Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 411 of the Capaci Yushu System

"So I can promise to persuade the father, let the entire Alabartan kingdom get from the World Government to join your god Empire ...

I saw that wisdom and beautiful princess, Wei Wei, the blue big eyes shine in the blue eyes, and staring at my eyes forever.

Beautiful , '. But you have to promise us one by one.

"Help you solve the two pairs of Klock Daltar?"

I haven't waited for Wei Wei to say that my conditions have been said, and I laughed and said out.

"Amount ... Wei Wei's beautiful pretty pretty face is gently, she didn't expect the moment to make this more accurate,

Nodded: '. Yes ... no matter what. .... Crokdal's bad egg must be clear 213 eloquent! "

Not only is powerful

It seems that his wisdom is also exceptional.: ._

A pair of water blue big eyes are looking at themselves, it seems to be such a young Junxiu, Wei Wei Princess

The thunder flashed.

"Of course ... this is simple to be confused ...

The princess of the beautiful and generous Alabartan kingdom in front of him has been persuaded by themselves, and the smoothness of the moment is a flawless face.

I have a inexplicable smile, I think she reached my right hand, "So I wish us a happy two

"Happy cooperation ...

The princess of Wei Wei also reached his right hand, and the palms of the two were gently held together.

However, in front of himself, the arm held together, and has reached the cooperation of the princess and the moment, next to Icale.

Mi is not worried about sighing.

And. Eternal, moment this strength and intelligence are all unable to surpass the ordinary monsters to achieve cooperation.

I don't know if I will push the Kingdom of Alabastton to rebirth or destroy.

I hope not to be with the tiger ...

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Chapter 224 Mysterious Girl (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 224 Mysterious Girl (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 224 Mysterious Girl (seeking rewards and automatic)

The capital of Alabasan, Albaña.

After the Cooperation Agreement with Wei Wei, with the guides of Wei Wei and Isales, I didn't take Alabattan.

The kingdom of this endless desert is unique to run.

Instead, with them two together, they are directly shuttled to the historic ancient city of Alba.

"I came to Albaa outside of a thousand miles.

With the princess of Wei Wei, I was in an instant to use the Ship Trunking Space to the capital of the Kingdom of Alabasan, Icola.

Mi looked at this familiar city in front of him, and she couldn't stop the shocking star.

"I don't know how many magical power on him did not show it.

I was attached to the shuttle space to come to the city of Albama, and the princess of Wei Wei is a little ashamed.

Your own fleeler took out the big palm of the moment and secretly glanced at the moment.

, 'This is the capital of Albama in the Kingdom of Alabastan.


The first time I came to Albaa's moment, quietly looked around this style and myself the best of my past.

For similar ancient city, look at the surrounding pedestrians and merchants, can't help but nodding this bustling city, "Sure enough

A bright pearl among the desert ... Of course ...

"This endless desert is really a treasure or our beautiful Wiwei Princess ... less

Said that there is still no humor and glamorous praise of the princess of Wei Wei around him, and it is not open.

The little girl is pretty face slightly red, and then it quickly returned to calm.

"Come with me, Mr. ...

It quickly calmed the waves who were pulled up in the heart of the heart, and the princess of Wei Wei stretched out his own skinny.

The Desert Palace of Wei Tang, '. There is the kingdom of our Alabastan kingdom ...

At this time, the princess of Wei Wei has not finished, and the moment is suddenly rapidly laundering her slight movement.

The little I can't help but send a sound.

Bang !!

Debt Wei Wei princess is asked to open, but the wall next to suddenly exploded, she has just bombarded a position.

Not small pit.

"What is going on. Thank you for your mothers.

Suddenly attacking Wei Wei princess, twisted his head, looking at the handsome face of the moment, thank you, but

But I saw the eyes of the blue blood in the moment, I was not on her body.

"Weihaha, this chick is more difficult than thinking.

