In Saab and the distant Kella unable to believe in the eyes, I saw the moment to extend their right hand, the index finger and middle finger of the right hand were closer, the spacing between the unnamed finger and the middle fingers were separated, the unknown finger and the little finger bend together, the thumb is slightly curved , Formed one

The gesture of only three dragon claws.

It turned out to have just used the claws of the unique secret of Sa Bo used to use !!

Only in the unparalleled strength and top armed color I. Under the coverage of Qi Qijia, the dragon's claws she bombarded in the moment were more stronger than that of the dragon of Sa Bo.

At the moment, the Dragon's claws took a fragmentation of all the power of all things, as if the truth of the dragon, the Dragon, who was killed, was suddenly welcomed to the Dragon of Saab in his head.

"This is two this is the dragon's claw ?!"

Seeing an instant to show a big double-double, Sa Bo, I feel that my brain is not enough, 'How is this possible ?! "

The dragon's claw on the flash has finally collided with the dragon of Saab, and the first floor is extremely shocking, the air waves, splashed out.


· ... seeking flowers ·· ...

As if it seems like a glass fragmentation, I saw that under the pulling of the powerless dragon, the Saab double boxed militant stalls were broken into the disintegration.

How can I be two

Unbelievable idea electricity stone is generally flashed Saab's mind. The dragon's claw in the hands of the dragon with all the power, directly destroying the whole person, the whole person can shell!

"I will leave you a life. ... go back to tell the dragon ...

In just two breaths, the Sa Bo is bombed, and the moment is slowly solved, and the armed colors covered by themselves, and disdain, "If you still want to cooperate with me ..." Let him Go to Shen Luo Empire to see me! "

In the eyes of Kella weakly frightened, Sa Bo seems to have lost the whole body, and the whole person is a heavy smashing on the ground next to her.

After being copied in the eyes of the blind eye, I was instantly defeating my most, I was in an instant, and I saw a numbness on the Sa Bo face on the ground.

The pain comes from the body is sharp and not in the heart of the heart in the heart, as if he has been completely crushed by all the self-confidence in the past.

, 'For two sorry, two,.

At this time, I barely support myself from Saab. The original cute playful girl was filled with uneasiness and fear. Looking at the companion Sa Bo, which he was born and frustrated. The eyes are full of complexity


, 'About what you said, I will help you bring back to the dragon ... less

After that, Kerra raised the Sa Bo next to himself, and immediately disappeared in the original place in the moment.

Only the princess of Wei Wei and the Icales are also seen, while seeing the shock and confusion on the opponent's face.

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Chapter 230 Bing is in the city (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 230 of the Pirates, under the city (seeking reward and automatic)

The Kingdom of Alabasan, Arba, Alba.

For a long time, the princess of Wei Wei and Isales looked at the destroyed wolf towns and streets, and they still can't draw them from the moment that the fading of the general battle and the idea of ​​everything.

"Mr. 2"

Looking at the back of the revolutionary army Kelra with Sa Bo, the wolf, and the silence of death, Wei Wei finally finally opened the opening: "If you do this ... Just as the revolutionary army declared war Is it?! "

"Declared war ??"

Listening to the princess of the princess of Wiwei, I didn't think about my mouth, I'm flashing from the self-confident light of his Zhan Lan Xiaoxue's red monster, "Wu Yi, there is nothing Put the entire revolutionary army in the eyes.

"If this is, I will declare war, I will declare war!"

In the moment, it seems like a gold stone, and the princess and Icklem next to the side are not as good as it is, knowing that the slight princess is finally appreciated. This is not a man in front of this.

Just at this time.

The left eye ZHANG Guanghua flashed, the eyebrows were slightly picked, and the first time captured the trail of the people.

, 'How to get Luqi ...

