Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 412 of the Crash System

Put down the sleeves of the shot fog, Wei Wei's princess is a little bit of the back of the moment, 'What is this?

The quantity of two swords in his hands did not appear from the twin, and they were two.

"Hair. What happened, '

Some lost enemies that suddenly disappeared between themselves, and the whole destroyed street in front of them.

Fish people karate girls look forward to the diffuse dust ashes in the moment, if there is a hidden movement, a pair of black shears double

The look is amazed.

"Damn. ... Bagas !!"

This time is hidden in the distance. Surpers, Van Oka visits the distressed disaster through his right eye

Scenery and yourself have a homage of the companion 'fighting champion. Bagas, a long gun in his hand. Mark, rapid shot.

Lin! Lin! Lin! II

A moment of ten sharp and fierce sniper bullets instantly broke through the air, accurately incomparably, the orientation of the moment, not only

It is the accuracy of the sniper, the skill of Van Oka speed shot is definitely a first-class level throughout the sea.

"The Sniper of the Black Beard One Piece 'Si Sonic, Van Oka ...

The back of the right eye has long been firmly locked in the air in front of the air, and gently

Reach your own hat and bounced a perfect face and a pair of blue eyes.

"Take a total of your companions to Huangquan !!"

"Is actually him ?!"

Through the single-chip telescope wearing on the right eye, Van Oka sees a clear moment of black hat.

In the face, the pupil suddenly contracted into a needle eye.

Void Keath · Eight knives flashed!!!

At the time of Van Oka's heart, I saw the flow blade in my hand, if the fire is very rage, in the air, instantly in the air.

In the middle, I killed eight plenty of priests.


The constant crisp collision is out, and the eight roads killed by the moment instantly meet the tens of rapid radicals in the air.

Bomb, it has been more accurate and unmisturized to each bullet!

I saw that the eight roads that had been killed in the moment were suddenly gathered after the shot of all the bullets.

Together, integrate into a huge and unparalleled sword, the light of the feet, all the way very fast.

Positive face is frightened by Fan Oka.

· ... seeking flowers


Looking at the huge sword hitting the entire earth, the huge sword hitting the whole earth, from the moment I just recognized the status of the moment,

Van Oka has quickly left away from the battlefield.

A good voice like a split, the movement of Van Oka is suddenly stopped.

I saw that the entire ground under his feet has been attached to the huge sword, and a bright red blood line gradually appeared from his eyebrow.

Finally, suddenly blooms sprayed the blood fog.

'Ultrasonic speed. Van Oka is not sounded on the ground, the whole person is already in a sword that has been blocked by a sword.

The scene between the time is bloody.

"Uncomfortable II"

Gently danced a gorgeous sword flower, slowly returning the flow blade in his hands into the sword , ignorant

The dust does not exist at all, the mouth of the black hat is not woining.

"Good two good strong two

In the silence, I saw Weiwei's princess to looked at the back of her eyes. It is obvious that the instance is coming.

Force, it has been completely exceeded the princess of the princess of the Kingdom of Alabartan for the definition of the word.

In this way

It's not a problem with Crokdal.

I have been busy, I'm busy with my country, and I saw the strength of the moment to show it casually.

With an inexplicable sense of security.

"You .... You are a gentleman ?!"

After the dust settled, suddenly a delicate and brittle voice came, and a trace of uncertainty and intensity is expected.


I will go back to my expectations in the direction of the voice. I only see the cute and delicious fishman karate girl in front of the face.

The burning stares at yourself, and the flash of the single side picked up, "Do you know me?"

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Chapter 226 Revolutionary Army appears (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 226 Revolutionary Army appears (seeking rewards and automatic)

"It's really you, Mr. !!"

I heard the moment to admit my identity, I saw that this cute and delicious fishman karate girl was happy to jump.

Following the girl, the girl ran to the moment, M. Make his own foot tip to get the heart of the moment, a black big eye flashed in a black big eye.

"Who are you?"

Suddenly, a girl who didn't know, she was close to her eyes near the eyes of this worship, and the moment was always uncomfortable, and she looked at her.

Although I always feel that this girl has some faces, I can't think of who she is.

"Maybe you don't recognize me II but I will always remember you. Mr. Angas ... less

I saw this cute petistic girl in front of him because of being too excited, and there was a little reddish face. Live off, like a red apple, as cute and attractive, the period of the expression of Efi Ai's expression is only in the past The girl's face of chasing stars

Can see it.

"I am called Kella ...

The girl is looked at the moment in front of him, and the orange short hair is very beautiful in the small red hat. The body is delicate, but the month is developing a very rich! Full, a child Giant! Milk girl, 'you may not remember

I got it. One year ago, you destroyed the slaves of the Shengdi Maroa's liberation ...

