Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 408

The moment is slightly reached, and it is like this in this quiet air.

"It's better to get it right. It is best not to kill them.

When I said, I suddenly made the five Baroque Total's demon fruit capabilities, even the princess, the princess of Weiwei and the Imagolam on the ground, were also confused.

"Yes, BOS"

With a quiet voice in the air, it responded to the discourse of the moment, in the next moment, a black figure used the god-entered monthly plus shaved skills in front of everyone, as if the ghost charm transients generally appeared .

Six style, feet !!

I saw that the explosion fruit power M r.5 has not responded to what happened, and a shock of the air violation of the air suddenly bombed the revolver in his hand, and the unmatched moment Just kick him out!

"Is there a group of two m r.5 in this man, I was flying in the eyes.

All everyone in the field only felt a flower in front of him, a black suit wearing a pen, wearing a leoprop coat, facing perseverance, and a white pigeon standing on the shoulders instantly appeared in the remaining four Baroque. Works

Demon fruit power.

'Pinghe theory ._ Superman explosion fruit is definitely a strong fruit ...

The calm and light, in the original place, the moment of the hat, a pair of blue blood red eyes glanced at the explosion of the explosion of Luqi, the explodor of the explosion. Bulk nose is abused.

Really sad 2 '' '

"No matter who you are, give me death !!"

I saw that I suddenly appeared in front of my own others, I flying M r.5, the strongest fast-growing fruit power M r.1 first reaction, suddenly launched her own fruit's ability to systematically Strike blade, '. I am a superman

Realistic power. .... Iron I'm broken !! "

Micro-dust knife!!

I saw that M r.1 turned his feet into a blade shape, the whole person slipped out of a pair of ice skates, and the goal of being smashed out was even another side of the play.

"Looking for death,.

When I saw M r.1, I have crossed myself attempting to attack the other side. When Lu Qi quiet eyes suddenly made a sharp ray, '. You haven't honored BOSS.

Armed tight, hardening!!

I saw the M r.1 of the entire humanization and the sharp cut cut blade, I haven't come to the moment, and I was slammed by Luqi, a black fist shell, who used armed colored hiking, and directly broke two. Big tree.

"It is evil ... Mr.1 is actually by him ...

I saw the most powerful M r.1 of myself in a few people, I was defeated by the road in front of the road, and the remaining three Baroque Total Corporation was suddenly shocked.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Unfortunately, I haven't waited for three people to make a valid counterattack. The three sighful bombards in the quiet rainforest sounded. I saw the remaining three Baroque's demons in the rest of the country. The power of the blow is turned down.

Among the Jiubi rainforests, a silence.

, 'Who is he two?! "

Sticking to the road in front of the road is like a wind roll, the cloud is ruined, the short two breathing time will take the king's seven Wuhai 'sand crocodile, and the five devil's ability of the Baroque Cemetery under the hand of the Baroque, The princess of Wei Wei and fell

The 240 Icklem on the ground is completely stunned.

, 'All fainted, there is no killing boss "

After the power of the five devil fruits instantly, there was a quiet silently walked a quiet silent walking on the moment, and the loudly said.

, 'Dry two, let you deal with such butter fish, a little big material is small. ... The blue blood of the blue blood will have the perfect skills, and it is unfortunately.

In fact, even the strength can be raised in the Queen's Seven Wuhai, it is indeed that a little chicken is used as a slaughter of the slaughter. But at least it doesn't matter

I personally.

"Well, I will give it to me now."

Easy from the five devil's ability of the Baroque Ceremony under the Baroque Ceremony of the Baroque Cemetery, after the seemingly casually, it seems to have another command with the road to him, "Road" Qi, you are now looking for rainfall

If Klock Dal can absorb him into our Empire 2

"When you want, you can use force II, '.

Chapter 219 Invitation (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 219, Episode 219 Invitation (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Yes, BOS"

I heard the command of the moment, and the face of the quiet road did not wrinkled, and the whole person was a black shadow disappeared in the moment.

After watching Luqi left, a pair of blue blood colors under the black hat is gradually falling to the blue over-waist long hair in front of him, and the Bai Zhe is very beautiful, and the body of Wei Wei's princess is.

'You are the princess of the Kingdom of Alabastan, Nairu Vivi Wei Wei? "

At the princess of Wei Wei and Icolam, Icolam on the ground, the moment, the moment, lifted his black hat, frost, the sombeat, the blue blood, red, and one Perfect Junxiu invulnese face.

I don't know why I'm thinking about the appearance of the moment, Icolam fell to the ground always seems to have seen this stunned face, but I can't think of it.

Impossible two

Two perfect faces like this

I am sure where I have seen two

At this time, the princess of Weiwei is a change in the face. Some sense of bitterness, "Why do you know my identity ?!"

"Just just learn about your identity ...

At the moment, it seems to be very satisfied with Wei Wei's reaction. After the girl is quiet, there is a different kind of beauty with Namei and Robin. As a male, it is still very appreciated, '. The Kingdom of Alabastan will cover off ., '

"You said!"