I saw that the air without one person in front of himself suddenly asked, and the princess of Wei Wei and Isalam, who attached to the body, '. Croolk Darna guy accepts our invitation? "

At the time of Wei Wei's princess and Isalem, a black figure appeared in front of them, it was the big battles of the Baroque Campaign, which was previously attached to the Rainfield Baroque. Safama, Rob Road, Croatar

"He refused two"

I heard the question of the Baba, I appeared in front of the road to stand up from the ground, silently shaking the head, replied to the road: '. However, boss, I have given him the last two. I still don't know how to know it.

"Reject our invitation?"

I heard the answer of the song, the eyes of the blue blood, revealed that it was shocking and dangerous to the extremely thin, tone and gathered, 'I hope that his last answer will make me satisfied it. Don't attack this desert

Crocodile 2 "

The moment is gently finished, tasted the thrilling of his simple words, and standing in front of the road in front of a few people, gently reaching down his own hat, the bottom of the sand crocodile, the guy of Croatar I have made silence.

"Right. ... How do people in Robin and Cariefat?" The moment suddenly turned.

"Miss Robin is now visiting the Alabasan. ... Bless the ancient historical text ..., 'Luke stood in front of the moment," I will come over and boss you will be in the time ...

, 'This ah two "

Wen said that the strength of the two now, Robin and Cariefa's current strength, I don't have to worry about the safety of them, after all, in the first half of the great route of the Kingdom of Alabartan, the strength can exceed Robin and Carlyfa people still

It's really much.

"Their two we set off the kingdom of Alba, Wei Wei, the 'zippermous double eyes and gently turned, and the flashlight glanced at the princess of Wei Wei, whispered.

"Well, I asked two to come with me and Ikaram. I'm sicking the princess gently nodded to mention the skirt, the body is slightly squat, the noble temperament under the princess of the Kingdom of Alabartan reveals no blessings.


The most central Alabastan, the most central, the most central, the most central, the most central, the most central.

, 'To the bid here is the Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Alabastan.

Under the road of Wei Wei and Isalem, the moment and Luqi crossing the ancient Towns of Albama's ancient Western style, came to this majestic huge royal palace.

, 'This is. ... Why, two,'

However, the kingdom just arrived in the Kingdom of Alabasan, is intended to take an instant and Luqi to see the princess of Wei Wei, the father of the father, Na Feutali, Bribra, but suddenly changed, '. Why didn't you see all the way? Go to the guards of the palace ?! "

Wen said that there was a sudden stopped, and the left eye and blue gods were blocked. The eyes were slightly around, and the three hundred and sixty degrees all did not have a corner of the Night. The royal palace of the entire Alabartan kingdom. However, I didn't find a guiding guard.

Figure ...

"There is no one on the road.

At the moment, Lu Zi, who is quiet, is also a somewhat surrounded by the royal palace that is empty, based on the current situation of Alabastton's current situation, his heart suddenly ranked a guess, '. This is too abnormal It's not ...

"This is the case." The two should be that the rebels have been in the city ...

At this time, I suddenly broke out. I said the guess in Luqi, and the blue-blue deep and red monsters flashed a sharp stri.

"Rebel ?! Wat !!"

I heard the guess of the moment and Luqi. When Wiwei, the princess and Isales were changing, and only the pretty face of Vivi Princess Bai Zhe was in a hurry, Don 2.9 moved his legs to the palace. The direction of the palace runs in the direction.

Seeing Wei Wei's urgent reaction, the moment of flash and Icolam also suddenly opened their own legs.

With the footsteps of Wei Wei's princess, everyone passed through the Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Arabia Hall, and came to the highest place in King Nairutali Bora.

In the eye, the scene of the eye, gave Wei Wei and Isaram shocked, only to see the highest in the city behind the palace, alone, standing a tall man, judge from his luxurious costumes, It is the kingdom of Arabastan

King Nairitali Bora.

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Chapter 231 Brula (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 231 (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Father !!"

I saw the back of this high man on the city wall, and Wei Wei, who had a blind man, suddenly called out.

"Wei Wei ?!"