"I am one of them"

It turned out to be her! I heard that the girl said his name and past experience, and suddenly realized that he had some impression of this girl.

The core cadres of the Kella, the core cadres of the revolutionary army, were originally the residents of Folxte, and was captured by the human tradule and became the slave. In the fifteen years ago, I was in the heart of Fisher Tie, who destroyed the red soil continent, and Mary, Mary.

Thousands of different ethnic slaves have been liberated together.

Kelra fled from Shengdi Mariya three years later, because the hometown of Kelra is too far away, so on a small island, the island people will entrust Fisher Tiger. Bring back to hometown.

Later, at the age of 14, I followed the Hayr, a very flat friend fishman karate, and was introduced to join the revolutionary army. Now it has become the core of the revolutionary army and the fisherman's karate agent. Yes "Human and Fish

Bridge, 'O

"The people of the revolutionary army are not always moving in the new world ... actually appeared in Alabasan ... less

I recognized the identity of Kelra, looked at this young and cute petty face in front of him, and the blue blood of the blue blood was slightly, it seems that the episode of the pihydrate has been changed in the face because of his own arrival. A.

"It turned out that Mr. I had Po himself. _ .: '

At this time, Wei Wei, who is another side, slowly walks to the moment, and the heart of her heart is in the heart of the moment, I can't help but increase the height.

, 'For so many years ... I have been grateful for your grace ... less

I only heard the short-haired girl in front of the short hair in front of the big eyes of the brilliance, staring at the flawless face of the moment, 'And this time we came to Alabastan, one of these tasks is to Find you ...

It's just that the girl Kella has not finished, at this time, someone suddenly shouted her name from the distance.

"Kelra !!"

I saw a golden short hair, and the black gentleman's hood also clamped with a wind-free glasses. There was a scar in the left eye. He worked on the young face of the aristocratic clothing coat. I ran to my moment.

In front of them, they are exaggerated to the extremely rolled up the dust and smoke.

"Sa Bo!"

I saw this blonde youth who was running from the distance, and the forehead of Kella was suddenly an big 'well. Word symbol, some hysterical rushing him roaring,'. You simply wait for me to die again. Come over! Do you know that I have been black by two?

The cadres of the beard helpless group chased ...

"But it is also good, I'm saved me."

When I said here, I saw that Kelra has turned back to the original delicate and cute face, and the face of Ai admires to the moment.

"Sa Bo ?!"

I heard the name of Kella, which seems to be a little bit of golden short-haired youth. The eyebrows were slightly raised, and I thought about his identity from his breath.

Sa Bo Yis, Sa Bo, the old two in the three brothers of the road, now should be the total length of the staff in the Revolutionary Army, the second chair of the entire revolutionary army.

630 from the small born noble but yearning for freedom, childhood and Lu Fei, Ais met and worshiped as a brother. At the beginning of the first sea, he was attacked by Tianlong people, and the leader of the revolutionary army Luo Munqi ·. · Dragon, but lost memory.

Later, under the teachings of the Dragon, Sa Bo became the Talent 2 people, regardless of the Tianzhi or strength, the leading character of the original pirates in the middle of the secondary pirates.

"Don't say these Kella II"

However, Sa Bo at this time seems to have met anything, the whole person is in a very exciting state, I saw him emotionally excited, said: '. I just walked by the caison See Alce !! "


I heard the name of Sa Bo's mouth, Kelra opened his big eyes, cute and beautiful little face, 'Qi Sa Bo 2, your memory is completely recovered ?! "


I saw Saab my nodded, excited, 'mouth is just when I have met Es, my memory is completely recovered !! "

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Chapter 227 Dragon wants to see me? (Ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 227 Dragon wants to see me? (Ask for reward and automatic)

Ace ??

That kid came to Alabastein, it should be to pursue black beard Tiji guys, by the way, see yourself, worship your brother's straw road flying two

From the eyes of Kelra and Saab, I will guess the whole thing in an instant.

"Moderate?! You are two"

At this time, Sa Bo in front of me finally put his sight into the moment of Kelra, and I recognized the status of the moment, '. Mr.! "

"Kella 2 seems that you have found a mothers!"

I saw Sa Bo excitedly jumped up, it seems that this youth has a good aristocratic etiquette that has been infected with a lot of bumble properties.

"Saab, if I have no mistakes, I have no mistakes."

At this time, I have been looking at them quietly, but I suddenly open their dialogue. "You should be a revolutionary army? Are you looking for me?"

"Haha 2 is really worthy of 'eternal, moment ...