Naruto's Jade Crash System

Target Crack System Chapter 415

Lightly discard all everything.

Ye Yong has developed to now, tens of thousands of Alabartan rebels have been in the city. Just let them force the king of King, then they will appear in the image of the hero of the Kingdom of Arabastan, I believe as long as I have Today

In the evening, he Klkkdal is the king of the Kingdom of Alabastan tomorrow!

,. Eternal, moment? "

I heard the name of the flash of the flash of Klock Darr, standing on the high city wall, a pale desperate king, the face, "the emperor of the god Empire ??"

"Vivi you ... I saw that Brazz slammed his eyes, and his eyes moved to his daughter Wei Wei princess, it seems to seek an answer.

, 'Yes, the father.

In the face of the eyes of the Zibra challenge, Wei Wei's eyes have nodded. "I have reached a cooperation agreement with the Iron Empire's instance. The second Allabas is definitely not falling into the hands of the sand crocodile! "

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Chapter 232 of the short soldier (seeking reward and automatic)

Pirates Chapter 232 of the Private Solden Phase (ask for reward and automatic)

, '

I got my affirmative answer from my daughter Wei Wei, and the brula on the high city wall couldn't help but squeeze a cold, '. The collaboration agreement with the god of the god Empire has reached a cooperation agreement.

This seems to be two

Perhaps Shouqian has a chance to change

Although Wei Wei agreed to 'eternal. What kind of conditions were eternal, but the results should be better than falling. Sand crocodile. Klkdal this bastard's hands should be good, the two Buli heart is helpless. .

"I still do it now in the dream of the king."

I didn't pay attention to the heart of Bora. The top of the moment is high. I have listened to the heart of Klock Dar, gently shake his head, and I can't say the ridicule in the tone. '. I really don't see coffin Inadvertent tears, '

"I have already told you that our BOSS has arrived in Alabastan. I'm still obsessed with it. I can't let go ...

At this time, I also hung it with Klkdal. The quiet face also hangs a trace of Coconut on the front of the front step, '. I think I have already seen your next miserable look. Two two crocodiles,.

"Hey. ... Rob Road ...

Listening to Luqi's voice, Klkdal's fierce eyes stared at the steps under the steps. For this, he has defeated his guys soon, he has firmly remembered the name of Luqi.

"In this unlimited big sea, two, easy to give up on their hands and wealth people are fools !!"

I saw the voice of Klock Darr, and he was in the shadow of the palace behind him, and suddenly took out a dozen body, which was the remaining cadres in the Baroque Trying Totocope in Klock Dar, such as M R. 2 and Miss. Hand finger these devil fruits

The power is in it.

". We will definitely get M R.0 to get this country - one"

After the demon fruits of the Baroque Try, after show, the mouth came out of a strange cavity.

"Waiting for so many rebel birds to deal with. ... don't waste my time again."

Even if you suddenly appear in front of the demon fruit capabilities in the Baroque Tourism, it has begun to gradually feel impatient, it is disdainful, and you will pay for your mouth. Give you two seconds, '

"Yes BOSS"

I heard the lottery next to the Pain, I saw the head of Luki, I immediately showed the razor of the six-style month and shaving, and the entire humanized black arc disappeared in the original place.

, 'Amount. A.

Next moment, I saw the demon fruits of the Baroque Total, and suddenly came out of a series of screams.


A burst of the sound of the stepping floor sounded.

Just when the Luqi Crazy Butcher Baroque Tombs, the demon fruit power, I saw that the moment, I didn't see the case of the anti-Daldal in front of my eyes, and the road is straight toward the front of the palace in front of the palace. Go.

What is this momentary?!

Looking at the moment in front of the moment, I didn't see myself at all, regardless of the one-step step towards yourself.

However, in the eyes of Clock Dar, the whole world in front of the eyes seems to have changed a tone.

The midnovation of the Causes the bottom of a person

Fear is another step by step.

'Don't come again.

The whole person is indifferent to the boundless killings and momentum of the moment, I saw that the fierce look of Clockdal is full of confused colors, and there is some muttered in the mouth. "You don't come over again ... .

'Don't look too much, you have a bastard! "

Finally, when the moment gradually came to the side of Kloddal, it was a moment that the two were about to be shoulder, and the mouth of Klock Dar has finally burst out the roar of hysteria. He finally slammed the boundlessness of the moment. I broom out!

"I am also a big one of the royal seven Wuhai !!"

Weight shaped sandstorm!!

I saw it in the roar, Kroddal suddenly broke out their ability to be a fruit of Shasha fruit, forming a sandstorm in their own strength, smashing all the rocks on the ground in the distance of the two people, almost Space in zero distance

Quickly hit it.

Just Klock Darr has just launched its own heavyweight sandstorm, and the whole person has risked.

One of his pounds he had never experienced, suddenly blooms in his month.

At the moment, the left eye of the god, the blue eyes, the legend of Clockdal attack has not yet been produced, and the appearance of the moment has already predicted his upcoming attack.

I saw that there was no flow blade in the hands of the sheath, and the sleek knife was wrapped around the top of the dark, and it seems to be a little bit of light, but the truth of the Thunder has grown into the mouth of the Moon of the Krodha.

Klock (Zhao Wang) Darn blocked, the top of the top armed colored domineering, if the top of the fire sword sheath hits the moon, the elements of Shasha fruit did not produce the effect, suddenly a blood from the mouth Out of the whole person, I have been behind behind.

In the stairs, the rock splash!

