"

The mouth is talking, the moment is slightly looked at the sky, the sky, the sky, whispering belongs to the words: "According to such weather, the country has been at least three years without a rain. "

· ...... seeking flowers ...

I have seen the original moment of my heart, one of the Qi Qiqiu, the sand crocodile, Klock Dal is the main disorder in the Kingdom of Alabartan.

Using the banned 'dancing powder. The side effects of the Alabartan have not rain in three years, and the responsibility to the country's King Na Fudali Kobe, the people who are unknown, constitute a rebellion , A serious war with the King army.

Kroddal himself was embarrassed because of hunting a thief. The hero of the country, this guy can be said that the back of the renewal plan is to capture the ancient weapons described above in an ancient literature on the Kingdom of Arabastan. Pluto,.

Of course, it is the Extreme Crashing Organizer that has been successfully created by the design drawings of the water capital today.

"Hey! It is actually the hateful guy !!"

"Let's change to us quickly !!"

Just when I was slightly sick, the bustling of the bustling market suddenly came out of the huge voice, heard the familiar voice moment couldn't help but go back.

I saw the streets of the bustling market, a teenager wearing a thief Wang Luo Jaya, a green hair waist, there is a three-eyed swordsman, and a black suit golden man and a head wearing windproof Glasses long-faced fish

Hide, Herone is a group of straw hat.

"It is the second road fly and Soon them ...

I heard the familiar voice, Namei's face couldn't help but have a complicated look, after all, and Lu Fei who have been a good partner for a while.

"Silent. These small ghosts actually chased the Royal Kingdom of Alabastan here ...

I recognized the identity of the straw road flying their group, and there was speechless to smash my mouth, I want to open the road to let the road around them.

Just at this time.

Chapter 217 Wei Wei Princess (ask for reward and automatic)

Pirates 217, Wei Wei, Princess (seeking rewards and automatic)

At the moment of the left eye, the eyes of the gods were penetrated through the entire market, and the edge of the calendar, the oasis, the dense rainforest, and captured the scene of life and death.

"Nairudali Wei Wei .... She is not in the Whiskey Mountain ... Why is it here ._

At the distance of the very far, I recognized the identity of the Jutrong's hunting in the Jutrong Rainforest, and some of them raised their brows.

"Forget it ._ ... Don't pay attention to these bloody idiots.

The eyes of the blue-blue blood glanced over the bustling and crowded market, and the squid of the straw cap, the sight focus of the moment, but the focus of the rainforest, ' Seven three zero "open silent: '. Come near


Renovation of eyes · God !!!

When the Namekolffin, there is still a statement of Luji to the body, the in.

, 'J Xiao Qi disappeared two "

Suddenly stopped the footsteps of your own chase, Solaron looked like a small smoke, and disappeared in the moment.

"I am evil" I must save Namei from his hand !! "

At this time, the straw road flying also suddenly blocked his footsteps, looking at the empty space in front of him, and killing into his hands in his hand, the whole face is firm.

"For the road, I don't want to die."

The side of Lu Fei and Solaron, the most embarrassing Upopo has a little battle: "The man who took Nami is the strongest in the world.. We all die two,.

"How can we have a ghost companion like you?"

On the other side, the ubus Mao Mountain is reached to the Upopp, and there is no two rows of tears, and he has a gentleman's personality, and he is thoroughly imagined into a rescue from the mouth of the Dragon. The princess's knight, "Miss Named is now

At the sure every day, the terrible guy is suffering from the day and night, M ... we must save her from the claws soon !! "


A piece of dense rainforest.

" miss.wednesday, M r.8, give up ...,

I saw the five devil's capabilities of the Baroque Corporate Clan Daldal, and quickly chased the slight princess of the rainforest and the Guarda Guard of the Guarda Guard of the Kingdom of Alabastan.

, 'You two are the two you can't escape. You have been fully known by M R.0.' "Damn. ... Why Crokdal will know our ID 2"

In the intensive rainforest, the flying shuttle, Weiwei princess has wiped a lot of scars in the long run, but still a firm face, 'no matter How can I have to put the country from that bad?

The egg is saved !! "

"The princess, I will stop them ...

Feeling that the five devil's capabilities of the five devil fruits under the hand of the Baroque Corporation after you have passed the killing machine, and Icolam's face flashed, "You are going to ...

Just Is Ikulam's words have not been finished, it is fried by a nose that is bounced by the bombing fruit power M r.5.

"Icales !!"

The princess of Wei Wei, who is running, suddenly saw the guard captain of himself and the kingdom, is fried by the nose bomb, and suddenly stopped his footsteps.

"I said that you can't escape! M r.8 can kill, but you are M R.0 to explain people who want to catch back"

Wei Wei's princess had just stopped his own footsteps, and the five Baroque Work Society, the demon fruit capabilities under the hand of the five Baroque, and chased her, and only the strongest superman is fast. M r.1 Shen Xiang said ...

how so.…

The second father of the king

Don't you really fall into the bad guy?

Even in the heart, you will be brave, facing the five devil's ability to surround your own, and then think of the king's seven Wuhai's sand crocodile, the power of Klkdal, Wei Wei's beauty, the face of Bai Zhe, even Desperate look.

"Are you the princess of the Kingdom of Alabastan Nairudari Vivi?"

At this time, a unfamiliar sound that was originally not present in this dense rainforest, there was no sign of incoming in the ear of all people in the field.


Inexplicably heard the voice of this unfamiliar man, in addition to ignite Wei Wei princess and fetched to the ground, the evil fruit capabilities of the five Baroque Try of the Princess Weiwei, were also surprised.

I saw the intensive rainforest bush, gradually got out of a man, holding a slender taikhole in his hand, a pair of blue blood red monsters were blocked, and a silver white Long haired in mottled tree

It shines in it.

,'who are you?"

It seems that this man who suddenly appeared in front of him is powerful to be 1.6-interest, the strongest M r.1 of the five devil's fruits, and the powerful M r.1 took the lead comes out to the open mouth: '. Here is the king of Qi Qihai 'sand crocodile, Krockda

The territory of Hello. ... You should don't intervene the things of others.

"Wang Xia Qi Wuhai, two famous heads should be able to scare the people in this world."

Among all the people who are suspected, I saw this mysterious man who suddenly appeared in front of him. I saw the face of the face of the black gentleman's casual hat and shadow covered with the face. Dangerous as an extreme curvature.

"But very regrets I think this is definitely not including me ...

Chapter 218 is destroyed (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 218 is destroyed (seeking rewards and automatic)

Who is this guy ?!

Actually, the Legal Pirace, which is recognized by the World Government, is not in the eye.

Don't say that the five devil's abilities under the hand of Clockdal, even the princess of Wei Wei and the Imagram on the ground can't help but shake.

"Where is the madman" two "

Obviously, if you don't know the status of the moment, the discourse that is said to have listened to anyone who has heard that it is a madness. I saw the explosion fruit power M r.5 has taken out the flake lock in her hand. 44 caliber 6, send a left wheel pistol, aim

It is quicked to this mysterious man in front of you. "Mr.O has been waiting for us at headquarters. We are still going to handle this thing to take Miss.wednesday ._ :.

"Swong? Take a gun to point me?"

I completely ignored the powerful fire pistol of the West Sea special in front of him. It seems that this dangerous weapon with M r.5 explosion fruit ability is only a toy. The mouth under the moment is disdainful. "You b016ss Crowd Dargon dare

What to do, let you do it ...


Among the eyes of all people.