Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 413, Chapter 413

I was broken by the body. Sa Bo smiled, and there was a bit of burning staring at myself. Some nerve strips did not see the horror moment of ignorant in the moment. But your eyes ...

Needs are so high for you: '

"Revolutionary Army ?!"

The princess and Icolam next to the moment were heard of this name, and he opened his eyes slightly.

Obviously, the revolutionary army has continuously overthrew multiple national regimes in the new world, and the mysterious anti-World Government organizes them even if they are in the first half of the great route.

In particular, the leader of the Revolutionary Army is Montage. · Dragon, because advocated the revolutionary thoughts of the World Government, were recognized by the World Government as the world's most evil criminal, and the revolutionary army led by his hand is definitely the entire great route, in addition to the Navy, Shen Luo Empire

The most powerful strength outside the new world and the Queen Seven Wuhai, there is no one.

"My god Empire and your revolutionary army have always been in the river ... Can't go to the enemy but not on your friends ..., ','

However, the mysterious power of the revolutionary army does not seem to have a cold. I saw that his mouth is light, and a pair of blue blood has some unspeakable Saab and Kella, "You don't stay well in the new The world is very large

I've been looking for me to Alabattan. What is it? "

"This is the second" Mr. 2 "

The mysterious doubles of the blooming blood were gently swept, but as if it was like a sharp steel knife, it was scraped with a sharp steel knife. When the kind of powerless breath suddenly, Sa Bo's heart was slight, so he gradually converge I got myself.

The smile, a face is looking at the moment in front of you, '. Dragon He wants to see you ... I want to discuss with you to see if there is any cooperation between our Revolutionary Army and your god Empire ~' '

"Montage · Dragon two he wants to see me?"

I heard the eyes of Sa Bo explained my intention, I suddenly smiled inexplicably, he was sorely laughed by Sabona.

Sa Bo and Kella are looking at each other, and the two don't understand why I am laughing for no reason.

At this time, I suddenly suddenly had a blue deep and blood red monster, and the momentum of the whole body suddenly became lifted. Saab's heart suddenly an uneasy mad.

Fighter, domineering, desire, territory!!!

Sure enough, the sound!

In the eyes of the surrounding people, there is a madness from the moment from the moment.

The whole turtle is all turtles around Alba Ancient City. It was originally standing in the moment. Two people in the moment, the whole people were pulled out by the moment of the moment, and they barely supported themselves. Body feet in the ground

Drag out two long trajectories!

"What is this, how is this ?!"

When I stood in the moment, Wei Wei and Icolam were completely broken by the hegemon territory that broke out in the moment. If it is not a flash to operate their own gas field, they deliberately avoid them, two people Powerfulness is probably being directly shocked


Rumbler ...

Just when everyone was shocked, this time suddenly came back to a shock.

I saw this coverage of this pound of the pounds that broke out around the moment, because the relationship of the 'sand crocodile, Klock Darr has been conscientious for three years without a drop of rain, the sky of the Kingdom of Alabastan, actually Starting the clouds and covers the whole day

Among the empty lightning thunder, a burst of violent sleeves from the calm desert city.

Two ticks

Especially in the side of the princess and Icolam, the sky is unbelievable, and the sky on the top of their head has begun to have a rainy rain, and the wind and thunder are completely turned into a scene of the last day.

The moment of instant in the middle of them, in this environment where there is no electric flash, the wind, the rain, as if it is a hegemony that is killed from the Jedi, with (Note Zhao) can live in them Everyone's life and death!

'Rainted two,'

I can't believe that Wei Wei, who I saw in front of my eyes, I can't help but reach out my own pair of arms, trying to pick up these rain to prove that this is not a dream, '. Drought Three years of Alabasan actually

Rain 7 ?! "

"God!" "This is a miracle! Alba is raining !!"

At this time, at this time, the people in the streets of Albaña, all the original residents who have just hide in the family have seen this magical change in this magical sky, and all of them have gone out of the house. This is unborn

The drift rain.

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Chapter 228 Knocking (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 228 beats (seeking rewards and automatic)

Even some of Albama's ordinary people, completely showed this sudden windshield thunder rain as a gods, and worshiped on the ground to start the film and prayed.

, 'This is the domineering of Mr. Mr.

When I was very eye-catching, I was obedient in front of my eyes, and Kelra, who was squatting on the ground, was completely said, she only felt that she was completely burned to another field, and in addition Among the heavens and earth,

Death is not controlled by yourself, '. Too strong ...

, 'The momentum of his body actually changed the sky completely.

In the moment, the overwhelves of the talents directly pushed out of Sa Bo, and the deadly resistant horrible momentum was in front of the moment, and the eyes were very staring at the man in front of this electric flash. Male, gold Hair is floating

The splashing rain is completely wet, and there is no time, '. How is this possible. His hegemony is more powerful than the dragon?

Obviously, it is homing. · Dragon has brought into the revolutionary army to cultivate, in Saab's mind, the Chinese dragon is the most powerful man in this world, but now, now, now, the moment, the power of the moment, the power, the whole person, the whole person is .

"I think you both made a mistake."

A pair of blue blood is indifferent overlooking Saab and Kella, looking at them, two in their own talents, and the moment is disdainful, "if you revolution The army wants to talk to me ...

Should be a good gesture ...

"One sentence, two let the dragon he rolled over to see me II, '

Under the back of the electric flash, the electric flash is raining, and it is like a god that is controlled by all the people. Strong to all people can't breathe, I saw him overlooking Saab and Kelra, lifting slightly. My own chin, "If you just plan

Let you come over with me to tell me that I have no nonsense, I can roll now now ...