'This. It's just a monster.

The whole person was pulled into the stone steps, crushed the stone steps overlapped in the palace.

The wolf's fell in the chaos of the rock gap, only felt that he was like an old huge beast, and the violent happened pain has all overcome the limbs of the whole body. I am reluctant to think about it.

Today, he finally tasted the 'eternal. What kind of power is it.

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Chapter 233 Wang Palace Battle (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 233 Wang Palace Battle (seeking rewards and automatic)

This is two

The strongest power in the world, two

I feel that my moon is broken, which is the most intuitive feeling of Crowd Dar.

"You don't even have the courage to show me."

Instant novice, one hit. Saf crocodile, the whole person, the whole person bombardment, and the moment is gently put the flow blade in his hands on the floor of the palace. It is high to look down on the front of the stairs. Klock Dar, '. No wonder you will be in Bai Hu

The hand of the child is lost into that miserable ... less

"Abuse these ordinary opponents is also available

Looking at Klock Dar, who used Shada fruit capabilities, the thoughts of the moment, I can't help but think of my love, I also play the sand, 'Faced with strong opponents, you are not enough to see ...

In fact, from another perspective, if Clockdal can use the sand to make our own defense, shield and sales, the ability of Shasha fruit like I Ai Luo, and the ability of Shasha fruit is more than burning fruit. The ability of these natural demon fruits Strong.

Because of differently than lightning flames these natural intangible elements, even if the opponent uses armed colored one 617- domineering, the entity manufactured by Klock Darrow will not be broken out of the sky, and it is inevitable to use armed colors. Have an opponent

Become a certain obstacle, this is the advantage of Shasha fruit.

White beard

I heard that I suddenly mentioned myself in the white beard in the white beard, and the Klkdal bite his teeth in the chaos.

Before that had not become a big rival thief in the Queon Seven Wuhai, it was the pain in the white beard. It was the pain in his life, especially when this sentence, from the man who defeated the white beard from his mouth, This is undoubtedly more glow

It is more difficult to accept.

"Shut up! Don't say it anymore !!"

It seems that Klock Dar's fragile neurot is now completely doubling. I saw him roaring all the rocks around, and the whole personnel made a flying dance Huangsha squatted out of the ruins!

Working back!!

This is a wide range of attacks unique to natural demon fruits.

I saw that the whole person's sandized Klock Darl's right hand contacts the ground floor of the palace, and all moisture of the contacted organism or object can be dissipated and gradually diffuse around.

After Crokdal launched this trick, all the rocks in the entire palace child were powdered into fine broken yellow sand, which gradually gradually gradually sink all the buildings in the surrounding palace.

The entire ground of the Royal Palace of Alabart is like a dead, becoming a cracking wasteland. If there is no moment to stand in front of him, this palace all the creatures and buildings will be smashed by the Crokdal Sand!

"Quick ...!"

"what is that?!"

"What happened in the palace ?!"

At this time, tens of thousands gathered in an arbitrary rebellion in the two defensive deserts under the Wall of the Palace, and suddenly saw the royal palace in front of him, surrounded by countless yellow sand, and suddenly heard it in the following.

"The Palace is inside .... What person is fighting ...

... .. ....

Royal Palace.

, 'This is similar. ... "

The blue deep and bloody monster is looking at the sand in front of the sky, and the sand is full of things in the royal palace. The moment of the sword is slightly raging, and the spirit of the eyes has issued an endless ray.

Aurora punish!!!

The huge frozen force in the body was burst, and the boundless flying sand in the top of the top floor, and the moment of frozen, and the ice was thrown forward.

It seems that the time and space of the entire Alabartan Royal Palace is frozen.

Everything around, I saw a pause, I saw that the moment of going forward, suddenly endless white is as if the ancient wave is in front of the madness, and the entire sky of the king of everyone is dyed. One layer of white glory

It seems like a beautiful auroraity of the sky.

Under the moment of flashing, the Huangsha sweeping the entire Alabartan kingdom is all frozen.

The royal palace of the Kingdom of Alabasan, under the moment of the reverse of the pole, was dyed on white, and stopped all the operations, all the buildings made an eternal ice sculpture, in the desert The shine of Zhongzhengyang is exuded.

Dreams of fuzzy halo.

When I shot, I put the royal palace of the entire Alabastan kingdom made a white ice, as if the king of the heavens built her eternal palace in her hand.

"The whole palace ... is frozen by ice.

Looking at the people in front of the people, I was completely frozen into a Eternal Ice Sculpture, and the princess of Weiwei, Mi Brula, and the three people in Isram were indulgent. The white world of this, the mouth It is shocking whispering, '. This is God's power

Is the amount of two, '

I saw that the entire Kingdom of Alabastton in the boundless desert was frozen into an eternal ice sculpture, and the magnificent is amazing.

"What happened in the two in the country.

"What is the character in battle ...

"It is too exaggerated, the second actually the entire Royal Palace is frozen.

Seeing the entire frozen frozen royal palace above the eyes, tens of thousands of rebels in the desert under the wall are both fear, and they are scratching.

Desert Diamond Knife !!

Just when all people in the frozen frozen royal palace were shocking, the four big sharp sandals were suddenly cut by the desert treasure knife, and the whole land of frozen frozen was suddenly cut, and they were cut down!

Void Keath · Unintentional angel!!!

The god of the left eye, the god of the eyes, the milestop, the flash of blue blood is flashing between the blood, the sleek of the hand, if the fire is immersed!