Naruto's Jade Crash System

Target Crack System Chapter 410

In the hands of the man, even if this man is from 'eternal. .

"Because the command I received is to invite you to join the Arono Empire .... Instead of killing you: less

Quietly stand in front of the Klock Dar, Luchi seems to be like an ice, 'six zero,'; the mechanical, tone of numbness

There is no emotion and vitality in the middle.

It seems that it is stabbed by a cold tone of the road, and the gram of the bottom of the Big Piece is

How can Rockedar may allow himself to be like this, I saw that he was hiking, "I want me to be loyal to you.

Don't you dream !! "

, 'Is really stubborn guy two,.

However, in the face of Klock Dal, the never refused, Luqi did not show an angry,

It seems that some regrets have shaken their heads, watching Klock Darl with a look like a mercy, "said this. Since you

This doesn't agree, I don't have any other good way. I have you only take care of your own time.

"Right ._ ... give you a goodwill reminder ...

I saw that Lu Qi, who is about to leave, seems to suddenly recall, and re-turned over and looked at Klock Darr in Huangsha.

Eternal, the horrible monster ...

Sure enough, is Allabatan?

I suddenly heard this shocking news like a nuclear bomb in front of the road in front of the road, pouring the Crokdal's face in Huangsha.

Thoroughly became the same soil color like the surrounding desert, there is no angry.

"If you come to personally shot two, you will not be like me now ...

Some mercy looked at the smashing head of Klkdal sigh, Luqi no longer stayed in the distance of the desert.

Going to go, '. In front of the greatness of your Majesty ... you will find yourself like a fine dust among this desert

That doesn't

I will be crushed in two instantaneous times.

"I hope that you can still keep live in this ridiculous proud and self-esteem. Second, my sand crocodile 2"

When the sound of this sentence slowly floating into the ear of Clock Dal, I saw that the figure of the road was already in the air.

In the endless desert.

The heart is like a boultry in the cold sea.

,. Eternal, moment ....

There is a little bit slightly in the eyes, and I saw Klock Dal, whispered in Huangsha. "The legend of the man is in Ah.

La Baostan is looking for an ancient weapon for many years.

The kingdom of Alabastton, the Oasis.

Among the migrant rainforeions under the sun, it is a strange silent atmosphere at this moment.

"Cough and cough 2 Douwivi Princess ??"

I saw it standing in front of the waist wavy blue long hair temperament and noble princess, black hat under a pair of blue blood red

I fell out of the pretty face that Wei Wei's princess of Wei Wei's princess.

The right hand of the moment that reached out trying to be polite, there is a bit of stiffness in half, so I can't help but cough up twice.


Unavailable than the side of the ground, I saw that the noble princess of the unusual and generous, and the princess of Wei Wei was finally awakened.

I woke up from the shock. ......


I saw the little public booth in the Kingdom of Alabastton in the moment, and some of the young handsome show that presented in her eyes.

The face, the smashed little mouth whispered in the mouth, "But they don't say you are the world

What are you afraid of monsters?

The world's most terrible monster?!

I heard the seemingly sleepy words from the princess of Wei Wei in front of the princess, and the moment of the light of the light of Bai Zhe was upset.

Noodle eye views. Words.

"That's just a kind of shape, good?!"

A little more calm down my fluctuations, and I watched myself with the beautiful generous Alabas.

Princess of the Kingdom, I can't think of the true Vivi Princess, there is still this kind of time.

I really don't know what I imagine it in my mind.

Higherous, such as the mountain, the three-legged monster?

"Well, I am very glad to meet you, '

Just when I was a little crying, I saw the princess of Wei Wei fell generously to the right to stretch the right right.

Hand, beautiful white science, look, smile, suddenly lost everything, "Daddy god Emperor. 4 Emperor of China ...

"It's a elegant and noble princess. ... It is the wind that is the descendants of the Creator than those who have the same slag.

Van two,.

The mouth of the mouth, the black hat, the blue blood, the blue blood red, the eyes, the weight, the princess of the beautiful Vivien

I have flashed a mistake in my eyes.

"A little from him! The princess is !!"

At this time, Icolem originally fell to the ground suddenly screamed, dragging the seriously injured body struggled to climb on the ground.

Get up, open your hands and dead blocked between the moment and Wei Wei.

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Chapter 223 is a happy cooperation (seeking rewards and automatic)

"What are you doing Isalem ?!"

Looking at Zhang opened his hands and stopped between Icallem between himself and the moment.

'Princess His Temple! This man is dangerous than one hundred times more than Klollk Darren! And II,'

I saw that Wei Wei's loyalty of the Alabastan kingdom of Arabist is dragged by Icolam, is dragging his seriously injured.

Denolling staring at the moment in front of him, emotional excitement is very low, 'he also said that two of his purpose is also for me.

The kingdom of Alabastton, two he and the 'sand crocodile, Klock Dar,'

"It's all that is a hush !!"

I saw that Icolam had just ended. In the eyes of Wei Wei's princess and Icklem, the moment suddenly gradually moved towards

Icolam reached out one hand.

God surgery!!!

Just in Icalem thought that he would be killed by a flat powder in the moment, the moment is suddenly blooming.

Golden shining light, a shine shine all over the whole body of him and the princess 16 of Wei Wei.

In the blink of an eye, Icolam has just been hurt by M R.5 explosion fruit capabilities and all of Wei Wei's princess.

All returned to all the best appearances.

"This two this magical power is 2"

Feeling that all the injuries of your body have been buried in an instant, and the princess of Icolam and Wei Wei completely shocked.

My mouth, the shock and surprises in the hearts at this moment have been completely written on their two faces.

"You have two, why is you two"

Especially in Icklem, he fully understood why he had just hit it in the moment, and he still used himself.

Strong and magical ability governed himself and Wei Wei princess.

"Shenlong will not meet with the floor ant ...

I don't have a light laugh at the moment. I will never see this little person today, '. Moreover, you

The kingdom of Bostan and the princess of Wei Wei faith is a good guy.

"However, you have said that I have said that I have said that I'm really ignorant ...

The blue blood red eyes glanced at the princess of Icolam and Wei Wei in front of him, and the moment is calm and stunned.

Fact, "Crokdal wants to get your Alabastan kingdom may still need to use the conspiracy tricks and I want to

To this country ...

"I only m to think about it ... it is enough to destroy this whole country to thousands of times. It means that I can't help but look down.


Although he did not have a real force in front of him, he was very clear in his heart.

No sentence is a word.

From the news of the world's various messages, now in front of the princess of Wei Wei, it is definitely better than the Queen Seven Wuhai.

A level of Crowdal is more than one hundred times more horrible.

"So you only have two choices now ... less

On the other side of the flash, even the blue blood, there were no two people, the top of the eyes, the domineering is already

Clearly listened to the strong struggle of their two people at this time, 'mouth one choice is to let Crokdal continue to play with

People's hearts

Until you get you in the Kingdom of Alabastan. ... Another option is to announce that you have joined my god Empire in the world,

After the moment, I finished the words, so the whole hand, I was standing in front of my eyes, and I was in pain.

Tied Weiwei Princess and Icolam.

For a long time, the elegant temperament and noble, the princess of Wei Wei finally opened, "In fact, we have only one choice ...

"Even if we refuse to join your god Empire, I want Croolk Darrow, will not be your opponent's final ultimate our country.

I will still fall into your hands.

"and so??"

After listening to the princess of Wei Wei, the moment of lyingly raised his eyebrows, and he is now getting more and more

Princess Alabastton, who has a noble and unity and smart.