Wei Wei's eyes were red, and she bisted her silver to her, and she was looking into a fear in my eyes.

"I am not saying that you should be very clear about your own ...

The moment is gently shaking his head, saying seriously, '. If you continue this way, your father must not fight Crokdal's ...

Wen said Wei Wei fell into a silence.

Can concealing the identity of the princess of the Kingdom of Arabastan in the enemy's Queen Sea 'sand crocodile, the successful undercover of Klkdal, she is naturally not a stupid, I know the current situation in my kingdom, but understand Understand

She has never accepting such a fact.

"I can't afford to pay anything. ... I have to save my country!"

I saw Wei Wei hesitated for a moment, or the firm looked up his eyes, and bravely looked at the moment in front of him, '. Who are you? Why do you want to save me and Iculam? "

A beautiful and brave princess

Looking at the beautiful princess who is firm in front of him, it is gently sigh in the heart.

If you have no mistakes, the Nafutali family is one of the 20 kings who creates the World Government 800 years ago, but the Nafeutali family refused to reside in the Holy Land Mary Qiao.

That is to say

The beautiful and brave Wei Wei princess in front of him

In fact, it is a Tianlong people.

"The second I still introduce it first ...

I saw that the atmosphere in front of me is a bit heavy and quiet. I went to Wei Wei to gently reach the right hand of my handshake. I said that the two were shocking, ' moment.,'

"I came this time to invite you to join my god Empire in Alabastan ...

Goddess Empire

Eternal, flash

In the ground, Icklem thoroughly smashed his eyes, and this man in front of him finally overlap it together in his memory.

Kingdom, Alabasan, rain.

In the office of the rain banquet, Wang Xia Qi's' sand crocodile, Klkdal is calm with a cigar and looked at the big luxury casino in the hall.

"Alabastton, two countries soon fell to my hand, '

Through thick smoke, Crokdar's long-awaited hairy face, no one can see his mind.

"M r.1, when do they do two, when do you do things, it's so bad.

It seems that I think of a few demon fruits that I sent out to catch the princess of Wei Wei, and Crowd Dar can't help but wrinkle their own brows.

However, Croatar seems to be aware of, and suddenly turned his office chair and looked at the direction of his own door. "Who are you ?!"

"This alert is really good ...

In the sight of Kloddal, the direction of his door behind him, I saw that all the hands had no sound, and a black suit wearing a pen, wearing a leopard coat outside, facing perseverance, Standing on the shoulders on a white

The cold man of the pigeon gradually came to him, "It seems that it can be a legally confirmed a legally confirmed by the World Government. .... We said the king's seven Wuhai still has a certain strength ...

"Who are you ?!"

I saw a mysterious man who had appeared in front of him, and I was silent in such a few hands outside of such a nearly, this strength had to cause Crokdal's vigilance. I saw him some dignified. Once again

And lifted his left hand, full of poisonous gold hooks.

"Self-introduction of the second,.

Looking at (? Zhao Zhao) Klock Darr has made a war with alert, while continuing to go to him, the port of Luqi gradually extended a layer of dark armed colors, The quiet face revealed a kind of sufficient


"I am the Luohu Luji, who is directly related to the secret spy newspapers:.: '

Shen Luo Empire?!

I suddenly heard that the mysterious powerful man who claimed to be Robs Luo said his name. The pupil of Clockdal suddenly contracted into the size of the pinhole.

How can the horrible organization appear in Alabasan ?!

Is it two, eternal, the moment he is eyeing this country?!

A terrible guess can not curb the heart of Klockdal.

Chapter 220, Luqi VS sand crocodia (seeking rewards and automatic)

Pirates 220th Luchi VS Safama (ask for reward and automatic)

Kingdom of Alabastton.

Baroque Workshop of Baroque.

The Luxury Emperor is a bit similar to the outstanding basket of the Best Las Vegas style, but it is a silence of death at this moment.

'Why do you appear in Alabasan ?! "

I saw one of the Queen Seven Wuhai. The sand crocodile, Crowd Dal is widened at the moment, and the dead staring at this mysterious man who claims to come from the Shen Luo Empire, even the big cigar in his mouth has already I have not perpleted that I have to be hot.

Obviously he has been blocked by the god Empire, and the heart of Crowd Dal is too clear. It is a kind of terrorist who stands behind this forces.

Once did not become a king's seven Wuhai, who was defeated in the hands of White Beard Edward New Gate, so he is really hard to imagine, can defeat the white beard, the same man is the same as the monster. Take away from white beard

The world's strongest name. Eternal, moment, what is the point in the end.

, 'T is simple:. Less

Luo Bu Luqi, a 710-quiet and cool eyes, all the shocks and jealous expressions in front of Klock Darb, all income of the eyes, calmly open: "Because we look at this desert country And let me officially invite you '

Sand crocodile. Klockdal joined our god Empire.


The horrible monster really stared on Alabasttan.

When I heard this mysterious man Luqi said, the fierce face of Clockdal is thoroughly deposited. It is somewhat unexpected to death, "Is it ... Is it ... Eternal, the guy is coming? Allabetan


"Who knows ...