In the face of the surprise of Klock Darg, the road standing in front of the desk is not a non-shrug-looking side shoulder. It seems to be praised in the mouth, "His Majesty, he is the man who is the closest to God." Second, he knows everyone.

Not in two '.

, 'Also pay attention to your tone sand crocodile ...

Between talks, (BGBE) suddenly stood in the road in the desk before the desk, the tone became serious, '. Let me hear you, you said that you are "the guy. I miss you. I will feel the second "

, 'It's fun! Don't you know that I am a Queen Seven Wuhai!? "

Although it is shocked to avoid the forces of the Arono and the power of the moment, the murder can become a seven Wuhai, the big pice min of the country, and the Klock Dar is an angered attitude to the road in front of the road. .

Although it is. Eternal, the degree of guys, I am definitely not the opponent, '

I saw the Klkdal's fierce eyes and dead stared at the road in front of him. He gradually raised the golden poisonous hooks in his hands. The whole person issued a shocking momentum, "But I will not be easy." Hand over Alabastton country

I will not join your god empire.

I really don't see the coffin does not cry ...

When I saw the Crokdal in front of my eyes, I was alert to my own invitation.

If you know the Queen Seven Wuhai. Girl Emperor. BA Hancuk, 'Eagle, Joracill Michac, Moonlight Moria and. Haimen, is very flat. If you want you, you will not stick to your laughing king's seven Wuhai's majesty.

He can not forget the command of the moment, and it is necessary to use force.

Six-mode enhancement · razor!!

No more nonsense

In an instant, you will show your super-human body skills that you go to the peak.


Good speed!!

Klock Dar, who has been all god, only feels that there is a flower of Luqi, and his first reaction is the first reaction of natural shaped sand fruit is that the whole body is a sand, and the elementalization is used to resist.

Six-mode enhanced · Iron barmoon!!

After all, the opponent is the big patersery thief like the Queen Seven Wuhai. Lu Qi has not even greater, while the whole person instantly appears on the side of Klockdal, the whole body muscles have entered the shape of the animal, cat, cat fruit, and to strengthen six Iron in the formula

Block and the militant hardening was carried out.

The ribbon is coming, and all the guests who are wrapped in the casino in the downstairs are shocked.

I saw the original boss of this rain banquet. The sand crocodile. The office of Kroddal suddenly bombed a huge cavity and went out the boundless loess desert. "The dead two good powerful body ...

The whole person was fired by Luchi to fly into the Klock Dalton, which flew into the desert, overflowed a blood, and all of the fierce eyes were a piece of color, '. There is also armed colored domineering.

"Your arrogance will only speed up your death.

On the sudden clodger, the pupil suddenly, when he heard the voice of Luqi, I saw that Lu Qi has made a full-time cheetah appeared in front of her eyes.

"Don't be too arrogant ...

I haven't had the mind of the road, I saw that Crokdal suddenly broke out the strength of the natural Shasha fruit, and raised the whole arm and turned into a huge sand blade. A knife is cut out.

"I am the king in this desert! Desert Baoqi !!"

Tear two

Under the full hit of Clock Dar, everyone in the far-dinner casino only saw a dark gully in his feet, and the entire Huangsha Fei danced the desert was even more than half!

Although I haven't learned to be domineering, Crocal, which has nature, Shada fruit, absolutely with the top strength of this big sea.

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Chapter 221 divides the winning and negative (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 221 of the Pirates is divided into the winning and negative (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 221 discovers the winning and negative (seeking rewards and automatic) "Nothing hit ...

The desert treasure knife in your hand will take the desert under the foot into two halves, but the dignity in the eyes of Crokldal is not

Save half points, but a wonderful black shadow that has a constantly flashing in the air around him, "You are an animal

Leopard fruit is really a fast two speed?

, 'I am the power of animal cats and cats.,'

The monthly steps in the six-style and shaved combined super body can open the desert treasure knife who kills in front of the Klock Dar.

Everyone is under the deep desert road in the heart. Suddenly, I have received my heart for all the small cuts in Clock Darr.

It seems that this Crokdal is called in front of it. It will never fail to fail in the desert.

The razor will move the glitter of the glitter.

Six-mock strengthening · !!

I saw that the air used the razor to make a flash of Luqi, I appeared in the side of Klock Dar, and kicked out.

The huge sharp cut of the flying bird shape, torn to the air to align the Crokdal crazy attack.

In these more than ten years of Shen Luo Xing ball ten times gravity hell's cultivation, Luqi's strength has long been judged by him.