"Your revolutionary army did not work with me !!"

(BGAJ) a silence!

The moment is like arrogant, and it is completely shocked all the people present.


I saw the words of the moment, I killed the Sa Bo, who was dead in the beginning of the moment, rising myself, and the face of Bai Zhe, as if the whole person suffered great humiliation.

When I have suffered such a humiliation in the New World War I have suffered such a humiliation??

"You shut up! I don't allow you to insult the revolutionary army !!"

Sa Bo finally couldn't help but dare to use the revolutionary army to use such a contempt of the revolutionary army. He only saw his shocking gas field brought by his entire man.

Armed colors, hardening, hardening!!

Dragon's claw!!

I saw Sa Bo's neighborhood quickly brushed and the distance between the two, and a dark armed colored wea was horing his arm instantly.

The index finger and middle finger of the right hand are closer, the spacing between the unnamed finger and the middle finger is separated, the unknown finger and the little finger bend together, the thumb is slightly curved, forming a three dragon claws, and the power of shredning everything is violently attacked!

This is a leader of the revolutionary army. · Longte's strong martial arts is the 'claws that are specially used to crush the power of the hegemony. Whether it is a sword or a gun, as long as it is recorded by Sa Bo, it will be pinched directly. Fragment.

The blue-blue deep and bloody monster is reflected in the dragon's claws that Sa Bo is close at hand. It is untenited and gently shakes his head. It seems that it has made them revolutionary forces in the new world. Confidence has been exposed unprecedented

Swelling, it seems that it is necessary to hit them!

Armed colors, shaking, airization,!!!

In the pupil amplified in everyone, see Sa Bo has turned into a blink of the dragon's claws to hit the moon, the top of the top-level army, which is unable to figure out the whole body of the moment. cover.

And the second phase of the army covers the whole body, and only the top armed colors of the moment is directly covered by the whole body of the moment into a loudone, and it is as if it can resist everything in this world. Attack, you can

Crush this world all the defense!

Hey! !

It seems like a metal friction, Sa Bo has a little incredible, and has a big eyes.

I saw the whole personnel in front of Sa Bo, and I didn't move the whole body. I didn't move the lacquer black armor. Sa Bo was suddenly found in the hands of the army, and the dragon claws were smashed. In addition to outbreak in the moment

Outside a series of firefires, there is no way to fight!

"How can he be in his defense ?!"

Sa Bo shocked almost even his eyes, 'What is this level of armed colors ?! "

"Do you have no dinner ??"

I saw that I didn't move in the same place. I didn't move the anti-Sa Bo. Sa Bo passed the armed highlightening dragon, and there was a bit of snoring. Some snoring were asked.

It seems like a walk after eating lunch, and I have eaten a friend, and I am as simple as it is.

Nothing is a dull voice.

Sa Bo will bend a shrimp, and the rising eyes are almost almost.

I saw the flash of the top armed tall domineering, which was like the goddess of the gods, and suddenly rubbed the burning flame in the air, surpassing the speed of Saabo, a punch, a punch, the small belly of Sa Bo. "Vomiting !!"

The whole person of Sa Bo is directly born directly from the ground, and a blood can't contain vomiting from his mouth.

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Chapter 229 is strong (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 229, Chapter 229, strong (seeking rewards and automatic)

What kind of power is this?

The whole person was attached to the ground to flourish. Saab flying over the ground. I only felt that I was like a whole sea train hit a whole, and it was unimaginable pain from his lower abdomen to the whole body's limbs. skeleton.

Even the dragon two

It is impossible to have such a huge power.

"Sa Bo !!"

Seeing your companion Sa Bo, the second task in the revolutionary army is extremely powerful, especially the Sabob, which is especially the body, is in a moment in the minds of the Trunteers, and the other side of Kellaton I can't help but exclaim it.

"You call the 'claws that are specially used to crush the power of the crosshance, even my clothes can't break the two

Sports hand is a combat method that is still good at it, whether it is a world or this world, it has never tasted the defeat.

It seems that it is a punch for the whole person in the sky, and the sound of the lacquer's lacquer is not allowed to have a sound ridicule. "Is this a ridiculous thing?"

"Can be evil.

From small, he has been experiencing the leader of the revolutionary army. · Dragon's careful teachings, as the top strong in the world's large sea, whether it is the revolutionary army or outside the task, Sa Bo has never received such frustration.

The talents have bite their teeth out of their strength and potential. The whole person is in the air to reluctantly stretching his body, keeping the body backwards, showing superb. Sports ability.

Dragon is moving !!

I saw that the left and right hands of Sa Bo wrapped around the dark army, suddenly put his double boxed downwards.

Subsequently, I saw Saab's shelling of the militant, the double punch, hit the high-speed frequency with a high-speed frequency in a flash in a similar zero-distance attack method.

If you have successful, Saab This trick can take this about a bit of power to make a strong force, let the defense of the body began to break according to Sahu, and finally this power will explode, just like a dragon. The breath is the whole enemy


This is the leader of the revolutionary army. · The monogic body of the dragon secret, is indeed powerful powerful move!

In front of the half-air, Saab's double punch has not bombarded the body. The flying wind that came around has already blown a long hair of the flashy white whisper, as if it is really like a dragon, it is generally violent.

"Good body skills, '

However, in front of the empty space, all the movements of Sa Bo all the movements fall into the bottom of the God of the right eye, all of them made a frame of one frame, all the movements were all under the moment, I saw it. mask

The lower mouth is quietly revealing a smile of playing taste, '. But the real dragon I slaughtered two you still have a tender point to Posaba !! "

I. Gasification Kaido Dragon Claw !!!