I suddenly heard the voice of the princess of Wei Wei, and the king of King Na Feutali, who was standing on the high city wall, turned back and saw Weiwei princess and the moment.

"Wiwei don't come over! You hurry to leave Albaa !!"

I saw this in the king's luxury clothing. The body was tall and long. I was angry with the middle-aged man who was angry. He loudly said that Wei Wei was loud: 'This country has not been able to return! I can't lose you anymore. This daughter !! ".

'Father, the second father, two,'

Seeing your father's anxious appearance, Wei Wei princess before, couldn't help but reach his mouth, and strong efforts will not let yourself shed tears.

16 Ji Wei's princess is asked to tell Yabula himself to cooperate with Shen Luo Empire, and the moment is next to him, and the Kingdom of Alabastan has saved the machine, a burst of chaos. The roar is screaming, and the sound is too high.

The wall has passed into the ear of everyone.

"! You gave me down !!"

" you don't match the king!"

"You live up to the people! You live up to this country !!"

A burst of chaos and noisy loudly came up from the desert below the Kingdom Palace.

In the moment, through his own left eye, the palace, the palace of the entire Royal Palace, can see that tens of thousands of rebels, who have gathered tens of thousands of rebels in the high city wall, is moving in the city wall.

I heard the countless rebel soldier's bursts of the countless rebels, I saw that Brah's pain closed his eyes.

As the 12th generation of the Kingdom of Alabasan, the father of Wei Wei's father, the father of the princess is absolutely a livore, such as the child, and the great monarch of the people.

However, under the conspiracy design of the Queen Seven Wuhai 'sand crocodile, Crowddal's conspiracy design, in addition to the day of the capital Albam, it lasted for three years, and under intentional arrangements of the Baroque Tourism, let the people think that drought is King Bowl privately

With the rushing agent 'dancing powder, it caused the civil war's death and injury.

The king of the child is completely lost to the trust of the people, and let the entire Alabastan kingdom are in the internal circumstances.

"Hey. ... miss.wednesday is no two, '

At this time, the tall wall of the palace standing in Bora, from the shadow next to the shadow, a high-stricken man of a high body porridge coat gradually came out, and the left hand was installed on the left hand. The poisonous hook, Herone is king

One of the seven Wuhai, sand crocodile, Klock Darr.

I saw him a long-awaited fierce face, and a cigar had a cigar with a cigar showed a standard bad face. "Now you should call you the honor of the princess of Wei Wei. You and M R. 8 I lake under my Baroque Workshop.

I shouldn't think of this country in a long time, I should not fall into my hand. "

Sand crocodile gas. Klock Dar 2 "

Dead looking at the man who came out from the shadow, Wei Wei's beautiful generous face flashed, the color of the deep and evil, destroyed to this hand, destroyed, attempted to invade the bad guys, Wei Wei Princess can not help but die

Hold your own powder, '. I! Absolute! Will not fall into your own hands !! "

, 'Let me come to Wei Wei ...

At this time, the moment slowly opened his footsteps, went to Wei Wei's side, gently reached out to stop her her own, "I think. ... This should be our first time?"

, The small crocodile in the desert 2 Croolk Darr? "

There is a little playing in the mouth, and the moment is gently reached slightly, and the black cap is lifted, revealing a pair of blue deep and blood red monsters, quietly watching the cloacar on the steps.

,. Eternal, moment

Deadly staring at the steps of Weiwei, and smashing him with a pair of fierce eyes of Wei Wei.

Although it has been strongly kept, the world's large sea, the same legend of this man is still unstoppable, it is not so burned, I saw that Crowddal is hard to be fed. A catty

, ' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

After all, it is still inevitable ....

Do you want to go to this terrible monster?

Seeing an instance in the palace of the Kingdom of Alabasan, there was an unable to sigh in the heart of Croatar on the steps, but thought that he was really a lot of effort in order to get 850 in this country. Not willing to be here