Desert sunflower!!

The huge sharp bird shaped hit the huge flying bird in front of the road is not arrived, and the Crowd Darr has already felt it.

The stronger power came from.

Suddenly exploring the ability of your own sand fruit to control the flow of the water pulse under the sand dune, and the whole sand dune under the feet is controlled.

To form a swallow that swallowed life, the enemy is buried, called the desert coffin flying without 9 tombstones.

Crokdal actually spent two defeats and injured the life of the lack of life, and smoked his entire person to Mu Yi Yi!

, 'Earning: sand crocodile, Klock Dar,'

Looking at the giant desert storm that he has ridless, he has almost no foots in the void.

Gently bite your teeth, I have already stimulated all the strengths of my body, "It's a good opponent."

Life returns · Paper painting martial arts !!

In the stunning gaze in Klock Dar, I saw that the road in the half-air broke out all the strength, the whole body muscles

Small into the state of life, and the whole force to start the paper paintings in the six-style, as if it seems to have disappeared.

Half of the huge desert storm in half empty.

"Disappearing 7 ?!"

Klock Dar has smashed his eyes and watched the road in front of her eyes in this ten dead.

He has been separated from the desert storm, and he has not encountered such a strong opponent many years.

In fact, the most fascinating is shocked by the amazing strength of the Luqi, but the god empire is in his face.

The huge energy of the horn of the iceberg before.

Is there a nameless person in the god ancient country?

Then how much is the monk like a strong man like a road ??

However, Crokdal has no dissemination of the mysterious mysterious mystery, and Lu Qi Jiji is already in his month.

The Hungar blooms a huge blood flower.

"Strong body ...

Feel the strong kick of Luqi, Klock Darn bites his teeth, the poisonous gold hook in the hands

However, hitting it towards the orientation of the side.

"It is a Queen Seven Wuhai ... This keen battle is intuitive.

The crisp metal impact sounds, and only the road to Luchi, who appears next to the Crokdal, is dead to use armed tall domineering arm.

Blocked the viraciol gold hooks of Clockdal.

"No wonder BOSS will let me absorb you to join the god empire"

Six-mode enhanced rifle 'spot,!!

Between talking, I saw that Lu Qi doubled the vivid shadow of the rapid speed, and he entered the life of the cheetah morphology.

In an instant, I hit the Nothing's fierce rifle in front of Klkhar.

· ... Ask for flowers ···· ......

"Uh, ...

The body was hit by countless air bullets, even if the Crokdal, which was used to defend against the sand fruit,

I can't help but send a dull pain.

"End the sand crocodile !!"

Just who have just been hit by Luqi Nu Nu Guwan, only heard the road in front of the road, then only feeling his neck

The child is tight, and the heart is not surprised.

Six-style Aiyi · Maximum round six kings gun !!

In the eye-catching gaze, the Luqi entering the patron form of the Cheeta, I died in his neck,

Let him have no chance to escape.

Luqi has a punch in front of him, and all horrible muscles in all the body are tight, all the capacity has been completed.

Then I suddenly slammed a huge impact wave.

This is the strongest move of Luqi, the strongest six-style Austrian six king gun made after lifting life returns. Powerful

Empty island shot. Apply all the strength to the whole force, create a huge impact wave when starting, and the shock wave penetrates the body.

Negative damage to the internal organs.

"Vomitation. A !!!"

I saw the six-style oysters of the Luqi, the blood of the six kings, the blood in the Klock Darkou did not want money as a whole, whole

Personally fell as a huge impact wavelens, and dragged long rails in the boundless desert.


"Let's put down your laugh, you are in the world's strongest force."

Luqi uses six-style Aiyi largest round six kings guns to fly after Klock Dal, slowly solve the patronical form and life

The state of returning, gradually went to the front of the Cross Dal in Huangsha, and the eyes were deep and cold.

"You don't have any chance of resistance."

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Chapter 222 talks for both parties (seeking rewards and automatic)

Pirate Chapter 222 two parties conversation (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 222 talks for both parties (seeking rewards and automatic)

It seems that I unconsciously infected, the tone of Luqi now gradually imitated him in the mind.

Worship the moment of landscape.

Under the shining day of the desert, the mouth spitbiting the blood in Huangshali, and some can't see the face of the road.

I saw that he had a dark voice of his face: "Why is 1 lot to kill me directly?"

He really never thought of himself as one of the Qihuang Seas, and there was an innocent defending.