The rough racks laughing, and only the three people were bombed next to the pits that were bombed in front of the three people.

Among them, a huge strong figure is being fighting with a small flexible voice of Jiao I.

, 'This guy two,.

The dust-filled dust fog gradually spread, and it clearly, the appearance of the huge strong man is not far away, and the moment is like a sword.

The eyebrows are slightly raised, '. Isn't the helm hand of the black beard of the pirate?

According to the memory of the original, I recognized this long hair head and walked in front of this long hair.

The man is the helm hand in the black beard, nicknamed 'fighting champion, Jejar Bagas.

"Well? This girl ....

When you look at the girls who are flexible and Bagas fighting in front of you, there is nothing in the blue (BGCD).

The ban is shocked, I'm a glance, 'That is good ...

I saw a young girl who was fighting with the Black Beard One Pirates in front of the three people.

Retro wind's dress, orange short hair wearing a small red hat, wearing a pair of black stockings in the big i legs, a pair of high

With the leather boots, the delicate figure is abnormal I.

The most critical is that her skills are unneaked in the black beard of the pirates. Fighting champion. Bagas, and seeing her use

It is a superb fishman karate.

Her look

It seems to have seen two

At the moment, I always feel that this girl who uses the fishman's karate faintly familiar, but it is not possible.

"I don't want to have two,.

It is also found that I have seen my memory, I can't think of this young girl. I didn't care carefully.

In addition to the Bagas in front of the eyes, his left eye has already been noticed in the distance, and there is another one.

The member of the black beard, the junxi-flawless face couldn't help but gain a smile of the devil's general, 'But black beard

The two elite cadres of the thief did not die, I was really interesting in front of me.


In the frightened eyes of Wei Wei and Isalem, Bagas, not far away, and this fishman's karate girl is not fighting.

It turned out to have a huge power to use his huge strength to raise a big room next to it.

I saw that Bagas threw, huge shadow showed the top of the head of this fishman karate.

"No! Bagas you escape !!"

At this time, a strange hat in the distance, the right eye wearing a black cloak, holding a

The long face man of a long gun suddenly opened loudly reminded Bagas that was fighting with the fishman karate girl.

He is the sniper 'supersonic, Van Oka.


Hearing the reminder of the companion Van Oka, just thrown out of the fishman karate girl, a house, Bagaster, one, under the consciousness

Looking back, the double eye pupil under the wrestler mask is unlimited.

Because Bagas saw a black coat coat, silver long hair was shadowed by black hat, standing behind him.

Not far away, suddenly, he shouted himself to the long-lasting tense knife.

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Chapter 225, two people (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 225, two people (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 225, two people (ask for reward and automatic)

Car exclusive, reprimand !!!

Suddenly, a crisis of a heart palpitate floats in the heart of Bagas, I saw this mysterious man who didn't stand away, black

The color cap is a blue-blue left eye, and the long-awaited light, the slender slender, the knife is not out of the sheath.


As a sword of the sheath in the hands of the moment, suddenly there is a look at the streets of the ancient city of Albama.

Natural disasters don't see.

A split blade that is invisible in the hands of the fake, when the fire is fired, and the speed is fast to react around everyone.

There is no room, soon fell to the fishman karate girl's head of the big house in a moment of time.

Through the entire Albah streets in front of everyone, the constant crush collapsed, all houses on both sides of the street began to quickly squeeze

Pressure deformation.

All all things in front of the three people in Icklem have been distorted by this huge repulsion.

The shape, and the blade of the fire blade in the hands of the fire is in the case of a trip that is strongly repulsive.

The Bagas that is shot from the moment is shot, and the whole huge body is like a comet.

I was blown out, and all my skeletal flakes were pulverized.

Cough two cough ...

Fully turned into a ruins of Albama Ancient City Street, everyone has grown up their eyes and looked at themselves.

All houses in the street were extruded and deformable by this pound of power, and it was a ridiculousness under the sword of the moment.